Which youngsters would you play?

Sammy after his Newcastle debut...
With constant ramblings about the size of our squad I was just thinking about whom we could call upon from below the first team squad and feel comfortable with them on the pitch.

Towards the end of last season we ended up using quite a few youngsters due to injury which gained them much needed first team experience in a period of time in which games were of less importance.

The main game where youngsters were used was Chelsea away, with the likes of Shane Ferguson receiving a starting role and Sammy Ameobi and Kazenga Lua Lua performing well from the bench. All three of them looked lively that day giving the full back Ivanovic a surprisingly tough time.

Hopefully we have a good enough squad for these youngsters not to be called upon frequently but there is nothing wrong with having young players in reserve that could do a job at the higher level. I would like to see some of our better youngsters given games in the Carling Cup early rounds but only a handful of them playing alongside first teamers as I’d like a good Carling Cup run.

I will not be including Shane Ferguson and Tamas Kadar in the following youngsters as I feel they will already be in permanent first team plans, either from the bench or in Ferguson’s case receiving a couple of starts.

Sammy Ameobi – Granted I have only season Sammy play once for the first team, but I liked what I saw. Sammy seemed tricky when cutting in from the wing and appeared to glide by defenders will ease. He also looked as if he had good control of the ball in possession, something you couldn’t say about his brother. Sammy’s the kind of player who could potentially change a game with a moment of youthful exuberance which is why I’d like him to receive a few first team appearances.

James Tavernier – Every time I’ve seen Tavernier play I’ve been impressed. I first knew him as “number 47” at the home PSV friendly last season where he caught my eye. Tavernier is very calm in possession and likes to go forward, but he doesn’t neglect his defensive role. James spoke over the summer about how much he’s been working on his fitness in order to replicate the modern day fullback; he mentioned Barcelona’s Dani Alves and said he aims to be able to get up and down the pitch like him. That’d be nice. Tavernier has featured in the Carling Cup the last two seasons and after his good loan spell at Gateshead I feel he should be given another few cup games in his preferred right back position.

Haris Vuckic – I’m sure you’ll have all heard a lot about Haris Vuckic as he’s normally the name that springs to mind when it comes to young talent. I’ve seen a lot of complaints about this lad over the last season saying he’s not made much of an impression, well he’s had bad injuries and been out of action for a long time, but it was nice to see him back in pre-season training so hopefully he’s over that now. Vuckic played his best game in the Carling Cup against Chelsea last season where he very much held his own against a strong midfield. Vuckic, once a target for AC Milan, can play in midfield or off the striker and is a big strong player, and hopefully the Slovenia U21 international can fulfil his potential next year.

Apart from the three mentioned above, I’d like to see Phil Airey, Michael Richardson, Kazenga Lua Lua and Brad Inman all spend time out on loan to clubs in League 2 or above in order for them to gain vital match experience, and then maybe they could potentially be the youngsters to look out for when it comes to next pre-season.

So, there was my three youngsters I want to see given a chance next season, who are yours?

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66 thoughts on “Which youngsters would you play?

  1. Good article. As soon as I read this Sammeobi came to mind! He played great against Chelsea and showed a lot of potential. Would be great to get him making a few more appearances along side our more experienced players.


  2. Vuckic needs to show this season he’s got something about him, I think our best youngster (apart from Fergie) is Tavernier – seen him play in a handfull of games, last being Blyth Spartans and he scored a screamer, he was the stand out player that game.


  3. Wow Xisco just scored a 88min 35 yard screamer on my Fifa 11 game against Everton! Wish he could play like that in real life!


  4. Shane Ferguson is a definite the boy is already blooded and clearly a class act, but caution sensible introduction to first team action .Then just watch him go.Heard good reports too about Tavernier, Vukic and young Richardson amongst others.It is looking really good for the future, it has been a while since we’ve apparently had such a good crop of youngsters.Remember though potential doesn’t always gaurantee future success,but wouldn’t it be wonderful if in this case it did.Such are the trials ,tribulations and on all too infrequent an occasion the sheer joy of supporting the Toon.


  5. If Vuckic isn’t going to be played as a (reltively regular) first teamer this season, he should be out on loan somewhere. The ideal place, I suppose, would be somewhere like Norwich (under the proviso that he doesn’t play against us), or either of the other promoted teams.. Dunno. I just think that the longer he’s a bit part player, or he’s out because he’s injured, the more his potential dwindles….

    Lualua should, I think, be getting a lot of action from the bench. He’s quick and he’s talented. Sure, he’s proven himself at a lower leve, but anymore loans to lower league teams and he could turn into Routledge.

    I’m a fan of young Ameobi as well, based on what little I’ve seen of him. Couldb e a good impact sub to start with, and then see how he progresses.

    Pretty keen to see Ranger go on loan, again to a promoted or Championship side. If that potential doesn’t turn into anything more this season, I’d be looking to get shot.

    Anyone else noticed that Ed’s blog is down, or is it treason to discuss that on here?


  6. Back to the article,

    I think the youngster most likely to get some games this season (other than Ferguson and Kadar ) will be Tavernier. As much as I like Simpson and I think he gives his all he backs off far too much and I feel he is a bit of a weak link. After that we have Perch and Raylor as back up neither of whom are good right backs and hopefully one of them (Perch) will be away before the start of the season. I’m not saying that Tavernier is better than Simpson yet i just think he has alot of potential from what i’ve seen and I just don’t think it will take much to edge Simpson out of the team.

    after that i would be keen to see Airey, Sammy and Vuckic loaned out to lower leagues for a few months to get some games and experience under thier belt.


  7. I’d like to see Airey have some time – if he’s not going to get any sub-time – then he’s best going out on loan. Competitive games are what these kids need – the Reserve fixtures just arent either often enough, or competitive enough.

    Andy carroll only came through because he got game time in the CCC after we got relegated. Remind me again how mnuch profit we made from him?

    I’m not saying that Airey will exactly replicate that – it was a pretty unique set of circumstances – but so many kids with promise have their careers just fizzle out because they cant get competitive games.


  8. Rodzilla,

    To be honest I usually don’t bother with the away Shirts. I just came across this by accident really and wondered if that was the actual away shirt or just another fake.

    I may purchase this one though, my lass really hated the bright yellow away top from the championship year so i bought it and this one is nearly as bad in my opinion.


  9. With the constant clamour to spend money on new 1st team members, it begs the question of how these younguns will ever get their chances?
    Having watched many reserve matches, I have to agree that the standard is poor and often not very competetive, and over the years I have seen little improvement with alot of the youngsters.
    Although it is rumoured that there will be upto 50% more reserve fixtures this season, which can only be a good thing, I would still say that the lads will only improve if they get regular 1st team football on loan at championship/1st div level.
    Whether our knowledgable manager agrees is a moot point.


  10. 1 or 2 players emerge from the reserves who are first team regulars every decade.


  11. Hmmmm. This is not generating much conversation. We could talk about the Carroll money. 😛 😛 😛


  12. @TATTYHEED : I completely agree with you.

    Loan some of them out, and maybe consider promoting even younger players from our Under-18 squad to the reserves. They could really benefit from that, as they would be playing against older and stronger oppostition, whereas our current reserve-team youngsters need to raise their game to a higher level, and that could be at a League 1 or League 2 club ..


  13. @BS9
    Charles N’Zogbia (if Fabregas can be Arsenal youth product, so can Charles N’Zogbia be)
    Steven Taylor
    Andy Carroll
    Tim Krul (maybe in 1 year time)

    That’s 4 players in the last 5-6 years

    Its a different thing that we have sold 2 out of these 5 players, but it shows the club academy can produce good players…..


  14. 🙄 🙄 🙄

    4 players i would defo give a chance would be

    ohhhhhh sammy ameeeeeobi 😆


  15. Saw an interesting report on SSN re: Barca

    Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Pique, Busquets and a couple of others have all been with the club since they were aged beteween 9-11 years old 😯


  16. MORENO thats a bloody good point too,it says a lot to me,and maybe why barca have been and will be one of the best teams in the world,got to be a message there somewhere mate 😐


  17. Barca let Fabregas and Alonso leave as youngsters…The fact niether would start for Barca now just tells you how good they are.


  18. yep young sammy is a good player that eases past defenders ,tavernier is outstanding and gets up and down the pitch with scary pace……..!,and wont let players cut in on him.never seen enough of vuckic although the lad has suffered injuries.things are looking very good with these three kids aswell as lua lua!


  19. That’s the difference with Arsenal they get the players as 18-21 year olds so much less loyalty.


  20. personally would like to see Vuckic as the replacement No10 for HBA, and Tavernier as Simpsons understudy. Ferguson can understudy either LB or LW. Can’t see any of theothers being other than 3rd or 4th in line yet.


  21. I now wouldn’t class Ferguson as a risk. the lad did excellent towards the end of the season and is worthy of a place in the match day 17

    This season could be a year too soon for Inman. Airey. Richardson

    Vuckic on his brief cameo appearances has impressed me and should get some action.

    Tavernier must be pushing Simmo if Simmo doesn’t improve. I will allow him that he might have been playing with an injury but if he is still repeating the same mistakes by Christmas give Tavernier a chance before raylor and perch.

    Abeid and Moyo I know nothing about and they could be anything


  22. they were exactly my thoughts premandup love to see fergie lb lw understudy and tavernier rb understudy although perch is a nice bloke i think tavernier should be 2nd choice challenging simmo.


  23. Just ordered myself the new home shirt…£50 on the club website £35 on sports direct 😕 Why would anyone buy it from the club shop?


  24. From what I have seen I have been very impressed by Vuckic esp in the defeat against Arsenal in carling cup last season. Injuries could ruin him before he starts tho.

    Most looking forward to Ferguson next season. As far as I know he is going to declare for Rep of Ireland so hoping he progresses casue God knows Ireland need as many good players as we can get.

    Read that apparently 3 players have booked into a hotel in Jesmond. Didnt come from craigcoozy as I think he is in trouble with his employers ( allegedly ) so hopefully we can get some momentum going again in the transfer department , all gone quiet


  25. Mark

    Na I didn’t, gunna wait and see who else we sign but I’m tempted to get Cabaye though.


  26. need to order myne soon, got my leeds ticket and train fair sorted, so should only need another 10/15 for that, then I can order my shirt 😀


  27. Mark, I’m underage 🙁

    Never stoped me before like 😉

    Is jobey getting a lift off you two?


  28. Andrew, I bet you do anyway 😆

    Whenever ive been with my mates to wednesday away games weve had a few cans, and a couple of pints 😆


  29. STT ah thats a shame,i will buy you a couple if we meet at the match one day,its the price of coke thats a disgrace 😆 😆 😆


  30. Ice, ide rather just have a nice chilled pint on a match day, thanks for the offer like 😆


  31. I see that Abeid was training with the first team today? Perhaps he is in with a shout at it after all?

    Af’ernoon all? How we doing? 🙂


  32. @AndrewNUFC

    You waiting to see what number Cabaye is gonna be or just waiting to see if he’s shite ? 😛 😛


  33. BSN9


    Just dunno if im going to get a name on the back at all, if I do it will be Cabaye though.


  34. Do you think there’s a possibility Marveaux, Cabaye, Ba could be the equivalent of Fumaca, Bassedas, Gavilan? 😛


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