Do we need cover at right-back?

Replacement or comeptition for Simmo?
Whilst looking at the make up of our squad, it struck me that an area where we have limited competition is at right-back. Danny Simpson is a very good option in that position for us, but what happens if he gets injured? Who do we rely on?

In truth we aren’t exactly blessed with right-backs. We have a number of players who could ‘do a job’ for us, but in the eyes of some Danny Simpson is very much the best of a bad bunch and it’s fair to say that the rest are viewed even worse than Simpson is. So with that in mind I guess it’s time to take have a look at the contenders.

Ryan Taylor is a potential candidate for playing in that position. He has played there on a number of occasions for the club, but with Joey Barton out of the US tour I imagine that Taylor will want to stake a claim for that right-midfield role that is vacant within the tour.

Towards the end of last season he found himself involved within the team after Alan Pardew earmarked him as a different option to Joey Barton on the right-side of midfield and he did play against Chelsea away at the tail end of last season and managed to set up the goal that enabled us to draw level.

Ryan Taylor could play at right-back if we need him too but I don’t think that will be the case. I can see him trying to prove to Pardew that he is capable of playing right-midfield. If he does show that then he may find himself involved in the team a lot more this forthcoming season.

Need I say anything on James Perch? I know most fans don’t approve of him and his record of getting five yellow cards in five games is not a statistic to be proud of. I don’t think he is an option to play at right back as he does not look happy there at all. I don’t think we should let him anywhere near that RB slot, he obviously doesn’t play there and it shows whenever he does play in that position. On a personal note I for one would not like to see him play there at all.

The next contender is Dan Gosling. Gosling is another one like Ryan Taylor; he can play at right back if he needs to. He deputised at right back for Everton in order to accommodate substitutions. I’m not sure what he’s like at right-back but I get the feeling that he does not want to play there and sees himself as a box-to-box midfielder.

Steven Taylor is another one who can play at right-back but with him making a very strong claim to partner Fabricio Coloccini in central defence that may not be an option. With the fact that he had a renaissance at the end of the season and showed his ability at centre-back and the prowess that he presents in front of goal I don’t think we will see him playing right-back anytime soon.

The last option within the club is our young right-back James Tavernier. He has played right-back on occasion for Newcastle and also at centre-back for the Toon. Although I have not seen him play that much for the club I know he has been present in Carling Cup games for the club. Tavernier is one for the future in my opinion, playing him in games such as the Carling Cup will develop his ability. No doubt we will see more of this young lad in the future.

That’s all the options I can see who can play at right-back. Some of them can do the job for us but with them seemingly wanting to play in their favoured position then it leaves me very concerned. Simmo has been improving throughout the last two seasons he has been with us but there are times when his play is not that great. Simpson is still developing but if he gets injured anytime in the near future then I think Pardew has a problem on his hands.

There could be an alternative option to this though and that would be identifying a right-back in the transfer market. If Alan Pardew did that then that would provide competition for the right-back slot which would be no bad thing at all.

It is only a suggestion but with the fact that some of the players don’t want to play at right-back it may be the answer to our right-back dilemma. One name that has been mentioned is Crystal Palace’s right-back Nathanial Clyne. I haven’t seen anything of him but several people have indicated that he is a good player. Certainly I feel that the right-back situation needs to be addressed one way or another before the season starts.

What do you think?

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40 thoughts on “Do we need cover at right-back?

  1. I can’t believe that the club have put a general sale ban on away tickets. that’s f*cking annoying for me. another money spinning scheme, wankers.

    I don’t think their is anything wrong with Simmo, and Gosling and Raylor can do a job. If nathaniel Clyne was available for around 2m, he’d be worth a punt but otherwise i don’t feel a need for change


  2. Jobey- That’s what I thought, so annoyning cos I get to away games a lot easier than home games

    I agree about Clyne, if we would get him for that price then that would be very nice.


  3. Guy Demel would be decent short term cover whilst Tavernier gets up to speed. I understood he was on a free this summer.


  4. Agree JJ.
    So given the NUFC constraints eg european, young, international, cheap. Who’s our best bet? Not researched it yet.


  5. Dont forget Jonas who has played there for the argies.

    I think we need to sign a first choice full back to challenge Simmo.

    I dont think Raylor will be challenging for the RW slot or CM as Gosling is back, but we have Abeid and Marveux who are wingers and Jonas can and should play RW IMHO, so I think Raylor’s best chance of games will be at RB.

    Ideally I think we should be looking to sign a first choice replacement for Jose for the #3 shirt, and then a good solid player who can play BOTH RB and LB. This way it offers cover for both positions. I think Fergie is more a LW as he isnt strong enough to be a LB yet.


  6. Well i’m not sure who’s available at the moment but I agree with JJ we need to get someone who is of a higher quality. The problem is will Pardew identify this as an area were he needs to develop and buy someone who can do the job for us


  7. The answer to your question is No we don’t need more cover at right back.
    What we need is a better right back than Simpson, Perch and Raylor.
    Tavernier might be the answer or entry into the transfer market.


  8. You guys getting upset about away tickets what exactly is your problem.
    Just pay the membership fee like everybody else.
    Man up


  9. I feel Simpson is defensively quite good although think he lacks a bit of end product moving forward. Taviner looks like a good prospect though we need to get on a young hungry player to offer some real competition


  10. Toby- Last time I paid the membership the pack never came through I waited three months for it and it never arrived. I constantly emailed them about the issue and they said it was in the post. In the end we rang them and told them that I had waited three months for this membership that I paid for and that it never came. They said they wouldn’t send it out again and blamed it got lost in the post so I said I want to cancel it. When I said that they were apologetic that they were losing one of their customers. so that’s why I’m wary of getting membership again


  11. I like simpson, think he is really uinder rated. He’s only young and has only really become a regular at a club in the last year/two. He does have a weakness with backing off but that will come with time, he also doesn’t have the luxury of having a winger who does as much backwards as forwards like jose with jonas. For all barton is a top player he likes to drift inside often leaving simpson exposed. Last year there was talk of him being in the england squad so he can’t be that bad. On topic, we could probably do with a better option as back up but with the 4/5 you mentioned that can play there i don’t think it’s really a priority. We should concentrate on getting a striker/lb/out and out rw before we think about rb.


  12. Zoe that’s unfortnuate with your previous experience and could have been handled better by the club.
    I am guessing the authorities have pressured the club a little into taking steps into to who is buying tickets so culprits like the idiots on Friday night can be found.

    My opinion it won’t make one ounce of difference for example on my account the other day I could purchase up to 12 tickets for the home friendly.
    People will get tickets one way or another.


  13. 😕 sturridge says he wants 2 fight for his place at chelsea 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕


  14. He is bound to say that. I never ever thought we would be in for him, just a pipe dream.

    Perhaps he isnt that nippy mobile striker we need. I would hope to go for Defoe or Long.


  15. Forget Sturridge – he’s his own biggest fan and doesn’t often live up to his own hype. Bad value. Long would be a better bet, IMO. Less of a cock.

    Away tickets: yep, all very well as long as you don’t live miles away with few opportunities to see a game. Like me and about a million other exiles. For us it’s a pain – but I can actually see both sides, especially after the Darlo crap. Thanks, yobs. May your earholes turn to arseholes and shite upon your faces.

    Right back: Competition for Simmo would be good, but I think people are unfair. It’ll be very interesting to see how he plays with a different winger in front of him; someone perhaps who tracks back more and overlaps a bit.


  16. KC game tonight could be tough. The heat is immense in the states right now (it’s 84 degrees in my apartment at 9:00 am!) and it’s hotter in KC today. It’s supposed to hit 99 degrees.

    Also, they’re in mid seaon, not preseason. So they’re fitter.

    The home advantage is big too–brand new stadium that they have just returned to. I think, may be wrong here, but I think they started the season in MLS with a long slog of way games while work was completed on the stadium. Now they’re back for a long stretch of home games to balance it out. It looks like they’re unbeaten in five games at home now, though their last three have been draws.


  17. Blimey – sounds like a tough starting game. Frankly, as long as it’s good conditioning for the team and helps to set us up as a brand in the US (let’s be honest that’s the reason for going) then fair enough. Too easy is no help.


  18. KC match will be tough tonight. They are unbeaten in their last 11 matches and unbeaten at home this season. But they have a big league match on the weekend so they will be getting some reserves in there as well. Still the heat will be good for the lads.

    Regarding Simmo- I actually rate him more than some others I think. He showed improvement for me last season. still think we could use some cover/compeition there as i woudn’t want us to have to play STaylor, Jonas, Gosling, etc. there except in emergency.


  19. The away ticket decision speaks volumes for Llambias who is always quick to get stuck into the fans, whether it be stamping down on us, going back on promises, criticizing us in programme notes or by patronizing us in the rare media interviews by telling us we have never had it so good.
    I firmly believe that the whole set up at the moment is aimed at keeping what they have with a view to sell and they will never forget the verbal abuse they have rightly been given and accordingly will take every opportunity to retaliate, they have no love for the fans, we are a necessary burden to them and they will be pleased to see the back of us.


  20. Looking at KC’s schedule again just now and tonight will be the first of 10 matches at home in a row for them to balance out their early season away adventures while the new stadium was completed.


  21. ——————————KRUL———————————–


    _______________ BEN ARFA____________________




    7 great back up players , i think we are about 2-3 players away from a great squad


  23. FSOTC- they are brining Marvaeux along slowly due to him being injured most of last season. Supposedly he is playing tonight.

    Not sure about Ba. some players like Collo and Jonas didn’t play last time just because pardew knew what they can do and wanted to evalaute some others. tiote didn’t pay because he has a busy international summer playing for country. Not sure what category Ba fits in but he is fit and is participating fully in KC.

    Fergie injured ankle ligaments but Pardew said yesterday the injury likely isn’t as serious as Guthrie’s. Guthrie is suppoed to be out 6 weeks.


  24. Apparently this was the first team at the open practice last night:

    Demba Ba
    Hatem Ben Arfa
    Jonas Gutierrez Dan Gosling Cheik Tiote Sylvain Marveaux
    Jose Enrique Steven Taylor Fabricio Coloccini Ryan Taylor
    Tim Krul


  25. You cant beat a bit of new tar mac investing in players and lasts for ages and ages!! Now onto the new match day corner flags and new nets for the goals.Muppets


  26. I think we need a new RB with Simpson as back up.
    In terms of a new striker I’m beginning to think we should try for Long. All our strikers except for Ba are championship quality, and not as good as Long, I think. I would expect him to be considerably cheaper than Sturridge, although whether he is cheap enough for Ashley is questionable.

    I think we should also try to sell Enrique and get a new Left Back
    I would also like to see us get an accomplished RW too. Cover those positions with decent players and I think we could really do well this season, and have decent competition for places in the squad.


  27. Krul
    tavrnier Coloccini (c) Williamson Enrique
    Barton Tiote Cabaye Gutierrez
    Ben Arfa
    Demba Ba.

    canny team i think with what we have simpson is ok but i think next season he will get found out(man u dont dump good prospects)….young tav looks like he is ready now. willow is looking good and collo will do well


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