When it’s bad, it’s very bad…#Right Back

A worthy nominee? You decide.
First of all thanks to everyone that voted in the last article, because this series couldn’t really work without your feedback.

Anyway today’s centre of attention will be on our right backs in recent years, which has admittedly given me a lot more options than the goalkeeper category did!

The last article was pretty much a landslide “victory” so it will be interesting to see who people decide to go for this time around. So without further ado, these are the nominees:


James Perch – When players join a club it is often expected that they will take a while to settle in (look at the likes of Gary Speed and Rob Lee), but Perch didn’t look like he ever would. He managed to amass five yellow cards in his first five games in the premier league, along with “fouls” in our penalty area that thankfully went unnoticed by the referee. Couple that with the fact that he scored an own goal, was at fault for the majority of the conceded goals before Simpson took over after eight games, and you have a worth nominee.

Stephen Carr– Another one of those players that finds success as soon as they leave the Toon, his future looked bright after a great goal against Southampton. However he never really looked comfortable on the field and was caught out of position regularly. Perhaps he was made to look better than he was when playing alongside the likes of Bramble and Babyaro.

Andy Griffin– Like Carr, Griffin kick-started his career with a great goal, this time against Juventus, however like Carr he was soon found out. He lacked any real pace or skill, and relied heavily on positioning but was accepted as a solid and decent full back, even earning an England U-21’s call up. However I can’t help but feel that like Carr, he was shown in a better light than he deserved thanks to being surrounded by a team of high flyers.

Ryan Taylor– Ryan’s strongest areas are set pieces, so it doesn’t help when you can’t take a corner to save your life, although he has scored a couple of free kicks. He likes to think of himself as an attacking player however he regularly neglects his defensive duties, while managing to do nothing spectacular further up the field. And although he has played in midfield as well this season, he also has played at right back, and hopefully that is not something we will have to see anymore!

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Thanks for taking time to read, and please don’t hesitate to vote in the poll! But remember, it is premier league players only...

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91 thoughts on “When it’s bad, it’s very bad…#Right Back

  1. Big dave, everyone has a price, however, in todays market, I value myself at 7million 😆


  2. army, Ive signed a 5 year deal, but when liverpool come in with 80k a week, im going to join my drinking buddy Carroll. 😆


  3. Sorry for dragging this topic out, as I haven’t posted on previous blog..

    However, he’s taking his money back.. So what? You’re just assuming he hasn’t already taken it ages ago and claiming lies….


  4. So Sunderland are after Defoe and Nzogbia now.

    Jeez their making us look like fcking ****s!

    Spurs have told Modric he’s not going anyway, do we think Ashley will do the same when Chelsea come calling for Tiote? Doubt it!

    I quite like the look of our first 11, but then what? We’re just so light. If we have an injury to Ba, we’re back to Strolla and Lovenkrands. If Tiote gets injured, what then? Guthrie or Smith? If Colo gets injured and say Taylor suspended we have Williamson and who? Enrique gets injured (if he’s here) who steps up? Ferguson maybe but he’s more of a winger.

    We had a thread bare squad last season and when Routledge leaves we’ll have only 1 extra player than last year with the likes of Ranger and Best set to go too.

    Worrying times and don’t give me this bull**** about it being only July – look at this regimes form. Look at every other team who have sold a player for big money, look at how they have spent that money. They haven’t put it to one side for wages, of even offering someone a pay rise or paying the electricity bill. They’ve spent it on BUYING players and making sure that them players fit into the wage structure. Oh no, not here!

    This club is going nowhere under this man because under him his actions this summer have proved that for us to even bring in free transfers we’re going to have to sell our best player every year.

    They talk about this FIFA Fair Play **** – it means nothing when City have just signed a £400m stadium sponsorship deal.

    Where’s the hope?


  5. stuart

    Do you really believe the mail, Bruce yesterday said gyan is staying but hes offering him part ex for defoe and using the money for zog fcuk off

    As for the tiote thing Villas boas wants moutinho to play the more creative style abramovich wants, Why than would essiens injury change anything when he has ramires and mikel who can play the DM role, As for Levy telling modric hes staying aye like he did with berbatov, carrick and Keane… 🙄


  6. 400 Million? I thought city’s deal was £120 million over 10 years….

    Daverism – I’m not lying ir making anything up. I read all the accounts you know. That’s where I got the info from. To be honest I’m slightly insulted that anyone would think id make anything like that up. I must have forged that screenshot from the accounts up, and also the second one answering a question asked about said accounts 😆


  7. Beye was ****, just looked decent in a **** team, can’t believe people would have the injury prone ship jumper back, really good time at Villa!!


  8. None of them are any good, including Simpson. It’s been a weakness for as long as I can remember, anyone remember John Brownlie ?
    Anyway, we need a right back and not give DS a new 5 year contact.


  9. I recall Griffin doing a fantastic job of man marking Ginola out of an FA Cup tie vs Spurs one season, so for that reason alone he has my respect. Not the most talented, but miles better than Perch, more application in a black and white shirt than Carr too… Shoukd have stayed, would have been a good back up. Why is it we never have depth of any sort of quality in the full back positions?


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