When it’s bad, it’s very bad…#Central Defenders

Nicht so gut...
One of my favourite things about writing these types of articles is that no matter which players I choose, someone else will always have a different opinion. That is the beauty of football, and it is probably one of the main reasons why we love the game, and people like myself enjoy writing about it.

So far in the previous two positions I have covered goalkeepers and right backs, and on both occasions there was a clear winner in the vote. This time I think things will be a little closer. Also as there are two centre halfs in a team, you can vote for the two worst premier league defenders which will make things a bit more interesting.

Claudio Cacapa – When Claudio first joined the club he made a fairly positive impact, most notably a man of the match performance against Aston Villa. However soon after things started to go downhill for the Brazilian as he was blighted by injuries throughout his time here. When he did return, his performances could often only be described as abysmal, most notably after a 4-1 defeat by Portsmouth where he was substituted in the 17th minute after being caught out for three goals.

David Rozenthal – David joined the club in June 2007 for a sum of £3 million which seemed like a fair price at the time. However he only ended up playing 21 games for us before being loaned out in January, just six months after being bought. Who could blame the club? Over the course of those 21 games he consistently made poor defensive decisions, sloppy passes and numerous positional errors, this meant most fans weren’t exactly up in arms about the fact he was sent on loan.

Titus Bramble – There were moments in games when I watched Bramble and he would do something world class and it would leave me wondering why he doesn’t play for England. However five minutes later he would make a decisive error which would remind me why he isn’t picked for the national side, and it would leave me wondering why he was even being picked for us. Ability wise, Bramble had it all, however his all too frequent lapses in concentration would often be the turning point in games, so much so that I often spent my time just waiting for the next gaffe. However it wasn’t all bad, he did us a great favour in our derby last season by “deliberately” getting sent off.

Sol Campbell – When Campbell joined the club on a one year deal many thought it to be good business because, after all, on his day he is world class. However those days were long behind him, and despite being on wages rumoured to be around £80,000 a week he made only seven appearances for us. Perhaps we should be thankful that he was injured as much as he was, because in those seven games his performances could only be described as poor (at best).

Marcelino – Another of Ruud Gullit’s ‘amazing transfers’, the Spaniard joined us for a large sum of £5.8 million and was extremely hyped up. However in a year and a half at the club he made just 20 appearances in all competitions (a recurring theme, eh?). And although he was apparently named 20 times on the team sheet, I didn’t see him make any sort of impact in any of those games. The worst was still to come though, as he astonishingly refused to play for almost six weeks due to a broken finger, which most professionals nowadays would just strap up and play on with.

Jean Alan Boumsong – Like many other flops he arrived with a high price tag, this time of £8 million which was heavily criticised by the fans and media alike. In his first season he played generally well excluding one or two games, however it was in his second season when we started to see the other side of his game. Like his defensive partner Bramble, he soon started to make frequent mistakes which resulted in many fans blaming him for poor results.

Players that just avoided getting picked: Andy O’Brien, Steve Caldwell, Nikos Dabizas, Colocinni (BEFORE RELEGATION) and Ronny Johnsen.

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Thank you for reading and remember to vote for the TWO worst players this time. I told you it would be a lot easier to do central defenders…

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115 thoughts on “When it’s bad, it’s very bad…#Central Defenders

  1. @batty

    Dont put post numbers on because Toonsy can’t be bothered to fix the mobile site. 😉


  2. @batty

    I’ve just received a European grant to improve the reality train. They reckon our train will bring in extra revenue to the north east economy.

    The survey shows that the quantity of visitors has improved since the sports direct owner took over but they are mainly from the poorer countries of the eastern European bloc.

    They recommend the reality proposals will attract the locals back to The Toon and the superior quality of fan will increase revenue.

    Just wait Batty, you’ll have your name on your new uniform. Chief stoker Mr Batty. 😛


  3. @Spencer

    I hate it when my las comes on! I know how you feel. 😆

    If you need that explaining ask your dad and ask about the birds and bees whilst your on. 😛


  4. Bobby- I would sell Best but as much as I dont rate Srrolla I dont think we have enough quality to lose him too, even if we sign anither striker.


  5. @stu

    Ive noticed I agree with your views on the owners and their policies but I’ve occasionally disagreed with your football views.

    Surely Best deserves his chance over Shola? His last spell, despite being short produced 6 in 12 and this was after a long lay off. He’s younger than Shola by 4 years and appears to be hard working and professional.

    Shola probably had his best spell for the Toon this season but is still seriously inconsistent.
    He only has one year left and is nearing 30 yrs.
    We need to progress and for me Shola needs to be moved on and a more consistent player to come in. IMO .


  6. Random News:
    One of our allegde targets Ibrahim “Teteh” Bangura just scored 4 goals this evening for his team AIK.


  7. Doh!(Dont press add comment when not done writing.) Forgot to mention that his brother, our other allegde target, provided the assist for two of the goals.


  8. BSN9,

    “Just wait Batty, you’ll have your name on your new uniform. Chief stoker Mr Batty.”

    Do you not mean “Chief Stalker” 😆 😆


  9. Does it not slightly annoy folk when the likes of Wolves are bidding 7m for R. Johnson and we are searching for freebies and young cheap un’s. 👿


  10. Bobby @88


    Although I would add to it that Best is extremely unlikely to achieve 1 in 2 next season and neither are good enough really for a top 10 push. Meaning at least another productive striker needs to be signed. Including Ba staying fit and producing the goods.


  11. BSN9,
    At this juncture Best has to stay unless two better strikers come in. It is my belief that he will be forced out as he will command a transfer fee, whereas Shola bless him is part of the furniture.
    Loverman’s contract expires next year so I would expect him to be available for a nominal fee 😉
    I also believe that Colo will be sold next year as he will only have a year left 👿
    Give me the keys to the Reality Train, I am firmly onboard 😉


  12. @TGS

    I can’t believe how Lambias has pulled the wool over many people’s eyes over this Carroll money.
    My issue is not about having to spend it all but the fact he’s says the 3 players have taken up alot of it.

    Why don’t the journalists who print his statements give a balanced view and ask questions that we all want to know.

    Nolans fee surely paid for Cabaye but there’s no mention from either a journalist or Lambias? Why?

    When he states some of it has gone on the training ground, did he not know that they were planning on the improvements and why didn’t he mention that at the time of the sale of Carroll?
    Well, is it not because it cost £35k not £35m!
    Why has he even mentioned the training ground cost when it doesn’t scratch the surface of the transfer fee? Why doesn’t a journalist ask this?

    So in reality the 2 free transfers have eaten up a lot of the money? 🙂

    Wake up and smell the coffee anyone who is naive enough to fall for the same propaganda this regime have spewed out from the beginning .


  13. If HBA is played as a second striker then do not expect an avalanche of goals as his record is 17 in 131.


  14. I asked a similar thing Bobby.

    If we had not sold Carroll – does that mean we wouldn’t have been able to sign free transfers and re-do the training facilities?

    We are either far more skint than Ashley is letting on or they are taking the royal urine from everyone.


  15. BSN9,
    Absolutely agree with your above comment 👿

    We have very weak journalists in the NE who are afraid to ask the awkward questions. I have no issue with Fatty clawing some of his cash back, but why can’t they just say so and stop treating us like shite 👿


  16. ‘Why don’t the journalists who print his statements give a balanced view and ask questions that we all want to know.’

    Because they will be pushed out of the same door as Alan Oliver. I thought that was pretty obvious.


  17. @TGS

    has HBA not been playing on the wing tho?
    Even so, if he was known as a goal scorer then he would not be put on the wing.

    Players get overhyped but I hope he’s not one of them.


  18. @DJG

    I know it’s obvious but why do we see it and many fans don’t. Exasperating.

    Experience I suppose.


  19. @TGS

    But you only have to read many of the comments on here to realise that people are oblivious to it?

    It seems Lambias could sell Colo to Sunderland and justify it because his hair was too popular with the fans and it was costing us revenue.

    No sense but it would be believed by many.


  20. @funky

    I believe he is trying to claw back his money as soon as possible and hoping to put us up for sale.

    Everything is getting set for a quick sale.

    He has no love for this club at all. IMO .


    I have no control who will ultimately take control when Ashley decides to sell. What I will not tolerate though is the lies and deceit that spouts from Ashley and his gimp (proven liars in court of law no less).
    As I said earlier if Ashely is taking money out to repay his loan then fair enough, but why not tell us?


  22. Thing is though, we can slate Ashley as much as we like, when people say he should sell up theres no guarantee we would get a better owner.

    I’d be all for him selling us aslong as we got a owner who knew what he was doing and invested more money than Ashley but at the minute clubs are rarely getting bought.


  23. @Andrew

    We have all considered that point of view. One thing that Ashley has not done is put the club up for sale at the Market value which is far less than he has invested.

    Now I understand you may say he should be allowed to get his money back but I disagree.,

    He pushed the buying of the club through as quickly as possible because he knew Shepherd was on his death bed in hospital with pneumonia when sir John Hall struck the deal. He knew he didn’t have time to conduct Due Diligence because Shepherd was always going to fight the takeover. This is all documented by Shepherd.

    My problem with him is that he hasnt bought a play thing, a car or a house, it’s an institution that millions, yes several millions of Geordies worldwide follow with passion.

    He can’t afford to run us the way we deserve to be. This is a huge club with a huge fanbase and a huge stadium.

    He should realise this and accept he jumped in with 2 feet blindly but intentionally in order to outdo Shepherd.

    All I ask is offer the club at the Market value and if no buyer comes in then I won’t be able to criticise him.
    But he hasnt and to make matters worse he demanded £400m from the now owners of Man City who are now ploughing their fortune into them.

    All I ask is to offer the club to others who may take us forward at a price that is the Market value and not try and rip the eyes out potential buyers.

    These mega rich people won’t be taken for mugs!


  24. I agree Bobby 100%.

    I’d love to see us be bought by an arab who would invest hundred’s of millions into out team, we had the chance but Ashley wanted more money, but there would be the risk of being bought by an owner who is worse than Ashley.

    If the right offer came in Ashley would sell up no doubt about that, but I can’t see any Premier League clubs being bought for the next 5 years +, Ashley probably realised he was stuck with us when that pr1ck Keith Harris couldn’t sell us.


  25. Bobby, I’m actually agreeing with a lot of what you’re saying. However, andrewNUFC shows my same hesitance for just anybody though. On the one hand we could get Indian chicken ranchers like Blackburn or luck out like Liverpool did with John Henry and the Fenway sports group spending ridiculous money because dalglish suggests it.


  26. @Andrew

    Our Market value is far higher than Blackburns and anyone who wishes to purchase us would have to have a serious amount of cash.

    I’m not saying some chicken farmer couldn’t afford us but I believe if we were put on the Market for at the real market value then serious investors would be interested.


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