A large dose of reality

Over the past few weeks it has been evident that there has been unrest amongst fans as we approach the new Premier League season.

It seems that if you have a negative or ‘realistic’ view of goings on within NUFC, you are shouted down by the ‘rose tinted specs’ brigade or the ‘dreamers’ as they are more commonly known.

Now the approach to a new Premier League season is always a source of excitement and most fans grow optimistic about where we will find ourselves throughout various stages of the year and rightly so, after all, it really is the greatest show on earth.

Now I am bloody annoyed as an NUFC fan at the moment as I really feel we can be doing more to strengthen the side.

I am sick of fans who are suddenly financial experts all of a sudden and are caught up with the whole intricacies of how to run a football club. That’s not what it is about for me. I want Newcastle United Football Club to be as successful as can be. I want us to be challenging the big guns and winning a trophy.

We are not on the bones of our arse like the club are making us believe. I have even seen comments suggesting that Mike Ashley saved us and we would have went into administration and ended up like Portsmouth. Wonder if I can borrow their crystal ball for the lotto numbers.

Our owner is a billionaire who bought the club to run as a business. It’s not a hobby to him but it is life to most of us.

All I hear is about progression and plans taking time. It appears that some fans have been completely brainwashed by the board and Pardew or maybe they have just convinced themselves that there is some amazing plan to propel us into the upper echelons of the league.

How many more times do you need to be lied to and taken for complete mugs before the penny drops?

The evidence is there in buckets.

Now trust takes a long time to gain, seconds to break and a lifetime to regain. I don’t trust this regime and don’t understand why so many do. I would list examples but what’s the point? You all know various occasions where we have had verbal diarrhoea shovelled in our direction.

No doubt Jose Enrique will leave….as will Barton if an offer comes in. If I was to list our top 5 players from last season it would go like this: Joey Barton, Fabricio Coloccini, Kevin Nolan, Jose Enrique and Andy Carroll (let’s be honest here, he beat Arsenal, destroyed Liverpool and gave the Makems nightmares)

Any arguments with those 5? Maybe Jonas for being ever present and holding up the ball well but he doesn’t offer a huge amount more in terms of goals and assists. Anyway I digress, My point is….notice a theme there?

Joey is effectively for sale, the board have stated as much by not giving him a contract. Jose is off, Nolan and Carroll are gone leaving Colo the only survivor or what would be my five best players over the past 2 seasons.

Of course people will point to our new signings as good replacements which is fine and understandable. However, anyone with any experience in the recruitment industry would look at some of our signings and tell you they are risky. We are swapping proven Premier League players with injury prone players of which only Demba Ba has Premier League experience.

Now it maybe is a bit doom and gloom to think players will get injured but let’s look at our past history. We get injuries all the bloody time. If Ba gets injured, we go through the season with Shola and Lovenkrands….possibly Best if he isn’t flogged for next to nowt (which I won’t understand either)

If 2 central defenders are out we are fielding Williamson and Kadar. Danny Simpson is our only proper right back at the club.

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for and we payed nothing. Barring Cabaye of course who is a fantastic signing…credit where it’s due, yet the fee was small if you take into account the Nolan money.

When Ben Arfa got injured alarm bells rang and the lack of quality in the first team became glaring. Of course, this was always there but it was only realised by some once Benny bit the dust again.

Our recruitment policy also involves chasing players who clearly don’t want to come here. Gameiro and Erdinc both stated on numerous occasions that they didn’t want to join the club, yet out pursuit of them was unwavering……why?

The long and short of it is….we can afford players, we have a huge fanbase and a massive stadium we fill every week. Why are you accepting this mediocrity coming from the club? Ah yes, I remember, because we are skint. Do you hear Man Utd or Barca fans complain they are skint with all the debt they have? Nope, because they win things.

Our owner is a billionaire for crying out loud. No wonder though, he covets every penny!

I really don’t care how much we spend as long as the squad is stronger come the end of the window I just think we could bring in some real quality into the squad and push on and we are choosing not too.

Ashley brought is his mate to manage the club as he knew he would tow the party line and work on the shoestring budget with no complaints. I think Pards is doing a reasonable job mind you but he wasn’t brought in due to his exceptional managerial experience. He was brought in due to the aforementioned reasons. Let’s be honest.

This board – who is now involved in sending out Gas and Electric energy comparison e-mails to fans under the clubs banner may I add – will let us down again and I envisage it will be in the not too distant future.

The best we can hope for is that Ashley’s plan works and we hover round mid table whilst turning a profit and paying him back the money we owe him, due to his mistake of not looking into the books of the business he was buying properly.

Some of us will just never learn. The higher you get your hopes up – the further they’ll come crashing down.

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209 thoughts on “A large dose of reality

  1. KRTOON has to have the made the most reasoned, detailed and well though out responses on here so far 🙂


  2. Im assuming this club who are showing ambition wouldnt be liverpool who have made a profit in the last 3 seasons prior to this summer where they gave kenny an open cheque book to waste money like Stevie Wonder in an optitian…


  3. @Moreno

    True mate, you will have certain players that will be sold on for big profit or want to move to a club that is challenging for major trophies every season… thats just the reality of not being a top four side right now, it happens to everyone

    But do you not agree that theres way more chance of a lad thats been in our set up since the age of 15 or 16 wanting to stay and being loyal to the club, and even content with being a squad player for a few years than someone we buy in to be a squad player with no history or built up loyalty to the club whatsoever?


  4. Sy you seen this:

    “I appreciate that while news is slow, turning over articles at the rate this blog does is very difficult, personal indulgence must be avoided. This blog has been pretty well run so far, it’s a shame rubbish like this gets passed none the less.”

    😯 😆


  5. Morning All (depending on where you are!) First time poster, long time reader. I guess we’ll never know what really goes on at OUR football club and it’s great to see everyone is so passionate about NUFC, irrespective of whether their glass is half full or half empty etc. I’ll not add my opinion re Ashley as I don’t want to add fuel to the fire! I think most of us are easily pleased really, alot of us just want to see a BALANCED SQUAD with good quality players who want to play for the club and I know I personally would be more than prepared to lose some of our ‘big squad’ (Smith, Xisco, Perch, Routledge, Guthrie etc) in return for a few quality additions who wouldn’t need to cost extortionate fees/wages and who could ensure this season we can see out the types of games we didn’t last year (Spurs Home, Scum Away etc). Oh and a board we can believe in!


  6. KRTOON,

    I think you have to judge each case on it’s own merits…there’s no hard and fast rule or formula


  7. Ashley might have saved this club, he might have loaned it millions interest free, he might now be siphoning off what he is owed and although I can feel bitter about the way this is happening, he has the right to do it.

    What I resent is that the reputation of this club has been brought to such a low under that man’s ownership.
    Since Ashley’s arrival, we’ve seen players fighting on the pitch, fighting in the street and imprisoned for violence, gun-toting players, another cautioned four times by the police, a gangland feud ending in a car being burned.
    The day I saw Ashley down a pint in one, I should have known there was no future for us with him in charge – alright, many of us have done the same, as teenagers – but not at his age, in his position and on TV!
    It wasn’t clever and it showed up the club in a very bad light.
    Who, then, after a court ruling that he lied to the fans, does he choose as his latest manager? A man said to be a heavy gambler; one who was sacked by his last two clubs after allegations of relationships with players’ wives.
    Never mind the finance, bring back some morals.


  8. “Who, then, after a court ruling that he lied to the fans, does he choose as his latest manager? A man said to be a heavy gambler; one who was sacked by his last two clubs after allegations of relationships with players’ wives.”

    A guy who he discussed giving the job in a casino whilst he already had a manager….his mate….of course that is just wild rumour though if you read previous comments…..


  9. Moreno
    July 30, 2011 at 10:48

    “Sy you seen this:”

    Aye. I think someone has missed the point of the site, or indeed of a blog in fact.

    End of the day these are the thoughts of the writer and not the site, which goes for any article. They are all opinions of fans which people are free to agree/disagree with accordingly.

    Still, pointless focussing on just one comment out of 160+. It’s created debate – job done.


  10. Over the past few weeks it has been evident that there has been unrest amongst fans as we approach the new Premier League season.
    Thanks to the doomsayers. I’m excited for the season and think the window’s gone fairly well and that we are better than last year. If that makes me rose-tinted, naive, unrealistic, optimistic, etc. I don’t give a shit. Up the toon!

    But I’ll be sure tp blame Mike Ashley if it rains today while I’m golfing.


  11. kk79
    July 30, 2011 at 10:50

    “Never mind the finance, bring back some morals.”

    Aha. In that case I can assume you were glad to see the back of Carroll? Hate Joey Barton? That kind of thing?


  12. MDS 😀

    At least there’s no talk of relegation….now that’s true doomsaying!

    it’s more disappointment that we aren’t pushing on when a lot of us truly believe that we are in a position too.


  13. Moreno
    July 30, 2011 at 10:37

    “Which is in essence my point of moaning about all the financial experts I read on blogs.”

    What about those who do have a clue? I like to think of myself as pretty handy with accounts as I’ve done it. Is a little insight a bad thing?


  14. Not at all mate.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s fascinating listening to people who do have an insight. Problem is that’s just about every tom, dick and harry on twitter etc at the minute!

    What gets me is the boards words coming out of Alan Pardew’s mouth and then out of some fans mouths as if they are their very own.


  15. im not even saying ashleys selection of managers is good…….frankly its terrible……………but there is NOTHING to say that ashley and pardew were good friends and thats why he got the job…………..unless of course we are now taking every rumour posted by the tabloids and message boards as fact………

    its just another myth, the same as these ‘injury prone players’ the same as rumours about ashley buying pardews debt, or him getting the job because he lost money in [email protected] casino (despite [email protected] not owning a casino)

    fair enough if we want to have a good gossip and laugh at ashley but dont try and pass it off as reality.

    as for the carroll money……..lets see what happens by the end of the window? at least then if nobody has been brought in there will be a good platform to have a pop at ashley………..but there is a long way to go yet.

    we all know we need another striker, we all know we need lb cover and possibly right back cover………….but lets wait till the window shuts before tying the noose


  16. Ah right, so what’s you view of the recruitment of our last manager?

    Was their a shortlist drawn up of potential candidates who were interviewed and assessed one by one for suitability against the role..?

    Come on mate, don’t be so naive!


  17. Toonsy @161 i was just about to say the samething.
    I guess a lot of the ‘unrest’ will take a backseat soon when we get back to what we all love Footie.


  18. MORENO
    July 30, 2011 at 11:12
    Ah right, so what’s you view of the recruitment of our last manager?
    Was their a shortlist drawn up of potential candidates who were interviewed and assessed one by one for suitability against the role..?
    Come on mate, don’t be so naive!


    my view of pardew….probably the best of ashleys appointments but thats no great feat….average manager time on his side…..time will tell if he can improve

    naive? seriously your calling somebody else naive? have you read your article? and your calling me naive?

    lets see your proof then……..prove the points you raised,the buckets of evidence you claimed…………………lets see the these ‘injury prone players’, lets see the proof that the club isnt ‘on the bones of its @rse’ …………..lets see your thinking as to how the club would have avoided administration, find me the numerous quotes from erdinc that he doesnt want to come here….

    your saying your ‘negative but realistic view’ is shouted down and yet here you are trying to shout down the ‘rose tinted spec wearing dreamers’ ………….do you not see the problem with that?

    call me naive all you want mate, i form my opinions based on as much fact as possible rather than having another anti ashley rant thats based on nothing but hot air…………..

    now then what box do i fit into?


    hmmmmm ———- i want ashley out but i actually think the club have done ok this summer, at least so far………does that make me a brainwashed dreaming realist?


  19. MORENO
    July 30, 2011 at 11:37
    See post 150.

    probably shouldnt go around calling fans brainwashed or dreamers or even naive if they disagree then?


  20. PHEW!

    ….nice one Moreno. It’s taken me 4 cups of tea to catch up from where I left off last night. Great to see views from both sides of the fence, and very commendable of you to stay around to fight your corner. I hate it when posters start calling each other idiots and the like though, simply over a disagreement in outlook.

    One of the best posts, with comments, I’ve read for a while.

    …on the strength of this blog entrys ‘success’ I think it’d be very interesting to see the results of a fan poll. Something along the lines of ‘are you satisfied as a fan, for FOOTBALL reasons, with the board’s progress so far?’. Be good to get a guage on the sympathaisers/doubers percentage.


  21. Jonny,

    As I have previously stated, those particular words weren’t my phraseology. Any regular visitors to the blog will see ‘dreamers’ and ‘rose tinted specs’ from a load of our posters. It was more a reference to that more than anything. Hence the inverted comma’s.

    Sorry if you have taken it so personally 😥


  22. ask toonsy mate it take a lot more than this for me to take it personally……..its all about the debate………..

    i will more than happily debate till the cows come home, sadly though you resorted to the usual line of calling someone naive because they dont subscribe to your view point.

    by all means argue your point, back it up provide a counter argument, but really calling someone naive because they agree?

    a shame that you make statements then distance yourself from them when challenged though………


  23. Jonny, so I will ask the question you chose to
    Ignore again. What’s your view on what happened in the recruitment process of our last manager?

    I think what we have all heard can’t be too far from the truth



    …..Moreno/Toonsy, I mentioned maybe having a poll in my post at 175. Dunno about you, but I’d love to see what the divide looks like. Apologies if you’ve done one already and I’ve missed it. cheers.


  25. my view of ashley recruitment process?

    seriously who knows.

    like i said he doesnt exactly have a good record

    all of his appointments have been unemployed (well not hughton but that just involved a change of job title) – no need for compensation

    so was pardew any different in that respect? ——-no

    he didnt get on well with managers who would stand their ground – fat sam, keegan, shearer

    so is pardew closer to hughton than those three? i would say so.

    i would suggest that he was looking for a manager that a bit like hughton wouldnt rock the boat, but someone more experienced than hughton and better tactically…………..so who would that leave?

    also i would suspect he was looking for a manager who he wouldnt have to pay mega bucks to

    not likely to rock the boat
    wouldnt expect a huge transfer pot

    there werent many around who ticked those boxes…………

    or he could have picked names out of a hat for all we know


  26. Santii surely Ba is there to replace Carroll’s goals though so we would he would need to score 23 if he is taking on the job of Nolan and Carroll 😉 . I made a mistake as well Nolan actually scored 12 in 30 games last season not bad for a midfielder me thinks. Santii you said Nolan only scored 3 goals after Carroll left so does that mean that you think Ba isn’t as good at linking up with other players as Carroll is? Personally I think Nolan would have done well linking up with Ba he seems to hold the ball up well and has a good eye for a pass in the games I have seen him play.


  27. You are right, we don’t know for sure. Asked for your view though.

    My view is that during a social meeting, Ashley outlined his plan for NUFC and asked Pardew if he would be his yes man. Hughton was sacked and Pards brought in, he also claimed they hadn’t discussed the job when hoots was still manager. In my opinion, the start of the lies to buy favour with the fans.


  28. See the picture attached to the article? Remember that? I still havent gained back my respect for Pardews transfer tattle since. He was made to look like an absolute mug by Ashley.


  29. exactly

    what it isnt is a dose of reality………..its nothing but speculation, the same as my opinion is speculation because we dont actually know what went on………


  30. So you don’t think Pardew was brought in as he would work on a shoestring budget with no complaints and tow the party line?

    I believe that to be reality and is what I wrote. I notice you have a habit of twisting that to your own accord though so craic on.


  31. I enjoyed reading this article as it sums a lot of my views up. Although Ashley does deserve credit for coming in and sorting out the finances to a degree which Shephard had left a bit untidy, with using all of our Northern Rock sponsorship money designed to last 4 years on Michael Owen and various other reckless decisions.

    “I really don’t care how much we spend as long as the squad is stronger come the end of the window I just think we could bring in some real quality into the squad and push on and we are choosing not too.”

    This sums it up perfectly. Why are we choosing not to? As long as we are a Premier League side it gives Ashley a better chance of selling up. I mean if there was a summer you wanted to get the fans on side it would be this one. £35m there and it is not even from his pocket!

    Pardew although he wasn’t my first choice is a more than capable manager and grew on me as the season went on, it is just a shame if he was only brought in because he could accept these strict financial constraints and not really stand up to Ashley and co.


  32. All I hear is about progression and plans taking time. It appears that some fans have been completely brainwashed by the board and Pardew or maybe they have just convinced themselves that there is some amazing plan to propel us into the upper echelons of the league.

    spot on


  33. see your doing it again……..brought in to tow the party line

    come on how many managers join a club to speak out against their employers? really when does that happen?

    the only time it does happen is when the manager is either wanting to leave or when he knows his days are numbered.

    what do you really expect from pardew? do you expect pardew to do something no other manager does?

    as for working on a shoestring? —- like i said i doubt ashley was looking for a manager who would want a big transfer pot


  34. i can see us going the same way as blackburn,players doing adverts for sports direct,and sports direct on the front of the shirt. 😆


  35. There’s managing the football club and then there’s coming out in press conferences with ‘Mike has never took a penny out the club’ craic.

    Pardew is a puppet and does what he is told. The club is ‘managed’ by the chairman rather than the manager. Te manager is a coach and a PR person for the interviews. Something a great manager like Ferguson, Wenger or even Keegan would not stand for. He was brought in to be the be the face of Mike Ashleys decisions and to tow the party line.

    Why have you got an issue with me pointing that out?


  36. Stop moaning all the time and get behind your team. I’m not sure if you watched Newcastle last year if you dont think Tiote was in the top five players!


  37. I don’t moan all the time and get behind the boys everytime they play. Cheers anyway though. 😉


  38. Moreno-when a big company goes bust, the top man is never responsible, he finds someone suitably lower down the scale to shaft and feed to the gutter press!

    Anyway-good article Moreno, not towing Toonsy’s authoritarian party line… 😆 but like others have said I don’t think I could qualify myself for any of these groups…I may well get qualified, as we all do, by a certain Mr Shinton for being a dreamer, but I wouldn’t say I am…I try to look at the positives, namely that I think our squad is better this year than it was last and that we do seem to be on an upward trajectory for the time being.

    However, I am by no means pro-Ashley, I hate the twat and quite frankly those that worship him for saving us etc etc, or moan about how Shepherd ruined us-well Ashley should have done the business thing and actually carried out due dilligence, its his bloody fault anyway….However, expecting him to pay it off from the good of his heart is ridiculous. What I will say for Ashley is that he doesn’t semm to pay himself and loads of his buddies ridiculous wages for doing feck all. Also, I wouldn’t blame him for relegation-he got rid of Sam which we all wanted right? He sort of shafted Keegan, but again the perenial quitter went walkabout, as for the rest well who else were we going to get? Most of the squad that got us relegated or put us on that downward spiral was due to shepherd anyway. Nicky Butt and Alan Smith in the centre anyone?…


  39. Love to see more of KRToon. Best blogger of the year.

    And just for the record, I think Moreno and Bobby and all the other delusionists have as much right to say what they think. Who knows, they might turn out to be right.

    Howay the lads.


  40. Newkie

    A nice balanced viewpoint mate.

    Re: the top company taking flak thing……If government fails the Prime Minister is to blame. When BP rig blew up…Hayward took all the flak as chief exec. Did he assemble the safety valve that blew? Did he inspect it and sign it off fit to go into action?

    Nope but he is top dog so he takes the flak. It’s the way of the world. The top dog is responsible for the people he hires and if they feck up during his watch then he is the one answerable.


    “and all the other delusionists”


    I hope we are bloody massively wrong mate! I hope we sign a great striker today and Jose signs a contract (or goes sooner rather than later) and I have to eat my words. Can’t see it though…..

    Unfortunately having been burned on the last day of the last transfer window with no replacement or foresight, I have concerns that history may repeat itself. After all, we got away with it last time (ie: stayed up)

    David Goodwillie at 2 million anyone?


  41. Moren-Aye, they might take the flak but they generally always survive, at the expense of others in the business….Say with the News of the World thing, Rebekah Brooks is taking most of the heat right now, however a quick look and you’ll find Rupert sailing free, whilst tens of thousands have lost their jobs. I wasn’t disagreeing with you about top men getting the blame, my point was they rarely ever account for it, look at all the bank managers who still pay themselves shedloads for managing failing banks etc.


  42. Also I’d defo take goodwillie for 2mil, mainly because I’d actually pay for a shirt with his name on the back 😉 But he seems a good player, means we could ship out loverboy then..


  43. Just what we need…..another midfielder 😯 😀

    He is good though, I’d take him.

    Maybe Mike should make smudge an ‘offer he can’t refuse’ to get him off the books.


  44. Why oh why is this ridiculous Pro-Ashley brigade getting larger and larger, I think you are all missing the point if the Jabba or is cronies actually came out and told us what the plans for the club where I.E where going to spend all the Andy Carrol money down at Aspers (re-investing in Newcastle!!) at least people would know. But instead we have Alan Pardew (whom ashley obviously has something on him btw~) coming out telling bare face lies. We are not all stupid……Actually by the growing pro-ashley brigade obviously some are!!!!!! But back to the point, the lies coming out of the club are painful, Nobby came out in the Mirror yesterday basically backing up what JE said last week that the club are in fact not offering new contracts to anyone, they are just saying they are. If you believe that this is the correct way to run a football club then get yourself down to Sportsdirect and by yourself some Kappa tracksuit pants and show your support to Ashley. But remember this when we sell Tiote, JE and Joey Barton on transfer deadline day buy no replacements and get relegated next May dont come out suddenly slagging off Jabba you supported him now in his vision of making 30-40 Million a YEAR! in transfer profits. Don’t slag off Puppet Pardew because you supported his shamefull Bull**** ramblings I know one thing for the first time in in 22 years i will not be at the first game of the season or any games after that because I for one will not give the Fat Useless Cockney another penny


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