The views of a disgruntled Newcastle fan.

Drink up and leave.
The old cliche states ‘there’s never a dull moment at Newcastle’. It’s an accurate statement and the long suffering fans of this football club can be forgiven for being pessimistic at times.

I have always been an optimistic Newcastle fan, although always realistic certainly always optimistic too.

Despite the turmoil and bad press this club at times has received I have always been able to almost see past it and wear my black and white shirt with pride and dignity. I have maintained that positive mentality, even in recent years when we’ve seen our beloved club relegated, managers undermined, legends humiliated and star players sold. Yes all the above annoyed and concerned me but my love of Newcastle United ensured I’d turn up to next week’s game as enthusiastic as ever.

Although I’m hardly surprised with the feeble way the club dealt with Joey Barton’s Twitter comments I’m still disgusted and quite frankly embarrassed. OK, there will no doubt be more to the saga than we realise but to learn the club are prepared to allow Joey to leave for free is a joke and almost a metaphor for what Ashley has turned our club in to.

Joey does obviously wear his heart on his sleeve and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. The player has clearly been concerned with how the club is being run and has questioned the ambition and intentions of Ashley and co. Although I’m of the opinion that Joey went about his business the wrong way, I think it’s admirable that he wants to see the club head in the right direction.

Make no mistake when the club’s player of the season publicly speaks of his love for the club and tells you that he’s willing to take a pay cut to remain at that club he should be listened to. You would think the club would value an individual that has so much respect in the dressing room and vital leadership skills, especially following the sale of the captain Kevin Nolan whose leadership skills were excellent.

Instead Joey was told he wouldn’t be offered a new deal after his current contract expires – I remind you this is a player that we won a whopping 0% of games when he wasnโ€™t involved. It is revolting that a player of his importance and calibre was denied a new deal after constantly speaking of his love for the club and the fans. It’s got to be especially insulting since the club spent so much time trying to convince an unhappy Jose Enrique to sign a new deal, yet a key man who wanted to stay was ignored.

Essentially Joey voiced his concerns and they were ignored and he bruised the ego of Mike Ashley which wouldn’t have made him popular with the tubby owner. But lets face it if everything was OK and the players trusted those above then the Twitter rants would never of started in the first place would they? It’s sad that those in charge wont take responsibility for their own failings.

You really have to sit up and listen when several players have had something to say about the running of the club. It’s not just Joey. Enrique, Nolan and Jonas as well were all forced to question the direction of the club. It’s like Toonsy said in a previous article, they probably wanted to ship Joey out a long time ago and they finally get their wish.

My point being today it’s almost as if a nerve has been hit. I feel angry, concerned and disillusioned and believe me I wasn’t very pleasant to be around at work today. Joey’s inevitable departure is something I have been bracing myself for for a while, but I resent the way this whole situation has been dealt with and I’m disgusted that once again we have become a laughing stock.

I have been avoiding Sky Sports News and News now all evening because I have truly had enough of the constant negativity surrounding our club. It’s especially sickening because I had such high hopes for the season, but as things stand I’m extremely worried. The morale will take a kicking and we are one by one losing the ‘voices’ of the dressing room. Having those individuals are vital.

On the whole I have found Mike Ashley to lack professionalism and class in the time he has been here but I do think I have been one of the more patient and placid people when it comes to him. But enough is enough and it’s time wingus and dingus packed up and called it a day because even my limits are being pushed now.

I understand that owning a football club is a business and making money is part and parcel of being a shrewd business person, but Mike Ashley doesn’t care at all about what we want ever. We are the customer and therefore aren’t we right?! Piss off now Mike and please take that hideous gimp of a chairman with you.

Whether or not he knows it, he is killing this club and every decision he makes seems to make us that little more vulnerable. I know that merely mentioning the word relegation is very premature but it’s a word that has been swirling around in my head for the past couple of days. Coming from a guy that refuses to be pessimistic or even sceptical about his club it’s a shame.

Scary thing is I’m not sure Ashley even cares, arrogant fat prick! Sorry for a negative write up guys it was just all on my mind. I’m sure some will disagree with me anyway. How is everyone this evening?

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I'm Mark, I live in a little town called Rugby. I go back a long way with Toonsy, we have traveled the country together watching the lads. I eat, breath and sleep Newcastle United! Follow me on [email protected] MRStockers or add me on Facebook- Mark Stockley.

258 thoughts on “The views of a disgruntled Newcastle fan.

  1. “What if Ashley came out and said โ€˜The great fans of this club and the other great players we have dont deserve to be disrespected by someone who thinks he is bigger than the club and who brings the club into disrepute by contstantly airing his problems through the lowest form of social media availableโ€”

    Maybe if Ashley didnt have a rap sheet as long as his arms, maybe if he wasn’t a proven liar, maybe if he demonstrated some ambition, maybe.

    Stop defending the indefensible.
    Its just sad.

    This has nothing to do with the (de)mertis of Joey Barton as a person. It has to the continued systematic mismanagement of our club.


  2. Pootle says” So if this has opened a few more peoples eyes then some good has come of it.

    I have to disagree with you on that one mate… All he is whinging about is his own personal situation and dragging the rest of the team down with it..
    Once again, if you don’t like your employment situation, you take the necessary actions to find new work..That doesn’t include twitter ๐Ÿ‘ฟ
    I have no problem with a player being unhappy at a club but not when they play a victim.
    All Barton has done is further embarrass himself, the club and most importantly the fans. None of this mess should have been discussed on a public forum like twitter.


  3. The other thing that really bugs me about all this is that Barton knows how we all feel about our owners… He knows that any disrespect he shows toward the owners will be lapped up by us fans. All he was doing was pouring petrol on an already well established flame. Very manipulative if you ask me…


  4. Pootle if you cant see what Barton was doing and has done you’re the one that is sad. Follow him to his new club and do us all a favour.


  5. Aussie Magpie fan I’m with you.

    He’s played his hand very nicely and it has nothing to do with whats best for the club or best for the fans.


  6. I know this for a fact………. no matter how bad it is waking up reading the news on the toon…. id still rather do it than support them i shall not name SMB’S …………….. PROUD of my team and the fans,,,,,,,,,CHIN UP BOYS WHERE THE TOON AND THIS IS WHERE WE SHOW EVERYONE WAT SUPPORT IS REAL SUPPORT


  7. No Charlietoon.
    You Ashley sycophants should leave.
    If you can find the door with your blinkers on, that is.
    A seven seater taxi should be enough to carry all of you by now.


  8. a certain mr shearer [local hero and all round walker on water in these parts] said barton should never kick another ball for this club………he’s no great loss. who really expects ashley to communicate with people like us? we constantly tell him how much he’s hated and we want him out, so from his viewpoint why should he give a shit about the fans? they all love the club eh?….except all the players who have gone or are going all went because they couldn’t screw the club for a few more million than they deserve. they want guaranteed money no matter what their contribution…just look at alan smith, well multiply that by two and add two. barton & nolan wanted pension plans…carroll and enrique think they’re too good for the club


  9. @stevep………..not really steve, just saying it like it is. suggest the ostriches are the one’s who think players [or owners come to that] are driven by anything other than money….none of them ‘love the club’ and they couldn’t give a shit about fans. Remember the comments from a certain Vinny Jones .we’re all just muppets to them! JB etc are on massive wages and the least they can do is shut up and get on with it. Does anyone think that causing more club turmoil is going to improve the prospects of success over the coming season? ……do yo seriously think Joey will give a toss if he manages to secure a lucrative deal to manu or somewhere? I can just see his tweets now….’yes I was born to play for manu….only club worthy of my superior talent, me and michael both feel the same way strangely enough!…probably because we’re both into horse racing dontcha know”


  10. Now both the sides are equally guilty in this.

    You can’t expect to insult your boss publicaly and get away with it over and over again.As Mark Douglas put it almsot the entire QPR and Villa squad are unhappy with their boards and have loads of problems.But,you dont hear any of them going public with it on Twitter.Only Newcastle players have been doing it and it was about time the club took an iron-fisted approach to it.

    But that said, the club should have chosen better on whom to take that iron-fisted approach on.For God’s sake, he was our player of the season. And even if we do bring in a replacement, we will never be able to replace the energy, passion and dedication that he brought along everytime onto the pitch.He was a outspoken character but that same attitude paid rich dividends on the pitch.

    At the end of the day,it is we fans who end up as the loosers,just like everytime.


  11. Deepak….. Being player of the year doesn’t entitle you to mouth off like Joey has..


  12. Funniest quote ever on this blog goes to Moreno’s response to Stardusts post;


    I understand what you wrote but class it to be the single most largest dollop of shite I have ever read anywhere. And thatโ€™s me being articulate about it. ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜†


  13. Pootle the problem you see every problem big or small as being Ashleys fault because he is some sort of demon who wants to destroy the club. Anyone who disagrees is sychophant. I know all your problems will be sold if we go out and spend $30 mill on a couple of players but whose problem is it when they are getting paid ridiculous amounts and they are crap or injured and we need to offload them. You cant just keep throwing money at a problem and hope to solve it, thats what we did with players like Owen, Luque, Boumsong and Smith.

    Gone are the days were the fans can act like children and get all excited about getting a lolly from the shop. We had a ton of lollies and now we are fat bastards wondering how it got this way. Yes another lolly would make you feel better but wouldn’t you rather put in a hard couple of years, bring the club back to where it should be and take a new outlook on how we do things and get even fatter and deeper in trouble.

    We have some great young kids coming through and in many ways we have Ashley to thank for that. They are all on low or similar wages giving their contracts room to grow depending on their ability. He has not gone out and splashed the case simply so the fans will like him as he has seen what has happened in the past.. We have found gems like Ben Arfa, Tiote, Gosling and all at good prices.

    Mate you have a clear choice to find a sunny side in this and support the team or come on the boards and bitch and moan and not buy the shirt or turn up to the game to deny MA your hard earned bucks. I know which I’d rather do and I think the lads playing would rather you were there supporting them than up on your cross chastising the only owner we have. Celebrate when he leaves but dont waste your life in the meantime worrying about something you can affect


  14. Aussie. – I agree mate,but the most sensible thing we should have done is stick with him for one more season after he just had such a wonderful and :influential season with us.Atleast it would allow time for the new players to settle.


  15. @charlietoon

    You are wrong. No one wants ยฃ20m players who turn out to be crocks. Bad managers buy them.
    All we ask is that the money from Carroll is invested correctly and used to strengthen our squad.

    Regarding Barton, there was no offer on the table for him. His 2 year offer was withdrawn before promised renegotiations commenced.

    People are happy with the new signings but don’t kid us that the ยฃ40m they got for Carroll and Nolan has been almost spent.

    We want further investment in quality players with the money promised. Is that too much to ask?


  16. @charlietoon

    It’s inept people like you who sat back on their caramel shortbread chairs who got us relegated.

    Get out of your fluffy dreamworld andtake off your sugarcoated clowns suit. ๐Ÿ™„


  17. Bobby no one is kidding themselves, even the most optimistic of us out there. We all want the money to be spent as wisely as possible but I just can’t keep getting all riled up every time something doesn’t happen how I would like it to. I support the team and not the owners, I disagree with how things are being done but me getting all fired up and angry changes nothing. I stated on a post a while back.. I can’t do the angry thing, it is too tiring and I gain nothing from it. So through all the mud and sh*t I will continue to support the team and be as positive as possible. If that means I cop some sh*t on here, so be it…


  18. Oh Bobby, my brave little keyboard battler…. please stay safe whilst you type away ๐Ÿ˜†


  19. Bobby so you were not celebrating when we bought Owen???? I know I was and look how it turned out but I can see we need to make better choices in the future. Blame me for us getting relegated if it makes you feel better but I believe that was the overpaid underperforming players we had at the time bought mostly by previous owners and managers. I learnt a few years ago to worry about the things that you can control and those that you cant let go. If you could do the same instead of blaming randowms and spouting rubbish about carmel coloured chairs you’d be a much happier man.

    For the record I am also an Aussie. I was not born in Newcastle but I support the team and have done for 15 years when football stated being shown here. We used to get the highlights at 11pm on a monday and I fell in love with the Newcastle style. Since the arrival of the internet I have not missed a match and for me that means I get up at 1 or 3 in the morning on Saturday or Sunday, put on my Brown Ale or Northern Rock shirt ( I change depending on which one I think is lucky) and watch my tiny computer screen and wake up my wife everytime we score or concede a goal. Now you might say I am not a true fan because I dont have to live the life of a geordie but what makes a club bigger than big is the people round the world who support them for some unknown reason. Everytime I talk football and someone asks me who I support and I say Newcastle I get asked “Why??” and I love it because they just dont understand.

    Of course I want the money respent! But if we do it over a few years and buy intelligently rather than just splashing the cash we will do much better in the long run. We will build a team of similar calibre not just 9 guys relying on 2 to get them 3 points every week leaving us up shite creek when they are injured or out of form. I have never said there is no more money to spend but Ashley or Pardew never said “We will spend 45 mill in the transfer market this window” which is what you seem to have heard.


  20. Totally agree with most of the comments so far..the manโ€™s a disgrace and if he where in a normal job then he would have been sacked a long time for his endless public rants. I think this is his way of engineering a move out of Newcastle and wants us to believe that its not his fault. Well sorry Barton..I for one am not falling for it!! The sooner he and Jose get out and stop causing unrest the better. In my opinion, given the opportunity, Gosling could be the man to step up to the plate and replace him.


  21. in reality fat mike has managed to build himself a very sizable fortune
    im sure the rest of us here havent
    who do you think is better suited to running the club?
    i for one havent managed to amass a billion pounds of anything
    ok i might not agree with the way he works and yeh he might have made mistakes but one thing is for sure
    the club is alot more finacially stable that i can ever remmember and the way they are now stamping down on all the self important air heads is to be commended
    remmeber jose and barton etc will be influencing the kids coming through,the club is now making sure these people are made well aware of who is boss
    can you imagine any of the top 4 clubs putting up with any of the drivel?


  22. Well said toonpipes. Why are we constantly on the negative bitching? The cold hard fact is that Mike Ashley has paid millions to own the club so the desicions and choices are his alone. I don’t like it, you don’t like it but that is the way it is. Barton should not have had a rant and it smacks of engineering his own move to me. He is not stupid enough to think that he can say stuff like that and have no response. I own a business and if one of my employees said that they’d be out the door without even an explanation.

    At the end of the day I support Newcastle United no matter what controversy is brought on by players or management. All this negativity about relegation before a ball is even kicked is a joke. COME ON!


  23. Well I can tell you I definitely wasn’t excited when we got Owen. I thought we paid far too much money for someone who had been gradually becoming more and more of a diminishing force in football.
    That was kind of typical of Shepherd reign especially towards the end.
    Spend megabuck on stars who were on their way down. Like Kluivert.
    He should have left it more up to his managers.

    Mind the fact you got excited about Owen doesn’t suprise me much.


  24. The “well I know its terrible the way the club is run but we might as well just smile and get on with it. I mean what can we do,?” Argument is really starting to grate on me now.

    It makes you sound like the “good Germans”.
    Pretending its not happening doesn’t mean its not happening.
    Everytime you push the blame for the poor decisions made by those in power on those underneath them, you are giving tacit permission for them to continue running this club into the ground.

    Something Toonsy said to me a while ago is also really starting to ring true.
    Acknowledging the problems is a start and better than smiling sweetly and pretending everything is ok, but we fans can probably only make Ashley sit up and listen one way.
    Chanting and protesting appears to have little effect because he doesn’t care about the fans or the football at all now.

    Hitting Ashley in the pocket is the ONLY way to make him take notice.


  25. for me if i was the fat man i would have

    not given him a free transfer
    no id have made him stay (not for sale at any cost) and sacked him 1 day after the window closes

    just to prove to the (well its best not said) who is actually paying his wages and how its best not to continually anger him

    it boils my piss all the twaddle he sprouts how he loves the fans and how the “truth” needs to be out

    f$%k off


  26. Lol. So I was being told to give up supporting the toon and ‘follow Joey to his new club’ by someone, who isn’t even a Geordie?!?!?!
    That explains a lot actually.
    You can have no concept of how important the football team is not only to the fans but the region.
    You don’t understand and can’t appreciate the difference in mood and confidence that was felt not only by fervent football fans in Newcastle but also across the region as a whole following Newcastle’s resurgence under Keegan in the mid nineties.
    You can’t understand the sense of anger and hopelessness felt by many fans as we witness these buffoons gradually running our club into the ground and continually dragging our proud heritage through the mud.

    I wouldn’t deny you the right to call yourself a Newcastle fan, despite the fact you aren’t from here and can’t appreciate the importance of this to the area.
    Perhaps in future you could extend to people who do live in the area, who do attend matches and who do appreciate the significance the club has on things like our regional identity and civic pride, the courtesy of having the right to express their emotions and concerns about these issues without suggesting that they should support other teams or are in some way not real fans.


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