Jose Enrique hits out at the regime

Jose a step closer to the door?
Further bad news for the club today as Jose Enrique decides to break his silence over his contract situation. Enrique has openly criticised the regime on the social networking site twitter.

A few weeks ago I saw comments from NUFC fans when Jose Enrique returned to Twitter, some of them upbeat and positive thinking that he wouldn’t be daft enough to return to Twitter and then leave. Unfortunately Enrique’s reason to return to Twitter is now clear, but it’s not the positive outlook some fans had hoped for.

Below are the comments Jose has made; Broken translation, but you’ll get the picture.

”In columbus now. I agree with the statements that echo today from Joey Barton”

What did Joey say? Well he said nothing really, he just said that he will fight for his place in the team until the end of the season, and then he will probably leave on a free but he wants to stay as he has unfinished business at Newcastle. Somehow I don’t think that Jose will be staying at all, interest in him will be rife now after his little outburst, and it’ll force our hand to sell. Also there is a remarkable difference in character between Barton and Enrique, Barton tried from January to May, and has put effort in this pre-season, the same can’t be said for Jose.

“The club is letting go of all the major players of the team. Seriously do you think it’s the fault of the players? Andy, etc etc Nobby”

These comments strike me as odd from Jose, why did he not do this when Carroll was sold? Or even when Nolan was sold, I just don’t get the reasoning for it now. Yes Carroll was our best player, but when big clubs come calling it’s hard to keep hold of them. Carroll went because Liverpool paid £35 million for somebody who was worth no more than 15-20 million, also he hardly put much of a fight up to stay, he handed in a transfer request for god sake. Nolan wanted a ridiculously long contract and he also jumped ship for a measly 5 grand a week more. We’re not just selling players left right and centre, Tiote’s still here isn’t he?

“This club will never fight again to be among the top 6 again with this policy.”

This was the easiest one to translate from Spanish. Does Jose seriously think we should be fighting among the top six at the moment, we’ve been back in the Premier League for 1 season and we’re meant to be competing with the likes of Tottenham, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man Utd, Arsenal and Man City, who for the last few seasons have been splashing cash consistently. We would have to blow a huge amount of cash to get there in the coming few seasons under ANY OWNER, so it’s hardly as easy as Jose makes it sound.

“I believe that you, the fans are the best and you deserve the best for what you are doing with the club. Thank you all for supporting me”

Is this a farewell? It really seems like one to me, which saddens me. I really thought that Jose was one of our loyal players, before half way through last season; he repeatedly spoke of how he loved the club, the city and the fans.

Without his season in the Championship Jose would have been nothing, nobody wanted him. He would have went back to Spanish football and been an average left back, instead we kept him and he developed into a great left back – one of the best in the league in my opinion. He obviously doesn’t remember how poor he was in our relegated season; he’s getting a tad too big for his boots.

“They have given me the money I have already. They lie all the time. But is not for money is because they don’t want to spend money in the club.”

If this is true, which it probably is, it’s just daft. The fact we’d supposedly offered him a “very good deal” which is the same as his current deal is laughable, the thing is, I actually wouldn’t put it past Ashley.He probably thinks what he’s on already is enough; but if we’re trying to keep him we’re going to have to improve his wages surely. The reality is, none of us actually know his current wage or what he has been offered, so that’s where I will leave it.

I know some will think this is a good thing – because he’s spoken out against the regime, but I just think it’s utterly pointless. They’re not going to change because of this, but it just gives Jose the easy way out as they probably will want to move him on.

I know Ashley isn’t blameless, he’s always at the forefront of problems, but I think that Jose has taken this too far, and his unprofessionalism is going to effect the team – and not Ashley. It doesn’t annoy me so much that Jose wants to better himself and play Champions League football, the annoying thing is he’s clearly returned to Twitter for this reason – to cause a stir.

The likelihood is a few weeks down the line he will be sold, which will be good for 2 out of 3 parties, Ashley and Enrique will be chuffed, both getting money, the fans however are the losers in this. Hopefully his thoughts are not echoed by his best mate, and captain Fabricio Coloccini otherwise the team morale may take a battering.

As you can tell I’m not very happy with Jose, what are your views?

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144 thoughts on “Jose Enrique hits out at the regime

  1. Boater, did you mean ‘of’ paragraphs? Condescending or what?

    We do not attract top players. We need to look at players who are on the up and if we can get them at a good price then great. Unfortunately this means that sometimes we will put these players in the ‘shop window’ and some will want to leave to move on to ‘bigger clubs’ or for more money. That is the way football works – sad but true.
    Liverpool and Sunderland’s owners have a high risk strategy, which if it fails will leave them in bother. We tried that for 20 odd years and it brought us limited on field success (not true success but entertainment) but left us financially screwed and if it wasn’t for Ashley we would have been another Leeds or Portsmouth. Time to try something else.
    We may sign 3 or 4 more players before the window shuts or we may sign no-one. Maybe the actions and twatters of current players will put good players off signing for us.
    Never mind one question for Mike Ashley, how about one question for us fans – who realistically would you sign with the £35m and would they come?


  2. Toonsy – you keep repeating that, what does it matter if is saying it now… he has had enough. What a weird assortment of pro-Ashley denialists there are on here.


  3. Funky,
    The reason we don’t sell the likes of Smith, Perch etc. is that they are crap and no-one wants them – at least no-one who can afford the daft wages we have put them on.


  4. I d sell enrique tomorrow but it looks like he overvalues himself as it appears no cl clubs have been in for him. Be a man and put in a transfer request instead of whinging on twitter. Bet it makes the new lads feel great that jose thinks their singings arent ambitious enough


  5. Knocky – Leeds, Portsmouth, yeah yeah. You forgot to mention – Owen and Luque and the other expensive flops as a reason to never spend a solitary penny on transfer fees again – y’know in case we end up like Leeds or whatever.

    Sorry man I do see the wider financial and historical context of what is happening, I do get it.

    £35mil win fall treasure chest – gone AWOL – bar some comical and spin by Pardew. Signing section REMOVED, Journalists BANNED – key figures replaced one by one.. along with new contracts denied to anyone over 27. I know, I know Alan Smith…. but for every Smith there is a Speed, Shearer and Solano who contributed every week well into their 30s. It’s not football it’s about recouping costs and to be honest – yes, about getting one over the supporters that he has grown to resent more and more.


  6. Pro-Ashley denialists 🙄

    The catchphrase to describe those who have a differing opinion… Despite knowing feck all about me and how I’ve not bought any nufc merchandise in years as my little protest, but do go on….


  7. Also this is how football will always be. Unless they bring in a salary cap or a system along the lines of Rugby League. Wigan were buying up all the best players because they were the best and biggest club and paid the biggest wages. The salary cap has given us a very competitive Super League, where many teams are competitive. It took Wigan maybe 10 years to win the Super League once the restrictions came in, but few can argue (possibly only Wigan themselves) that it hasn’t been better for the sport of Rugby League. As it happens, Wigan are again back on top, thanks to a period of player development and careful buying.
    A salary cap in football – no chance, sadly.


  8. Didn’t expect this from Jose at all, dunno how people can agree with what he’s said. The only reason he got twitter back was to do this – slag the club off, people who pay his wages, is there any where else where you can slag off your employers and get away with it?

    Jose said the club are not bringing in quality players, I’m this will make him a popular figure among the camp, hopefully Demba sticks a nut on him.

    He’s a little coward, to say what he said then to delete his account, he needs to grow a pair and think who stuck by him when he first came here and was a pile of rubbish, ah I forgot theres no loyalty in football stupid me…

    March last year:

    “I could stay here for the rest of my career because of the warmth I feel”

    Jose would fit in well at Liverpool with Carroll, two lieing cowards who I hope fail in everything they do.


  9. By the way, apologies for knocking the article. It is well written and the author has the right to voice their own opinion.

    And Knocky – you make your points well. I don’t happen to agree with the ‘remember the state the club was in’ argument as a one-size-fits-all response to every action taken by him subsequently. Hitler started off by leading Germany out of a crippling recession.


  10. Actual money aside, only Sunderland and Norwich have brought in more players than us and Liverpool have also brought in 4, the same number as us.


  11. AndrewNUFC – Presumably you think Keegan, Shearer, Barton, Nolan, and Routledge are all lying ingrates who don’t have the interests of the club at heart. Jose is speaking out BECAUSE he values the club and it’s supporters. Good on him for speaking out.

    How many valued NUFC voices will it take for you to WISE THE FUNK UP to the lying and cynicism of the Ashley regime?


  12. Knocky – not many other teams had lost 23 goals from their first team and had £35mil in incoming transfer revenue.

    If we had not even bloody sold Carroll I’d be thinking where is the FUNKING transfer money? 35mil to burn and bringing in walking wounded and freebies is a funking disgrace on a whole other level.


  13. BOATER

    Don’t twist my words.

    Jose has every right to speak his opinion, but to say the players we’ve signed are not quality is disgraceful.

    He doesn’t value the club at all to create a twitter account, slag his employers off who pay his wages, then to slag his team mates off then delete the account – you think thats having the club at heart?

    What he said was nothing more than a publicty stunt to get himself a move, he hasn’t had the club at heart for months.


  14. Doesn’t matter how wise we become, we cant change the way it is, so nay point keep moaning about it.
    You do have one choice tho and thats to stay away on match days.
    Wont happen tho, as we just keep on bending over and taking a good shafting. Gives us something to bitch about after all. 😥


  15. Boater- is it possible for a prem lge owner to run a club without spending his own money? Or do all clubs need to be run like manc ali shitty?
    Is that what you would prefer for NUFC?


  16. Toonsy why all the accusations that these comments are solely self serving from Jose? He can have his move anytime he wants, with or without any board bashing. What is it that he stands to gain so much from these tweets that you refuse to acknowledge any truth in or real reason for stating them?

    JJ you can add her majesty’s courts to your list of parties that have called our wonderful owner out for directly lying about the running club. Good to know however after reading this that they are all wrong and Enrique is just trying to get himself to Liverpool.

    Simple way to look at the Carroll cash, we’re 35 million closer to our next owner. Club is sold the moment he can get his money back, this kitty definitely helps.


  17. Jose has been a bit of a [email protected] of late, and I think he’s thinking he’s a lot better than he actually is. Getting tired of this love the club love the fans/evil Ashley stuff, if you want to stay for us then stay, otherwise don’t patronise us.

    Anyway Ashley is clearly f*cking a lot of people over, so meh.


  18. time to go you prick, his mind been gone since big nose said it’s a done deal anyway, this is just a excuse so fuk off. carroll left for money nolan left because he didn’t get a 5 year deal which imo is the right desision by the club, we’ve brought in improvements and got more creativity in the team we’ve got a lot of good young players coming through and it’s looks like erding might be coming to. jose is good but LB is not as important as central position’s, we’d get a good replacement for under 10 mil, i think izagerra from celtic would be ideal.


  19. For those that say the Carroll money wont be spent i have 1 question. Is the transfer window closed ? we all know that most of the big deals are made in the last couple of weeks . What we have done is move quickly for free and cheap quality players before they were snapped up by other teams . Lets face it which premiership teams outside the top 6 would have turned down Ba and Marv for nothing ?
    As for Enrique i say fcuk him , lets face it He said he would talk about a new contract when we were safe then changed to we will talk after the end of the season . So who is the real lair now .Yes Ashley has a history but the likes of Judas ,Tug boat , Barton and Enrique are using that now to try for a massive pay day out of Ashley or walking for a big pay day some where else then blaming Ashley for letting them go . Tug boat was lucky that his ex Bolton boss was willing to give him it and if Barton and Enrique really wanted to stay the contracts they were offered would of been signed by now ,but instead they use Tweeter to try and drum up interest from other clubs .Twattters one and all .No player should be holding the club to ransom .


  20. Ashley sees God ,ask will NUFC ever win champions league ,God says yes but not in your lifetime.Then asks will my actions ever make me popular with the fans,God replies yes but not in my lifetime.


  21. @axel

    They joined the club because they thought the club had ambition.

    They left or are leaving because they see they haven’t.

    Simples 😕


  22. Went away for the weekend and come back to an episode of eastenders! Newcastle lose friendly, Barton to man u, another player on tour leaves, reserves are better than first team, Enrique apparently uses his twitter account to blast owners, and erdinc fee agreed for the 20th time!

    Got to love it though… We are never far from entertainment!



  23. I’m not sure it’s entertainment Liam…

    Frankly the constant negativity that surrounds this club is really starting to get on my t1ts…there’s always some drama that only serves to undermine everyone involved with the Newcastle.


  24. @AndrewNUFC
    When did he slag the new players coming in, he criticized the club for selling major players. If Cabaye turns out to be good MA will sell him and buy a younger and cheaper player stating “The contract was there, he didnt want to sign”…..

    Jose is slagging off this policy and Joey shares the same feeling, the only difference is that Joey wants to stay at the club and Jose wants out….
    Kevin Nolan acted in a dignified manner, completed his move and then explained his reasons and still gets slagged off….

    Mike Ashley and Derek Llambais are proven A-Grade Certified liars, it was not difficult for me to chose sides…..


  25. No way in the wide world would Jose bother to do what is alleged? It is the tweets of a cretin with the IQ of a mosquito who must be wetting themselves at the amount of bites.

    There is no doubt selling Carroll for 35M and Nolan for 4M plus putting players on performance related sensible pay and buying properly is the way forward so if it is a true account who cares?

    Let’s just support the Toon


  26. load of rubbish, totally out of character for Jose – not saying he doesn’t want to leave but twatter account was obviously hacked – prob by Steve wraith
    just not joses style to publicly slag off club all of a sudden – get a grip the lot of ya


  27. LukeEdwardsTele Luke Edwards
    Told #nufc will issue some sort of statement this evening – or afternoon if you’re in America – regarding Enrique. Not gone down well!


  28. Tell ya what, in the unlikely event of his account begin hacked, it would probably be the best wind up ever 😆


  29. Hitman
    Ye, they have to think of a good lie first.

    We need to do a blog on all the lies that have been told by this regime to date. It’s getting pathetic.


  30. Just can’t see Jose making these comments, I’m sure above all else he has respect for his Captain and friends – Colo and Jonas. To make a comment about the club going nowhere and leaving his “mates” in the poop seems out of character.


  31. benny fergie guthrie injured jose leaving ,who else is gonna leave or get injured ,i see a crackin season ahead 😆 😆 get on 14th too 17th 😉


  32. I agree with Jose, we won’t be top 6 with Ashley’s policy/Arsenal jr. in place… Arsenal may not even be in the top 6 in 2 years way they’re going. As Man City already proved, there are plenty of loop holes in the new Plantini rules that city, chelsea, manure, real etc I’m sure have already found. No matter what the 2 idiots who “head” fifa say.. the billionaires will still rule and you need to spend to win… that simple.


  33. oh wait we still have 35 days of the transfer window left no problem ,plenty of time too get players in 😆 😆 😆


  34. Makes me giggle when people bang on about lies. Its like its a new thing. Im surprised that there are so many people out there who are so prim and proper and have never lied before. Either that or there are so many hypocrites out there 😆

    You know how I deal with it? I don’t really pay attention to what they say. Dimples. You don’t feel let down then. Still, I’ll keep my eyes out for an honest billionaire for you all 😆


  35. and f#ck that “my account was hacked” bullshi!t Jose pulled. I would say the same thing…”yeeahhhh…my twitter account was hacked… with comments in spanish..then english…..yeah that sound believable”


  36. JJ – the club have difficult decisions to make and ultimately they have to find the money to back each decision up.

    Talk Sport this morning – Alan Brasil stated that he has it on good authority that the club have had enough of all the constant slagging and moaning or morons. I agree with them. Time for fans to support the club or f off to another.

    They don’t understand how lucky we are, where we are v where we could have been / could be. We NEED to be a sustainable club its an ideal everyone should strive for.


  37. It was proven in the law courts that they are liars so why are people so shocked now?

    I’ve never lied…oh wait just have 🙄 😉


  38. Who can honestly put there hands up and say they think Nolan was our best player? Better than Collo, Benny, Tiote, Barton? Madness.

    Really getting quite sick of reading all the posts about the lying board and how hard done to the players are. Bollox.

    Why do any of us fans care how much these players get paid? They get far too much anyway, but we are there to support the team, irrespective of who is in it and how much they get paid. Crazy. I will comment on transfers etc after the window.

    I wana be on BSN9’s bus. So much good feeling


  39. There’s a huge difference between being sustainable and being run like a business. What do the real books look like without all the shady “oh all the contracts have been paid in full for 5 years?”. We Are God Damn Newcastle United!.. not fucking Wal Mart or Sports Chalet!!


  40. Toonsy…not bad mate, just been busy in UK, will get on more when I get back to sunny Spain at the weekend 😎


  41. People slag on Nolan’s goal return last year… but between Nolan and Carroll we had what.. 20 goals before Feb?? Nolan wasn’t going to start this year… but we have no one up front.. unless wor Sammy rises to the occasion.


  42. oh dear – the doom and gloom merchants are loving it, Joses said nothing about the contract situation and all of a sudden people want to think he’ll come out on twitter and slag the club off.
    There’s been a ton of people hacked on twatter, its not hard as you already have their username so can just run a password hacker against it
    Comments made sound more like Steve Wraith rubbish that Jose especially given that even back in the day when Jose was very active on twatter he never responded to fans, too many toon supporters love negative news and want to believe all things bad

    Ultimately I think Jose will be off somewhere but doubt very much he’ll slag off the club ala Duff


  43. Sorry witters i find it entertaining imagine being a bolton fan….work would drag! nothing in the news! 😆

    Lads lets have a little recap;

    enrique will probably go – we should have a replacement lined up.
    Erdinc will probably sign
    we may see a winger turn up aswell. To be honest id prefer another striker

    Think thats about as good as it will get.


  44. Stardust – I agree. I am happy to have a club to support and it is starting to boil my pi$$ all this talk of lying and how we must spend big or they are killing the club. Wrong. We were in so much debt we were on the edge. We must just take stock and think. We are still in a transitional phase.


  45. the Club has known Jose’s leaving for 6 months now….yet have no replacement yet (Ferguson is a winger)…when was our last good LB? Bernard pt 1…that was a long ass time between good LBs


  46. Stardust – what else did he say then? Was he suggesting they would sell? Was it directed at unhappy players or supporters?


  47. @stardust

    You really are a clueless creep. 👿

    You dont even go to the games yet you urge those that do, who have every right to criticise the club, to support another club. 👿

    All I ask is for Ashley to cut his losses and sell up and find another club.
    He is a despicable liar and treats the fans with contempt.


  48. If true, it’s a pretty damning indictment of the Ashley regime that gets plenty of support from a number of other sources.

    However, I wonder why Jose used Twitter. Wouldn’t it have been better to call a press conference and hire a translator? I mean, why can’t he come out and say it in a forum where there can be no doubt what he thinks and whether he said it or not.

    Instead he uses the most discredited rumour mongering medium on the planet. It makes me think he is making sure he has a place to hide if it all goes pear-shaped.

    Can’t imagine the club will let this one slide without a comment or some sort of reprimand, if indeed he did say these things.


  49. @stardust

    Fans want to hear the truth and not flagrant lies.

    We aren’t asking for us to spend huge amounts of cash. We are asking for the Carroll money to be reinvested in the playing side.
    We’ve made £4m on Nolan plus wages on transfers. That’s well over £40m and if we’ve spent £15m of that then I will be amazed. 🙄



  50. Raffo – yeah indicated they were sick and had had enough (might want out) Brasil said if the “morons” realised all they’d done they wouldn’t be getting grief

    Booby – the only true thing you’ve said – I was gutted when Hughton went but I support NUFC not one man


  51. I’m glad José has spoken out, if indeed this is all attributable to him, as it confirms on what basis how many of us feel the club is being run. Through bare faced lies.

    As for the article…

    It’s no coincidence that José’s sensational form dipped around the time that Pardew replaced Hughton and Carroll was sold. I can’t believe nobody has questioned why this has happened. Seems strange considering the total commitment he had and passion he played with up to that point.

    The club is letting go of the players.. I wouldn’t expect any player to have spoken out about the Carroll transfer immediately, as it happened right at the end of the window, and there were concrete assurances from the club that ALL of this money would be spent on transfers? Everybody conveniently forgetting that these days it seems? Having received those assurances, those players with ambition would be rightly expecting some decent transfer activity this summer. However, through time it’s becoming pretty apparent through embarrasingly spun statements via Pardew that we aren’t going to spend… If I were José I too would be wondering what the hell was going on.

    This guy wants to play for this club, but he wants us to be challenging for European football, or at least showing that we are trying. He’s not had the slightest reassurance that is the case, and now those broken promises are forcing him into a position whereby he’s feeling he wants out. Not because he doesn’t want to be here, but because it’s dawning more and more each day the extent to which the club lacks ambition, and that lies aren’t just restricted to the manager and supporters.

    José doesn’t say we should automatically be in the top 6 does he? You’ve distorted his words. He has said the club, under this regime, will never again show ambition to fight to be among that top 6. A very different thing.

    If, as a club with a passionate support of 52,000 we can never again even attempt to aim for the top 6, what is the point? What is the point in this game if there is not the slightest desire to go there?

    It sounds like the strategy is just to be in the Premier League and no more. I’d have to question the ambition of any player who didn’t question that approach.

    As for the farewell, I think you’ve totally embarrassed yourself by saying José would be nothing without his season in the Championship. You think that talent he had would never have emerged somewhere else, and that the massive experience he gained from playing in the tin pot Championship is what made him the player he is today?

    You really think that? Good grief.

    Maybe this isn’t the easy way out for José. Maybe he does actually care and love the club, and us fans. Maybem just maybe, he is actually torn. He knows he has ability, but he also knows his career is limited and under this regime the club and his career is going nowhere, so if he doesn’t leave, he’ll just end up finishing season after season in 10th-16th position, watching player after player sold on?

    Again, if he didn’t have serious concerns, I’d have to question his mentality and ambition.

    I love the fact he’s done this. If we were a well run club, and he was unjustified then I’d be pretty peed off, as it is unprofessional. However, we are far from a well run club, we have an owner and his cohorts who constantly lie, feed us, the media and the players spin (aka LIES), and we have the audacity to have a go at any players who speak out against this joke of a management team? Let them all speak out, for if they had nothing to speak out against there would be silence.

    The MASSIVE irony of this whole thing, is that he is potentially the best left back we’ve ever had, he’s ambitious and he loves the club. If we showed him even a glimpse of a blueprint that we are prepared to match that passion and ambition, I’d be willing to bet he’d stay.

    Still José’s fault?


  52. “the only true thing you’ve said – I was gutted when Hughton went but I support NUFC not one man”

    It is not ‘supporting NUFC’ to continually act like a docile, unthinking sheep.
    You are not helping the club by endorsing every bad decision made by the owner, in fact you are empowering him to make more bad decisions.

    I don’t care if Ashley remains the owner AS LONG AS HE MAKES DECISIONS IN THE INTEREST OF IMPROVING NUFC.
    If he continues to make decisions that harm the club, if he continues to lie and continues to lack any credible ambition then he is harmful to the club and it is my right to speak out about this.

    if you DON’T speak out about things that are wrong or are damaging to the club YOU ARE COMPLICIT IN ALLOWING THOSE THINGS TO HAPPEN.

    Ashley is currently part of this club but not that does not mean he is good for this club. It does not mean that supporting the club means you must agree with him.

    Wake up you silly sheep.

    Cancer is a natural part of the host organism. Nobody who gets cancer says ‘oh its alright cancer is part of me so I must go blindly along with the damage it causes’.
    You try to cut it out or stop the damage before it kills you.


  53. Pootle “t is not ‘supporting NUFC’ to continually act like a docile, unthinking sheep.”

    Oh my I hope the irony isn’t lost on you.

    You’re comment is so biased its like the cancer to which you refer – perhaps some of the fans should be cut from the club as they contribute nothing but negativity and disharmony.


  54. Pootle – oh my – disarmed with a lack of information again – stop – its too much

    I’m sure Universal Studio’s need someone to play Cheetah in Tarzan the Movie though – so you do have a future 🙂


  55. Pootle says:
    July 25, 2011 at 14:20

    I think he goes now and again – it was just under FFS that he stopped supporting the team by not going in some sort of futile protest.

    People are doing exactly the same now by not going but he doesn’t see the hypocrisy in that one.

    More dignity needed for the man in the string vest please…


  56. I know Stu. The reason he can’t see what is now plainly obvious to most fans, is that his tongue is so far up Ashley’s backside all he can see are his bumcheeks.

    Meanwhile the majority of us who CAN see what is going on and don’t conform to the Ashley sheep realise S the choice between Shepherd’s style and Ashley’s style is no choice at all.

    It’s like choosing between cancer of the lung or cancer of the liver. Either way, if you give it enough time you’re done for.


  57. i think jose is annoyed we dont seem to have enough ambition didnt he say he was waiting to see how the money gets spent before he decides on his contract and well we havent spent the money like promised and sold our captain so it doesnt really look like were trying to make much progress. if we sell enrique are we really going to use all the say 10 12 million we get on a replacement or even on players i dont i think we’ll get a cheap replacement and lied to again


  58. You’re right Japnufc.
    There are a flock of silly sheep n here who will try to put the blame for everything this current mob do everywhere except the place it belongs.

    They blame greedy players.
    They blame greedy agents.
    They blame Shepherd.
    They blame Hall.
    They blame Keegan.
    They blame Hughton.
    They blame Owen, Xisco etc.
    They blame Carroll.
    They blame Jose.
    They blame the astroturf.
    They even blame the fans, for gods sake.

    When are they going to admit they might just be wrong?
    How many years of the ‘five year plan’ to we have to bear before we see somthing that approaches credible planning?
    How many more lies do we have to hear and how many more examples of poor planning and bad management do we have to suffer before they put the blame where it belong?



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