Is money all that matters?

Does anybody look past money?

With a lot of talk about the £35 million since the sale of Andy Carroll I’ve started to wonder whether it’s only money that matters. As I’m sure a lot of you will have calculated we have spent around £1 million pounds on TRANSFER FEES, not signing on fees, wages, training ground etc.

Is that good or bad? Well there’s always two sides to the argument isn’t there? We’ve added to our squad with the signings of Demba Ba, Yohan Cabaye, Sylvain Marveuax, and to a lesser extent, Mehdi Abeid, and Alan Pardew has spoken of two more potential incomings in the form of a striker and a “left sided player”. But we’ve not spent a large amount of the Carroll cash and people are claiming to have been once again “shafted” by Ashley.

I’m not a fan of Ashley personally, actually who is? But I wouldn’t say I hate the man’s guts as I can see what good he has done, with the input of his own money to cover wages when relegated and the good use of scouts which he is currently employing. But really, who can totally forgive him for messing managers around and changing of the stadium name etc, but it’s gone now, and we’re stuck with him.

Let me pose you with this question, if Cabaye, Ba, Marveaux and Abeid had cost the club a total of £20 million would you be sitting a lot happier now? I think a lot of people would actually as it would be spending the money and not going in to the “back pocket” of Ashley, which is clearly shown to be untrue in the accounts, but that’s a different debate. Of course that isn’t including the scheduled repayment of money which is stated in last years accounts.

Isn’t it a good thing that we’re potentially sitting with around £25-30 million pounds left in the club after signing on fees and training ground? Surely there is more chance of Ashley signing players if we have money, and I think he will. I know mixed messages are coming out of the club and Derek Llambias couldn’t lie straight in bed, but I do feel that we will buy at least two more players. Some say that’s optimistic, but whatever, I’d rather be optimistic than depressed.

Also, don’t you think it’s just astute business, with the signing of Ba who has about the same amount of Premier League experience and goals as Carroll and we managed to pick him up for free, instead of the £35 million that Liverpool paid for somebody of the same experience? I know Carroll is younger and English, but still it’s a good deal for us. Some will say that Ba is a worry due to his knee trouble, well a certain Mr Carroll is hardly problem free with his troublesome thigh, not to mention his off-field antics…

Right, as Sunderland are a team we can relate to as we’re are around the same league position, we’re a bigger club, with better fans, but don’t let them hear that! Would you be happy if we paid a combined £12 million fee for signing Darren Gibson*, John O’Shea and Wes Brown? It is spending money isn’t it? *I know Darren Gibson isn’t a done deal yet, but he’s expected to sign.

Most people also want to get rid of Ashley but with the club owing £100 million plus in debt to him he’s going to be around a long time, unless some multi-billionaire wants to take a chance. We can dream can’t we?

The sooner he recoups his money back and can sell the club at a reasonable price the better in my eyes, I’m not saying he shouldn’t spend money, but if we can strengthen the squad significantly for £20 million rather than spend £40 million its better isn’t it?

Has the thought ever crossed your mind that the club aren’t tight, they’re just astute?

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82 thoughts on “Is money all that matters?

  1. “Can anyone answer me this – if we hadn’t have sold Carroll what would we have brought in this summer? The way the club are painting it is that the Carroll money is used for everything, wages, signing on fees and club improvements. Are we saying that without selling Carroll we wouldn’t even have been able to bring in free transfers?”

    Excellent point Stu

    What would we have done had we not got 40mil for Carroll and Nolan.
    We’ve saved around 35k (Carroll) 45k (Nolan), 30k (Campbell), 10k (Kuqui).
    So say we spent 5mil on Cabaye, and are paying Ba, Cabaye and Marveaux 40k each.
    We have spent a net of FA… Say max 10mil on agent fees, signing on fees.
    There should be 25mil left. Which they should assure us will be spent. Not tell us its gone.
    And that’s still assuming we would have spent nothing on strenghthing in three seasons.

    So if we didn’t get the Carroll money, would we be in administration??? I doubt it…
    So who are they bullsh#ting


  2. jj we need to stop going on about this crap…its getting boring like i said.. 7 weeks b4 the window closes……we have got 4 players in for nothing..if we havnt got anymore in then have a go…if we are waiting on zog…then it might go 2 the last day…it seems he wonts to come like ben arfa…people were saying this and took a long time…free dinners are over at newcastle..we are not going to pay what clubs wont for players..get reel and wait like we are doing.


  3. stu @42,
    my thought exactly…will we have to sell tiote for 20 million next summer to get in one or two free signings?? its a joke really. we need at least 2 more quality players in, and a replacement for any further outgoings! how can anyone justify 35 mill going on 2 free signings (as nolan covers cabaye). the wages of carroll,kuqi and campbell alone should cover the new wages of ba and marveaux! so that means they are talkin of 20 to 35 million in signing on fees and agent fees for the two freebies, give me a break


  4. Rorycn, I understand the need for quality, believe me. However I am also well aware what suspensions and injuries do to the squad. We have had many of our squad in the treatment room and if you look at the list of our players try and put a squad of 25 together. The squad is thin. That is my point.


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