When it’s bad, it’s very bad…#Strikers

Flop of the decade?
When you think of the sheer quality we have had upfront in recent years with the likes of Cole, Ferdinand and Shearer leading the line, it’s easy to forget the players that made a name for themselves for the wrong reasons.

This is the second last article in the series, with only the managerial position to do after, and this time you can vote for the TWO worst players.

Michael Owen– Although this is a list of the poorest strikers we have had, Michael Owen has to be included if for no other reason than to satisfy my hatred towards him. I’m not going to spend all day explaining why he’s on here, but in brief his attitude stunk while at the club and after (he had a go at us not so long ago on Twitter), and his performances weren’t much better.

Albert Luque- 1-0 down, 4-1 up, Albert Luque wrapped it up…A catchy song and what better game to get your first goal than a trouncing of the Mackems? However that would prove to be his only 1st team goal in 21 appearances which would by a poor record for a player signed on a free, never mind a £9.5 million transfer. Another thing that always struck me about Luque was that he had one of the worst work rates I have ever seen (bear that in mind when your screaming at Strola Ameobi in a week’s time).

Carl Cort- During his four year stint at the club he was hampered by an array of injuries including ankle, knee and hamstring. He was definitely one of Sir Bobby’s worse signings and with only seven goals in four years he was never going to come close to living up to his substantial £7 million fee.

Xisco – Along with Nacho Gonzalez, Xisco was one of the “amazing” talents that Dennis Wise pressured Keegan to buy (I doubt Keegan had the choice to say no). One of the most appalling things about this whole was that we paid £5.7 million for a SEVENTH choice striker, behind Michael Owen, Obafemi Martins, Mark Viduka, Peter Lovenkrands, Shola Ameobi and Andy Carroll. You could say that he was never given a chance, but in those nine appearances for us he managed one goal and one assist while doing little else.

Andreas Anderson – After turning a few heads in the 1998 world cup he was a panic buy which saw our strike force go from Tino, Shearer and Ferdinand to Rush, Andersson and Tommasson in the space of a season. He was hyped up to be a wonderkid which was sort of true, because he made me wonder why we had paid AC Milan £3million for a player that could only score four goals in twenty seven games.

Michael Chopra – Just like Luque he scored his first goal in the Tyne-Wear derby but just like Luque it was to be his only premier league goal, this time in 21 appearances. He put in the effort but at the end of the day he wasn’t cut out to be a premier league player and is now having success in the Championship.

Daniel Cordone – It’s a real mystery why we signed this player as he struggled to score goals in the Argentinean league so he was never going to make any sort of impact in the premier league. Three goals in twenty five games is better than some people on this list, but was still a pitiful tally even if he only cost £500,000.

Paul Dalglish – I don’t remember seeing Paul play but a quick Google of his name brings up some not too flattering remarks about his ability, with only two goals to his name in 13 starts. He was probably signed by his father out of pity more than anything else, as at the time he was struggling to get into Bury’s first team. Surprisingly though, he never made a first team appearance under his father, and it wasn’t until Gullit took charge that he was given his chance to shine.

Stephane Guivarc’h – He hit out furiously after the Daily Mail named him the worst striker in the history of the premier league, and despite my loathing of everything that paper stands for, they had a point. Even when playing for France in the world cup he made a catalogue of errors, which were only disguised by the quality of the players surrounding him. He only ever appeared for us four times, and he even managed to score a goal against Liverpool, but those four games were enough to scar fans for life…

I think that’s just about everyone but if you think of anyone else who should have been in this list then put them in the comments below.

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Disclaimer- Before anyone comments with Shola please remember that he has had his moments and is better than Ranger, Lovenkrands and possibly Best.

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204 thoughts on “When it’s bad, it’s very bad…#Strikers

  1. @toonsy

    It sounds like Steve Wraith is big enough to hold his hands up when needs be unlike many. 😉


  2. toonsy,steve wraith is a mug m8,he tells all to stand up to ashley,but this mug will pay for a season ticket evey year,fk him hes a no mark that sky drag oot every time theres a problem at the toon.


  3. Celtic have confirmed that Emilio Izaguirre has broken his ankle after an awkward fall against Aberdeen.

    So that’s an option gone.


  4. You say we are in transition MIKESBESTMATE but in transition to what exactly? A club with a maximum wage of 40K a week eventually despite the owner making a huge net profit on player sales in the last 3 years? A club with Derek Llambias as managing director? A club that can’t even manage to make sure that all the players’ visas are in order? Oh that’s right I hear about other teams with players not being able to return from overseas because of visa problems all the time. You talk about realistic expections as just surviving. If those are your expectations then Ashley is the perfect owner for you as your user name suggests.


  5. prem i dont think it was ever an option after pardew’s comments re scots football 😕


  6. @mikesbestmate

    Utter tosh!

    We have approx £30m (carroll + nolan) still unspent, which was promised would be reinvested.

    There has never been a better time to push on and challenge those clubs struggling, who finished above us last year.
    They never sold players totalling £40m.

    Give me one good reason why we shouldn’t be aiming for top 7 this season and telling the fans that?


  7. @hitman

    Your clueless views are in relation to Steve Wraith.

    He is fighting to rid us of Ashley or for the unthinkable, for Ashley to change his ways. Not drastically but middle of the road spending instead of penny pinching.

    Just because he is approached by the press for his views?

    He always maintains his own views and not representing the views of anyone else. What is wrong with that?

    I would be angry if he said otherwise but he doesn’t.


  8. Bobby I think Steve would be man enough to admit that he called it wrong, I just dont understand the abuse he gets, I have told him that I dont agree with everything he says. But like all other fans he is entitiled to his own opinion, and he is not the worst in the world


  9. @big Dave

    He still maintains it will happen, only because of the info he received, but will put his hands up if his call is wrong. He’s not doing it to be clever but because he has a twitter account and thought he would share it.

    I find it strange when I hear such venomous criticism when he doesn’t say anything outlandish. Maybe others need to look at themselves. 🙄


  10. @big Dave

    Great point about those that bitch and moan about the regime and don’t do anything other than blow hot air . I assume you are talking about both of us there. 😉

    That is the reason why I support his efforts because he is in a position, through his profile, to do so.

    Mind I do drive the reality train in my spare time. 😛


  11. steve wraith,does nothing but blow hot air,was he not part of the team that set up a group to buy the club,but ended up looking like pure bellends.


  12. Owen did alright goal wise but for me offered nothing in team play and the team looked better and more fluid and mobile without him in it…
    He is a prick and massively overated as a player.
    I’d Definately call him the “worst signing ever” but would go as far as to say he was the worst player, there were far worse.


  13. Bobby as I said lastweek coming from Northern Ireland I have took part in many protest and even riots and if everyone is prepared to stand up for what they believe to be right it can and do’s make a difference, but so many people are happy to sit back and let other do the graft but the same ones would be happy enough to reap the others rewards.
    I’m not talking about any certain people I am just talking about in general from my own experience.
    Like you I just dont understand the abuse he gets and in my opinion its wrong because in the end he is doing because he loves the club.
    Here endeth my rant 😀


  14. Pardew looks a beaten man. When he first came I gave him the benefit of the doubt that he wasn’t just putting on a front, to push Ashley’s propaganda and he was just confident and ever so slightly arrogant. Now, judging by his haggard appearance, it’s hard to tell whether he just had misguided self-belief he could influence the team. Or that he’s just worn out spinning the board’s depressing message, that we’ve gone back several decades to the 80s.


  15. Thing is, with Ashley is if he wants to change signage, its his choice. He owns the club.
    And Yes, it would anger fans. But personally the thing that’s grates me is the lies, that he is nearly advetising to “potential sponsors” for rights to advertise.
    Clearly this is bullshit, its been two years and we have sports direct pasted in every conceveable nook and cranny at St James.
    We are never going to use this space to ggenerate funds. It’s just advertisimg hordings for his main business.


  16. That’s slander Hitman. I was only ever a fence sitter, for a few months.
    To be fair, I might have been up there a bit longer but Stardust broke my spirit early doors with his anti-Keegan and financial yarns, that made it easier and it was downhill from there.


  17. toonsy,i wonder if steve wraith would give up his season ticket in protest to ashley,first steps and all that steve


  18. oh dear, we talking about SW again? 😀
    He’s entitled to his opinion the same as the rest of us, he’s entitled to pass on info he gets that he thinks might be of interest the same as many do on here. If he’s passing off info he’s heard as fact when he’s not sure then I don’t like it(not saying he has because I didn’t see or hear when he originally said about the East Stand)just as I don’t like it when other people do it on here.
    He’s a Toon fan the same as all of us, we all want the same thing but have our own views and ways of going about it, who knows which ways right and which isn’t but we shouldn’t be chucking abuse at those who’s views are different. Each to their own imo. NUFC ’til I die 😉


  19. a divint kna dave,2 bellends screaming from the rafters,that shout for change but do fk all about it and expect others too.


  20. Richie @ 183 spot on mate 😉
    Toonsy I see someone is copying the ( about the author) bit you have 😆 😆 and I was surprised to see that you were the author of 643 threads 😯


  21. Don’t like casting aspersions but we saw Wraith getting booted five rows down the stand at QPR, after he had some verbals. Given other things I’ve heard about him, I get the impression his reputation will undermine him straight away. Can’t knock him for trying though.


  22. Toonsy did you notice it 😆 😆

    BBM with the Fans utd I think he is just in the background, as for Reps we just have to live with them sometimes I find if you get past the reputation the person is completely different 😉


  23. Dave, I wouldn’t judge someone without really knowing them or about them in enough detail. Although I know he gets slated by people I generally have time for.

    I was in the other end so I didn’t get a good look to be fair, and I remember thinking at first, it might have been a fall as much as someone getting launched, so who knows?

    I respect anyone who’s genuinely looking to do something for the good of the club, but I do worry people will, even unwittingly, be dragged into a battle of egos when it comes to heading up any kind of movement.


  24. Toonsy, I’ve got a couple of articles I’m writing at the moment. Will send you them when I’ve finished them


  25. BBM I believe the 2 groups before had a real chance of making a difference but in the end Ego’s got in the way and then they started slagging the people they were wanting to work with.
    As for the other as I said I dont know the person except from talking an odd time but I like yersel do respect someone that is prepared to try to do something good for the club 😉


  26. ” Does that mean that we have to sell our best player every year just so we can bring in a few freebies?”

    It’s even worse than that.
    We’re expected to believe that our incoming transfer money is what pays for salaries for the life of the contract!!
    That means we’ll have to sell a good player every year just to make sure we can pay wages.


  27. rodzilla i take offence at your comment about owen he was never first class and to group him with something that can give immense pleasure is so wrong. I think asley and the cheap italian fizzy pop at our club have more class than him. I have been told it a survey of slimey dwarves hitler came 10th Owen was 1st to 9th .


  28. @toonsy

    It’s your venom towards Wraith I don’t understand. Why are you so abusive?
    And I dont accept the poor excuse that it gets a reaction out of me.
    If I heard something more than an opinion from Steve Wraith then I could understand.
    But in general, not to the letter, he says and campaigns for many of the issues that many of us do.

    I don’t get your venomous stance. Can you explain yourself or are you going to get defensive and threaten me with a ban?


  29. Top five under Sir Bobby and KK. Not aspiring to that level under Ashley. Fulham and Stoke in Europe but we are required to temper our expectations. Our support is guaranteed but it does not extend to patience with second best.


  30. Luque & Guivarc’h for me. Despite Owen being a t*sser, he managed better than 1 in 4, which isnt too bad for someone with shite service and injury problems. He was a total rip off financially though, but ability wise much better than every other player on this list.


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