Will injuries force Pardew into the transfer market?

Lees talk, more action?
With the news that Hatem Ben Arfa has joined Shane Ferguson and Danny Guthrie on the injury list I’m beginning to wonder if we need to add more depth to our squad.

Now, I don’t want to scare or freak out any Newcastle fans on here but I have concerns, especially about Hatem Ben Arfa, that injuries are beginning to mount up before the new season has started. Will we still have a big enough squad when the season starts?

The extent of Ben Arfa’s injury is not known, but it is reported that he has sustained an ankle injury which means that he will return to the UK in the next couple of days. The coaching staff looking after him have told Alan Pardew that it is not that serious but I’m sure many of us have our hearts in our mouths.

The prospect of Ben Arfa being out for the foreseeable future is one that many NUFC will not want. With him missing the majority of last season, many have been anticipating his return to the fold and I’m sure we would all love to find out that his his latest injury isn’t serious.

The club have also not disclosed the extent of either Danny Guthrie’s or young Shane Fergusons’s respective injuries at this moment in time but it is expected that Ferguson should be able to make a recovery by the end of pre-season ready for the season’s curtain opener against Arsenal.

The fact that the club are in America does give me some concern. The problem with going over there is that the players have to adapt to the climate out there. Alan Pardew stated before the team ventured out to the states that the team would not get tired. I have a sneaky suspicion that the team may be a little tired as you have to take into account the jet lag that they will have encountered and the games they play are probably played at a much different pace to over here.

Pardew has also said that the club have not given up the ghost on Melvut Erdnic of PSG but if we encounter many more injuries during this tour then the squad may still look a little threadbare even if we do bring in the Turkish forward.

This is only my opinion but if we sustain anymore I think AlanPardew may have to look at how he needs to improve the squad. There are some positions that obviously need strengthening and if we can get rid of some deadwood such as Xisco and Co then that will free up more space for new players to come into the fold.

Ben Arfa has the ability to add that injection of pace within the team but perhaps it may give Haris Vuckic a chance to show his promise in the next game along with other youngsters who are involved in the tour. It may allow them to have a chance to highlight that they should be involved more and more in the first-team.

The other thing that doesn’t help either is that Joey Barton and Yohan Cabaye are not involved in the tour. Pardew has to rely on Peter Beardsley to feed him information about how those two are doing in Holland. On the positive side that may leave them fit and ready for the Gunners game as they don’t have to endure the two long plane journeys to America and back home.

I don’t know if anyone else is concerned about this but with a few weeks of not signing anybody, surely Alan Pardew should be making waves in the market. I know he may not be able to do that in America but there are areas where we need to add to the squad.

I hope that Ben Arfa’s injury is not serious and that he will be back in action very soon. He will be a very vital player for us next season and I don’t want to see him injured for a long time.

What do you think? Should we be concerned about these injuries? Should we be acting upon them?

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44 thoughts on “Will injuries force Pardew into the transfer market?

  1. The injuries are a concern but not crucial. If we keep what we have and bring in the anticipated striker and left back then we should be fine.

    Yes, Benny is injured, but we have backup in Cabaye, Abied, Vuckic, Marveaux, Lovenkrans.

    Guthrie is just good back up. And Fergie is backup for Jose.

    The fears come in knowing our board, and that we sell players I. The final days of the window… Then Yes as usual we’ll be left threadbare.

    However, if for once they do the right thing. We should be fine with just one or two more.


  2. Would like to see us get a striker (Erdinc?), another winger (Barnetta?) and another FB. you are right that we probably have to get rid of dead wood first but that isn’t always easy to do.

    I think we would have sufficient cover in that case. Far better than last year.

    Most transfer activity happens in the last couple of days/weeks anyway when clubs see what they have after the preseason and other clubs start lowering their demands.


  3. There are three teams worse than us in the league, so Ashley won’t spend.

    So long as we’re not relegated, Ashley can get SKY money, shop sales, season ticket sales +++ …


  4. said on last thread zog is on strike at wigan over his non movement to villa so would say he aint comeing to toon


  5. marienufc marie
    Someone has just said lee clark ex nufc has died is it true?

    hope this is not true some 1 just posted this on twitter 🙁


  6. MDS (3)
    I’m with you . Strange though that Barnetta seems to have slipped under the radar lately. Love to see him in stripes. (I’m Not Gay.)


  7. MDS- Do agree with you that the deadwood may be hard to shift. Example Xisco, we’ve been trying to get rid of him for years but he always seems to stick around.


  8. I’d like to see us use the Carroll money to buy a striker. Erdinc or Long seem like reasonable enough suggestions to me, and neither should be too expensive.

    Then I’d like to see the sale of Enrique to finance the arrival of left and right fullbacks. If Enrique is dreaming of a move away then, sad to see him go, but I just don’t think his heart will be in it as much.

    Then hopefully we can shift some of Perch, Routledge, Smith, Loven, Ameobi, and get a decent quick RW who can whip a decent cross or two in.

    If we can do all that and have, for us, a relatively injury free season I think we would be in great shape to really push on this season.


  9. Dunno about that. Think Sturridge will be expensive. And I like Tiote a lot. He makes the right noises about being at Newcastle.
    I’m undecided about N’Zogbia too. The bloke certainly has the skills but I do worry about his attitude.
    If Barnetta could be had cheaper then I would rather get him. Liked the look of him against England.
    Again, I think most of the names are just pie-in-the sky though. I don’t think Ashley has the ambition for that, but we have just over a month left to wait until we know for sure.


  10. I wouldn’t sell Tiote, as Pootle said he’s been making the right noises about the club. I would rather take Barnetta than Zog I think the situation with Zog has dragged on for too long and if he wanted to come too us I would’ve thought he would be here by now


  11. Cant believe Benny is injured I just hope its nowt bad, Toonsy did you get to have a look about the opera browser as I spent 5 mins today writing a reply but everytime I tried to submit it I kept getting timed out 👿 so I just ended up closing it down 😈


  12. Dave- I hope so too, that’s what I mentioned in the article that it would be such a shame for him to be injured again. I’m sure it will all be fine, may just be a precaution


  13. Same commentors elsewhere are saying its ligaments in the ankle, just like Fergie. Fergie’s out 3 weeks so that sounds about right for bennie boy


  14. I said before the game last night that injuries were a concern with this squad and all it has taken is 1 more on the physio bench to set alarm bells ringing.

    Not just that but question marks over Gosling, Marveux and Ba at the back end of last season, more talk of selling players than buying….

    Hard to keep finding positives when we are spoon fed bad news daily


  15. Dog- don’t now if true though mate. I am hoping for the best because Lee Ryder says not serious and Pardew didn’t seem overly chuffed about it…


  16. I would hope love us to sign some more players we need atleast 2-3 players i feel.

    plus Vuckic is injured again so he wont be playing for a while ^^ weve got a bunch of crocks oh what joy!


  17. I saw the little mention of vuckic in the chronicle. It just says that he has a knock, which hopefully just means something keeping him out for a few weeks.


  18. Off topic, but does anyone know if there is a fitness reason pardew didn’t bring kadar to the states?


  19. Vuckic tweaked a hammy in practice in KC which is why he didn’t play last night. Nothing seriosu and i don’t think they sent him home.

    Other than benny, i wouldn’t stress the injuries too much. I watched the Philly Union/Everton match last night and Everton must have had 4 players leave because of injury. Players tend to pick up knocks early in the preseason and managers tend to not want to risk them when they do.


  20. I’ll be at the game in Orlando, and I would love to see vuckic play if he’s not that hurt. U guys think abeid might start in HBA’s role or will pardew probably go with a 442?


  21. Nothing will force Pardew into the transfer market because Pardew has no say in whether we spend or not. Ashley and that useless lump Llambias call the shots. There will be no more that 7.5 or 8 M spent this summer and that is earmarked for Erdinc. Any other purchases will require player sales, almost certainly Jose and we will need a left back to replace him. We have no depth in the back 4 to speak of and that could be deadly to any ambitions we have. We didn’t even replace Campbell. The owner will continue to gamble with the team’s future.


  22. What sort of stupid question is this?

    Pardew will never be forced into the transfer market as its fck all to do with him!


  23. Just a question, but if its a silly question because Pardew has say in tge transfer market (I agree by the way) then is it not also unfair to castigate him for something he can’t control?


  24. Yes of course. I don’t think its Pardew – he quite often doesn’t appear to know what’s happening with transfers until its happened.
    And I don’t mind that. If he said “I don’t really have that much say over transfers and contracts’, then fine.
    It would also make it a bit clearer as to who carries responsibility if wr fail to invest properly.


  25. Six out so far with Xisco, and maybe Ranger, Best and Perch to go. Four in.
    If we are forward planning let us hope the same individuals that arranged a USA tour, that three players could not get visas for, are not involved.
    Mismanagement is nothing new but examples are now too frequent.


  26. I think we all know by now that nothing will force Pardew into the market as he has little or no say. The only thing he can do is stress to DL how critical it is that he is allocated funds for 2 – 3 more 1ST TEAM players. Because I seriously doubt whether MA listens to AP on transfer targets. MA will see us draw 2 – 2 at chelsea and think our team can come top ten this season with ease. He doesnt understand 2nd season syndrome, or the fact that other teams will improve their squads such as Stoke, Bolton, Villa, Sunderland etc. Just hope we can get a 15 goal a season striker, a lb and a RB as I dont rate simpson as a first class right back (id rather have Aaron Hughes!) and maybe an out and out right winger like routledge but much better. God knows where!


  27. Spencetoon – i think squads ok. Just not good. And i dont want an ok season like last season. I want better – which im sure most fans do. So to get better, even if its a little better, we need a 2 – 3 more 1st team quality players. thats all


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