When it’s bad, it’s very bad…#Leftbacks

We haven't always had someone this good...
I have to say it was very enjoyable reading different people’s opinions on our central defenders, but what I think we can all agree on is that we’ve had our fair share of crap down the years.

As you can see by the title, in this article I will be focusing on the left back position, however there won’t be as many options to vote for this time.

Celestine Babayaro – Babayaro joined the club in 2005, and like many other names mentioned previously in this series he had a positive start by scoring a crucial goal, this time against Chelsea. After a few solid games his performances started to go downhill, with many fans criticizing his lack of effort and determination. To rub salt in his wounds, Babayaro was suspended for three games after video evidence showed him slap Dirk Kuyt in the face when walking to the corner flag. He briefly regained form for a few games, after he honorably decided to play a match after finding out his brother had just died which was applauded by the media. Unfortunately it didn’t last long and in 2007 he left the club, two years later Freddy Shepherd criticized him in an interview calling him a disgrace.

Andy Griffin – I am once again going to cause great controversy by putting in Andy Griffin, although he played as a right back for us, he featured as a leftback for some of his other clubs. Like Babayaro, Griffin kick-started his career with a great goal, this time against Juventus, however like Babayaro he was soon found out. He had a good work ethic and gave 100% however he lacked any real skill, and his positioning and tactics left something to be desired.

Wayne Quinn – Making only 11 appearances for the club and costing only £800,000, many could argue that you get what you pay for. However he was a poor player that after looking half decent for England B side soon spiralled down hill.

Carl Serrant – If you thought 11 appearances were bad, well this guy only managed 6. It was a pretty similar story to that of Quinn, he too started out in the England B team but like Wayne, things only got worse.

Alessandro Pistone – The final name on this weeks list, he will forever be remembered as the player Shearer gave a sheep’s heart to because “Pistone didn’t have a heart of his own”. While there was no doubt the lad had some skill, he simply didn’t have the confidence and determination required to play at this level. Some could argue that he didn’t really get a chance after being banished to the reserves by Gullit, however when Robson restored his first team place it was clear that it was time for Pistone to move on.

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Apologies for not getting this out sooner, however I have been abroad and had no internet connection while I was there. Anyway you know the drill, vote for who you think was the worst and by the end of the series we will hopefully have some great results to look at!

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31 thoughts on “When it’s bad, it’s very bad…#Leftbacks

  1. I thought it was Batty who gave Pistone the heart,but I bow to your greater knowledge and accept you learn something everyday.


  2. Just shows we have been blessed with long term left backs through recent history. Bernard, Bez and Elliott all did a good job in there.


  3. I’d just like to take an early, high approach, to state how fantastic the new mobile site is. Well done. 😎 ➡


  4. There is no doubt that Babayaro was one of the least committed players I ever had the misfortune of seeing in a black and white shirt. Think about how awful that was- Babayaro on the left and f***in Carr on the right.


  5. barton tweeted:

    Young lads played great today, fought back from 2-0 down to win 3-2! Played 30mins another goal and assist. 3 in 3! Decent


  6. apparently, our ressies played 4-3-3 with Willimason as captain… the future Barcelona in the making!


  7. 3 in 3 for Barton. If he carries on like that he’ll have to be offered a new deal surely? Maybe this is a backdoor way to an incentivised contract 😉


  8. Barton scored first, then Richardson made it 2-2 with a Phil Airey assist. Donaldson then scored his second in as many games to seal the win


  9. John Bailey! Woo hoo hoo hoo!

    His heed was massive compared to his body.


  10. For the premier though it has to be pistone for sheer lack of passion however Baba was no better.
    Only vote for one and it’s the player who was given a Sheeps heart by Shearer. Pistone!


  11. I have set up a Head to Head league which pits sides against each other with a fixture list on a weekly basis exactly the same as a standard football league works. This league will be made up of 20 teams, so is exlusive. Get in there quick. I will be posting this on each new topic until all the slots are taken. 19 to go!

    There is no prize the end of the season, just a bit of a fun.
    Joining is the same as explained on Toonsy’s article and the code is 139461-54775. 🙂


  12. i recon tavernier will play at left back tonite……jose looks like he is getting his nose pushed out.(just an opinion lads).credit to young tav!!!


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