Fickle? Or just desperate?

I'll smile Sir, but you are taking that photo against my will.
Stephen Ireland hardly set the world alight when he joined Newcastle on loan in January. Stephen arrived on Tyneside injured and finally returned to parent club Aston Villa injured as well.

During Ireland’s ill fated loan spell he could only manage two substitute appearances for the club. Many fans were slightly dubious and cautious over the deal before it went through as not only was the player injured beforehand but his loss of form was a cause for concern.

Stephen set himself high standards at City a couple of years ago. Sadly for the player in recent seasons he has been unable to duplicate such influential form and his performances have dipped. Ireland was used by City as bait to lure former Mag James Milner to Eastlands. That transfer led to a bitter outburst from Ireland and he warned Milner that ‘the grass isn’t always greener’.

Ireland started a handful of games at his new club but in the short space of time he failed to make an impact. A change of manager with new ideas and injury hindered Ireland’s Villa career even further, but help was at hand with Newcastle. Alan Pardew wanted to rescue Stephen from his Villa nightmare and give him a shot to shine on Tyneside.

As I mentioned earlier the player was injured when he arrived in January, but the club were confident they could get Ireland back to full fitness. Alan Pardew was sure he was bringing in a player of top calibre and a player who could add some quality to our wafer thin squad.

Ireland alienated himself further from his parent club by allegedly complaining about the area and how he didn’t like it in Birmingham – something I’m sure Jay Jay can relate to. Ireland however later denied making those comments and claimed he was misquoted.

When Ireland arrived at Newcastle he was full of praise for the club. During his first interview after joining Newcastle he had this to say:

“It feels so long since I was playing games. This is a new challenge. It’s a lovely city and a nice training ground. It’s really good here, and I want to be part of everything.”

“I’m really excited – I just want to come out of the traps and play to the best of my ability. Hopefully I can bring some of my ability to the team.”

Now I only bring those quotes up because after recently learning that he has a future at Aston Villa, Stephen told Sky Sports yesterday: “I got sent to Newcastle basically against my own will.”

I find that quite surprising to be honest. I know he’s not bad mouthing the club, but basically saying he didn’t want to go and was sent. Hmmm, fact is the player said multiple times he was happy and excited to be at Newcastle suggests to me that he wasn’t too upset about heading North. There were even suggestions that he wanted to make the loan move permanent. There was a time the lad was dead set against returning to Aston Villa.

Seemingly the situation has changed slightly now. New Villa boss Alex McCleish has handed Ireland the number seven shirt at the club and has informed Stephen that he is indeed in his plans. Now Ireland has publicly spoken of his desire to win the fans over at Villa and have a fresh start with the club. Ireland’s words have forced me to analyse whether he was only making noises to stay at Newcastle because he knew he had no future at Villa under Houllier?

It was maybe a case of I will go anywhere to get away from him rather than him having any real affection for Newcastle United. Maybe Stephen likes the idea of now being wanted at Villa because he is on ridiculous wages there and he knows a club like Newcastle simply won’t match his demands?

Maybe I’m being a little harsh, it could be the player just wanted someone to show a bit of faith in him and McCleish is doing that now. We all saw the player Ireland was under Mark Hughes at Man City and he wants the chance to be that player again which is understandable. But I think he should be grateful that Pardew gave him a chance when others wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole.

However I think the lad’s attitude is questionable. He seems to throw his toys out the pram a bit and he likes to be vocal when he’s not happy about something. When you’re a footballer actions speak louder than words, your best bet is to persist and keep working hard in training.

Either way I was shocked to hear Stephen claim he was pushed into joining us and it was against his wishes. Well with the comments he made after joining the club in January, to follow up with that yesterday tells me he’s either got a poor memory or he’s ridiculously fickle. Like I say it’s not like he has slammed Newcastle, but hearing him say that quite frankly boiled my piss.

I’m still convinced that his new found desire to now stay at Villa has something to with the enormous wages he is on there as he does have a bit of a ‘bling boy’ reputation. Well Stevie, I can assure you that watching you make a lousy two short substitute appearances in x amount of months was ‘basically against our will’.

What are your thoughts?

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46 thoughts on “Fickle? Or just desperate?

  1. I think what happend was his grandmother died for the 3rd time and it was just to much for him to handle.

    I remember watching him in some City games and thinking what a class act a few seasons ago his fall from grace has been catastrophic and amusing to watch….he is a total knob too.


  2. He’s just saying what he thinks Villa fans want to hear in the same way he told us what he thought we wanted to hear so I’d go with fickle.


  3. He talks a bad game and plays a bad game.
    Best days are way behind him and most fans think he is a loser and some of his outbursts about playing for his country,lies to get out of games etc…..very unprofessional.


  4. He’s a bullshiting twat, except when it comes to talking about Birmingham, or Englands shitty anus as I think of it 🙂


  5. fu*k him y bother with this mug!! we need a good striker that will fill the boots for the famous no 9 shirt sturridge maybe!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. He’s a fickle, desperate pr!ck, he was a good player for 18 months and thatis it, I for one am over the moon Villa are giving him another chance.


  7. @9….I agree, thing is we will sell ranger and NOT buy anyone that improves our squad will we. I am still stunned we have spent the 35 million without spending any of it tbh.


  8. Isn’t Ireland just doing what all footballers do, tell the fans what they think they want to hear? 🙄 Not sure he’s the brightest button in the box


  9. Did not want him in the first place billy bull sh t he is, past his best and injure prone,liveing on past perfomances he is


  10. Holloway could be the right manager for Ranger, in flashes has shown he has talent but needs the big stick approach instead of the carrot.
    I just hope there is an equal effort going into incoming transfers as this thread reminds us of probably one of the worst transfer windows ever, Desperate? we were Pathetic.


  11. Why are people so hung up over Sturridge?
    If he was so classy, Chelsea wouldn’t be sending him off on loan.
    Rooney was starting for Man U at 18…

    As for Ireland, seems like a class prick. I think he could still be a decent player, but like our own Ranger. His attitude will be his detriment.


  12. Lesh, saw that, no one will pay that for him and Whelan will be stuck with one very unhappy sulky player for a year and then he will leave for nothing.


  13. I think people might be jumping the gun a bit with that Nile Ranger story. If you read that ClickLancashire article it just says he’s being signed “on an as-of-yet unknown agreement”. They haven’t used the word ‘transfer’ so maybe it’s just a loan agreement?


  14. I agree he is sayin what “he thinks” the Villa fans want to hear, but he’s wrong. They couldn’t give a flying feck if he was forced to go to the Toon on loan or not(which he could have said no to) they want to see him do the business on the pitch which he hasn’t done, neither has he put in any effort for them that’s the only way to get back into their good books….and he’ll fail at that imo.


  15. not arsed to be honest, footballers say owt to get the fans onside – 90% of don’t give a shit which club is paying the wages as long as they’re paid – most will be off at the hint of a better contract elsewhere


  16. Wasn’t long ago I was saying I would have him back…What a prick that lad is. Hope he stays at Villa and still doesn’t get games.


  17. Agree with Stuart for a change – Just a f*cking mouthpiece, loves seeing himself on telly, Bald prick – that’s Ireland, and not you Richie


  18. Hitman..that would be a good move for him….one last chance to prove himself in the Prem and if he doesn’t do the business he’ll be back in the championship anyway 😆


  19. @31

    Would much prefer him to go to Notts, because I want McGuigan, he sounds like a good young player we can develop and would give us cover in midfield and on the right side.


  20. @ Hitman.

    Maybe involve a deal with Naylor coming the other way or is that to straight forward for our lot to organise!


  21. @39
    Ye like when we sold Shay Given to money backs City for a meagre 7mil and then tried to buy an unproven Michael Johnson for 9mil from the same club??? This lot don’t have a clue…

    Ps. I disagree with 35&37 😆 🙄


  22. Is that all he said? That’s completely harmless and probably exactly true. Moreover, his comments from his time here don’t contradict what he’s said in the aftermath: He didn’t really want to leave Villa, but once he got here he enjoyed it. What’s the big deal? I think this is a typical media response–blowing something way out of proportion in order to sell papers and shit stir.


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