Blast at the board from our two ex-captains!

NUFC Captain and Vice-Captain 2010-2011

Kevin Nolan has joined the ever growing list of current and ex-NUFC players to hit out at the board.

Nobody can deny that Nolan’s influence and leadership of the side over the last two seasons has been absolutely integral in our promotion from the Championship and the consolidation of our Premier League status.

I am quite surprised it had taken Nolan so long to mention his departure from Tyneside as he was always so vocal and willing to speak to the press in his time with the club! I recently saw an interview on the Mirror football website in which Nobby had this to say:-

He said: “I envisaged spending the rest of my career at the club.”

“I was settled, happy and I adored the supporters.

“I was captain of a huge club and played with a smashing group of lads I had untold respect for.

“But ultimately I was forced out because I lost trust in key people at the club and when you lose trust in people it’s almost impossible to regain it.

“From January and shortly following the sale of Andy Carroll to Liverpool, I was involved in ongoing discussions about signing a new contract between four and five years.

“I discussed the deal at length with managing director Derek Llambias and even shook hands on it.

“In my book when you do that man-to-man you expect them to see it through.

“But what we talked about and what they finally offered me was laughable. They did a U-turn on what we agreed They showed me no respect. I felt totally betrayed.

“Then they had the nerve to claim I rejected a new contract. What contract? A deferred option to increase my deal by 12 months with a bonus that hinged on the ¬success of the team on the pitch the following season.

“Perhaps I was just naive. I thought I had a good relationship with the board.

“But when it all came to a head in the summer I knew my time was coming to an end.

“I had given the club everything but they didn’t want to give me anything in return, just broken promises. I ¬simply couldn’t work with people like that. There was no way back for me.”

Now many fans are happy to see the back of Nolan as they can’t see where he would fit into the team and they don’t think he offers enough to warrant a starting XI spot over certain players. Fair enough. I agree with that assessment entirely.

Let’s put that aside for a minute though as that discussion has been done to death.

Once again, a player at the club is claiming to have been told lies by this regime. Some of his comments mirror how I feel as well. When he talks about trust being broken, U-turns on what they say/offer and showing no respect what so ever.

When he talks about being naive, I know where he is coming from too. I feel I was until the evidence started mounting up regarding what this board were like behind closed doors. Once I was blind but now I see.

Put yourself in his shoes. How would you feel in Kev’s situation when somebody has shaken your hand and verbally agreed a deal only go back on it? I know how I would be feeling.

I have heard comments suggesting Nolan is having a parting shot at the club as he is bitter….so what? I would be too. Wouldn’t you? Family settled, love the club, fans and team-mates but feel like you can’t work for the employers as you don’t have any trust for them having broken promises.

It’s alright for Kev though, he can piss off somewhere else for more money as he has a glowing CV. What about us? We are stuck with this lot and their complete lack of respect towards our fans and our players.

Yet so many fans support them. How many more times are you going to hear stories from within the club before the penny finally drops?

It really concerns me to what we told players like Marveux and Cabaye when they signed. They seem to think we are pushing for Europe yet some of our current players claim we lack ambition. Who is right? I just hope we haven’t lied to our new signings like we did to our captain!

Just to add fuel to the fire, after the Leeds game, our out-spoken Number 7 posted this on twitter: 

“If only we as players could tell the fans exactly how it is, without them above fining us lots of money. There will be a time and a place.”

“If it wouldn’t effect team morale and cause unrest within the dressing room, am certain Jose’s comments would be the tip of the iceberg…..”

“And again it would be left to those magnificent fans to pick up the remnants of their once great football club. #hadenoughofcertainpeople”

Just shows that we will be guaranteed to hear more about what goes on with this Regime behind closed doors and one thing is for sure… is not good for the name of Newcastle United Football Club.

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338 thoughts on “Blast at the board from our two ex-captains!

  1. …must go, Kevin Nolan’s mam’s sister’s cat just pissed on the curtains. The little bastad. Crispy cat strips wi red onion dip.


  2. @pootie

    It’s annoying that the fantasists have crawled back in their caramel beds and toffee blankets but it gives me no pleasure in saying we were right.

    I want the best and that’s a change from Ashley about being honest, honourable and fair.

    I won’t hold my breath.


  3. “Steer clear of Bobby”

    Bobby can’t corrupt me, Newkie.
    I’ve had a finger in Sauron’s ring for years. 😈

    I don’t think we need more players cos we only performed in one of our friendlies, Newkie.
    Like I’ve said previously, we need more players cos our squad is very unbalanced and weak in some areas. It was before the friendlies and, in my opinion, unfortunately still will be once the season gets underway.
    My heart wants Ashley to prove me wrong: my head knows that he won’t.


  4. @rodz

    Woo hoo hoo hoo. Im sure people don’t get you bit I do! Woo hoo hoo hoo 😆


  5. Pootle 😆

    Yeah I get your reasoning, but its quality we need not quantity. The last comment was aimed at Bobby anyway and not you 😉


  6. Obviously I would prefer not to pay anyone for doing nothing.
    But it would be preferable to relegation due to having loads of shite in the squad, for example.

    Anyway maybe Ashley could consider paying Xisco etc for nothing as a penance for buying shite players in the first place. And for letting Dennis Wise choose the players (as favours to agents, no less) instead of letting Keegan pick good ones.


  7. Preferable to relegation, yes, but can you see that happening this season? In all honesty? Its going to be a more clear cut season this year, Brum and West Ham had good squads, Blackpool were well managed and had great morale, this year though they’re will be some whipping boys, and Wigan without Nzogbia to save them. First target is safety as always, we can’t get complacent, but are you seriously considering relegation already?

    I agree, he f*cked up massively with Wise, he admitted he knew nothing about football and he messed up those decisions. Its a system that works all over Europe though, and is becoming increasingly popular in England. Liverpool, Spurs, Chelski etc.


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    ….bet I’m the first person to ever do that. I win, fkn hands down. Result.



  9. If I was Pardue, I’d see the conversation going like this over the phone to our owner… “fackin hell Ash (please don’t sack me you c*nt), it ain’t workin mate, ain’t lookin too rosy at the mo, I think, we might need £15-20mil from the player sales here pal!” “We got Arsenhole in less than two weeks buddy!” “Have you had chance to look at my top target list yet, you know, the one I handed Derek in February?”


  10. Hoddo, you missed out an important piece of dialogue there, the bit after Fat Mike is strapped to a chair, getting his ears sliced off by the Wombles.

    (or was that just a dream?)


  11. On a serious note, without Ben Arfa, I think it’s high time Vuckic gets given his chance. I agree with those that have suggested this.


  12. Kevin Nolan’s Nana’s dog just ran into mi kitchen with a 1976 Ford Cortina in it’s gob. What shalla dee lads? fk nahs.

    ….life chucks this sh1te at ye, just got te deal with it.


  13. Gene Wilder’s uncle’s mam’s dog’s rabbit’s favourite root vegetable is not the same thing.

    Call any vegetable, and the chances are good, aww, the vegetable will respond to you.


  14. If you live, on Pigeon Street, here are the people you would meet,
    Here are the people who would say “hello”, “goodbye” everyday. We’ve been to Button Moon, we’ve followed Mr Spoon, Button Moo-oon, Button Moo-oon, Button Moo-oo-oo-oo-ooooon, button-moo-oon, ah for fuksake. Please put 35 thousand dollars into Bill Oddie’s bank account by 3am, or the collar around my neck will explode, taking out the penguin sanctuary I live above.

    May the force be with you.


  15. Newkie, if we got in 3 good players in the positions mentioned in previous threads and no-one except the deadwood leaves, if it settles down bad feeling I could see us finishing 7th-9th. Maybe 6th if one or two of those 3 players was top top class.
    It won’t happen.

    If we could get 2 good players and the unrest vanishes maybe 8th-11th depending on the quality of the 2 players.
    It won’t happen.

    If we get 1 decent striker or a couple of squad players and the unrest vanishes, maybe 10th-14th.
    We might get the player but that won’t fix the unrest imho.

    If we do no business and the unrest vanishes 11th-15th.
    I don’t think the unrest will disappear.

    If we get no players in and the unrest at the club continues or gets worse I think we could finish between 12th-18th

    If we sell any of our decent players and don’t get in replacements at least as good we are gonna be in big, big trouble.

    The problem is unrest clearly exists and I don’t think Ashley is prepared to any of the measures that would stop it.

    In the second half of the season players like Cabaye who were promised we were gonna push for Europe this year may get sucked into the unrest when they realise the club is not actually anywhere near being able to make a push for Europe.
    Hopefully th is won’t happen but its definitely a real possibility and I wouldn’t blame them. We shouldn’t have lied to them in the first place.


  16. Nah Zilla, I’m like Mystic Meg me.
    I get visions of the future from indulging in the art of haruspicy.
    No chicken is safe. Lol.

    Ashley will probably buy one player maybe a striker, if he can find one dumb or cheap enough.
    He will take no measures that address the unrest.

    The only way I can see out of this is if by some miracle we get a run of decent wins in the first few games.


  17. A couple of days ago there was no apparent ill feeling, and outside sources were reporting a very good atmosphere throughout the whole camp. Two tweets and an unimportant loss and suddenly everyone’s jumping ship? Seriously wtf?

    Another thing that gets me is usually its the people who are going “Cabaye and our new signings might be rubbish, they’re unproven” then go on to say about how they’ve been lied to and how they’re quite possibly better than what we can hope for? People keep changing their minds.

    Anyway, regardless of what Cabaye was told, he would have known what he was getting himself into. Players aren’t children, although some certainly act like them-Cabaye announced he was coming to Newcastle after his last game, he’d clearly been in contact for a while. Are you telling me an employee wouldn’t have a check up on his future place of work? Bollocks. Also, speaking to players such as Ben Arfa-an actual squad player who knows whats going on presumably played a big part. Or is Ben Arfa now the mouthpiece of Ashley as well? Bollocks to that imo.


  18. Ben Arfa is new and spent much of his time in France following his injury.
    There have been sign of unrest for a while now, they’ve just been getting much more frequent and louder lately.

    People on tweeter were saying the squad were happy. Seriously, people on tweeter were saying we had signed Gervinho.
    A couple of reporters too maybe, but some were reporting signs of unrest. Maybe it depended on which players you talked too?

    Also Cabaye was playing in France – he’s French. Do you think he’d pops over here to see what the local gossip is before speaking to Ashley.?
    If Ashley had promised we were going to show the ambition to try for Europe why should he be expected to disbelieve it?
    I suppose he could randomly phone people on Tyneside for their opinions. Maybe he did. Maybe he phoned Stardust by accident?
    What he should have done is spoke to Keegan. Wonder how it would have went then?


  19. We have no idea how well Cabaye and the others will adapt to England, especially in their first season.
    Coloccini is a very good player – how well did he do in his first season for us?

    You just pretending we can be certain they will definitely be brilliant from the get-go doesn’t neccessarily makeo it so.

    Also I have said several times that I think Cabaye particularly could be a big player for us from what I’ve seen and heard about him.
    Buts its far too soon to be assuming anything.

    None of that actually bears any revelance to how they’ll react when the realise they have been lied to.
    I don’t know many people that would react all that well to that.
    After all Cabaye was in a team that had reached Europe. He left for a team that he thought were trying for Europe this year (incidentally, if the lie wasn’t important to signing him, then why tell the lie at all?) A footballers career is relatively short.

    If Cabaye is as good a player as you seem to be sure he is, then explain to me why he would want to stay with a team that lie about their ambition when he should be able to walk into a team that genuinely have some?

    A few possible reasons spring to my mind:
    1) He was lied to about the level of ambition we have and fell for it.

    2) He is aware of our lack of ambition but he is just using us as a shop window for a big club next year.

    3) He is aware of our lack of ambition but isn’t as good as you and I hope he is, and a mid to low table team not in Europe is the best he can hope for.


  20. Seems to me that there’s far too many negative comments coming from people associated (currently and exly) with the club for it to be all sour grapes. There’s no doubt that the Ashley regime is one of lies and spin.

    I’ve no idea to what end, though. It’s hard to gauge that because there is no communication from the club, and, as we have all seen from reading this blog, there is at least two sides to every argument.


  21. Pootle-Yes, but Benny knows the lads, the manager and everyone associated with the club far better than you or myself or anyone here quite frankly. Tiote, another new arrival has also consistently praised the club, and he’s been here all year. So where is it exactly that these new players are getting shafted hmm?

    People on twitter? I was referring to Lee Ryder who was recently over in America, he’s got no real need to lie, he was saying squad morale in the camp was brilliant, anyone else got any closer info? Didn’t think so

    Pop over here to watch a match? Hmm probably not, but theres this neat thing called a TV, you can watch matches in different countries and such, I watched Cabaye play in France from my own house-unless Cabaye doesn’t have one, he could do the same! Cabaye had plenty of time to scout it out. As it happens I think he’s picking up some tidy wages here which was a big pull, i’d say he’s on about 40-50k, which again blows out a lot of those Wraith worshippers who think we pay 20k max. If we are indeed paying less or around that amount then surely the club deserves praise for pulling off what should be considered the coup of the season, no?

    I see, he should have called Keegan, the perennial quitter who’s already fallen out with the reigime because of his ego. Yeah he’d get an opinion. Or he could I dunno, talk to current players such as Ben Arfa who actually know what’s going on and wouldn’t feel the need to attack the club for personal reasons.

    You also summed it up pretty nicely Buts its far too soon to be assuming anything.

    Exactly, yet people continue to assume they will struggle to adapt to the premiership? That all of them will flop? Just like Tiote this se…oh wait. Some players require time, some don’t, but based on current evidence these are quality players and we should hope to see the same again, not expect them to do badly because they’re french and therefore rule them out.

    As for why he’s here? Increase in wages, as well as push for Europe, I believe that’s still one of Ashleys hopes albeit he’s attempting it on a shoestring budget. Also assuming he performs he’s guaranteed a starting spot now Nolan’s out the picture, which he may not get elsewhere. Finally, the selling points Ben Arfa has given him? Just to name a few there.

    Also-how are you so certain these players have been lied to? Have they told you what Pardew said to them? Has Pardew said? No? Then basically you have no clue, Pardew may have just said “look we’ll give you another 20k” and they thought “yup, sure” You have no real basis to assume they’ve been lied to.


  22. Lol. The Chronicle reporter. Good source. Enough said.
    Ha ha. Your views on Keegan sum you up.
    You clearly don’t know when you’ve had it good.
    Keegan quit because he has principals which prevent him being treat like a doormat. Pardew? Not so much, I guess.

    Incidentally, the first time Keegan quit was under John Hall because he was promised certain levels of investment and support which the board were going to renege on.
    Sound familiar?
    Fortunately Hall had more sense than Ashley and got Keegan back.
    Resulting in the best period of football I have ever seen at Newcastle played by some of the best players to grace St James’

    But hey, you’re entirely correct, he’s just a big quitter. We’re lucky he went and we got to keep the useless sack of shit that owns the club.


  23. Ben Arfa wasn’t here most of the season. He broke his leg.
    I’d be willing to bet they know precious little about the turmoil behind the scenes of the last few years.

    I’m sure they’ll begin to realise the big picture soon enough.


  24. And if we are both agreed its too soon to know how the new foreigners will fit in this season then explain why some people are so very confident we have a MUCH stronger team this year?

    Potentially our MIDFIELD is better. That said we are down by one midfielder who we already know fitted in and got goals. Also depending on how the board treat Barton we could end up losing him. If that happens and we lose some of the new lads to injury or they don’t adapt easily would could even end up worse off than last year.

    Hopefully it will all be hunkydory but don’t kid yourself that its anything like a certainty until we’ve seen a few league games.


  25. If …

    If the whole squad were victims of a terrorist attack tomorrow I think we’d have a bad season ahead. And that would be Ashley’s fault because he didn’t have the foresight to buy two teams and have them train in separate places.

    A lot of things can happen. Let’s base our arguments on facts so we all know what we are talking about.

    If … Everybody in the Newcastle squad hit top form at the same time for the next 10 months we’d win the title.

    If …

    I’m sick of hearing arguments based on If.


  26. If the squad were hit by a terrorist attack we could probably lose at least a third of them and we wouldn’t notice the difference football wise.
    If the entire squad hit top form for the entire season we still wouldn’t finish higher the eighth.

    I’m sick of hearing tired arguments from people who probably already know they are getting proved wrong almost daily in their unwavering support for our idiot owner but are now just too embarrassed to admit it.

    But I support free speech, so, like you I guess I’ll just have to put up with it.


  27. There will be no decent British signings at Newcastle as Mike Ashley’s name is now mud in the British game.
    Only people wanting a last pay day (i.e Campbell) or the likes of cheap average Championship standard players (Williamson, Perch, Best) will join NUFC these days.
    Johnny Foreigners will come to NUFC for the money, but in general are not aware about the 2 clowns that run and own the club.
    When the penny drops, they too, will leave and spread the word about

    Ashley is sitting on a time bomb at Newcastle, because of his fast dwindling reputation, or should that be his rapidly expanding reputation for being an arsehole, it is getting increasingly more difficult for the club to attract quality players – and managers for that matter.

    He is pissing so many people off that he might as well sell up ASAP before his assett becomes worthless, and if Newcastle go down again, the club WILL be nearly worthless.


  28. I’d still say Lee Ryder knows more than you do about the squad. How many times have you been at training with them again?….I don’t trust any reporters, but I trust him slightly more than people coming out of the blue with no evidence claiming the squad is falling apart.

    Cabaye said that in an interview, yes. You expect him to say when he gets here “myeah well i think all the lads will be happy with mid table for a while, hopefully the fans won’t get on our back etc.” Of course fcking not, because some fans are so deluded they expect us to be challenging for the champions league in two years. Get a flaming grip, we’re an average side with an average team and we don’t have some divine right to challenge for CL and the PL title, jeez.

    Regardless of Ben Arfa’s leg, he’s a Newcastle player who obviously knows the club and all its players better than you do. Would you actually debate that? Don’t be fcking ridiculous.

    Anyway, I like Keegan, but I still get the feeling it was his ego being bruised, which I guess is fair enough, managers are all different. He could have sat down and tried to talk it out and explained to Ashley why Wise was a ridiculous choice, instead he just spat his dummy out.


  29. Listen to Mr Hillman, Newkie.
    And don’t be embarrassed to admit you’ve been wrong about Ashley all this time.

    Why would Cabaye even mention that he’d been told about this goal if he hadnt?
    Why would a player of the pedigree everyone believes he is, a player good enough to play in Europe already, come to a club with no ambition to improve on a mid to lower table finish?


  30. He wasn’t talking about ‘what the lads said they’d be happy with’.

    Does it matter?
    You would argue black was white to support Ashley in everything he does.

    I mean, it was KKs fault he was lied to because he’s an unreasonable quitter, wasn’t it?


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