Is our club fufilling it’s potential?

The faithful


The fans have set up camp at opposite ends of the pitch. Even the fans in the middle have been forced into taking a side as it’s a topic you just can’t shy away from at the moment.

I am of the personal opinion that this is all un-neccesary and has been fuelled by comments that needn’t have been made in an interview that needn’t have been given. Yet here we are and the fans are at war.

Now when I say the fueding is un-neccesary, it’s because I believe that the management at our club think they are more clever than they actually are.

For example, Pardew could have said “We have spent a chunk of the budget on fees but we are still in the market for a couple of players to improve the squad with one of them being a striker and will pay what is necessary to bring them in – there’s plenty of time left”

That would do me absolutely fine. He could then mention that we are improving the facilities to attract the high calibre of players who expect top quality training facilities.

Instead they go down a path of bringing up the 35 million and trying to stamp it out….why? I really don’t get it.

Anyway, I digress. I had my say on what I thought about that interview a couple of days ago (which you can read here if you missed it) and find myself going down that path again which wasn’t the point of this particular ramble.

I just have one question to all fans out there – whether you support the board or are against them – and it is this:

Under the current regime at St. James’ Park, is our beloved club currently reaching it’s potential?

Now I don’t mean 5/10/15 year plans. I don’t mean the Spurs/Arsenal/Villa model.

Newcastle United FC, in it’s current form. Just having finished above expectations in the best league in the world with the most lucrative TV deals and preparing for another season.

A club with a city that eats, sleeps and breathes football with a stadium in it’s heart which visitors and tourists can actually feel beat.

This club who have recently released new replica kits to massive sales figures and are selling season tickets for their 50,000 plus capacity stadium.

Are we currently reaching our potential?


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89 thoughts on “Is our club fufilling it’s potential?

  1. Probably no other team in the whole of Britain can compete with us for potential and underachievement. Im not being pedantic, I really can’t think of any. The nearest in terms of fans and potential would be Shalke but they did well in the champions league last season so they are doing better than us. Is it because we are a regional club with lack of worldwide revinue or are we just cursed. Yes there was the Keegan and Sir Bobby era’s but we still won nowt and it didn’t last.


  2. Yeah i think so toonsy , by winning trophies year in year out like man u are doing at the moment. Of course that will fade ( like liverpool ) but that to me would be potential fulfilled.


  3. witters says:
    July 8, 2011 at 13:13
    And you can guarantee that Stuart?!? You’d put your mortgage on it would you?

    I would actually, yes! Someone else couldn’t do a worse job!


  4. the scum really think the have a chance of getting the zog..
    il be pi$$ed if we miss out on him to them fkas like..


  5. Johno – Ah but the potential is there to not fade away 😉

    That is the beauty. There is no answer to my question. Potential is an ongoing thing in my opinion. Once you get to the top you have the potential to stay at the top, again and again and again ad infinitum 🙂


  6. Toonsy it’s funny the other day you were going on about kaizen and Toyota. I learnt all about it at Nissan, they all do it. I was told Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Suzuki are all owned by the same Japanese mafia (or ‘Yakuza’) ruling families.


  7. DJG – It’s quite odd just how many companies are like that. Adidas/Puma, VW/Porsche. There are loads 🙂


  8. Rover, Morris, Reliant, Austin


    They must be right though and we are wrong coz all those are dead.

    We used to make cars and stick them in huge abandoned airfields and then someone think they were buying a new car and really it was 3 years old, rusty and wouldn’t start.

    At Nissan somebody orders a car and it is made just for them. A new painted body shell qashqui starts off on trim and chassis every 57 seconds 😕

    It depressed me how we were once a great nation and now we are being told how to do things by all these foreign companies. And now the last British train company is gonna lose loads of jobs and our politicians are gonna start buying our trains off the germans instead. In France 100% of their trains are made in france. 👿


  9. Cons: I hate ashleys decision making, I hate the uncertainty surrounding our squad, I hate the tacky kits, Signs and website name he attached to the stadium.

    Pros: I like the majority of the new signings since relegation Simpson, Williamson, Tiote, Ben Arfa, Ba and Cabaye are absolute steals, The sort other teams make while we would flail around randomly for has beens and never will bes like the mackems are this season.

    I like the work at the academy which was praised by some youth coaching guru on 5live who has worked all over the world with Wenger and Bobby as the best he’d seen in this country.

    I like the club scouring the world for talented young players and stopping giving stupid contracts to old players and ending up with them hardly playing and sponging fortunes off the club.

    I like the fact that the club are back on a good financial footing and are on course to breaking even this year.

    No were not reaching our potential but i would take our current situation over plenty of other clubs…


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