Oh Newcastle we love you!

Mr T- fancy doing this again next month?
Is it the 13TH of August yet? OK so there are a few weeks until the start of the new Premier League season and I’m literally counting down the days. With little news about that hasn’t been covered I thought I’d stick up a thread for the fellow insomniacs out there.

It’s strange how important football is to me and always has been, it’s as if a little part of me goes to sleep when the season is over and I don’t really know what to do with myself on a Saturday. Even the build up to pre-season time excites me.

To be honest though I hate losing even when were playing a friendly, needless to say I was beyond dis satisfied with the result in Orlando on Saturday evening. Despite it being like a million degrees and playing on artificial turf, I must confess I was a little peeved with the 1-0 loss. That’s not me being deluded and expecting too much, it’s just me wanting to see every team representing the club to win at all times.

But just seeing the lads in black and white,kicking a ball around reminds me how much I’m looking forward to the new season arriving. I wont be at the Arsenal game sadly but I’ll be sat in front of ESPN with a beer in hand that’s for certain, I’ll maybe even be joined by Toonsy with the wind in the right direction.

I remember my Dad always saying to me to use the close season as a time to relax and have a break from the stress the game can bring. I think he said it because he witnessed me going foul on multiple occasions when we lost games and it was never an experience he enjoyed. I must say in my defense he did see a happy MarkToon when we came out with a decent result, so it wasn’t all bad news for him.

I think when my Dad said that he failed to think about off field stresses that still occur when the season is over. Of course this close season hasn’t been much different, we have learnt that our player of the year isn’t being offered a new deal despite wanting to stay at the club, our captain has been sold, the Jose Enrique saga.. you get the picture.

I just want to take the opportunity to say my Dad was the most knowledgeable football man I have ever met and he taught me well both playing and supporting the game. RIP Dad, miss you every minute of every day. I only mention this because football for me has been the best distraction and probably always will be. Losing my Dad was the hardest and lowest point of my life, but writing for this blog and getting to games literally kept me going at times. It sounds corny but it’s true.

It’s like iv’e said before when we are doing well I’m likely to be the most pleasant guy but when we lose a game it literally ruins my weekend and I do need time to get over it so to speak. But regardless of the stress, tears and headaches that my beloved club have brought over the years I would be lost without Newcastle United.

I’m very much looking forward to the start of the season and as foolish as it may make me sound, I will forever be optimistic even if a little cautious and realistic about the season ahead. Saturday afternoons seem a little pointless currently do they not?

Is everyone itching for the first game now? I sure am. Sorry dudes, I haven’t written for ages and I’m no doubt very rusty. I will be back soon for more View from the away end threads- keep your eyes peeled.

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I'm Mark, I live in a little town called Rugby. I go back a long way with Toonsy, we have traveled the country together watching the lads. I eat, breath and sleep Newcastle United! Follow me on [email protected] MRStockers or add me on Facebook- Mark Stockley.

25 thoughts on “Oh Newcastle we love you!

  1. πŸ˜€ cant waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait til the season starts , its so feckn borin without football like i hate it!!! HWTL


  2. Don’t even get met started on waiting for the season…I was excited enough when I mistakenly thought we were playing another friendly tonight, despite the poor performances I just need some bloody football, really can’t wait… Plus this season I’ll hopefully be heading up for the Arsenal game…7 hour drive but its been ages, need me some football 😎


  3. Haven’t played in a proper team in years now, only have the odd kickabouts on sunny days when I aint at uni or working now πŸ˜₯


  4. Can’t wait. Hopefully will be at the Arsenal game, hopefully watching Ben Arfa… fingers crossed. Roll on Aug 13th. “TOON TOON!” πŸ™‚


  5. I was on a good long run of pick-up games twice a week. Odd sides, unpredictable quality, but really good fun. Of course, there were the inevitable injuries of the weekend warrior. Not to mention I ain’t no spring chicken.

    I’m trying to get back to playing now that my latest injury is (hopefully) behind me. Unfortunately I’m so out of shape that my fitness level now matches my skill level: woeful. Ah well, at the end of the day, it’s only a game.


  6. FSOTC, don’t get me started on fitness mate, stopped most of my sports ages ago when I was 15..tried some serious run abouts recently after years of nothing but drinking and smoking, its depressing that I was probably fitter when I was like 10 compared to now..still, given up the smokes, maybe find meself a team soon πŸ˜€

    My dad still plays 5 aside at 60, broke his wrist a few months back whilst playing in goal and the doctor told him to stop. Obviously he’s not stopping now he’s got the perfect excuse to stay out of the posts πŸ˜†


  7. Ah, but you’re still at university, so your tails of woe at your fitness are falling on deaf ears. I’m on the wrong side of 40 now, so I’m closer to your old man’s predicament than yours, probably.

    Good to hear the old fella’s still at it at age 60! My wife’s already on my back to quit!


  8. I love these late night articles πŸ˜€

    Cant wait for the new season but i have the spl as im a big Rangers fan aswell so il should be ok πŸ˜€

    and @ Newkie im the exact same, I used to be able to run for hours and play football all day. Now a days i play 20 minutes with my son in the back garden and im nackered 😳 but i have started the gym and running so hopefully il get fitter πŸ™‚


  9. I cant wait. Litually.

    And the Orlando result only pee’d my off cause the team put very little effort in.


  10. I cant wait for the simple reason it will give something else for people to focus on! It is just getting me down all the doom and gloom merchants. Whats happened has happened but we are supporters. We shouldnt be giving a flying F where the wages are coming from etc. All I know is that I will give my heart and soul to support the 18 in the matchday squad and will shout till I cant shout no more.

    On twatter, I think it was MSI Douglas who says Abied is looking the nuts in training. Could be closer to first 11 than he hoped


  11. Going to the Orlando game and then getting signatures afterwards has got me ridiculously excited to watch some premier league football again!

    I ridiculously excited for even the Leeds game!


  12. Always look forward to a season. Always have. Never quite understood what it was I was looking forward to most of the time,though. Usually it was more of the same old mid-table mediocrity, or often a relegation scrap. In the last 15 years or so there’s been more to look forward to – better teams, better football.

    And now that I can watch every game live in HD on a big screen in my living room, with a bottle of good whisky, the experience is even better than it was. Doesn’t beat being there, but I’ve learnt in life to count my blessings instead of moaning about what I don’t have (I believe there are a few people who visit this blog that have yet to learn that valuable lesson).

    I’ll be up at all hours of the night and morning, as usual, to cheer the lads on again this season, whether they are winning or losing, whether Ashley is lying or not, whether Jose is with us or against us. Newcastle United FC transcends them all.

    I’ll always be black and white. Howay les garcons!


  13. So Jose gets fined 2 weeks wages and it is around the 100k mark. Ergo, he is on Β£50k a week. Wow thats really shabby isnt it. πŸ™„


  14. Two thoughts,

    1)Pleased to read the article and show it to my wife. Now she knows its not only me who has toon induced mood swings.

    2). The huge pay rise for Enrique will put him on Β£50.000 per week according to Pardew but we have fined him two weeks wages Β£100.000 according to my maths Mr pardew you have not offered him anything more than he is already on.Perhaps sums add up differently sarf of the Tyne.Roll on Arsenal will be back in my seat in the Leazes end am that old i ignore it’s other name,stood there in 1967 sitting there now.


  15. I was watching beach soccer last night on espn, such was/is my need for football.. πŸ˜•


  16. Can’t wait for the arsenal match, got to sprint to Newcastle station after the match though, cutting it fine πŸ˜•


  17. Hey Tommy, regarding Jose’s fine?
    Where was it quoted from any Newcastle source that he had been fined? I know Pardew was unhappy with him but the fine and amount involved stink of speculative reporting to me…


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