Exclusive: An interview with Stephen Folan

Stephen spoke to NUFCblog
On Sunday I brought you an article to you interviewing one of our young talents from the club, and it was received pretty well. In that article I mentioned how I hoped it’d be the first of many and it may well be, with another Newcastle player happily participating in an interview for the blog today.

Stephen Folan is the second instalment of youth interviews, following on from Adam Campbell’s interview with NUFCblog last week, which hopefully you all found interesting. I also got in touch with Stephen via twitter and he pointed me in the direction of the club, once I got no reply from the club I went back and asked Stephen if he could pull some strings from his end, and thankfully managed to sort it out.

Just before the interview I’d like to thank Stephen for the effort he’s put in to help sort this out for us and thank him for the time he’s taken out of his busy recuperation schedule to answer a couple of questions.

What team do you support?

I supported Arsenal as a kid but when I moved over to Newcastle and went to my first game I changed. It’s safe to say I support Newcastle now.

Who is your best mate at NUFC?

Probably Brad Inman or Nile Ranger, everyone is quite close to be fair, there is a great togetherness amongst the first team and reserve team squad.

Who is the funniest player at NUFC?

Well it depends on what kind of funny you’re on about , stupid funny hands down goes to Nile Ranger, but one liners and general banter definitely Conor Newton.

Who is always last of the training pitch?

Jeff Henderson or Michael Richardson

Who’s your favourite player in the first team to watch?

Coloccini, because he does everything right all the time and gives 100%. He’s an all-round footballer, he can do everything.

What is the most memorable game you’ve played in?

It has to be Wigan at home last year, it felt like I was finally over my injuries and was starting to get some form back in my game.

What is the most memorable game you’ve watched?

It has to be either the 5-1 at home against 5under1and, or Arsenal at home. [Take into account the fact that Folan wrote the “5under1and”, not me]

What player do you model yourself on?

I love watching John Terry, he’s a great leader, he commands the ball at all times, and is a great defender. He reads the game extremely well.

What is the favourite goal you’ve scored?

It was against Sheffield Wednesday at home when it was the academy days. The goal was a bullet header in the top corner. When I scored I went mad as it was my first goal. All the lads found it funny and didn’t celebrate with me.

Who is your favourite ever NUFC player?

Alan Shearer hands down for me. Every time he wore a black and white shirt he wasn’t playing for himself he was playing for the fans and the team.

What are your aims for next season?

To stay fit, get as many games under my belt as possible and maybe get out on loan and do well.

How is your injury getting on? And when are you expecting to be back fully fit?

Yeah I’m getting on great. I had an operation on my cartilage in the back of my knee, as I tore it at the back end of last season. The surgeon has done a great job and I’m probably about 2 weeks ahead of schedule. I’m looking to be back training towards the end of the month, hopefully.

What does being in the academy or reserves entail? (What you do on a day to day basis?)

Obviously every day is different, but it usually entails of coming in for football for 9:00. Start in the gym around 9:00 doing pre-habilitation, core or weights, then we’d usually go out to train around 10:30, till about 12:30, have dinner at around 1:00-ish, then start again outside doing technical work at 2:00.

Stephen is a left sided player who can play in both defence and midfield and joined the club in the summer of 2008. Stephen has played both at youth and reserve team level but since his breakthrough into the reserves he has been plagued with injuries which have limited his appearances. Stephen has also been capped at Under 19 level for Ireland.

Stephen is a converted Newcastle fan, not surprising really. I can imagine it was the Geordie crowd which swayed him, but I may be being biased. Something which I picked up on from his answers was when he mentioned the reserve and first team squad both having great togetherness, that’s very good to hear coming from somebody within the camp.

I also chuckled when I read that Stephen had chosen the 5-1 win against 5under1and as one of his most memorable games, the 5 and 1 in the title of Sunderland was written by Folan and not myself, he sounds like a good lad to me.

Stephen models himself on John Terry and is a big fan of Fabricio Coloccini. They’re not bad players to try and emulate. I’m not a fan of Terry but you can’t deny he’s a good player on the pitch, and Coloccini, well, everyone knows that he’s a quality player. Hopefully Stephen can turn out similar to one of these, no pressure though.

Many thanks to Stephen for participating in this article and I wish him the best of luck with his recovery from injury.

Anybody on Twitter can follow Stephen @StephenFolan

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26 thoughts on “Exclusive: An interview with Stephen Folan

  1. great interview jobey! Keep it up. Really good to hear about the togetherness of the reserves as well.

    I guess you wouldn’t be able to REALLY ask what Beardo is like as a coach. I mean, if he’s not that great, the lad isn’t going to say that in a published internet article is he?

    Oh well.


  2. Good interview he seems very down to earth. Havnt heard much about him so dont know how good he is.

    @MDS cheers for that link always good to see these interviews on how the team is doing.


  3. How do you access the mobile site ❓
    When I use my Blackberry I am taken to the Desk Top Site 👿


  4. Booby raffo stuart sidekick.
    I think i remember reading somewhere that any player that is sold without putting in a transfer request is due some money that’s why players are loath to put a request in. I think alot of players however agree to waive this to sign? Did a similar thing not happen when we signed barton? We agreed a fee but that held up the deal so we increased the bid by said amount so that the deal was pushed through and everyone was happy. I think this is maybe how an agent makes their money. Don’t really have a clue but this was my understanding. Would be interested to know though.


  5. TGS- thats because blackberrys are sh’it 😉 😆

    Good read Jobey, sounds like another good lad, part from he’s mates with Ranger 😉 😆


  6. Thanks for the article. Good to see more about the young-uns. Also thnks for the link. Won’t open on my phone, will look at it tonight. Assuming it hasn’t been transcribed into half a dozen articles on Eds. 😆


  7. @Rorycn

    But the player has a choice . He can refuse to leave and sit on his contract or if he decides to leave then surely he is entitled to nothing from the selling club.


  8. Yet you deny this fact with the Carroll sale, Bobby. U always go on about how he was forced out. Bullcrap! The player always has the final say


  9. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz over a month now since a signing zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz pardue will be on the bandits at america


  10. Yeah toonsy that’s what i thought as well, like i say i’m not sure. I think football contracts should be subject to their own laws anyway, i don’t think they are in anyway like normal contracts. Anyway are we all meeting in drysalters or whatever it was called beofre the leeda match?


  11. Bobby… Are you alreet mate?

    So now players dont have to leave clubs and can sit on their contracts?

    So why is the Carroll situation diffrent? Is it just due to the fact that you hate Ashley?


  12. If you follow that funny blue writing bobby you’ll see the bit i mean. This might just have been something in bartons contract though as oppose to the general rule.


  13. The thing with Barton is that it was the club who wanted him out, but the club also wouldn’t pay him what he was due. In the end they did pay it, but only because we upped what we paid for to cover it.


  14. Best mates with Ranger? Well, just don’t rob a tescoes with him or something 😆 Out of interest, anyone know if we have any mackems amongst the youth?


  15. Jobey another good one mate, keep up the good work.
    Again it was nice of the younguns to take the time and to be bothered to do this for us so well done to the Lad, he sounds like a decent lad and hope he does well in the near future 😉


  16. Dave – He won’t be the last one interviewed either by the sounds of it. Jobey has a knack of getting them to agree 😯


  17. Aye….jobey’s very good at tempting the young uns…..anyone want to see some puppies 😉 😆


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