When it’s bad, It’s very bad…#Midfielders

If only they were half as good as Rob...
I was originally going to do three separate articles for central midfielders, right midfielders and left midfielders; however I have decided to just do one and include them all. The reason for this is while I could think of a few poor central midfielders, I can’t think of many left midfielders so the articles would be a bit uneven.

This time around you can vote for FOUR players of your choice so be sure to think long and hard about who gets your vote.

Geremi – In his prime he was a decent player that Chelsea managed to utilise very well, however when he joined us many thought he was already past his sell by date. Whilst he still had the technique and ability to put in a good ball, he lacked in terms of pace, stamina and skill, which makes it even more of a mystery that he managed to keep his place on the wing for two full seasons.

Clarence Acuna – A theme which is extremely common in this series, is players that start off well and slowly fade away, this is definitely the case for Acuna. He settled in pretty well alongside Gary Speed and fellow South American Solano, however he soon found himself stuck on the bench and the games he did play resulted in him being hauled off after half time. His relationship with the board also took a hit when he was arrested for drink driving whilst wearing a Captain Hook outfit (eye patch and everything!).

Christian Bassedas – Newcastle fans had high hopes for Bassedas who had established himself as an Argentinean international and had won the league in his own country. What they did not expect though, was only 24 appearances and 1 goal in three years at the club, which left a bad taste in supporters’ mouths. It was a mixture of very poor form and a series of injuries that blighted his time here at the club and he retired soon after.

Silvio Maric – There’s not really much to say about the Croation Midfielder, he only managed 23 appearances for the club, a lot of them from the bench. In his one season at the club he failed to make any real impression and couldn’t hold down a first team place. Many fans feel his short stay on Tyneside was epitomised by his shocking miss in the F.A cup final against Man United.

Hugo Viana – He arrived on an unbelievable wave of hype after his outstanding performances at the European Championships (There’s a rumour that we chose him over Cristiano Ronaldo…). Like so many others before him, he just didn’t have the stamina or strength required to play in the Premier League, perhaps if he had chosen a different club over us he could have made a real name for himself. He was one of Sir Bobby Robson’s few mistakes in the transfer market, costing a hefty £8.5million. Another thing to note was he needed an extra second to make a pass or shoot which was something you simply couldn’t have at this level.

Amdy Faye – Faye was never going to be one of our greats, or even a good player, as he was brought in as cover for our midfield. In his 31 games here he failed to win over the fans, and although he always gave his all, he just didn‘t have the ability and for that reason he was quickly sold after his first season.

Fumaca – Sir Bobby did a huge amount of good things for this club, however his first signing in the form of Fumaca was certainly not one of them. His stay on Tyneside was extremely short lived, only making five appearances for us and even those were blighted by mistakes and lack of effort from the Brazilian.

Diego Gavilan – The Paraguayan international was only 19 when we snapped him up from a club in his homeland for £2 million. He was thrown straight into the hot seat for his debut against Sunderland which ended in a 2-2 draw; however he was virtually invisible the entire match. One of the reasons he was held in such high acclaim in his own country was because of his speed, now speed is a great attribute for a football but he was also very lightweight. This wasn’t so much of a problem in his own country as the game over there revolves more around skill and flair, but over here he simply couldn’t deal with the physical side of the game and played only 7 games for us.

Georgios Geordiadis – I suppose if you’re a Greek Geordie then there isn’t really a better name than Georgios Geordiadis. Unfortunately he couldn’t live up to his name and the right winger only played ten games in the Black and White stripes which is ten too many in my opinion. Before he left he did experience an FA cup final which is something to brag about although his performance during the final is certainly not something to tell the grandkids, and since then he has been capped 61 times for Greece.

Ignachio Gonzalez“I was being asked to sanction the signing of a player in order to ‘do a favour’ for two South American agents. No-one at the club had seen this player play and I was asked to sign him on the basis of some clips on You Tube”

Those are the words of Keegan and a Premier League Tribunal ruled that Keegan had been forced to make the transfer and awarded him compensation. Also for me, the signing of this player sums up everything that is wrong with the Ashley regime, running the club like a business not like a football club. There’s not really much else to say on the player as he only made two appearances and spent the rest of the season in the treatment room.

Des Hamilton – He was Kenny Daglish’s first signing at Newcastle although he didn’t get round to making his debut to later on in the year due to injury. He made twelve appearances for the club, most of which were extremely mediocre although he did get to play against Barcelona. His career at Newcastle was pretty much over when he wasn’t even given a squad number for the 1999-2000 season and he was loaned out to Huddersfield.

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There are eleven players listed above and each one is a player that I hope I will never ever see in a Black and White shirt again, so use your four votes wisely!

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59 thoughts on “When it’s bad, It’s very bad…#Midfielders

  1. Batty – Thankfully he is training though 😕

    On topic, there are some belters there. Paul dalglish should be in there aswel, and John Barnes 😡


  2. Stuart – Funny you mention that…. Was reading something tge other day about him. Apparently he’s just been released by Valencia after failing to make an appearance for them I’m seven seasons 😆


  3. Honestly the worst midfielder I think we’ve ever had is:


    And at the moment its Alan Smith.


  4. No way is Nicky Butt the worst ever. Worst in the last few years maybe,t go back longer and some of this list top him off. Go back further than that and Butt is like Pele by comparison 😆

    That’s the problem with some younger/newer fans. They just don’t realise how bad things have been. Yes we’ve had dross, but at least we’ve not had to watch another Paul Goddard 😆


  5. C’mon Toonsy – Paul Goddard once scored in something like 10 successive league games! Now if you were talking Ray Clarke, Tony Cunningham, Paul Stimson, Graham Oates!! But I have to admit, Fu-man-chu was the worst I ever saw!


  6. Magpie6699

    Nicky Butt got two teams relegated and made our defence look worse than it ever has. And we had Bassong and Coloccini in the middle, with Enrique and Beye.
    Probs our best defense ever and we got relegated.

    Butt was seriously shit… Him and Smith together 😯 🙁

    Smith too, can’t think of the last game we won with him in the side. (Starting).


  7. If nothing else, this article does make you appreciate what we’ve got:


    I don’t think any of the above would get anywhere near the list in the article. Many can moan about the current squad (some even claim it’s weaker than last season) but that list says otherwise to me. Some serious talent and pedigree in there.

    When it’s good, it’s very good. Striker, left-back – job done. :mrgreen:


  8. Magpie6699 – be fair people always stick up for Goddard, but to me he was awful although I don’t think playing around the same time as Gazza, Pedro and Waddle helped. From them to him 😕


  9. Toonsy

    Only 28 but still supported the team long enough to see all the players mentioned above.
    In that list, Bassedas, Gavilan, Acuna, Geremi, Viana and Faye were better than Butt. But still all poor.
    Can’t believe we kept Butt and sold Parker ❓


  10. JJ – that’s because someone wanted Parker, whereas nobody was about to come in and match the daft contract Butt was on here. Although at the time, I think Parker was getting plenty of stick from fans. ‘Ballerina’ and all that. Fickle lot.


  11. Whumpie

    Ye, I did an article on here short while ago about players we have lost because of fickle fans.

    Funny how the same lot then lambasted me for saying they weren’t patient enough with players. 🙄 😉


  12. Toonsy,
    Did you ever see Paul Goddard play?

    He was a good player who was unselfish and hard working 😯


  13. Parker was never going to work out. Constantly crying about his mrs missing home didn’t help, but when he backed out of a tackle (can’t remember who it was against) that was it. You don’t have to be a worldbeater to be a toon player (although you do these days it seems 😆 ) but you do have to give 100% all the time.


  14. TGS – I did mate. Like I say, people always stick up for him and he even scored his share of goals, but he wasn’t for me. Gazza was my idol as a kid, so you can maybe see why. Every player in my younger eyes should have been like gazza 🙂


  15. I was at work yesterday and one of the women from the office asked me what my ring tone was.

    “Light brown, like everyone else,” I replied. These women are certainly a lot more forward than they used to be!


  16. Toonsy,

    I remember Parker grafting himself into the ground every game. Nobody put more work in that him and Bellemy.


  17. Witters>

    You still on here u little pussy?

    Just read your sad little comment on the previous blog. Precious am I?

    And just in case you mis-understand I don’t want you to go fcuk urself as you so elequently asked me to . I want to fcuking batter ur little gobshite head in.

    I’m in Toon now if u fancy a quick chat over a pint? 😈

    God I love little fairies who talk bollox on here sitting behind their mama’s computers. I suggest u go back to ur animal porn before she gets back to spank u!


  18. The only reason nacho is top of the poll is that quote at the end.

    He’s not actually that bad of a player.

    I also don’t see the issue about doing favors for agents. Being owed favors from agents is surely beneficial and im positive we ain’t the only club doing it.


  19. Paul Goddard’s performance’s in the 1986/87 were instrumental in us avoiding relegation 😉


  20. Off topic,

    anyone on here thinking about making a league for the fantasy football on the premier league website?


  21. I had to go Ignachio Gonzalez cos he’s to only one I remember really seeing apart from faye.. I dont really like these, I think they are great articles and burn up a great debate, but being a young one, I can never really recall seeing any of them play. Also, until you turn 13/14 you never really judge the players and just enjoy the footy.

    RT- Did you speak to him mate? 😯


  22. Robert 😀 Wouldn’t cost anywhere near that much mate. Got me a pair of Sports Direct trainers the other day, the whole shop was 70% off 😆 then again, I do live in an absolute sh*thole.

    I had to vote for Geremi…he isn’t actually the worst, its mainly that he played so much but was still so terrible, I guess it says more about us as a club than him….


  23. Blaise Matuidi has gone to PSG on a 3 year contract and N’Zogbia Fee agreed by Aston Villa……


  24. GeordieDan…have i upset you?!?

    Didums…just like you jumped to conclusions on the previous thread you seem to be making a fair few assumptions about who I am & what I’m like on this one.

    You had a go at me for making a comment that wasn’t even directed at you & now you’re threatening to ‘batter my head’ because I told you where to go. At least when I called you precious I was evidently right…

    Anyway do not threaten me again, grow up & have a wonderful evening.

    I think someone wants to get a life


  25. ‘On 25 July 2011 Melvut agreed a five year deal with English side Newcastle United’

    Good old Wiki. 🙄


  26. Toonsy @ 22 at first I thought you were talking about Tugboat, as I seen him pull out of tackles and I cant remember him giving 100%, 😆 but I think he was well liked by most 😀
    On topic we have had some shit at the club over the yrs but when you see the names wrote down it just brings it home just how shit some were 😉


  27. GeordieDan says:
    July 25, 2011 at 18:11
    Johno Toon>

    Nah, just u then.

    And you since you replyed 😉


  28. Witters>

    Strangely enough I don’t really take a liking to gobshites like you.

    Whats the matter, can’t remember u told me to go fcuk myself? I had presumed u were talking ur usual bollox. Just this time it seemed that it was directed at me- U know seeing as it was a comment that seemingly was a response to what I’d said earlier- you know it’s kind of the way blogs work-people comment,then ar*eholes reply with sh*t like go f*ck urself!

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    And don’t tell me to grow up you condescending little prick. The crap you come out with on a regular basis is hilariously uneducated.


  29. GeordieDan…I shouldn’t have said go fcuk yourself. I realise that was out of order & i apologise. I understand how this would have offended you. It would have offended me. And seeing as you’re a regular reader of my comments you’ll realise comments like that isn’t my modis operandi but you are welcome to disagree with my opinions. After all isn’t that what blogs are for.

    How you responded was entirely your decision so kudos for the hilariously educated response featuring animal porn, my mother & threatening physical violence.


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