Vote – Do you back Jose’s Twitter outburst?

What would you have done in his position?
Following on from yesterdays article and outburst from Jose Enrique I noticed there was quite a mixed reaction from fans. Some people blamed Ashley, Some people blamed Ashley but still thought Enrique was wrong to speak and others just blamed Enrique. Which poses the question, was Enrique right to speak out?

Obviously story has two sides to the it, but the club have said they’re not going to be speaking out and they’re going to keep this behind closed doors. But to be honest, I don’t think it would have mattered if the club had spoken out, I doubt many people would believe them.

Understandably a lot of fans absolutely hate Ashley, well I wouldn’t say I hated him, he’s currently at a strong dislike, but I know others that do. But if something can be blamed on Ashley it normally is, rightly or wrongly, and this time is no different.

Quite a few fans are pleased that Enrique has spoken out, as it’s letting the fans know what’s going on, and that we’re being lied to which I think a few of us already knew, Ashley has been proven a liar in court, but if I’m honest most people lie, so he’s not the only liar around. But it may have opened the eyes of some who believe everything is rosy, I’m not of that opinion, I just know things could and have been worse.

Also it was a positive actually knowing what Jose felt about the club and what was actually going on as he’s been a mute for around 6 months and just let Pardew do the talking, which is usually a recipe for disaster.

But the underlying fact is, it’s unprofessional and no matter what he’s said if you speak out against your boss it’s unprofessional, rightly or wrongly. It’s also done more good the bad, he’s criticised the quality of his team mates, so I bet they’re chuffed with him. Also I’m sure it’s really helping our team spirit out there in America, Coloccini’s got a big job on his hands.

The problem with all this in my opinion is Jose airing our dirty linen in public; I just don’t think it was really necessary. He could have been professional about this and spoke to the club behind closed doors and then if he really wanted to “show the fans what the regime is like” he could have released a statement when he left the club outlined why and then had his say, not over a social networking site.

Also the fact that he returned to twitter just speaking in Spanish and a few days later he causes a huge storm by speaking out against the club, it just seemed a bit too planned for me.

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115 thoughts on “Vote – Do you back Jose’s Twitter outburst?

  1. Nufc fans who criticise Ashley as an owner be careful what you wish for.
    It costs Ashley to be the owner of nufc rumoured to be 20 million a year.
    Some fans shout for 35 million to be spent.
    What would that get. The bin dippers have spent a 100 million in the last six months and in all probability it will take them from sixth to fifth.


  2. I for one just cant stand the LIE’S, I dont mind if some of the Judas money goes on paying the Fatman off cause the sooner he gets his wedge the sooner he can sell up and go but just tell us and dont try to talk to us like d1ckheads, telling us that all the frees we are getting are eating up the Judas money never mind the Tugboat money and the wages he is saving there. I believe that he did have hopes for the club at first but after KK etc he wants out and until that happens he will use us as an advertisment board for Sports direct there is talk of another big Sports direct sign going up to add to all the rest of them. I wouldn’t be surprised to see SD on our Shirts in the near future, we might even see Lonsdale breaking into the footie shirt market when Puma is finished



    M8- don’t agree with these comments;
    “Carroll wanted more money who can blame him for leaving” 😥
    Nolan was just a greedy c*nt who only wanted more money 🙄
    As both were our best players WHY NOT-
    Top 2 scorers 2 season in a row != promotion and survival
    Same as Joey &- is he still not our Best Player?-voted Fans player by a mile
    Promotion Earned the ? Club £40ml +- Sorry FCB
    Good players = Success = Reward !
    You can only unearth gems like TIote now and again
    FCB says NUFC is a business OK i can believe that
    Any Business with moving parts- need Maintenance and upgrades- NEW Blood – SO why not re invest- Does not make sense this policy he has adopted,Short term policy- Narrow minded thinking
    I think he is clawing back of much cash as he can the dump the club-
    i can see xmas- if new Blood carry on with there progress- Tiote and Hatem possibly Cabeye will be sold.
    48ml in player sales – [39 this yr]
    30ml per annum from sky
    25ml from Premier lg
    34ml from ticket sales
    merchandising ?
    FCB , CANNOT say we have no Money
    NO BUSINESS keep profit to set aside for wages- re invest in New product- Machinery – moving parts !! PLAYERS


  4. Newkie He could go out and buy a top class striker to replace Carroll for 2/3rds of the money we got for him, as I said there is nowt wrong with having a team full of flair players etc but you normally do a lot better when you have a top class Striker to score the goals 😉


  5. Big Dave-I’d love nothing more than if he did, but you can’t really see it can you? Plus there’s the problem in that strikers which would cost us 20mil probably wouldn’t be interested in joining us in our current situation. Its an unfortunate cycle really 😕

    Still if we get Erdinc I’ll be happy with him and Ba up front, would have liked a couple of more deals with the likes of Zog though… 🙄


  6. Spence thinks he can kick the back of your seat but I told him that Bobby would throw him off, thats if you or Ice didn’t clip him round the ear 😆


  7. Well young Spence hows the coffee smell nice isn’t it, and it taste even better especially after having such a dry throat from the sand 😉


  8. Big Dave, i’m not 100% doom and gloom and all that, just realised that the club will make exuses over and over to why players we’re sold and why we didnt sign players, and them exuses will be BS.


  9. Spence I was pretty optimistic all last season and thought that the Fatman would realise that by investing the Judas money on quality players we could really push on this season. But I just cant see it happening 👿


  10. “Big Dave
    July 25, 2011 at 22:03

    Spence I was pretty optimistic all last season and thought that the Fatman would realise that by investing the Judas money on quality players we could really push on this season. But I just cant see it happening 👿 ”

    Ditto Big Dave, even if he spend the 35mil it would still have equated to a net spent of fack all and no capital outlay in three seasons.


  11. “Toby le Rhone
    July 25, 2011 at 21:07

    Nufc fans who criticise Ashley as an owner be careful what you wish for.
    It costs Ashley to be the owner of nufc rumoured to be 20 million a year.”

    Bullshit, only cost him money initially because of his own cock ups. Thats has nothing to do with the fans.


  12. I for one just cant stand the LIE’S
    what do you expect? We are run by a casino operator (and a gambler)- pretty much the one occupation where deception is encouraged.


  13. I personally don’t understand why Enrique has come out with this outburst seems odd. Not sure that he thinks he is better than he really is.

    Don’t forget no one has bid for him yet!


  14. 😯 As for the Fatman having to invest his own money into his own club, did he not allready state that he was willing to invest £??mill every year of his own money ? from what I can gather all he has been doing is loaning the club money 😕


  15. As with all these things we will only know the extent of mike ashleys spending when he has done and gone with another chairman in place.

    He is a tool yes but let’s not forget shepherd could be a tool aswell. Just think If ashley always gets stick he won’t reinvest more into squad!

    If I was in his position and the fans moaned whatever I did I wouldn’t want to pay into it.

    I suppose here’s hoping he will give up! 😆


  16. I believe that he did have hopes for the club at first but after KK etc he wants out and until that happens he will use us as an advertisment board for Sports direct

    BINGO! well put and exactly what I’ve always thought. I think he bought the club with good intentions- brings Keegan back, splashes 16M of so on Collo and Jonas, sits with the supporters, generally enjoying himself. Then he realised how bad the finances were, the Keegen mess, the protests, he can no longer come to the matches, and suddenly he isn’t having fun anymore. So he tries to sell but the finaces are so f’ed up there are no takers. So now he is trying to put the finances in order so he can sell, which means staying in the Prem a few years with as little investment as possible. In meantime, why not do what you can to profit from your real money maker (Sports Direct).

    The thing for me is that it doesn’t really bother me that much because at least the finances will get sorted sooner rather than later and we can then push on- with or without him.


  17. Great thread Jobey, and some great comments from everyone!

    I voted no. Got into any job and nowadays you are likely to have to sign which prohibits you from talking about work or giving anything anyway. To me Jose has breached confidentiality and should be punished for it.

    At the end of the day he may have a point, but he also has a responsibility to his employers whilst they are still his employers. Barton cottoned onto that sharpish and stopped.

    As I said last night, if anyone thinks Jose is doing this for the fans then they will be sadly mistaken. It’s for himself and himself alone that these comments have been made. Coming from a bloke who has been bailed out repeatedly by his team-mated for the last six or so months I find it quite ironic.


  18. Anybody talking about this objectively is steadily losing the plot regards what we are. We are supporters of a football club not businessmen or employers. Was it unprofessional? Yes. How exactly does that effect us? Is he not just confirming what most of us already know? Or is it a huge conspiracy amongst bitter players?

    At what point does he pick out individuals for criticism? He is telling it like it is. To kick on what we need strength in depth and quality at that.

    I’m glad he spoke out and I believe him or over the board any day of the week anyway. Does he want away? Clearly. Is the goal merely manufacturing a move? I don’t believe that. Will it happen now anyway? Probably.

    I’m starting to despair at those sympathising with those in charge of our club. This pre-season is on the brink of becoming a complete shambles at best and at worst could be setting us up for a nightmare start to the campaign to boot.

    Cue Erdinc or A.N.Other to arrive and blindside the more trusting amongst our support, who will conveniently miss the one out/one in policy on display all of a sudden.

    I used to enjoy blogging but I’m beginning to wonder if ignorance of others views was perhaps bliss. Of course, I’m sure the reverse is true. Pfffftt…


  19. Bowburn…agree with alot of what you say, but as we have a completely full 25 man squad(might be 26 we actually have) then we have to have a one out one in policy….obviously that’s fine and is the way to do things if the ones going out are the lesser quality fringe players and are replaced by good quality players who’ll challenge for the first team, but is that the Newcastle way?, I’d like to think so and we’ll know come the 31st of August, I for one won’t be holding my breath though 😥


  20. Don’t agree with it at all, 35 million for Carroll no one could turn down, Kevin Nolan, as good as a captain he may have been, he really wasn’t a good player, when he didn’t score goals he was totally ineffective, Jose wants an excuse to leave and thinks this is the best way to force a move, kinda remember him saying if we were safe he’d stay, he’s full of shit, and to slag off your employer on a website shows he doesn’t have any class, we all know Ashley is greedy, Jose just sounds like a bitter child.


  21. I don’t mind quite a few players have spoken out. Ironically I think it’s likely the outspoken players who more often than not like the club and really like/respect the fans. Carroll apparently tried to let the fans know his hand was turned when sold, ‘make sure the fans know I didn’t want to leave’. If I was a red man I’d of been gutted. Nolan said he ‘didn’t feel wanted’ when our he was sold to West Ham. Barton on a few occasions… now Enrique. Take into account all these players saw Houghton sacked also. No evident substancial search to reinvest in the important players sold. They see no ambition and only lies or twisted truth from Ashley. Disheartened and fully frustrated players!


  22. Get rid. He’s making a mug outta the club now, hungry for the pound.

    What about goin for Luke Young as cover for both right and left back, will push Simpson I’m sure.
    31 I think and against the boards policy but would probably pick him up for 1.5 million. Worked under pardew before at charlton.


  23. Last time i checked it out, the people in the UK still have a democratic society with freedom of speech, right ?
    As for being disrespectfull, i believe respect is something that’s earned and i dont remember any time Ashley has shown the least respect for either players, managers or fans.
    In which case Jose has every right to voice an opinion, not only that he has had the audacity to criticise the cheapass management policies of our owner, something many of us do on these blogs on a daily basis.
    We are so used to the badge kissing types who voice the standard bullshit how much they love the club and the fans are the best in the world.
    That when we hear a player voice his true feelings, people dont know how to react, perhaps we should have a bit more of it, would certainly lift the veil of silence and give some understanding as to whats going on to the fans.
    Cause if we are to rely on getting any info From Ash.,Owl Heed or our pathetic walkie talkie manager, we are outta luck.
    But then what do i know ?


  24. I think Jose has been a bit unprofessional, perhaps a tad stupid. But I also think it’s highly unprofessional for a boss to mislead his employees and other stakeholders (ie, in this case, us fans).

    As for whether Ashley is profiting from sales… yeah, he probably is. Every other owner/chairman has taken the club for what they can get so I doubt whether he is any different.

    However, I don’t for one moment believe that he is deliberately trying for mediocrity. Success will make him more money. And if he succeeds, imagine the kudos in the business world. I don’t like the way he does things either, but just because he doesn’t run the club the way I want him to run it doesn’t mean he is wrong.

    Much of what I see written about Ashley on here reminds me of kids having tantrums because they can’t get their own way. And those kids probably also think their issues are real.


  25. Enrique has been a little unprofessional. He’s playing poker with some big sharks. This outburst is a sign that his resolve has cracked. I think Jose was expecting big clubs to be falling over themselves for his signature and it hasn’t happened.

    As we all know, he’s one of the highest paid left backs in the league, which explains no further increase in his wages, or other clubs queuing for his signature.

    We all like a pay rise, but some roles do have a wage ceiling. Enrique now needs to knuckle down. If things were as bad as he makes out, working at the club would be untenable for him.


  26. José has probably been a little unwise to do what he did it seems. But then again, has he?

    I believe he wants to stay at Newcastle United, but only if the club is run properly, and for the benefit of us AS a football club. i.e. to be ambitious and try to achieve (within realistic means).

    José’s frustrations are just a reflection of the mess behind the scenes. Ashley & co. have proven to be liars in court many times over. Confessing that they have purposely misled their manager, the media and us fans, and every week that goes by it seems there is just more and more spin to cover the backtracking and obvious desire to avoid spending any money, regardless of previous promises and needs for squad additions.

    Now one player dares to bring up the fact he feels he and his professional colleagues are also being lied to, and there’s a torrent of abuse for him?

    Hang on a minute… Errr, don’t we want to know that the players are being lied to? Don’t we want to know that they are all sold contracts on the basis that Carroll won’t be sold, or that when he was that all the money will be reinvested in the team, so they can look forward to progressing?

    I know if I was a player I’d be seriously pee’d off with the way things were going. Why do you think Barton refrained from signing a while back? They want to know if there is any ambition there, which it appears there isn’t. Worse than that, they’re obviously lying to everyone now, and it can only go on so long.

    Thumbs up for José from me. The lad has ambition and desperately wants us (the club) to have it too. It seems most on here would rather hang on the every word of proven liars.


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