2011-2012 Season Preview.

Trophy Virgins? Well we won't be for much longer according to Danny Mills...
I woke up yesterday morning and to my delight I found this month’s edition of FourFourTwo hanging from my letterbox. For those of you that aren’t familiar with it, FourFourTwo is a monthly Football magazine and with this edition came a big pullout in which the magazine gave its opinion on how all 92 Football League Clubs would fare in the coming season.

Anyway the good news is that out of the four pundits that were asked who would win the League Cup this year one of them answered Newcastle! Although that was a certain Danny Mills…

The bad news is that one of them thinks that we are relegation material, and while I agree that we may struggle this year, I don’t think that any of the promoted teams will finish above us.

The overall consensus was a tough season ahead if we don’t add any more top quality players to our thin looking squad, and we could also struggle if key players such as Ben Arfa and Ba are injured for long spell. The lack of goalscorers was also seen as an area urgently needing to be improved as last season we had Kevin Nolan and Andy Carroll (for the 1st half of the season) consistently putting the ball in the back of the net, and both of those players have moved onto different clubs.

One thing I have noticed recently from quite a few pundits and websites is that they all expect us to finish below the Unwashed, and FourFourTwo is no exception having predicted we will finish in 13th place and the Mackems in 11th. This puzzles me quite a bit as man for man I believe we have the stronger first eleven, excluding maybe our strikers but even then Demba Ba is a very talented player and could make quite a name for himself over the next few months.

Right, enough about what the magazine thinks, I’m now going to give my predictions on the upcoming season, but baring in mind my shocking record when it comes to Fantasy Football; don’t be surprised if the complete opposite happens…

Newcastle Final Position: 9th
Champions: Man City
Champions League: Man Utd, Chelsea, Tottenham
Relegated: Swansea, Wolves, Norwich
FA Cup: Liverpool
League Cup: Everton

I was tempted to agree with Danny Mills and put us down as League Cup victors, but perhaps that would be a tad optimistic given our current state. So take a look through your crystal ball and comment your predictions below, although there is one condition, no-one is allowed to say we are getting relegated…

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187 thoughts on “2011-2012 Season Preview.

  1. I have Sky but not the sports or anything-I was watching SSN yesterday, but now its saying I have to pay 🙁


  2. I must say I am looking forward to someone putting a positive spin on letting our best player go on a free with one year left on his contract. 😯

    Wonder how Pardew is feeling right now. Probably like a right tit!


  3. It seems as if anyone that doesn’t speak well about the Dictatorship they will be punished be it Players Journo’s, supporters when is the nightmare going to end ? the fatman must be getting PR advice from col Gaddafi


  4. This is going to be a bad day me thinks
    Sadly it looks that way.

    I know there will be a lot of people making barton out to be a martyr here- maybe that is fair and maybe it’s not. but let’s not forget how many times he was suspended at man city for detrimental conduct ot the club or his suspension for having a go at Shearer in the locker room. Based on that track record, he may not be blameless in all of this.


  5. @153. Not that they have to speak well of the club- they just shouldn’t trash it publically. No other club in the world would stand for it so why should Newcastle.


  6. stardust check your tyres on that big red bus ,there about too blow up within the next 45 mins 😉 get ya cash on relegation lads 😆


  7. MDS – Not sure Barton, KK, Shearer, Enrique, Nolan and Routledge can all be wrong can they?

    Cannot wait to hear what he actually has to say about the club. Although they’ve probably told him if he slags them off he won’t get paid!

    Seriously though, what drugs are Ashley and Llambias on?


  8. @MDS 155

    I don’t think many others clubs would treat players with such disdain that Fatty seems to.


  9. fkin disgrace.

    Batty, you can get 5s at the moment, although I’m sure that will shorten in a few weeks.


  10. “MsiDouglas Mark Douglas
    Oh Joey, Joey, Joey. Released by NUFC. Shambles all round.
    12 minutes ago”

    Oh joy…


  11. I like the fact that nobody has gone official yet. Like everyone doesn’t want to be the first to actually publish in case they are wrong. Shall I be first? 😆


  12. @MDS 155
    I don’t think many others clubs would treat players with such disdain that Fatty seems to.
    How? By not offering them big enough contracts?


  13. Talksport reckon they’ve just spoken to Barton and he’s said people are jumping to conclusions and all will be clear at 4pm #NUFC
    2 minutes ago


  14. Ashley and Llambias know less about football then my pet dogs, they are fu’cking useless.


  15. MDS – Not sure Barton, KK, Shearer, Enrique, Nolan and Routledge can all be wrong can they?
    do they all have a unifying compkaint though? Is it that the club lacks sufficent ambition and doesn’t spend enough?

    If that’s their complaint, I certainly share it. But so does every supporter of every club not currently in the top 6.


  16. Official statement is out and there’s no jumping being done. He can leave on a free and he’s on the list!


  17. I like the fact that nobody has gone official yet. Like everyone doesn’t want to be the first to actually publish in case they are wrong. Shall I be first?
    You could do a cop-out like “Reports suggest….” but that’s not really your style 😉


  18. MDS they were all treated like shit and lied to by the club man , FFS they still haven’t bothered to tell Big Al that he wasn’t getting the job after telling him the job was his 😆


  19. @MDS 168

    Not so much that mate, just little things like lies etc.

    Anyway, if you want to be competitive and have good players you have to pay them competitive wages. A club in the Premier League can’t be run by paying players with giant sports direct mugs.

    Who’s fault is that an English 21 year old centre forward costs £35 million these days? Ours. Did they think they would be able to replace Judas for 2 million or something?


  20. just a thought pity we didnt have a manager like the b/pool manager he would tell how it is 😀 😀 😀


  21. So in reality there’s no news, Barton was leaving at the seasons end for free but he can leave now for free – just a timing change.

    Barton seems to have a degree of intelligence, so how did he not work out slagging the club off, when he has given us one goood season, wasn’t going to endear him to anyone.

    Looks like the scallywags are being cleared out. Carroll – Drink and Violent, Nolan – rumoured Drink, Barton – constant trouble.


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