Haris Vuckic is starting show his potential

Vuckic back, now is his time to shine
Last night Vuckic got another run out for the first team at their tour of America and managed to score a very impressive goal. Haris’ Newcastle career so far has been blighted with injuries but just now he’s starting to really show us why he was wanted by AC Milan before we snapped up from NK Domzale for £2 million.

We saw snippets of what Haris could do last season in games against Chelsea and Arsenal in the Carling Cup of which he was our stand out player in both games. After that he got injured and spent the rest of the season out, but after a good pre-season this may really be his breakthrough year.

Haris missed the game against Kansas City with a knock, but has had sub appearances against both Orlando and Columbus Crew and in both games the team have looked better after his arrival. Vuckic’s goal last night just capped off a good final game for Newcastle in America, Vuckic beat his man and curled the ball into the far top corner of the goal – there was nothing the Crew goalkeeper could do about it.

After the game Vuckic spoke to the Chronicle, and this is what he had to say.: “That was for them.

“They have stuck with us throughout the tour and travelled everywhere.

“They were really behind us.

“It was a great feeling for me as it was my first goal of pre-season. I have come close.

“I can certainly offer the team this if they want it. It gives me confidence to push on again.”

Vuckic seems like a good lad; I read an article a while ago about his love for Newcastle since moving there, and how he wants to make a big impression. He’s clearly been frustrated by his injuries and now I’m sure he’ll be desperate to push on and try and impress at first team level, well, he’s certainly impressed me.

Something else I liked about his goal last night was his celebration with Mehdi Abeid, they seem to be good friends since Mehdi has moved to Newcastle. They came together and did like a little high five dance type thing, they both found it funny anyway.

I saw a lot of comments about Vuckic where people complained about him “always” being injured, I didn’t buy that to be honest. Just because a player has had a bad injury doesn’t make him injury prone. Hopefully Vuckic is now opening the eyes of some of the people who wrote him off a few months ago.

I personally like Vuckic, I feel he gives us something a bit different, he’s bigger and stronger than the likes of Hatem Ben Arfa and Mehdi Abeid who can also play off the forward. He’s also got brilliant technical ability and links the play up well, and last night’s curling finish shows he knows where the goal is.

I’d like to see Vuckic start at Leeds and show us what else he can do, what do you think?

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122 thoughts on “Haris Vuckic is starting show his potential

  1. Bobby – Have you seen the news about Brum and the financial abyss they are staring at? Would you perhaps agree that Ashley isnt as bad as we couldve had?


  2. Think some of you on here are falling into a WUM trap, certain posters with different extreme views could be one and the same person.


  3. @brisvegas

    I hope your hole isn’t too deep. It’s got to go on display at Fenwicks after santii has been up it. 😛 😛 😛 😛


    As ive always maintained, I don’t expect us to spend beyond our means but I fully expect us to do so within our means. And we are not.
    The squad needs serious strengthening and we have a kitty to do so.

    I won’t be fooled by a win against a 10 man American outfit after 2 defeats .

    Raffo, you must be careful not to twist words or generalise what the realists want. Leave that down to Toot and Ploot, sorry I mean Bris and Santii. 😛


  4. @Robert

    Yeh. Can you expand on your very interesting but ridiculous theory. 🙄


  5. Bobby 🙄 That’s the way: lose the argument so abuse the opposition and muddy the waters. That hole just gets deeper.


  6. @Robert

    You really are as clueless as toot and Ploot . 😛

    Myself and Stardust are mates and have been posting on here for years but have totally opposing views on the Toon regime.

    Toot, Ploot and Gloot. 😛


  7. Oh and JJ

    Toot, Ploot, Gloot and floot. 😛

    I bet the fantasy bus is a right bundle of joy.
    Candy floss trees and cotton wool clouds. Woo hoo hoo hooo 😛

    2 years later and the conspiracy theory goes on. Stardust and Bobby are the same person. 😛


  8. Lads I would put my house on the fact that Bobby and Stardy are not the same person.
    Bobby did you keep me and young spence them seats behind Batty ?


  9. Bobby @ 91. You’ll have to speak up, mate, I can’t hear you. That hole you’re in is too deep.


  10. @brisvegas

    Just wait til Stardust hears about this…

    Oh dear 😳

    Is it not your bed time yet? You really have lost the plot. 😛


  11. “Oh and JJ

    Toot, Ploot, Gloot and floot.

    I bet the fantasy bus is a right bundle of joy. Candy floss trees and cotton wool clouds. Woo hoo hoo.”

    Bobby – you’re biting – you must be cracking 😛


  12. @big Dave

    All booked fella. I’ve got the booster seat for Spencer! 😛

    I’m looking forward to the Leeds game to get a better indication of how we really stand. The USA tour has left more questions than answers. What do you think?


  13. ‘Is it not your bed time yet?’

    No, me mam said I could stay up till 8 o’clock tonight, or until my mate Johnnie Walker is gone.


  14. @JJ

    it’s always difficult to tell when someone is biting by reading posts but I can assure you I find the banter funny. It’s water off a ducks bath with me.

    I still find the Starbob theory amazing after a couple of years.

    Anyway JJ, get back down your sewer and keep an eye on toot and Ploot .


  15. I went out with Johnnie Walker on Wednesday.

    Never knows when to go home that lad. He was my lift so I had no choice but to stay till he was done.

    Still suffering… Bastard 😡


  16. Bobby I think the US trip was a big mistake in the 1st place as I dont think it was organised right, imo the main idea is to gel your players but if there not all there they have to go through it all again.
    But there was some highlights from some of the younger players. But i think Leeds will be a better test for us.


  17. Bobby,

    I don’t think you’re Stardust. You have a sense of humour for one.
    But you do have some similarities, in that you both speak an April amount of bullshit, and your both probably ugly as sin. 😛


  18. Right offski. . Before you bite I know it’s Bristol you live and not Vegas.

    Have a G’day. 😉


  19. On thread, by the way, I hope Haris gets a good run in the team this season. I’ve yet to actually see him play.


  20. @big Dave

    Agree mate.

    Must dash, the reality train is leaving shortly. See you down the central station fella. Battys stoking up the fire! 😛


  21. July 28, 2011 at 08:54



    I don’t think you’re Stardust. You have a sense of humour for one

    My god JJ – you think Boobys funny? Wooo hoooo – Johnnies really done a job on you! He actually carries a book around with him for one liners – so it take 10mins for a 1 minute chat. That’s why he loves the blog, you can’t see him reading his book for lines back.

    You should see him chatting lasses up with it


  22. dave wazza barton sed he dusent know if hes real ,pluss rob lee wouldnt come out with the shite he dus ,ive been blocked ,wazza sed he had just tryed too ring him ,the fake rob lee sed he had no signal then fooked off twitter


  23. Just seen Mevlut Erdinc’s wikipedia page, which is saying he agreed to join us on the 26th and will wear the number 11 shirt, firstly is this true, and secondly, whats happening to Lovenkrands, who wears number 11 ? 😯


  24. very good young player, really stood out along with young james tavernier…..great for the two young lads to impress pards,love to see them constantly improving .thes two will cement themselves in the team this year!


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