Youth investment paying dividends?

Young love?
With the Joey Barton situation dominating the mainstream media, opinion among fans is massively divided.

In fact in all my years as a supporter I have never seen such a divide on issues surrounding the club. Even in the darkest days under Freddie Shepherd, at least we were united as one in anger. Anyway me adding fuel to the fire is only going to draw out the debate further, so it’s probably best left to any of the other numerous posts you’ll find on the subject.

Instead the argument I want to put forward is one based on the youth coming through. Try and divert attention and lighten the mood somewhat, although it failed miserably with my last article! Bad timing I guess!

Amidst all the doom and gloom we have seen some positive signs come from pre-season. Aside from a few new players looking the part it has been mostly the youth which have shown the desire and impressive performances that we all like to see coming into a new season.

Haris Vuckic is the obvious place to start. This lad has caught the eye of few that didn’t know about him and many who did but have been waiting to see him live up to the hype. Whether it be from a starting role or on as impact sub, Vuckic has certainly grabbed the bulk of attention in pre-season. He is very good technically, can play on either wing or behind the striker and by the looks of things has a keen eye for goal. This combined with the physical strength needed, a confidence in his ability and burning desire to make an impact this season, makes me think he deserves his shot this season.

Next up Mehdi Abeid. Safe to say nobody knew the first thing about this lad before he came to the club but within a week of being here there were numerous glowing reports from coaching staff about his attitude and performances in training. Come the pre-season friendlies the fans got their first glimpse of him and I think all were pleasantly surprised at what they witnessed.

Again technically sound and versatile, with a solid passing range and pace on the counter. Also very pleasing to see his relationship with Vuckic on the pitch celebrating together. This would suggest he has settled into life on Tyneside very well so far, which was a concern among some regarding the new French players. Could we be witnessing the emergence of two future stars for the Toon?

Dan Gosling is another who has really impressed in pre-season. He was signed from Everton with an extremely promising reputation but due to the injury which kept him out most of last season we were all left wondering what the hype was all about. I think Dan has shown many already that he could be a real coup for Newcastle. His energy level and willingness to get around the pitch and be involved as much as possible, combined with some classy touches and by the looks of things potential to get a few goals. He has quickly endeared him to the Newcastle faithful and I’m personally really looking forward to seeing more from him this season. Seems a good lad who just seems really happy to be back playing football, kind of the positive attitude we need around the place.

They would be my main three picks to make an impact this season along with Shane Ferguson, who most will have seen at this stage, has potential to be a very good player indeed if he keeps on the way he is going. Apart from these four however there are a few that deserve honourable mentions due to impressive pre-season performances.

James Tavernier, a young lad who obviously benefited from going out on loan, has looked like he could step in at right back or in the centre and could give a solid performance if we suffer from injuries. Admittedly he still needs to develop further and gain experience as all young defenders do but promising signs from another product of the academy with a good attitude and hunger to succeed at the top level.

Yven Moyo, stolen from under the noses of Man Utd has been talked up to the hilt by Beardsley since his return this season, impressing as both a left wing and left back, getting man of the match awards on two occasions and providing a number of assists in the process. I personally haven`t seen much of this lad but judging from what Beardsley has said about him and various match reports from pre-season, he is definitely one to watch out for.

Sammeobi is another. Very raw still in my opinion, needs to improve on his composure and technical ability, but he has scored goals and seems really hungry to prove his worth. Once he is kept grounded and keeps on improving he will get his chance to shine, more than likely in cup games this season. Was very worried when I heard of another from the Ameobi clan coming through the ranks but I actually really like Sammy. He seems a real good lad and again appears to have the hunger and desire you want to see from youth.

Final brief mentions will go firstly to Ryan Donaldson who has grabbed a few goals for the reserves in pre-season. He may be sent on loan this season which would be good for him at this stage in his development I think. One for next season maybe? And secondly, Phil Airey. If he plays as well as he did last season for the reserves Pardew will have no choice but to give this young lad his opportunity. Again it may only be in the cups this year but another worth keeping an eye on.

Obviously these are all still young lads and it would be risky throwing them in at the deep end straight from the off – some will need another season without doubt. All the same it is good to see that we seem to be producing a better crop of talent than in years gone by, and more so that we are willing to utilize it to our advantage rather than develop them only to see them move on.

Who do you think can make the cut this season?

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57 thoughts on “Youth investment paying dividends?

  1. Definitely in favour of our youth policy & to a certain extent seems to be performing better than in the past. Hopefully they’ll be a few who challenge the first team and/or become regulars.

    The thing is, the majority of these youth signings will not make it & will be sold on. This is the nature of the beast.

    There’s also lots of talk of Ashley asset stripping but surely investing in youth, buying players like Cabaye & Tiote is actually building assets?!? Just a thought…


  2. Well we should get a good look at Yven Moyo against Arsenal since he’s the only LB we’ll have left. Or will it be Raylor? Or Perch? Or Simpson? Either way Gervinho will be licking his chops.


  3. I could have understood the Ashley policy to an extent, investing in youth and selling off our more experienced and older players when it seems we have adequate replacements, such as the Nolan sale….however, one we hardly got big bucks for him, and two now we’re trying to sell our best experienced play for……0Β£. Genius.


  4. We got good money for Nolan, a 29 yr old in s mid table team with only 2 years on his contract left?!?

    Barton’s p1ssed them off to the extent that they’re prepared to let him go for nothing. This flies in the face of those believe Ashley is all about the money,


  5. trying to put a positive spin on this whole Barton incident – Gosling must be somewhat delighted with whats happened cos chances were Barton was his direct competition for a starting spot and with him now effectively gone i can see Gosling actually starting against Arsenal.
    as for the rest of the youngsters i can only see Tavernier being the most likely to force himself in to the team with the most ease, i think with competition like Cabaye, Tiote and Ben Arfa the others may struggle this season (or at least until the big guns get sold in the last day of the Jan Transfer window! πŸ˜‰ )


  6. Hasn’t paid any dividends…yet
    Has definitely given hope though, that it just might.
    Would love to see some or all of the mentioned players over the course of the season.
    Then we’ll see.


  7. Bartonmoustache

    You haven’t seen Moyo play have you? if that kid who I saw play up front at Berwick two weeks ago is a left back then I am the centre forward for Barcelona. A

    Of all the options Perch, Raylor, Jonas or Simpson moving across I would rather have the young lad Dumnett


  8. I can really see Pardew giving Vuckic a run in place of Ben Arfa if we happen to get a comfortable lead in any game.. Maybe 20 minutes here and there..

    We will get a left back and striker before the window closes… Traditionally most transfer activity happens in the last week.. Which can be a good thing or a bad thing πŸ˜•
    I think the club are moving on Jose so they can get someone in.. The same for Barton I reckon… He was available but no team was interested in paying any amount for him, so to expedite the matter they are letting him go for free… This will also allow time for a replacement. It could be wishful thinking but I reckon it might be the case..


  9. Witters-it was alright money, but I reckon we could have held out for slightly more, then again WHam haven’t done a lot of selling….

    Its fair enough to be pissed at someone…Fergie was pissed off at Becks. Did he sell him for free? Of course bloody not.


  10. You have to hand it to Barton… In one season he has gone from a thug lucky to be playing with us at all to an irreplaceable superstar 😯

    He has had one good season ffs πŸ˜• And there was talk about protesting over this sh*t… Give me a break…


  11. Its getting worse by the minute on here, how did we introduce the vomit inducing Beckham to these pages, complete tosspot media created supposed icon.


  12. We have some good young prospects but however good their “potential” is the reality is that few will make it at this level. It’s always been the way in the past and it’s the same at most other clubs, tha vast majority just don’t cut it and that’s why clubs still have to spend on quality to compete, if you don’t spend (wisely)then you’ll always be an also ran or worse.


  13. Newkie…Barton had 1 year left tho not sure what beckham had & beckham didn’t criticise his club from what I remember. Beckham had won numerous medals, was a much better player & was a marketeers wet dream & would bring loads of dosh. Barton equals no medals, bad press & very little marketing revenue in comparison.

    In addition it’s very difficult to put a price in monetary terms on the destructiveness that Barton was / would have no doubt caused. Better to cut your loses & get rid. I agree with the club in this one.


  14. Youth is the way forward. We should be giving these youngsters as much chances as they can. For league cup games we should have the whole youth team out. Eg.


    Tavernier Henderson Kadar Dummet


    Abeid Ferguson


    Ranger. Airey

    That front 6 could all be first team starters in a few years so i reckon we could get quite far in the league cup. Then when we get to say the quarter finals we bring in the senior players and win the whole thing πŸ™‚

    Add Tavernier, Kadar and Forster and we have 9 young players with huge potential.


  15. Barton said he would sit out his contract “unless” he was given a free, the club probably think that few clubs would pay a fee and match his wages therefore making him hard to move on. Combine the 2 sides thoughts and a free transfer is the only realistic solution imo.


  16. NG – don’t think Nile Danger will be here for much longer, but you can add Sameobi to the mix. πŸ˜€


  17. Richie – exactly. Knowing how Ashley is with his money I’m sure they gave it A LOT of thought.


  18. What are the journal on sometimes they think we want to swap forster for rob green? I am starting to feel more and more sorry for them….


  19. I know what your saying richietoon but this is a unique situation. Forster, Ferguson, Gosling and Ranger have already shown they can do it at a high level. It would be no suprise if all these 4 were in the starting 11 come the end of the season.


  20. A bit early to say that Toon Chicken. Although he has looked to of grown more than airey over the summer.


  21. Its great having potential , I had the potential at 10 to make it all they way but throw into the fact I was ( and still am ) probally the laziest person you could meet and throw into the mix my love of cheap beer which i discovered at 13 or 14 and its easy to see where potential can go….. The lads have to show they want it and continue to improve. Think a few have a chance to make it , we have some decent predigree havent Kadar n Vuckic made their full international debuets? Not all those players will make it if we got 2 or 3 out of that batch we would be extremely lucky. Look at the Man U players that came through , Scholes , Beckham , the Neville sisters , Giggs at the start of the 90’s its very rare you get a group of young players breaking through at the same time.


  22. Toon Chicken-No, its an example…I’m saying you can hate a player, but you should bloody well make some money out of them.

    Witters-its not about a comparable price, I just don’t see the point in letting a quality asset go for nothing.


  23. Richie explains the situation perfectly @17. And as I said later, I’m sure Ashley would have thought long and hard about it before deciding to cut his losses.


  24. Notts…I just think Ranger has blown his last chance and if his attitude doesn’t change then he’ll blow it everywhere else too πŸ™


  25. Exactly m – what a load of cobblers!

    Re the article I do think our youth development is working well but the desire to put the kids in the deep end either works or it doesnt look at fergie he showed true class coming in and playing; yet when lua lua played last season he seemingly took a lot longer to adjust?

    we have some promising players coming through we really do its just we dont want to have to rely on them otherwise we will be in trouble


  26. Why would we want green? a crap goalie for forster who may not be that good but is younger?!! what a waste of wages!


  27. TC-The point is, don’t let the egg get rotten, eat it or sell it. Either should appeal to Ashley…

    Witters- I mean the great player that Barton surely is…, before his ego started showing itself so openly. Ashley should have nipped it in the bud or never have allowed it to develop. Or Lambias I should say…


    Please provide evidence to support your statement that Ranger has shown that he can already do it at a high level. 😯


  29. Another good article Keith, nice one.

    As you rightly point out – the huge investment in the youth setup made by Ashley will mean the slow transition from established stars to young lads over the next year or so. Like it or loathe it, there is a clear strategy is place by Ashley – one that works or not is up for debate and I don’t want to get into that now, but his strategy is to do just that – replace old with young. The so called ‘blue print’ has been talked about for the last 2 years and now we are seeing the start of MA ‘vision’ (to want for a different word!). Like I said, i am not willing to get involved in the good or bad, it’s just a fact of what’s happening to our football club.
    It is interesting though as the blog & many comments point out, that we are starting to develop a plethora of talent that in a year or so should start to establish themselves within the 1st XI. This hasn’t happened for years, some point back to the Keegan days when they scrapped the youth set-up, other point to the fact we never spent enough on youth so young players were attracted to other clubs. Previously we have had one or two promising players possibly good enough, now we seem to have to have a full team.
    Whilst we’re going through it somewhat at the moment, I am hoping the future is promising for the Toon.

    (PS – cheers for putting a smile on my NUFC face for the first time in ages thinking about how good we could be in the future!). Now back to reality ha!


  30. We’re not that bad now without any of the younger players btw…

    …..Marveaux, Ben Arfa, Jonas…..
    ………….Cabaye, Tiote…………………
    Enrique, Coloccini, Taylor, Simpson

    I know it looks like Enrique will be away, but if we replace him with M’Bengue then its still a very good core of experienced players to which we can introduce the young lads as and when.


  31. LAds would anyone be disappointed if we brought in;

    Barnetta for barton
    M-Bengue for enrique
    Defoe / Beckford because we need a damn striker


  32. LST, I don’t think anybody would be disappointed in those replacements. I doubt we would bring in any of those two strikers though. I see what type of striker you’re going for though, which I do agree with. Trouble is actually bringing them in.


  33. LST – Defoe has already publicly stated he doesn’t fancy coming tio toon and good riddance because he’s sh!te, Beckford is crap as well
    M’Bengue will not come to the toon and he would actually cost money so we’re double fooked
    Barnettas been in a hotel in Jesmond all summer so not sure what the hold up is on this transfer


  34. Good to see a few positive and optimistic articles being written after the previous few days. We can’t afford to let some out spoken players ruin the start of the season for us. Obviously I’m desperate that we get in some new faces like Barnetta and N’Bengue and hopefully something will happen in the next three weeks, but at least we do have some good young players coming through and I for one think that Gosling will be great given a chance. Also, being a Northern Irish man I’m delighted to see Ferguson show some potential (even if he might end up playing for the Republic). Vuckic looks like he could have a great future as well. Looking forward to see a few of them play against Fiorentina over the weekend πŸ™‚


  35. Barton vs Beckham?

    Barton’s not fit to clean his boots. Beckham’s worst crime has been schtupping a dodgy bint behind his pointy wife’s back. Apart from that he’s everything you could possibly want from a high-profile sportsman.

    Then there’s Barton, a man, who if he didn’t have talent as a footballer would have spent a few years saying “would you like fries with that” followed by several decades of “guilty again, m’lud”.

    Some perspective, please. Some people will laud anyone who says things they agree with and follows it up with the right cliches (e.g. “magnificent fans”), no matter how much their actions go the oppisite way.

    I’m embarrassed at the moment; not by the club, but by the bedsheet brigade.


  36. Sorry about that rant. Back on subject: yes, we are spoiled rotten for young talent now, and I just hope people realise that one down-side of having this policy is that you don’t have two top-class players for each position; you have to let the kids be understudies instead.


  37. i have bad vibes of nufc in league 1 or championship in the next few years ……..and im usually a positive chap.please reasure me fellas……..


  38. Good article. I am heartened by the fact NUFC are actually developing and using their youth instead of just completely ignoring them like we did in the past. These young players have gone through years of training and know what it means to be at NUFC so I’d give them a chance over a player creating waves because he wants more money. Would love to see them come through and feeling positive about the clubs future – in terms of talent that is!


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