Pardew talks about the money.

Alan Pardew insists that he isn’t stringing fans along when he talks about the money from the Andy Carroll transfer being reinvested into the club.

He still sticks by that claim and says that he has been honest all along with regards to the money and maintains that it is staying within the club.

The problem is that it’s hard to see it. We’ve been told just how expensive our free signings have been this summer and that more money than us fans would have thought has been spent so far on acquiring players this window. We’ve even been told that some of the cash has gone towards paying for training ground upgrades. Great, wonderful, or in honour of our Frenchies, magnifique. At least we should be able to train this winter!

Let’s listen to what Alan Pardew had to say:

“Going into the season, as we stand now, I think we’re a little bit stronger than we were in the second half of last year,” said Pardew

“The additions we have added will add some intelligence to our play. Particularly Yohan Cabaye, who’s a really intelligent player. I think you’ll see a slightly different Newcastle to last year.”

“I’ve been honest in terms of the money – it’s going to be put back into the club. We need to make sure that, over the next three or four years, we grow. Our finances have been structured in a way that the team grows each year.”

You see the problem with claiming honesty is that it becomes hard to believe when the story keeps on changing. So now we’ve gone from having expensive free signings and a fancy training ground, to the money actually leaving a lasting legacy that ensures that we improve year on year. See what I mean?

I don’t care about the Carroll money, and never have to be fair. They can use it for whatever they want whether that be debt or whatever as long as the team improves. I think just about they have done that in all honesty, so far. What I don’t like is being strung along the garden path.

It’s a strange concept, but if the money has been used to make sure we grow over the next few years then why not just come out and say that in the first place? People wouldn’t have liked it, but at least they could have dealt with it and moved on. Hearing differing reasons as to why we’ve only spent £500,000 of a £35 million windfall and telling us about it going on wages and such whilst forgetting the wages saved by outgoing players is naturally going to get peoples backs up.

Honesty really does pay!


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  1. 1
    geoff777 says:

    “I think we’re a little bit stronger”

    He’s not sure then … errrm

    Just a little bit?

    With 35M and this years investment we should be ready to challenge for a top 6 finish.

    Liars. Cheapskates.

    Conning the fans … more than a little bit.

  2. 2
    Porciestreet says:

    HA HAHH !!!!!!!. does this mean it s an automatic admission that he’s been telling porkies about everything else . At last , a little honesty. well maybe not ! Morning peeps. HWTL.

  3. 3
    Sal says:

    Folk need to just ignore the money side of things, ignore the tripe that is being spoonfed to us about it and accept that Ashley wants his money back, the Carroll money is a chunk of that.

    We have a better and more balanced squad already (assuming Cabaye in particular is as good as the French press seem to think he is). Just look forward to the actual football, ignore the politics.

  4. 4
    Porciestreet says:

    Got an idea, How about if we all have a massive whip-round at all the home games and help to pay this 845tard off as soon as possible or am I just being a tad cynical.
    Much like Sal and a few others I dare say, It ‘s time we all realised that he’s going to get his pound of flesh one way or another so it’s time we concentrated on the football and forget the boardroom and the Tw@s in it.

  5. 5
    TOONPIPES says:

    re: ‘little bit stronger than last season’, seems like a reasonable comment from Pardew .. better to understate that blow your own trumpet .. i mean if he came out and said we were world beaters and then we weren’t Bobby Shinton would have his bullshit bus fired up sharpish Hitman would whip his bedsheet off and they’d all be liars again!! ………… seems to me that Alan is saying the same as most of the bloggers – we do look a bit better and feel cautiously optimistic ..

  6. 6
    NUTS says:

    I think Pardew is in a really awkward position, as the only member of the NUFC hierarchy who has to come out and say things to the press on a regular basis whilst the rest of them hide behind a wall of silence. And what makes it worse for him is that I don’t think he is even in the loop when it comes to making decisions on how the money is spent.

    With regard to the amount of money spent on ‘free’ transfers, I’m prepared to give him/them the benefit of the doubt on that, as the only reason players let their contracts run down to become free agents is that it allows them to pick up hefty signing on fees, rather than the money going to their previous club. It puts them in the position of being able to sell their services to the highest bidder and so I can quite easily see that we would have to fork out biggish money to secure the likes of Ba and Marveux and possibly even Cabaye as well.

    What I certainly don’t accept is that players’ wages should be coming out of that money. This should come out of the club’s income from all the other sources such as TV, gate money, sponsorship etc.

    Also, I find it hard to take that we have the only billionaire owner in football who doesn’t want to dip into his own pocket to improve the team. That is obviously his perogative but it makes you wonder why he ever decided to buy the club if he isn’t enthused enough about it to want it to reach its full potential. If he is worth £1.3 billion, he has approximately 1 miilion times more in the bank than I currently have. If he’s only prepared to invest £20m of this in the club each year, that equates to £20 for me. Enough to go to the club shop buy a mug, a key ring and a dvd of the ‘Howay 5-0’ game – from virtually the only period in my 50 years of supporting NUFC when I’ve thought we had reached our proper level.

    I just wish that Ashley would appreciate the potential of the institution he has acquired, stop treating it like a fragile basket case and have the confidence to open both his wallet and his mouth a bit more, rather than leave the unfortunate Pardew in the firing line, alone and unarmed, to make things up as he goes along.

  7. 7
    TOONPIPES says:

    Porciestreet – totally agree .. so many complaints and whingers negativity bring the club down .. MA same as all the previous incumbents – they business men and they made enough cash to own a football club which means they good at making money and don’t like losing money .. people should support NUFC

  8. 8
    BrisVegas says:

    I agree with Toonsy @ 0.

    I think they’ve been caught up in their own trickiness – appease the fans and say we will reinvest, then, oh oh, play down the fact we got money so other clubs don’t ask the earth.

    Would really like some honesty, too, but I’m not sure I’d recognise it coming from these guys?

    Bring on the football. That’s much more interesting.

  9. 9
    witters says:

    He’s a puppet! :roll:

  10. 10
    AndrewT says:

    I’m fine if they’re really going to invest this money over the next few years, OR pay off re debt. Just tell us!

  11. 11
    Maverick180 says:

    As I mentioned in January when Carrol went tyhe money would NOT go on transfers as such, it takes into account wages to be paid, agents fee’s to be paid as well as any transfer fee’s…..and I hate to say it but the likes of Nolans fee will be going into MA pocket or maybe if we’re lucky towards paying off the loan we owe him! We as fans need to get used to MA profiteering from EVERY transfer market , once he’s gone then who knows matbe we’ll have somebody in that will do right by the club and it’s fans.

  12. 12
    Robert says:

    No one knows the truth, but what is obvious is that the club have once again alienated a large section of the support by their cack handed way of doing things, instead of trying to get the fans on board they bunker down and then eventually send Pardew out to appease.
    Its not the amount spent thats important its saying one or two more and we are done.
    We need back up in both full back positions, we are stronger in midfield, but bringing 1 forward in with 1 more on the way isnt enough.
    The problem for me is that the board just dont “Get” the fans, they operate in a different world and treat the fans with indifference and as an irritation that needs to be dealt with occasionally by misleading them if need be as the goal is the balance sheet and everything else can take a back seat.
    No, they havent been honest, and are we stronger, partly true, like everything else thats been spouted.

  13. 13
    Raffo says:

    Just heard on Talksport that Chelsea are going to bid £10million for Tiote. Add Sturridge and we are getting close. He has a 6 and a half year deal left!

    Whens BSN9’s train stopping next for people to get on?!!?

  14. 14
    Toon heroes says:

    1st ‘The money’s going to be invested in- the team!’
    2nd ‘The money’s going to be invested in- transfer fees, AND wages’
    3rd ‘The money’s going to be invested in- transfer fees, wages, signing on fees and agents fees.’
    4th ‘The money’s going to be invested in- transfer fees, wages, signing on fees, agents fees, undersoil heating, and new tea pots.

  15. 15
    Kev says:

    Ambition, it’s really what it all boils down to, we can set out a plan to gradually improve year after year, but if the players don’t feel or witness that this plan will bring them medals or challenge for Europe then we inevitably over time will lose our better players and never make that step change that fans and players alike deserve, it becomes a catch 22 situation, and hence where we find ourselves with Jose.
    As for how we spend and how we manage whatever money is available, then I believe the club is in the right, you don’t advertise how much you have available or you can’t negotiate from a position of strength, just look at Liverpool and the Makems paying over the odds for average players, however when the dust settles after the transfer window closes, the ambition the club has is laid bare for all to see. This is a pivotal season for Newcastle as it will demonstrate exactly our future strategy, mediocrity or true ambition.

  16. 16
    Magpie6699 says:

    Maverick – what is the definition of “doing right by the fans” – and when did that ever happen? In the very early part of the Halls regime, perhaps – but they still did Ok financially themselves out of it. I’m old enough to remember when it was the McKeags and other “aristocracy” shareholders who had a nice cushy number and certainly despised the fans.
    Or does doing right by the fans mean becoming a billionaire’s plaything so you can petulantly throw your toys out each season you’re not the top club? I’m not defending Ashley – I wish we would get another couple of top players in, I wish Enrique would sign, I wish Mylene Klass would lust after me -oops, got carried away there! But my point is that I don’t know yet where we’ll end up in terms of transfers or league position next year, nor do I know who would be better than we’ve got now in terms of ownership? We could end up “out of the frying pan and into the fire”.

  17. 17
    witters says:

    What’s your point Toon Heroes? :lol:

    If the players want a nice brew before training or games & it helps them perform then surely it’s a shrewd investment

  18. 18
    bowburnmag says:

    TOONPIPES I think you’re missing the thrust of toonsy’s article in your first post.

    For me, NUTS and Robert have just about nailed the situation. There is a lot of contradictory bullchime resonating out of Barrack Road. Either Pardew is party to it, or is utterly naive. They always move the goalposts, Keegan went on record to say Pardew wouldn’t see the money. Is Pardew is untrustworthy or naive, and is either very reassuring?

  19. 19
    Robert says:

    Magpie6699, i agree that they have to do the right thing in running the club properly but they cant afford to ignore the fans or piss them off every 6 months or so like they have done, the crowds are already down and for a support as passionate as ours, that is a real danger sign that they appear to be disregarding.
    I think this a make or break window for the board and fans will vote with their feet and hard earned.

  20. 20
    Freddie Shepherd says:

    My concern is the players. The last couple of seasons have been relatively successful because of the togetherness and strong bond between the players. The likes of Nolan, Harper, Barton and Smith have had a significant influence in the dressing room. We have seen how when facing adversity these guys have rolled their sleeves up and fought for the cause. However, what we have seen is mixed messages coming from the manager and his employers. Nolan sold, Barton no contract, and Harper`s future up in the air. The new french players have been sold a plan/project which I think we are seeing is unlikely to bear fruit. What happens if we don`t hit the ground running will these french players have the same appetite for the battle as those we have got rid of or planning to get rid of?.

  21. 21
    Toby le Rhone says:

    Woke up this morning to the horrible news that carlton cole has turned down a move to stoke. Please some club sign him.

  22. 22
    witters says:

    Toby…really? That’s not good news at all…hopefully the mackems will step in?

  23. 23
    B1GSTEVE says:

    There are still a couple of things that really bug me about all of this. Apart from being talked to like an idiot from the NUFC Hierarchy.
    In the article about accounts Toonsy did ages ago, it seemed advertising & sponsorship were one of the major areas of lost income. The club has never had such saturation coverage of advertising , mostly by Sports Direct. How much are they paying the club for this, or is this the reason they made such a big profit last year. The ther point is Ashleys 20 mill ayear into the club from his own pocket for transfers, I didnt take this to be a loan.
    These are in addition to most of the points made here

  24. 24
    Blaydonson says:

    We are always good at selling key players on deadline day. Good for business if it is too late to spend on replacements.
    I am thinking of having A.N.OTHER on my shirt this season.
    Can you put together a squad of 25 after taking out Nolan, Campbell, Kuqi, Xisco, Routledge, Lualua, Best, Ranger, and a goalkeeper?
    I used to try and ignore press speculation. Now I don’t believe any words from club officials that are in quotes.
    Where money is concerned free transfers are of course not entirely free but they don’t cost £35m either unless you are trying to take 5 years wages out of it as well. As we all know wages come out of trading income and as you can see above we have saved plenty from exits. If we sell Enrique we save his wages for someone else. The fee is not banked for 5 years income for his replacement. If this is wrong perhaps better communication (ie from someone other than Llambias and Pardew) would help fans and dampen down expectation. We all know what Pardew said about the £35m following Carroll’s sale.

  25. 25
    B1GSTEVE says:

    why dont you get ‘undersoil heating’
    on your shirt, or ‘Cabaye’s agent’

  26. 26
    Freddie Shepherd says:

    Pardew says Enrique wants to play for a Champions League club and he has left Newcastle in his mind, Why then would you take him to America get rid of him and get somebody in who wants to wear the shirt. Pardew`s management skills or lack of them never ceases to amaze me. Forget about Enrique he does`nt want us and all you are doing is wasting time in not signing a replacement. God your the manager run the show on your terms!

  27. 27
    deepak is an indian toon says:

    Am freaking fed up…for God’s sake,Pardew is afraid of loosing Tiote. now…

  28. 28
    seanp says:

    “I think we’re a little bit stronger than we were in the second half of last year,” – in other words we are weaker than we were in the first half of the season before getting a fortune for our main striker.

    On deadline day we made a last minute bid of £12 million for N’zog as they knew it was too late to push the deal through – now they’ll miss out on him again as they won’t bid 2 or 3 million less than that January bid. So what if he only has one year left and should cost less – half a year ago they felt he was worth the money. Match Villa’s offer!

  29. 29
    Champagneblade says:

    As an outsider looking in, I’m not sure what the obsession is about the Carrol money. Surely it is simply how your team looks in August which counts.

    Whether spending money on improving the training facilities and therefore making the players welfare better or using the cash to pro-rata the wages of new signings over the next few years.

    You have brought down the age of the team so that you may need less new signings in the future. You have brought in at least 3 new midfielders and have Ben Arfa back. Gosling returns and Barton and Tiote will hopefully still be there as well as the Argentinian lad. That’s a nice midfield for your aspirations. You just seem to be a striker short but there is still time.

    You might lose your left back but again there is plenty of time to replace him so needing just a couple of players is no big deal at this point in time.

    All the best.

  30. 30
    Alfie says:

    Pardew has neither then skills or intelligence to talk about the club’s finances. He obviously delivers his statements after briefings with Ashley and Lambias and being a good yes man takes the hits when policies over spending are challenged. I notice there is not the same cosy references to Ashley, such as “Mike assures me that the money received from Carroll will be spent on new players”. Clearly, he has now been told not to mention the almighty when making statements so being toothless, he accepts all the flak for his remarks and does not realise that the supporters are becoming very tired with his weak defence of the l;ack of spending of the Carroll windfall.
    It is high time Ashley stood up and talks to the people who bring the money into his football club, the supporters, and not treat them with contempt!!

  31. 31
    hitman says:

    loosing our top 2 goal scorers makes you weaker,as for the new lads only time will tell if they can cut it in the prem,i hope they do for all our sakes..
    but we need a striker and a left back and these will cost money..

  32. 32
    Indian Magpie says:

    AV have put in a bid for Charles ZOG. BBC

  33. 33
    Johno Toon says:

    This money business really is getting to be a pain in the hole aint it? Are we going to spend it? Are we not going to spend it? Is Ashley gonna try steal it/ repay his loans with it? I have no idea what the clubs plans with the money is , I have a feeling the club still aint sure what they are going to do with it. BUt it is the clubs decision on what they do with it. They run the club they way they see fit and I must admit since relegation they havent done much that has upset me. Only thing I can think of was the treatment of Chris Hughton. I feel we have improved this summer. Im looking forward to next season. And I think we are going to surprise people next season. Fans included.

  34. 34
    Craig chisholm says:

    Toonsy….. It looks like all us realists will be proved right even more spectacularly than we thought even. Jokers. Also what is the betting Jose goes in the death of this window and that tiote goes in January.
    Looking at Pardews comments I would say that this 35 million is going to last for five years which means that basically we are not going to invest at all and all of the tv money will be skimmed away every year, year after year. Toonsy…. Are you ready to come over to the realists side yet?

  35. 35
    batty says:

    Going into the season, as we stand now, I think we’re a little bit stronger than we were in the second half of last year,” said Pardew<<<< like i sed yesterday were not as strong as we were at the start of last season

  36. 36
    Johno Toon says:

    Craig what makes you think your a realist?

    Batty only time will tell if we are stronger or not

  37. 37
    batty says:

    johno by the time the start of the season comes and enrique has gone we will be alot weaker

  38. 38
    Johno Toon says:

    Yeah it looks like that batty , but at the same time we have time to sign other players. So we may or may not be stronger , time will tell

  39. 39
    Indian Magpie says:

    Ashley is an idiot,

    he is using NUFC as a platform for his business. or why else would he put shirts for 40 Pounds at Sports direct and 50 elsewhere.

    From my understanding we have made profits in almost all transfer windows and we are still in debt to ashley. how much debt could we have been under.

    Surely Freddy shepherd should know some one can find out.

  40. 40
    batty says:

    johno carrol or ba :?: plus nolans goals :???: are we gonna get a left back as good as enrique , :?: NO will we get a decent stiker in :???: carlton cole sort of player i reckon :cry:

  41. 41
    Indian Magpie says:

    I can understand that some fans on blogs are trying to a put a positive spin on things. as we know last time that happened relegation followed.

    the truth is if we do not have money to spend now we are never going to spend it. Sports direct made a profit of over 200 million so why is ashley taking money out of the club.

  42. 42
    batty says:

    indian ide say at least 50 mill of the debt is down too ashley ,because his stupidity got us relegated

  43. 43
    Johno Toon says:

    Indian magpie when Ashly bought the club he failed to do due dilligence , once he did he found debts of over £100 million. He paid that off giving the club an interest free loan , throw in the losses of relegation and the cost of running the club in the championship and you are talking well over £120 million. N i dont think there is many people we have made a billion that you could call an idiot. But there is always an expection to the rule :)

  44. 44
    batty says:

    johno sorry as i reckon he knew about most of the debt when he brought us ,even most fans knew about the 60 morgage for the rebuildng of the new stands ,it would of took any half decent soliciter a minute too find that :evil:

  45. 45
    Indian Magpie says:

    So @ BATTY & Johno

    You still think we are in Debt, i doubt it or atleast it will not be as much as you are talking about.

  46. 46
    Johno Toon says:

    Yeah losing carrol nolan and jose ( n soon to be barton ) is going to be a a blow. But esp with Carrol in the team there was that fear we were becoming one deminsional and just hoofing it up to the big man. Which was a shame as i think there was more to his game than been a target man ( still hoping he bombs at liverpool :) ) but I feel we have improved and think we added things we were missing last season like some decent pace

  47. 47
    Craig chisholm says:

    Na batty, you have to add near on 16 million quid paid out to sacked managers too :smile:

  48. 48
    batty says:

    indian me my self reckon fatty owes him self some cash ,but not the amount what people are putting about ,hes a fat lairing deceiptful b@stard :evil:

  49. 49
    batty says:

    craig aye forgot about that ;-)

  50. 50
    Premandup says:

    Too true Johno. and players run down ttheir contract so that they get a bigger slice of their value. If Ba is worth say 8m then you can be sure he got 4m in signon fees enhanced wages etc. I recon we have probably spent about half the 30m we got in cash for AC.

  51. 51
    Moreno says:

    Fact is Pardew doesn’t HAVE to say anything about money.

    Saw ab interview with Harry Redknapp where he said ‘look, i know nowt about it, couldnt even tell you what they all earn’

    Utter shite, course he does, yet he evades any difficult financial questions.

    Pardew is the chuffing manager not the treasurer and should stick to football matters in interviews instead of thinking he is clever enough to put positive spin on The Fascist Dictator.

  52. 52
    Indian Magpie says:


    Then Why buy Freebies, why not buy players who provide decent values. what is there for the club to benefit.

    In addition a true worldclass player will never go on a free i think (or Rarely), it is only average 2 good player who does that.

  53. 53
    Johno Toon says:

    batty says:
    July 15, 2011 at 09:58
    johno sorry as i reckon he knew about most of the debt when he brought us ,even most fans knew about the 60 morgage for the rebuildng of the new stands ,it would of took any half decent soliciter a minute too find that

    Which Chris Mort did :) But yeah never thought of it like that before.

    That is it premandup , players get a massive wedge for signing for a club for free. When Campell went from spurs to arsenal he was on mega money each week and broke their wage struckture because no transfer fee , but when he went to re neogiote he was offered well below waht he was earning.

  54. 54
    Indian Magpie says:

    Since every one is talking about Lies and Liers, i remembered KEITH HARRIS.

    I bet he was paid by Ashley to keep his deceiting mouth going too. Nigerians Malaysians and what not

  55. 55
    marktoon says:

    Nice to see black white and read all over have stolen the title view from the away end- utter shitbags

  56. 56
    Johno Toon says:

    Isnt there meant to be a big bit of news today? Something from a 3rd party or something?

  57. 57
    Raffo says:

    Yeah Steve Wraith spouting on about how we are selling everyone and going to play the tealady in the #9. Wait, she got sacked too didnt she?

  58. 58
    Tommy Gibb says:

    I suspect the big news is the profit sports direct made.

  59. 59
    Ahmed4nufc says:

    It’s nice to be back on the blog after a few weeks of inactivity from my side. Looking forward to the match tonight. Johno, the only news I think that could be announced is a testimonial for Shola Ameobi apparently lol. I certainly don’t expect any transfer in comings in the next week though.

  60. 60
    roy cropper says:

    July 15, 2011 at 10:06

    If Ba is worth say 8m then you can be sure he got 4m in signon fees …

    if there were a few clubs vying for his signature then i would tend to agree with the 4 mil fee – but i dont recall any clubs queuing up to sign him.

    therefore i’d be suprised if chunky gave him any more than 1/2 a mil.

  61. 61
    roy cropper says:

    & i think there’s still 30+ mil in the kitty along with this coming season’s dosh.

  62. 62
    Pit Pony says:

    Regarding this so called announcement. There’s been a few suggestions that it could have something to do with the SBR Foundation or maybe renaming one of the stands after SBR.

    What do you reckon the reaction would be if they “renamed” the stadium SBR Foundation @ St. James’ Park?

  63. 63
    Raffo says:

    Rumours are the East stand to be re-named SBR stand. Fantastic. Who thinks Tiote will be sold at the same time?!

  64. 64
    Pit Pony says:

    Suggestions were on twatter so take them with a massive pinch of salt

  65. 65
    Blaydonson says:

    Pardew says we can’t compete with Liverpool and other top clubs. Only two clubs have better attendances than us.

  66. 66
    Pootle says:

    I find it ironic that some of the ‘real fans’ who constantly criticise us ‘ whingers’ advocate a policy of everybody just shutting up, bending over and taking it up the backside. I can really see how that makes them better fans than us.

    I mean, rather than standing up for your principals, rather than sticking your head above the parapet and saying ‘ No! I believe this is wrong, i believe the fans should be treated with more respect’, are you lot seriously trying to tell us that just sycophantically swallowing any crap that comes from the clubs heirarchy and sitting, nodding like a bunch of grinning bobbleheads in any way shape or form makes you better fans than us.

    Complaining, asking difficult questions and even protests may not achieve any change. But one thing is for sure – sitting there swallowing bull$hit, just believing everything you are told no matter how fishy it sounds, well that won’t change anything ever. In fact it gives them tacit permissible to carry on treating us like fools permanently.

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