Who would be YOUR first choice keeper?

Is Tim the man of choice?
So far this pre-season we have seen every one of our keepers play at least a full ninety minutes between the sticks and with 2 more games to go until the big kick off against Arsenal I’m sure some plans are starting to form in Alan Pardew’s head about who he’s going to have as our number one next season.

Pardew has a choice between these three keepers, they are all capable which is something which is comforting for fans as we know that even if the one we want isn’t chosen we still have a capable player playing in his place.

Steve Harper – Steve Harper has only taken part in one game so far this season. The game he played in was against Columbus Crew and in that game he played the full ninety minutes and kept a clean sheet in which was a 3-0 win for Newcastle. I personally cannot remember any time he was tested, so it was a bit of a pointless game for him.

I always feel that the defence seem a little safer under Harper, I’m not sure why as I don’t think he’s the best goalkeeper of the three. His communication with the back four is something which he has over the other two keepers who don’t seem to be vocal enough. The thing the other two have over Harper is years, they are both going to improve whereas Harper is probably going to get worse in the coming years.

Tim Krul – Tim Krul has appeared in only one pre-season game so far this year also with him starting and playing the full ninety minutes against Kansas City, this game was a pretty drab affair and Krul didn’t have a huge amount to do, but did what he needed to do well.

Something that I really like about Krul is his shot stopping ability, he gets to things that you don’t expect him to get to and he makes very brave saves at the feet attackers. Krul also has age on his side and you can see him improve with every performance, his kicking got a lot better in his second spell deputising for Harper last year.

Sometimes Krul makes some poor decisions and steams out of goal – like Chelsea away last season. That will change with age and maturity, so I wouldn’t see it as a huge problem.

Fraser Forster – Fraser Forster is the only goalkeeper who has played twice this pre-season which doesn’t surprise me as he’s someone that Pardew hasn’t seen play a lot. He featured in both the Darlington and Orlando City game. From what I saw of him he looked a capable keeper and somebody I wouldn’t mind being number 1 or number 2. In the Orlando game he conceded but he wasn’t to blame as he was left exposed by the defence. In that game he made lots of very good saves, but the problem is he just looks a bit, well….. lost.

Obviously Forster is also young which is something he has over Harper, but something else he has is a full seasons experience for Celtic, albeit it in a poor league. Due to that Forster seems to want first team football, and he is certainly not going to settle with being number three. Forster’s height means he’s a little slow to get down and he doesn’t seem to be the best under the high ball, but his shot stopping cannot be doubted.

Pardew said that he expected the person who was going to be third choice for the season to leave the club, which is why it is such a tough decision. Harper is a loyal servant to the club and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was our goalkeeping coach in years to come. Also he is a big figure around the dressing room and losing another big character could be a setback for our team spirit.

Tim Krul is a good young keeper and is developing rapidly, so I do not want to lose him at all. Krul in the close season represented Holland at first team level for the first time which shows his improvement. I also rate Forster and feel that he can perform at the highest level.

Really, I’d like us to keep all three, and I’d struggle to pick the keeper who was going to be third choice. Something which I have made up my mind about is my number one, if I had to choose it would go to Tim Krul.

Who would you choose?

PS – This is my 50th article on this site, so, thanks for putting up with me.


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73 thoughts on “Who would be YOUR first choice keeper?

  1. posted this on the last one:

    what a fantastic little piece of writing, props to Archie – I enjoyed that very much!

    Wonder if we’ll sign Erding soon? Anyone else starting to worry about Le’Arse? The prospect of Mata, Gervinho & Nasri et al is distinctly unsettling. Plus they always seem to fly out the blocks at the start of the season… Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited…just worried. Would be over the moon with a draw and no injuries. Incidentally, I’m so relieved that we play the scum at their place – massive, massive pressure on them to get the result. If we played them at St James’ second game of the season I’d be pretty anxious…


  2. Krul first choice
    Harper second choice
    Forster third choice

    I woul sell Forster he isnt as good as either Harps or Krul and he would free up a slot in our squad.

    I think Krul will be our main keeperthis year he has improved alot over the last year and a half and i rate him as one of the best keepers in the PL

    Harps will get cup runs and be a solid backup incase of injurys


  3. Timmy Krul for me….just.

    Devon…I’m happpy with it being Arsenal as the new “foreign legion” won’t be getting kicked to crap in the first game as they would have been with the likes of Wolves, Blacburn etc….. mind they’ll only have that respite for one game 😕


  4. We always seem to get one of the big teams first, last year was Man United year before that was West Brom (biggest apart from us) in 2008 we had United again and i cant remember 2007 think it was Villa or some team like that.


  5. I think forster should start 1-2 games next season to see how he gets on .
    But Tim Krul is now a Full International for Holland , who are 2nd In the world so I’d Start him indefinitely unless Forster plays unbelievably 😛
    Harps should be 3rd choice .


  6. Richie – agreed. Keeper-wise, it’s gotta be Timmy Krul for me as well. He was class against Brazil in his senior debut and if he feels like leaving if he doesn’t get regular games then by heck, let’s give him regular games. Harper is a true gent and a real servant of the club but I’d hate to loose out on a bright young keeper because of sentimentality…


  7. Watched Forster a lot last year as celtic are my second team and he is an accident waiting to happen if we start with him. He is terrified of coming for crosses and is far to slow down to the ball which cost Celtic a few goals last year. His kicking isn’t great either. Krul all the way for me. Not only is he better than the other 2 now i think with regular game time he will become a top top keeper


  8. Andy…..I’ve read a few Celtic fans say they weren’t particularly impressed with him unfortunately.


  9. Harper for another season or two, then he becomes newcastles goalkeeping coach and krul takes his place as number one with foster on bench or sell foster as he has said he will not warm bench and bring in a young goal keeper with potential


  10. RICHIE nowt ever gans to plan mate,lifes a bitch at times,never mind you can call to gordons for a feed 😀 😀


  11. None of thenm are any good.Go and get Ben Foster on loan from Brum and whilst your at it get Scott Dann as well.
    We’re mega short of defenders.We accept that jose is gone and if we lose Colo or Steve Taylor for whatever reason we are in shtuck!


  12. Easy choice.
    No.1 Forster
    Reserve Harper, he’s getting to slow now for the premiership.
    Loan out Krul he makes to many mistakes and his decsion making is appalling.


  13. Harper

    Forster looked a bit dodgy on crosses in the games he’s played so far, surprising considering he’s huge – Krul still has a bit to learn especially on distribution – a lot will depend on how much Ashley can get for selling them
    I’d imagine we’d get 2 million for any of them and with Harps value diminishing by the year and being on the biggest wages I wouldn’t be surprised if Ashley sold him and overruled whatever Pards thought anyway


  14. Krul – 100%

    The toss up between the other 2 is the hard bit. Personally I don’t rate harper for the premiership. And forster is an unknown entity really.


  15. Can i just ask to all the people saying Forster should be number 1. How many times have you seen him play?


  16. how come we have visa problems..tiote went from england to america and cant come back..is this a joke..why was he allowed in2 america and cant come back…will any1 fill me in about it..


  17. I’d start with Krul as no 1 and Harper as back up. Sell or loan out Foster again – I heard a lot of Celtic fans not impressed with Foster’s kicking or handling of crosses.
    Can’t believe Tiote is now going to be missing from the Leeds game due to visa problems – only at the Toon


  18. Depends on the Master plan really doesn’t it? :

    Harper=Years of experience and ultimate loyalty; against, age and perhaps not quite an A1 keeper(eg Given)?

    Krul=Gaining more and more experience, great shot stopper, very loyal; against flaps at some crosses, some poor kicking.

    Forster=Huge lad, bags of talent, lots of 1st team experience for a young keeper, huge potential (albeit in the SPL and League 1).

    Personally looking at the bigger picture I’d prefer Forster to get his chance playing for us in goal to see how he handles the bigger stage with Krul there ready that if Forster doesn’t pull it off then he’s the man to take us forward and up the league.

    As much as I love Harper and think he’s perhaps our most reliable keeper at the minute. I just want to see one of our young keepers really show just how world class they can be this season.

    For years we’ve said how outstanding our quality in depth for keepers is and now I want to see it pay dividends.


  19. I feel most comfortable when we’re playing Harper, mostly because Krul is very awkward when forced to use his right foot to kick clear. Your whole life flashes before your eyes whenever that happens!

    Mind you, I would like to see Krul grow in confidence so I’m in two minds.

    On a different topic, I’d love to see us involve Vuckic and Mehdi with the first team regularly this season. There’s no reason why not (both look very capable already, despite their ages). Vuckic – like Benny – could also play behind the strilker on occasions this season? Anyone else agree?


  20. Thanks to Google’s new image search function, I now know you like Toblerones and Uma Thurman. It’s confused me for a while.


  21. we should loan out forster, to Norwich for PL experience, and after the season harper might retire to be goalkeeper coach meaning Krul and Forster can fight it out every week for 1st choice. Also I think Krul (who already is a dutch international) and Forster (who I think could soon be just second choice keeper to Hart for England in the next few years) will be internationals.


  22. Harps is probably the better player now, but Krul has far more portental in my ionion. I would rather play Krul and live with a couple of mistakes and in a couple of years we could have a really workld class keeper.

    Pretty surprised at all of the love for Forster. Have people really seen him play that much? I haven’t so I can’t really comment on him.


  23. Congrats on your 50th Jobey you wordwh0re…ease off a bit, share your ideas and let some of the rest of us steal some credit would ya? 😎

    On the keeper situation…it is a real toughie. I think if we were able to keep all 3 here then I’d pick Harper, he played a little less than Krul last year but conceeded something like 13 less goals. He’s nothing special, but the defense generally do seem more settled and we seem to conceed less silly goals. I realise Krul isn’t far from surpassing him and this would be Harper’s last season, but he would be my choice. However, in the likelihood that Forster or Krul would want to leave if they don’t get picked I suppose I’d go for Krul and then attempt to keep Forster around..


  24. For me it would be Krul with Harper as no2 and Forster loaned out to another premiership club (norwich?) too see if he can handle the premiership . Then again if bids come in for any of them we could end up with Soderburg as no1 and Alnwick as backup .


  25. Krul for me. Harper has had his day whilst Krul can only improve.

    Really not enthused about Forster.


  26. I can only see Krul getting better and Harper getting slower and more injury prone. Forster I don’t think is quite ready for premiership so whatever happens I think we will probably see a mixture of Harper and Krul again next season, or just Krul if Pardew decides to go for him. After his 2 Holland games I think it has swung in his favour.


  27. Really surprised to see all the Forster love. Is it just because he’s English? He has never really played against top opposition yet. Krul has shown great promise and is currently the Dutch #1! He has to be first choice. Can easily coach his little mistakes out, while Harper and Forster seem to just have less ability


  28. Krul with Harper as back up just for his experience, Loan Forster out as he has potential but can be a flapper at crosses and low shots.
    Hope Lucciano Becchio plays for Leeds against us on Sunday, this guy is quality but doesn`t seem to be on our radar. He`s strong,quick,skilfull and scores goals. 26 years old, ex Barca reserve, Argentinian so fits in with Colo and Jonas and came thro` Argie youth sides with Tevez. and AFFORDABLE.
    Better than Ranger, Loven. Would be a good squad addition imo! ❓


  29. Sell Harps.

    Krul with Forster as back up would be class. I wish we could have got Westwood, but he went from Coventry to Sunderland on a bosman. A huge backward step 😉

    As much as I love talking about our team, this particular topic is the most trivial, as its the one part of the squad, I’m completely confident in.

    any news of Erdinç yet? Heard it was to be wrapped up today…


  30. Really surprised to see all the Forster love. Is it just because he’s English?
    I would imagine that is part of it, along with being intrigued about him being 6’7. People seem to think he is going to play for england some day and probably don’t want to miss out (though it’s a little early for that assessment). I doubt more than a couple on here have seen him play a handful of times.


  31. Krull at present for me but i would like to see foster given an opportunity at some stage maybe league cup games i think harper’s days are numbered


  32. Toonsy>

    How can you not be “enthused” about Forster who is 6’7″ tall, born and bread in Newcastle, Set a records for clean sheets etc I believe while at Norwich and Celtic(albeit clubs in leagues not of our quality),clubs that have been around a long, long time.

    We’ve seen very , very little of him and heard lots of outstanding reports and feedback. I would play him as No.1 on the understanding with Krul that he will be waiting to step in if Forster can’t live up to his billing-See if he handles the pressure.

    I’d love to see Forster and Krul really look world class this season.


  33. Forster will never play for England he was one of Celtics worst players last year. If Celtic had a decent keeper they would have won the league. He isnt good enough for the SPL league never mind the PL.

    People who think he will play for England need to get their heads out of the clouds.


  34. Definitely got to be Krul for me. Harper has his deputy and loan out Forster again, this time to a more competitive league.


  35. @ 57

    Agree. He is the only keeper we have go has played consistently over the past 2 seasons and has played well to boot.

    I love local lads playing for the team too, bit old fashioned like that


  36. Batty,

    I live in Dundee. I know a lot of fans wouldn’t be happy with him but I would. He is a great finisher. He also scored a better goal than Rooneys overhead kick but most won’t have seen it because he doesn’t play for Man Utd.


  37. Santii-how can you say Forster is too crap for Celtic? Is that why they wanted him on a permanent basis then 😕 Forster is good and he has potential, Krul is ahead of him now but they both still have another 10 years or so to develop…though Forster will never play for England with Hart around anyway…


  38. Moreno>

    Nowt wrong with a bit of loyalty mate. Shame Judas himself wasn’t brought us like us then isn’t it. Anyway his (and the Scouse) loss really.

    Some our younger lads seem like they are really pressing the 1st team now- Vuckic, Gosling, Tavernier, Forster and Ferguson in particular.

    Would love to see an outstanding Geordie No.1 between the sticks as well. And for that reason amongst many others I would give him that chance to see what he can do.


  39. Last season in the league.
    Haprs played 18 conceeded 22 an average of 1.22 per game
    Krul played 20 conceeded 35 an avergae of 1.75 per game
    Fraser played in the Walt Disney league.

    Based on facts it’s Harps.


  40. GeordieDan

    July 29, 2011 at 15:20


    How can you not be “enthused” about Forster who is 6’7″ tall, born and bread in Newcastle,

    Isn’t he a Hexham lad? 😕


  41. Santii-the Celtic fans I know and the forums that I’ve read have shown that they think quite highly of him. Whilst the record equaling first season may well be helped by the fact that Celtic have a better defence with Forster than they did with Boruc most seem to agree he did a great job for them….Considering that was his first time in a top flight team its pretty incredible…alongside his exploits for Norwich, you can’t doubt the lad has talent.


  42. DLG>

    Damn, yeah. He’ll need to get his visa sorted to play for NUFC then wont he!

    Why did u bother?


  43. 1. Krul definitely the future for the club in goal.
    2. Harper a fine backup, his last season.
    3. Forster, sell him for the best offer.


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