The kids are all right.

Can Haris cut the mustard?
With several young players playing their part in the Darlington game, it makes me wonder if at some point during these season Alan Pardew will give them a chance in the first team.

Whether that’s in the Premier League, Carling Cup or FA Cup is a question that remains waiting to be answered, but we have some youngsters who look likely to become a bigger part of our squad in the near future. I thought I’d take a look at those who are ‘knocking on the door’ of the forst team having made their way up through the youth ranks at St James’ Park. I’ll start with the scorer of the second goal at Darlington….

Sammy Ameobi: Sammy followed on from his Premier League debut at Chelsea during the back end of the season. During that game the Nigerian international displayed energy, pace and carried the ball well during the time that he was on the pitch. The goal against Darlington was his first senior goal for the club.

Ameobi took that strike with his weaker foot and what a great strike it was. To fire in a shot with a foot he is not as confident with shows that he is not afraid to have a go at goal regardless. Sammy did have a great deal of time to take that shot, something that he will not have if he begins to play in the Premier League, but the best way forward for him is to keep playing well in pre-season with a view to perhaps introducing towards the end of league games if the circumstances allow.

Shane Ferguson: Shane Ferguson made his way into Alan Pardew’s side last season and demonstrated that you don’t have to be big to be a defender. The Northern Ireland international was a bright spark in a thundercloud during the Stoke away game. He fired crosses into the box and the pace that he used showed that he had the ability to advance forward.

Ferguson’s efforts were rewarded in May as he was offered a new five year contract. With the talk of Enrique possibly leaving us Ferguson can possibly take over his position if he does leave. The only concern that I have is that Ferguson is a left-winger as well, but he has demonstrated that he can play at left-back very effectively.

Ferguson started the game at Darlington and unfortunately he had to be withdrawn at half-time with an injury concern. Alan Pardew came out after the game and stated that he was very concerned with Ferguson. Commenting on the Northern Irishman’s injury and Danny Guthrie’s injury he said “They both look serious”. This is not the news many of us want to hear, I hope that it’s not as serious as first thought as it would be a great shame to lose young Fergie to injury.

Haris Vuckic: Haris made an impression in last season’s pre-season by netting his first senior goal for the Toon against Carlisle. Although Vuckic did not get much of a chance to showcase his talents he did appear in the Carling Cup against Accrington and Chelsea and also made himself known in the Carling Cup defeat by Arsenal where he was named Man of the Match.

The Slovenian international faded into obscurity during the remainder of last season due to injury, which is a concern as it seems to happen frequently to the big Slovenian. He has also been rewarded with a five year contract suggesting that he is viewed as a player for the future.

Vuckic did play against Darlington but there has been mixed reviews about his performance. He certainly may play a role in the Carling Cup again this year and other similar fixtures.

These players may play a bigger role for Newcastle in the future and the forthcoming season which is something to be excited about. Although two of them may find their chances limited to the Carling Cup and reserve games if they show the right work ethic and skill then they have a bright future ahead of them. Shane Ferguson may find himself heavily involved in the first-team this year and I hope that when they find out the extent of his injury I hope it’s not as serious as first-thought.

To the future generation of NUFC youngsters!

About Zoë Vicarage

A lifelong Newcastle fan. Currently exiled in Sunderland studying Sports Journalism at the University of Sunderland Follow me on Twitter: @ZoeVicarage

68 thoughts on “The kids are all right.

  1. Don’t forget Medhi Abeid. He seems to be settling in with the first-team no problem and I think we will see him this season.


  2. Good Read – Vuckic will get bench appearances this year, and maybe cup games. It seems like he’s in Pardews plans


  3. Shame about fergie if he stays off the injuries he could be a bigger player for us this season than we think… got all the attributes just needs to bulk up a bit! 😆


  4. Don’t forget Kadar – I think he could play a big part next season.

    With regard to Vuckic’s regular injuries it very much reminds me of a young Steven Gerrard who was regularly injured during his break through time – “growing pains” they called it.


  5. Looks like we’ve accepted a bid for Routledge of £1.8m. Should be able to bring in a young 13 year old on a free now then!


  6. Stuart try being an everton fan they are a better team in recent years than us have a much better manager and yet havent spent a penny. Sell to buy is their motto. We have to be realistic. Routledge is going to swansea for a reason. He simply does not fit the fill we are looking for. It is a shame as he could have had more chances but at the end of the day he simply isnt good enough.


  7. I hope all three are bench players this season, that would give them plenty of game time and they would be training with the first team would realy help there development.

    agree Seanp about Kadar we dont have many defenders so he will get a chance this year and he is one of our best youngsters.


  8. 9 Liam Southern Toon says:
    July 19, 2011 at 11:31

    Everton do have a sell to buy policy and it has done well for them, but we don’t have a sell to buy policy!

    We have a sell for £35m and bring in freebee’s policy! Big difference!

    The sooner you realise where we’re heading under this regime the happier you’ll be as you won’t continue to be let down with ridiculously positive notions!


  9. sammi looks to be more aware of the play around him than his brother and more on his toes, his movement isnt bad atall i think id rather him than shola or nile


  10. ime sorry but a lot of STUARTS points are true,we may not like them but there you are,the club is run like the mafia imo,we also cannot compare us money wise with everton,if only on size of crowds income wise


  11. Agreed that the owner is a plank and is not doing much good. But i think that the way the premier league is heading even clubs like spurs and liverpool are selling before buying. Would you really be happy if we splashed £20m on sturridge just because we have the money?


  12. Back to thread. Would like to see Vuckic play as HBA’s understudy in the centre rather than out wide as at Darlington


  13. Liam Southern Toon says:
    July 19, 2011 at 12:21

    Well yes actually I would be happy to splash the cash especially as we have it! I’d be more concerned if we didn’t have it but I thought that was the point in selling Carroll. As things stand today there was no point selling him.


  14. Stu @11: so instead of being ridiculously positive you become ridiculously negative. That seems a pretty ridiculous response to me.


  15. @19

    It was Cabaye


    lol splashing cash just because you have it is stupid. Lets not forget we were going down the same road as leeds and pompey did. Ashleyhas already spent millions of his own money on our clubs debts.

    How much did we spend last year or the year before that and we still did pretty good all that matters is the squad has improved imo


  16. Can’t remember who said it, but growing pains and Vuckic seem to got pretty well. I mean at 17 the lad was 6ft 3in. Mental.


  17. Sad state of affairs when a lot of fans have been brayed into such a state of submission by Ashley that they go along with the attitude that we dont want any big signings or players on big wages.
    Other clubs demand a show of ambition from their owners to match the cash they plough into the club, if we accept mediocrity, lack of ambition and journeymen players, then just what is the point of competing in the EPL?
    It drives me bonkers when i see fans saying and agreeing that we wont pay 10m for the likes of Sturridge and we also cant compete for NZogbia, why not, its not like we have blown a fortune in the 5yrs that they have been in charge, he is 40m+ up in transfer dealings FFS.


  18. Stuart79 100% agree. As things stand (I don’t expect them to improve much) there was absolutely no use in selling Carroll. I’m usually optimistic, annoyingly so sometimes, but I’ve f*ckin had it with this piece of sh*t no good c*ntish regime. Our net expenditure is £0 FFS!!!! How f*cking stupid do they think we are? The money’s nearly gone? On two free transfers? ARGH! This summer presented a massive opportunity to reshape our team and lay the foundations for European football. We could easily have coughed up for
    – Gervinho (Pardew says he didn’t like his attitude: Ashely didn’t like the fee)
    – N’zogbia (couldn’t have been clearer that he wanted a move back here. A 10 mill bid early on would surely have sealed it
    – N Taylor (maybe if we’d upped our bid by a staggering 500k we could have had a quality up and coming back up for left back
    – Insert name of any other decent quality player who’s wages would be 40kpw or more and who’s transfer value is north of 7 mill.


    Sorry to rant but I haven’t posted for a while and this anger has been building up with every news day. Ever time the slimey, white-haired adulterer comes out with some pathetic “believe me, the money’s going back into the club”, as if he’s trying to pacify a bunch of unruly children who’ve been promised ice cream but haven’t seen it yet!

    BOILS MY F*CKIN PISS!!! 😡 😡 😡


  19. Santii says:
    July 19, 2011 at 12:38

    Leeds or Pompey didn’t have the money, they borrowed it so your argument is unbelievably flawed – Next…


  20. @Stu

    I see the natives are finding you boring because you keep bringing them back to reality.

    It is pathetic IMO that they criticise you for reminding them of important issues.

    By the way, answer my query on the other thread.


  21. Santii says:
    July 19, 2011 at 12:56
    Lol are you saying we didnt have loans?

    Why not try and read my posts and understand what is happening?

    We sold Carroll for £35m, £30m of that was paid up front. Now by anyone’s thinking that means we have the money in the bank. If we wanted to go and spend £20m on Sturridge we wouldn’t have to borrow one fcking penny!


  22. @BSn9

    I dont find stu boring at all, he is making some good points i just disagree with someof them.


  23. @Devonmag

    Strange. I was telling you this ages ago and you slated me. It was all predictable and can’t believe you couldn’t see it coming. 😕


  24. Bobby – I have no interest in your query as it has no direct impact on NUFC at the moment. Routledge should be paid to leave as he’s a proven PL failure. He did his job and I think him but he needs to move.


  25. santi ide say 60 mill morgage and about 40 mill debt before he came in ,not that bad realy compared too some clubs


  26. Back on thread … Great to see “all right” rather than “alright”

    And yeah we’ll be fine as long as that nice Mr Ashley fellow keeps bringing in the young blood.


  27. @stu

    I’m not trying to trick you but it was a genuine request to resolve am argument. I wanted to know if you had professional knowledge or just your belief.

    If you have professional knowledge it would be greatly appreciated as I don’t .
    I have told you my belief.


  28. @32

    True but our manager has said he wont pay over the odds for players just because we have it. Sturridge isnt worth 20 million i wouldnt pay more than 12 for him.

    Spending just because we have it isnt a good idea we need to spend because we need it wich we are doing and it just so happens we got very cheap players.

    Now at the end of the window if we havnt gota striker in and whatever else we need i will 100% agree with you but as of right now our team is stronger than last season do you not agree?


  29. BrisVegas says:
    July 19, 2011 at 13:05
    Back on thread … Great to see “all right” rather than “alright”
    And yeah we’ll be fine as long as that nice Mr Ashley fellow keeps bringing in the young blood.

    Who out of this young blood as broke into the first team? Lets not forget that two years Hartepool’s reserves were better than ours.

    Not being negative just showing that there is absolutely no basis for which any positivity should be shown to the club under this regime.


  30. Santii says:
    July 19, 2011 at 13:09

    There’s not much evidence to suggest we’d offer even £12m is there?

    Think we need to face some facts here. These guys do it everytime, they just continue to let us down. How many times do people want to keep believing differently?

    For me something fishy is in the air, whether he’s finally found a serious buyer or he expects to find a serious buy I don’t know, but there is absolutely no reason to sell a player for such a large sum and then only bringing in free transfers and tell the manager after a £500k net spend that he needs to sell before he can buy unless something is happening.


  31. @brisvegas

    I’ve maintained throughout that youth players good enough to break into the first team on a long term basis are few and far between.
    They often build up great reputations in the reserves or youth teams and when blooded in the first team are a bit of a disappointment.
    Of our current squad, maybe 3 have come through in the past 10 yrs. Saylor, Shola and Harper.
    None are great stars which any top 4 club would want.
    The ones that do become stars are obviously even more rare. Once every decade and everytime this club has sold them on to bigger clubs.


  32. @41

    Are you being serious?

    What about Season ticket prices being frozen?
    What about our training ground be improved?
    What about the youngsters coming through?
    What about our league position in our first season back in the PL? (could have been even better)

    There is plenty of things to be positive things to look forward to you just seem to be a negative nancy 😀


  33. santi @40 i would say we had a stronger team at the end of last years transfer window than we do at this moment in time


  34. Santi, the midfield is stronger , Ba on his own has made the forward line stronger because when Carroll went we were absolutely shite up front.
    The defence is thin on the ground, 3 centre halfs, 2 full backs with no cover is asking for bother so i would disagree, one part of the team is stronger and thats it.


  35. @42

    When did he tell the manager to sell before he can buy?

    all i can say on the sturridge issue wait till the end of the window lets see who we get in and for how much. Then we can see if Sturridge would have been better.


  36. Santii says:
    July 19, 2011 at 13:18

    Good god, man! Please don’t tell me you’re feeling positive because the club have put a few boards round the traning ground and had undersoil heating installed? Jeez you’re easily placed.

    There are no youngsters who have proved anything yet so their just non entities for now. They may be good or they may be bad, who knows?

    Season ticket prices being frozen hasn’t made any difference to my thinking at all. If it doesn’t improve the first team what’s the point?!


  37. It was good to see all those lads playing in the first team last season. In the next few years I’m sure they’ll fetch a pretty penny, so the club can get stronger. Glad that we have that nice horse trading Mr Ashley fellow to steer us through a changing world.

    One day Europe’s debts will destroy the EPL and China and Brazil will become the powerhouses. Then what?


  38. @Batty and Robert

    Im not sure Carrol was class no dout but i think Ba will be awesome are midfield is Class and our defence is almost the exact same. I could argue the S.Taylor, Colo and Jose are better players now than what they were a year ago but thats just my opinion

    also Nolan was great for us but he was lacking in some areas which i think we have improved with Cabaye. Just my opinion though and i can see why some people will disagree but all i can say is wait till we see our new guys in action first then we can decide what team was better 😀


  39. @48

    Shane Ferguson?

    Better grounds to train on can only improve training so improves match dayperformance?

    Season Ticket sales will go up i would think. More money that *could* be used to buy players or pay wages or whatever else need paid for.


  40. Santi, Pardew himself said that the squad was nowhere near big or strong enough last season, he has shipped more out than in with more to go out of the door, so how are we stronger?


  41. This is what Alan Pardew said from Kansas City today:

    “It’s not particularly great news on either of them.” “It’s looking like neither will be ready for the start of the season.”

    “Fergie has probably got more chance than Guthrie.” “It’s OK, we can cope, but if we lost another two, then it won’t be OK.”

    “I wouldn’t say we’re on a knife-edge with injuries, but our squad isn’t particularly big.”


  42. The only player of note was Nolan the other guys that left were awful and we have got 3 first team players in how is our squad not stronger?

    or would you want Kuqi and Campbell to be here this season?


  43. Yeah Santii, how could we possibly be stronger? We’ve only brought in 3 potential first teamers, with more to come, and we’ve got rid of … umm … well … Nolan! You must be crazy!


  44. Well done, Santii. The reality train slayer.

    Oh well, bed for me now. I’ll leave you to strut your domain. Cheers. 😉


  45. Has the transfer window closed? 😯 The way some are panicking on here you would swear that it had… Unbelievable, talk about panicking about something that hasn’t happened yet… If we sign a few players in the next 6 weeks, the doom mongers on here will no doubt find something else to whinge about… This blog is full of well written articles and near on all the time in turns into a whinge fest… Talk about depressing… 😕


  46. @santii

    Have I missed a slaying somewhere? I’ve just tuned back in and read brisvegas comment but can’t see any slaying.
    Just utter acceptance of Lambias’ excuses. 😕 🙄


  47. From last season, we have lost Carroll and Nolan who were our top two scorers.
    Kuqi and Campbell also gone but not much other than cover. We have Barton who can’t agree a contract and despite what he says about being committed, human nature dictates that he won’t be as strong as character in the dressing room or on the pitch. Jose likewise, he is likely to leave and is one of the best left backs in the country. If he stays, again, he won’t be as influential.

    We’ve brought in Ba who Tony Pulis says is a walking time bomb because of his injuries. Likewise Marveaux has a question mark over his injury and Cabaye is really coming in as an unknown quantity.

    Please tell me how this current squad is stronger?


  48. @63 because everybody has been conned into thinking it is,just because we increase the numbers doesnt mean we are increasing the quality.This club is run like a shite corner shop with crappy stock and while Toot And Ploot are in charge we had better get used to it.Reading the comments on here we already have.Survival and profit are all the Fat Man is after,that was always his plan.The Three Stooges are running this club,god help us!!


  49. @BS

    – Carrol to good to turn down and he did put in a transfer request what can you do?

    – Nolan was a good captain and goal scorer and not much else

    – Kuqi Campbell are both useless

    – As for what you said about Jose and Barton is rubbish. We may well lose Jose but we havnt yet so you have no grounds to say anything about him yet


    – Was a key player for Lille last season and is in the prime of his career

    – Ba a proven goal scorer with injury worrys yes but has been fit for all his west ham games and did pass theirs and our medical so it cant be that bad

    – Marveaux dont realy know much about but liverpool wanted him so he cant be that bad and he DID pass theirs and our medical so cant be that bad

    and lets not forget we have HBA and Gosling fully fit now basicly two new players

    So only Carrol has weakened us with Ba and whoever else we get as striker will get us goals so who cares thats all i want our strikers to do

    So how are we not stronger? 😀


  50. @64

    We havnt been conned into anything its called being positive about the team we support. I think thats why you call it SUPPORTING your team.


  51. We also gave Nile Ranger a five year deal and now we want to ship him out after a couple of months…Hopefully the sale of Nolan will give Vuckic some more opportunities this season


  52. @santii

    What was the point of saying we had to sell Carroll?

    You said we are stronger now than last season.
    Whether it was right or wrong to sell him, as it stands he has gone and he was a huge player for us.

    Your comments on Nolan are poor as well. A good captain and a good goal scorer and not much else. Strange , I would have thought those two assets were great to have in any player.

    Ba was always going pass our medical, Gosling passed it as well and has been out for a year.
    Do you really believe that Marveaux passed liverpools medical? Seriously.?

    It originally said he had but the agent stated it was personal terms they couldn’t agree.

    I don’t believe for one second that we could offer better personal terms that Liverpool.

    Wake up, smell the coffee fella. 😆


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