Erdinc deal dead – Who is plan C?

Erdinc to stay at PSG
Our transfer plans have hit a setback today with Turkish striker Mevlut Erdinc snubbing the club in order to stay at moneybags PSG, much to the disappointment of Pardew after Erdinc showed initial enthusiasm to join the club. This means after being rejected by both Gameiro and Erdinc we are on to our 3rd striking target, if we have one that is.

We had lodged a £7 million bid and it was being considered by the PSG hierarchy but Erdinc has forced their hand and told them in no uncertain terms that he does not want to leave.

His agent told the Journal this yesterday.

“He will not be going to Newcastle. The player decided not to move and he is staying in Paris for next season.”

That’s quite disheartening in my opinion, but I think it says more about the player than it does about the clubs transfer plans. With all of PSG’s incoming players it is very unlikely that he’s going to hold down a starting place, which he would almost be certain of at Newcastle. Erdinc had a chance to be great in the best league in the world, for what reasons has he turned it down? I hope for our sake it’s not wages.

So, Newcastle obviously have to move on to other targets, but who’s next on the list?

Shane Long – Long is definitely a player that the club are looking at, but the Journal seems to think he is not our main target. Pardew is reportedly a fan of Long but his enthusiasm is not shared by everyone at the club. Long after a good season in the Championship has had a 10 million price tag put on his head by Reading, something else I imagine is putting the club off, I don’t blame them if I’m honest. Also, a worry for some fans is that Long has just started scoring this season. I feel he has just started to get regular game time and he’s matured into a good player, I wouldn’t be disappointed if we signed him, but he’s a bit of a risk.

But it is believed that another continental based target is top priority at the club, but who?

Well, none of these are definite as I cannot read the minds of anyone in the club, but these are a couple of players who we’ve been linked with over the summer who fit the bill.

Youssef El Arabi – El Arabi is someone we have been scouting for a while according to the French press and he’s somebody that Graham Carr is a fan of. Last season El Arabi scored 17 goals in 38 games and claimed 5 assists, which made him the 4th top scorer in the French league. El Arabi plays for Caen who are definitely a club below us in stature, so if we came calling I’d expect him to be interested. El Arabi wouldn’t come on the cheap, but he certainly wouldn’t cost a ridiculous fee, so he’s definitely someone we should be pursuing.

Jose Salomon Rondon – Rondon ply’s his trade in the Spanish Premier league with Malaga who are another club who have recently found Qatari money, just our luck, eh? It could potentially play into our hands though, it really looks like Malaga are going for HUGE targets after a bid of 35 million euro’s for Sneijder. If they do continue to bid for high class players Rondon may be forced down the pecking order and want to leave. Rondon would suit the Premier league perfectly; his strength and pace would make him a fan favourite. He’s good with his head and is a great finisher, his touch is sometimes questionable, but he’s a talent certainly.

Both of these players would cost around 7-10 million pounds and with the Carroll money that we have we should be able to stretch to that, of course us fans will think so, but do the people who really matter want to pay that much? We’ll wait and see.

After two rejections it’s time to move onto Plan C, let’s hope it’s a good plan. Who do you think we’ll be after now?

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129 thoughts on “Erdinc deal dead – Who is plan C?

  1. @toonpipes

    Oh. So we just move on when it suits you after youve shouted and bawled that I don’t offer opinions.

    I provide comprehensive opinions on all the subjects then pull others apart where I think they are lying, misinformed or plain and simply wrong.

    It’s when people jump in halfway thro a conversation and get the wrong end of the stick that exasperates me.

    Of course you will think you are right. But you are not. 😛

    Anyway, cycling back from the gym now and off to work so you can get on your high horse again but I will be casting a beady eye on you fella and if I so much as see a lie, mistruth or fib again I will really go to town on you.
    🙄 😛 😛 😛


  2. Bobby – i told you not to do that – other people have mentioned you get stuck in a sort of autistic rut .. you do offer opinions – but you don’t provide any reasons for your opinions. again: you do offer opinions – but you don’t provide any reasons for your opinions. Furthermore, the opinions you give, are the same all the time and that makes things pretty boring. In your self-appointed role as chief judge on fact and fiction, you are a sort of Nazi-esque-but-less refined ivory tower inhabiter character .. no clue whats going on but turn up and shout in peoples faces … marvellous fun ..


  3. AndrewNUFC says:
    July 9, 2011 at 11:45

    Have you not noticed that the players we’ve bid for have turned us down? It’s not inconcievable that they club knew that these players weren’t going to come but it made it look like we were bidding. We won’t bid £10m for someone like Sturridge (who perfectly fits our criteria) because the likelyhood is it will be accepted and he’d be interested in coming to us. Long also fits our criteria but they won’t bid for him either.

    Oh sorry the criteria isn’t just young talented players is it? They’ve got to be free or cheap!


  4. Is anyone else counting the days until the transfer window shuts but more importantly….the new football manager comes out 😀

    Nowt better than your first season with a new look toon on FM


  5. Stuart 😉

    Pardew – “As it stands financially at the moment, we can’t compete with those top teams in terms of trading players,” he said.

    “But of course we can compete on the football pitch, so what we have tried to do is bring in players that we feel have an improvement in them and a desire to play for Newcastle, and that’s why we targeted the players that we have.”

    You targetted the wrong one in Erding then 😆


  6. Just pay the price for Sturridge, he will be a whopping 3rd of the price of Carroll, now theres a bargain.


  7. STUART79 .. i think they are definitely low-balling on wages – altho personally would call it being sensible – and you can ustand why! .. the strategy has worked with HBA / TIOTE / MARVEAUX / CABAYE etc .. hopefully we will bag another


  8. Jobey is it not option D now as im sure Gervinho was in there aswell 😉 ah well if all fails we still have Shola 😀
    Is wor Bobby getting picked on today


  9. Toonpipes – We shouldn’t be low balling on wages, don’t forget we have £35m of wages to be spent!


  10. Moreno says:
    July 9, 2011 at 13:34
    Is anyone else counting the days until the transfer window shuts but more importantly….the new football manager comes out

    Nowt better than your first season with a new look toon on FM

    So true! Tho Im happy with fm 11 at the moment , have neymar up front 🙂 i love how realistic the game is 🙂


  11. Sorry .. poor choice of phrase .. by low-balling, what i mean is offering ‘sensible’ wages .. not ridiculous ones that would see the club fall back into terminal decline like the ones we paid Owen .. we don’t need to spend the money all at once Stuart surely not .. they obviously paid the right wage for the last few signings so who’s to say they won’t again? if anything based on those signings you would have to say that we have been offering the market rate … whats to complain about?


  12. Johno,

    I have never played past 3rd season in my whole life and I have played it many years.

    I lose interest when the team becomes unrecognisable!


  13. @ Stuart79

    ‘We won’t bid £10m for someone like Sturridge (who perfectly fits our criteria) because the likelyhood is it will be accepted and he’d be interested in coming to us’

    Chelsea slapped 20m on Sturridge’s head.


  14. I like a couple of players from the promoted clubs. Was watching a Live Norwich game on tv, and a young black forward looked terrific…may have been Jackson? It could be he just played out of his skin that day.

    And Sinclair at Leeds I rate a lot, though he’s just an attacking mf really, not a striker,

    I’m sure there must be a lot of options out there.

    I’m still surprised at our decision to offload Ranger and Best! I would have let only Shola (and possibly Lovenkrands) go and brought two experienced strikers in and one youngster…Ba plus?


  15. Yeah i know what ya mean moreno , I remember once i was like 15 or 16 and i had a career of close to 30 years. N when a player retired he just reappeared as a 17 year old on his national u21’s. same attributes n everything. I really needed a girlfriend then 🙂

    Its pure addictive tho , mate of mine stopped playing it casue he was so into it he was calling into work sick just to play it.


  16. AndrewNUFC says:
    July 9, 2011 at 14:05
    @ Stuart79
    ‘We won’t bid £10m for someone like Sturridge (who perfectly fits our criteria) because the likelyhood is it will be accepted and he’d be interested in coming to us’
    Chelsea slapped 20m on Sturridge’s head.

    So that means they’ll definately get £20m does it?

    Nobody can deny that our criteria isn’t to bring in the best young players around, it’s to bring in the cheapest young players around. Big difference.


  17. Moreno

    Did you enjoy this years football manager? I got 1m to spend with us…Then when the season ended it said I could sign Ben Arfa so I offered him terms and he refused to join 😆 🙁


  18. Andrew,

    I didn’t at first, but then when I went in the editor and gave myself 20 million to spend, including Alan Shearer as my assistant manager, I started to warm to it 😀


  19. Stuart

    I’m just saying thats what Chelsea want, there’s no way that we would offer 10m and get him considering Wickham who scored a couple of goals in the Championship is going to cost Sunderland up to 12m. I’ve been saying for ages we should go for Sturridge and offer about 15m. To be fair to Chelsea they could demand more than 20m for him with the prices for English talent at the minute.


  20. forget those high profile players C Cole will sign soon for 4 mill once stokes big becomes serious! 😯
    or failing that Cameron Jerome or DJ Campbell 😯


  21. AndrewNUFC

    Do u honestly think MA will pay 15mill for a forward?

    I’d love sturridge but Cashley won’t spend big after paying those huge fees for the freebies..


  22. MORENO some guy on eds spouting shite,something about 15th july,i tak nee notice we arnt that lucky


  23. Someone called ‘toonmania’ has been saying stuff on twitter we’ve been sold, why do people believe these sort of people? He’s just like that twat called Colin.


  24. All I know is Gameiro was quoted several times indicating that he wanted to move to Spain or a team in Europe BEFORE we even put a bid in. There were no encouraging reports of him considering Newcastle at all. I don’t see how anyone can consider bidding for a player who clearly doesn’t want to come here as a sign of ambition.

    I believe we didn’t even put a bid in for Gervinho from what I’ve read and Arsenal were his first choice anyway.

    Erdinc, a bid of around 7m has supposedly been lodged but this has dragged on for weeks so who knows. Maybe if we put a larger bid in earlier or offered him a better deal, things might have happened, but I don’t know if he’s worth it.

    Long or Sturridge might be a good idea, I suppose, if we can be reasonably confident they will continue to improve and continue to score. Because they are home grown players their value will rise, probably steeply, if they do well. Problem is they will cost more to buy now for the same reason and at the moment it seems that the club is unwilling to pay even the going rate.

    The pay that footballers receive is ridiculous, disgusting even, but if we unilaterally decide to offer comparatively low wages + incentives all that happens is that players with options won’t choose us.

    if there aren’t any really good free agents then we MUST buy some good players because we are still short of a good striker, a proven RW, and we could do with fullbacks too.


  25. Anyone else hear the rummor that Cwarr007 ( or whatever his name is ) is Derek Lmbaris son…….twitter is a strange place….. 😆


  26. @Moreno

    Don’t forget “players with a desire to play for Newcastle”

    Like Marveaux. Who wanted to play for Liverpool until they decided to alter the personal terms on offer.

    Actually I wonder what Liverpool changed? Do you think maybe they offered more of a deal based on performances or something because of his injury situation last season?

    Anyway, as far as strikers go I think we’ll need to pay to get a good one, so we probably won’t get a good one.

    Maybe someone could come up with a list of targets that are less than £5m and we could see what the best choices are on that.


  27. “Like Marveaux. Who wanted to play for Liverpool until they decided to alter the personal terms on offer.”

    Haha! Good point! 😀

    If a striker is less than £4 million, it’s unlikely is good enough to lead our line.

    I reckon we should rip up the transfer policy, annoy everyone and just sign Berbatov aka: The Count.


  28. I am indifferent to this really. He would have improved us, but as I kept saying, he isn’t great, just good. He is a confidence player and could have been immense if he had a good start to the season. They guy is just so relaxed in front of goal. Anyway, it seems he would rather warm the bench and cling to a mega rich club in the hope he may prove his worth. He won’t, and will probably be flogged next year as PSG are looking above players of his quality. It’s good that we are looking for strikers like Erdinc though. It means we want pace and technical ability no matter what position we are trying to fill.


  29. I genuinely believe we will be going in for Defoe. He’s not happy when not playing first team football and Spurs will probably sign a couple of strikers this summer.

    He would cost around 7-9million and is proven at Premiership level. Not to mention he probably isn’t on massive wages and has all the attributes we are looking for.

    If we sign Defoe I can safely say I will be over the moon.


  30. I’m not so sure Defoe will even consider us, even if we offered exactly what he wanted. North of Watford Junction 😕


  31. Toonsy

    Really? Maybe you are right, but he always seemed the type to put football first.


  32. ET – Just look at his clubs bud. Bournemouth, Pompey, West Ham, Spurs. He’s just never looked North and I doubt he will now he is my age 😆


  33. More like plan D. You forgot about Gervinho. Long is no way a NUFC player. If we’re looking for young players with bags of potential then why don’t we go for Bojan of Barcelona who they are trying to sell. He fits the bill perfectly.


  34. Get Sturridge in and dont grumble about the cost. Quick, powerful, young and knows where the back of the net is. Has a great pedigree and will only get better provided the injury curse does not strike. Reminds me of Mr Hasselbaink (spelling similar to that anyway!).
    If the club wants to get the fans behind them then they need to spend that 35 million inclusive of a marquee signing. This would get the dressing room and fans excited and give us real impetus for the new season.
    Beginning to get a tad fed up hearing these excuses for ‘deals’ falling through or where the Carroll money is going.
    The club generates finances income for wages and running costs via tv revenue, merchandising, gates etc. They do not have to rely on the 35 for the wages of new players.
    If they give it the usual carp about playing the waiting game for people like Nzogbia etc, they will miss the deadline and say ‘Oh well, we tried’. Rubbish. Spend now, spend big and invest in the unity of the club as a whole. Something that is worth a lot more than the current board appear to realise.


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