West Brom join Long hunt?

Long scoring against Newcastle.
The Daily Mirror is today reporting that West Brom are ready to smash their club transfer record to land Reading’s Shane Long.

The paper claims that Roy Hodgson has identified Long as his number one transfer target this summer. The Republic Of Ireland international bagged an impressive 25 goals for Reading last term, Reading now face an uphill struggle to keep hold of their prize asset after missing out on promotion to the Premier League.

Long has been linked with a number of top flight teams in recent weeks, including Newcastle United. It’s hardly surprising that the striker is drumming up so much interest following his incredible season at Reading. It’s certainly fair to say that Shane deserves a chance to be playing top flight football next season.

Long’s goal per game ratio is impressive and is at an age where he can continue to develop and improve. It’s easy to state that the player was scoring in the Championship and that the Premier League is a whole different level, but to be fair he scored six more goals last season than Carroll did in his Championship season. He also did it in a team that lacked as much quality as the team Andy played in too.

Other clubs said to be interested in securing Long’s signature are Everton and Wolves, although Liverpool have also been linked with the 24-year-old in the past. If The Mirror is to be believed then The Baggies are set to bid around Β£8 million for the player.

The fee seems a little steep to me and I would think that Reading would be tempted to sell Long for around Β£5 million if there was a tangible offer on the table. Whether Newcastle are genuinely interested in Shane is unknown, but we have been heavily linked with the lad in recent weeks and it’s well documented that we are keen on bringing in another striker.

If Alan Pardew is interested in Long, the club should act fast as the player is attracting a lot of interest elsewhere and certainly isn’t short of admirers. Newcastle have already missed out on reported targets, hopefully if Long is on Pardew’s list the club can throw their hat into the ring sooner rather than later.

Even if Long is plan C, let’s not put ourselves into a position where we must search for a plan D. I’ve said it before but I think Long would be a good signing and I would welcome him to Newcastle with open arms. Very good player with a lot of potential in my opinion.

This though is one of a few articles I have written about Long now, I don’t want this to be be compared to Ed’s Seb Larsson fetish….

πŸ˜‰ :mrgreen: πŸ˜† .

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44 thoughts on “West Brom join Long hunt?

  1. Good…im not sure I want him thb

    I see Neil Taylor’s agent has gone to the premier league to arbitrate over his contract clause…hopefully that will get sorted


  2. If west Brom are going for Long maybe we could submit a cheeky bid for odemwinge or whatevers he’s called…??


  3. Ed….I mean Mark!!!

    I would also like to see him come. I dont know if he is worth Β£8 million though, but he is a quick mobile striker and even if he was in addition to Plan B he is different to Ba, Strolla, Best anyway.

    I would seriously hope we sign at least 2 strikers, maybe 3 if Xisco goes. We are short in that area more than any other.


  4. why we fartin around to get a striker in???? the answer to that is bcos we are scared to spend money and are after someone thats gna be cheap , I FECKING HATE ASHLEY


  5. what happened to our Leon Best plus 5m rumour? Guess that was all b0llocks. Long has got to be worth a punt, but seemingly we’re not interested.


  6. I think he is worth at least Β£8m. I live in Hampshire and travel 648 miles round trip to see the Toon play. The nearest team to me is Reading and I took in a few of their games last season with my neighbour who is a massive Reading fan, bless him. Long is the real deal. He has pace, an eye for goal and also so importantly holds the ball up really well. He is perfect for us and should wear the number 9 shirt IMO


  7. πŸ™„ dont know if we wud give long number 9 like , he hasnt prooved hes a prem player yet neva mind toon number 9 haha , hes a good player from what ive seen tho


  8. We think Long would be a decent signing for the Newcastle United Club, but not at Β£8m. Ed Harrison πŸ˜‰


  9. We won’t go after him as there is fee involved, Fatty is keeping the cash πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ


  10. How many plans have we got? strikers are in short supply and if you don`t want to spend much it is even more difficult. It looks like we will be left with the scraps to choose from by the time we get our arses into gear. We lost Carroll to me a replacement for him was the priority, the first one that should have come through the door


  11. A bit p-o’d to see Roger Johnson having a medical at Wolves. Would’ve been a nice addition to our defence, but then again his price is a bit inflated.
    Same goes for this Β£8m price tag on Long. It puts british player inflation into context when Shane Long is valued at the same price as Rafael Van der Vaart.


  12. perhaps we should suggest to fatty that we bet him he would not sign a striker.It appears gambling is his game not football. πŸ‘Ώ


  13. Ed’s real fettish is Daniel Sturridge. I’ve stopped reading any of his articles concerning our search for a striker, as it is always the same …


  14. 2011 will see an extension of the previous 6 transfer windows strategies. Namely, profit.

    This summer will require extraordinary powers of bluff and bluster to ensure we can manage to September with the Andy Carroll money still completely intact.

    PHASE 1

    (a) The first approach will be a batch of early summer signings to give the illusion we are actively in the market. This will ensure we coax those few thousand season ticket holders who were doubters to give us a load of their hard earned.

    (b) Two of the early signings will be free’s, whilst the one signing of any substance will immediately be offset by selling a high wage earner for a similar fee. Result.

    (c) Distraction and spin is a must if we are to achieve this mission. Firstly we need to have a bigger U turn than an oil tanker, and spread the word that Agents fees and signing on fees are MASSIVE, even though we swore blind we wouldn’t pay over the odds some months back.

    PHASE 2

    (d) In early July we will have made all our purchases, but we will be selling players on a fortnightly basis. I believe Del has the excuse list database to hand for this task. Start off with the classics and work down the list;

    ‘We felt it was the right opportunity for the boy to move on’

    He didn’t want to sign a new contract’

    We couldn’t agree terms that were amicable for the club’

    We couldn’t guarantee first team football’

    Alan thinks we are moving in a different direction from what he can offer’

    We already have enough cover in this position’

    ‘We will have a replacement to come in’

    (e) Searches for strikers and midfielders must fall under one or more of the following categories;

    (i) The player must NOT want to come here.

    (ii) The players fee must be unaffordable

    (iii) The player must be flakey and have an unreliable injury record.

    (iv) The players agent must difficult to deal with and enjoy extremely protracted contract discussions that end in no deal.

    It is of major importance that only players who WILL NOT be signed are targeted.

    (f) Mid July through to mid August will be tougher, as we’ll need to blag the entire period off.

    Start with Operation ‘Stepping up approach for a striker’.

    Followed by Operation ‘Pretend to keep the Bull’ then

    Operation ‘Perch is a great all-rounder’

    *Sell Routledge at this point*

    Operation ‘We wish him all the Bestie’

    Keep in constant drip-feed contact with the jelly for a spine local media. We know they are so desperate for a story they’ll be prepared to feed off our scraps rather than question anything we say or do. This should see us through to the start of the season when the distraction of a full stadium and early season expectations should be enough to keep the problem people quiet.

    PHASE 3 – The season starts

    A run of stories in the week prior;

    ‘We are collectively together’

    We can’t wait to get started’

    The lahhds are raring to go’

    We’re aiming high’

    *Arsenal game’

    ‘We was anlucky’

    They is a top top team’

    *Need a picture of Pards holding his hands up*

    Keep the momentum going into the last two weeks with conenctions to;

    N’Zogbia for Β£7million (Fee and agents fees to high)

    oodgate (Even if he’s already gone somewhere)

    hris Kiwomya for Β£1.5million (Failed medical)

    messi for Β£168million (Doesn’t want to come)

    Ronaldinho for Β£7.2mill (Deal collapses last minute)

    hat should be enough to see us through to Sept 1st.

    Bish bosh bash job’s a good ‘un. Β£35mill from January + Β£10mill from Summer… Lahvly.

    Roll on January.


    Read more: http://www.newcastle.vitalfootball.co.uk/forum/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=12388&posts=5#ixzz1Rsk2LfB7


  15. Have seen long play quite a few times and he has improved immensely … I am surprised we haven’t just gone in for him as he is more than capable and would be a welcome addition.


  16. LST,
    We are not in for him as there is a fee involved πŸ˜‰

    Ashley will be waiting to ship a few more out before he will sanction any more moves.


  17. Shane Long? Excited? Not at all. I wouldn’t want Ba as a regular starter, never mind Long. 5 premiership goals in 50 games. We have sold our top 2 goalscorers from last season and I’d fear for us if we don’t buy a quality striker. But still a lot of time left for signings. I would like us to buy someone who should be considered for the number 9 shirt, but no one fits the bill yet.


  18. Just going back to ranger on the last thread. I would also loan him out BUT if he does go on loan and is crap no one will want him and we’d be stuck with him for another 4 years with his volitile character.


  19. Ash splash the cash before there’s no targets left! If Long goes & Sturridge goes who’s left? We need a big name capable of wearing the nbr 9 shirt, someone who can lead the team out, bang in the goals and this list of potential players is slowly but truly disappearing! 😈


  20. JNTF,
    Aye mate we will be left with the following options:
    Carlton Cole aka Can’t Control
    Jay Bothroyd
    Shefki Kuqi
    πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ


  21. To be quite honest I don`t envy Pardew his task of bringing a striker in because apart from Sturridge I would`nt say their is a lot out there. I think that is why it is so important to move quickly and sign somebody like Sturridge because come the end of the window you will be lucky to get someone of the quality! of Carlton Cole god forbid.


  22. I’ve maintained for a while now, Pards will stick with HBA, Ba, Best and Shola.

    If we buy anyone, Best or Shola will be offloaded first.

    Predictable as Pardews speeches.


  23. FS,
    There is no way that Ashley will sanction a move for Sturridge, sadly he is way out of our limit re transfer fee and wages.
    The same goes for Zoggy.
    Both would be good signings, but could you honestly see Ashley going after either of them πŸ˜‰


  24. BSN9,
    HBA is not a proven striker his record is 17 in 131 😯

    I have reservations about him following his horrific injury and believe that we should not expect too much from him this season. πŸ˜‰


  25. @TGS

    Totally agree.

    I’ve no doubt they may meet the transfer fee but negotiations would break down as soon as Ashley mentions Β£30k per week plus bonuses for performance.

    I think it’s a great idea and wish all clubs would adopt the pay by results policy but until they do then it isn’t going to attract any decent player who isn’t a crock or has a choice of clubs.


  26. @batty

    The uniforms have just arrived.

    What size waist and leg length fella? Also do you want Mr Batty or just Batty embroidered on the chest pocket? πŸ˜›


  27. @TGS

    I was driving past yours in my reality train this morning and saw Batty up the tree in your front garden with a pair of bino’s! πŸ˜›


  28. @batty

    I’ve got a peaked cap for you fella with embroidery on the peak. πŸ˜›

    I’ve struck a deal with sunlight to have them dry cleaned weekly. πŸ˜†

    This is a professional outfit this fella, unlike the Fantasy bus which is made of toffee and will melt in the heat of the transfer window. πŸ˜†


  29. dunno if anyone’s seen this, from Sky Sports:

    “Another player making waves along the Pont Neuf this transfer window is Paris Saint-Germain’s Mevlut Erding. Speculation remains that Newcastle United want to sign the Turkish hit-man despite his insistence that he is happy to remain in Paris. Reports in the French press suggest that manager Alan Pardew will return with an improved offer later this week.”


  30. Yeah, I saw that. It also talks about how Leonardo going to PSG still hasn’t been finalised – maybe that’s holding up the Erdinc deal.


  31. boo hoo we have not signed anyone for a few weeks… I find it really amusing what some people on this blog choose to believe and what they choose not to. We put in a bid for Erdinc and it is just a smoke screen because we won’t sign anyone – Fat Ash won’t spend any money. Then a second rate newspaper writes that we are selling all our lesser players including Best and co and we are a selling club and they are definately going. You can’t have it both ways. πŸ˜•

    They way I see it, we have struck quickly on the players that were free transfers and out of contract. Now we have to haggle and negotiate with clubs that still have players that are under contract. No club is going to give a player away willingly and without the best possible deal being done. The constant negativity around our lack of transfer activity is getting really tired. We still have plenty of time to bring in the players we need. Complaining about things that haven’t happened yet, is sad…


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