Getting rid of the trouble makers is the best way forward!

Joey Barton

Joey Barton
Another badge-kisser? Or something different?
Joey Barton and the club came to a ferocious head when they stated that the player could leave the club for absolutely nothing. Many fans cried out in uproar at the decision – our Player of the Season would now be able to listen to offers from clubs who could vie for his services.

It was with no surprise that this occurred to Barton. Since he has joined Twitter he has constantly ridiculed the club and the decisions that they have made. When commenting on the signing of French midfielder Yohan Cabaye he said that the club where employing someone who was a younger version of himself. Furthermore he spoke out when Kevin Nolan was sold to West Ham. The club then used that money to purchase Yohan Cabaye in a shrewd deal that allowed us to sign him for around £4 million. One of the transfer coups of the summer in my opinion.

In recent weeks he has even commented that the club are set to be in a relegation battle – comments that no doubt do wonders for the team. Yes Barton has never be happy with Mike Ashley and nor have I but you can’t say that, it doesn’t put any confidence into the team at all.

Barton wanted to honour the black and white stripes but if he truly knew the meaning of that then he would have taken the contract offered in front of him and signed it. But no! I want more money cried Barton. Does it make sense to offer someone who is 28 a five year contract? There are cases for both yes and no but out of the four seasons Barton has been with us we have had only one decent season from him.

The club stuck by him when he had many troubles, most famously when he was in prison for his violent behaviour. If I’m not mistaken many fans did not want him to play for the club at all. He had too much baggage that he was dragging around with him. Many called for his contract to be terminated immediately although this did not happen.

Let me take you back to the saga of Judas. If I remember correctly Kevin Nolan spoke in Carroll’s ear and told him to make a move to Liverpool. Nolan was club captain and he should have been telling the player to stick it out for the rest of the season and not tell him to up sticks to the Red side. In fact the really thing that burnt Nolan’s card for me was the interview he gave to Liverpool TV, saying that they were gaining a great player and reiterated that he told Judas to leave.

In fact when news of Nolan being sold came to me, I wasn’t surprised he was leaving. He too had been offered a new contract but did not want to sign it as it wasn’t a five year contract. He jumped ship as soon as West Ham came in with a contract that sees him on more money than he was on at Newcastle. Nolan was lost when Carroll left and did not have the same sort of form that he showed in the first half of the season.

Fans of the club may not agree with the situation that Barton is in. I love the fact that he was a revelation for us last season, but I have no sympathy for his actions. If you take to a site that is available to the public world as Twitter is then you are setting yourself for an almighty fall. The cheap shots Barton has made at the club has offended the ones up above and they have acted in order to stop the disruption that may be occurring in the dressing room.

A brick wall has been put firmly in front of Barton’s face. No longer allowed to train with the first team he has to contend with being a part of the development squad before he sorts out whether he leaves or signs a contract that sees him stay with the club. Joey talks of winning a cup for Newcastle but with the door seemingly shut on his career then he has to stop and think about what he does next. With meetings due to take place later this week, could that perhaps lead a way back for him?

Trouble makers such as Nolan being sold is no bad thing at all. Who wants the club captain to tell players to leave? That is not the right way for the team to operate. If the status quo in the dressing room has been disrupted then there is a case for Barton to be frozen out. The team doesn’t need people to air their feelings in public; I believe that the group of players we have got will carry us forward this season. Wor Joey has no right to disrupt that by venting his anger at Mike Ashley through public, it creates a big dilemma for Alan Pardew.

In my opinion I think Barton has brought this on all through himself by the way that he uses twitter to communicate with the fans. His tweets have had major consequences on him and he now appears to be at a crossroads with hi career.

He wants to speak the truth which so many of us want to hear but if, in his hearts of hearts, he wants to play for us then he needs to build a bridge back to the first team.

About Zoë Vicarage

A lifelong Newcastle fan. Currently exiled in Sunderland studying Sports Journalism at the University of Sunderland Follow me on Twitter: @ZoeVicarage

264 thoughts on “Getting rid of the trouble makers is the best way forward!

  1. Dave we left 16 years ago was too much at the time although not as bad as my old mans time. Not born there though. Only for few years.


  2. Yeah, that was a bad season but I think it did help the club to get rid of some of the players that were on pretty big wages.

    I always said that when Sir Bobby was sacked we were lucky each year to finish were we did. I also believe that we dodged relegation in those years in some way or another and that year we went down was the culmination of bad decisions at the club


  3. Yeah it was, no I wouldn’t want to go through it again. Also hate the critics and pundits this year who think we are going to go down. I’m quietly confident about this season, we’ve made more signings than we did last year. Just hate how the press always seem to have it in for us. In my eyes wigan, west brom, wolves, blackburn etc haven’t made much moves in the market. So I think we are stronger than we were last year.


  4. Liam all me life mate nearly 44yrs and I know its hard to believe but my 2 eldest daughter are older than you 😳 fuk that makes me feel old now 😆 I live in Rathcoole ❓ im sure you know it 😀


  5. i hear the england game on wed could be called off now 😆 this is getting bad , lets hope arsenal can get out of london for our match on sat 😎


  6. Zoe i agree , the sacking of sir Bobby was the begining of the end , i actually lived in hope that Roeder would get us out of the dip and think the guy was unlucky in his full season as boss with the injury crisis that season . I thought he did a great job when he was caretaker boss the season before , then again relegation brought the club back to reality and forced all the money grabbers out .


  7. Axel, I thought roeder would be able to steady the ship. I really liked him as a manager and was gutted when he decided to leave. That season we seemed to have really bad luck with injuries, such a shame for him. He’s now working with Aston Villa by the way


  8. Axel I dont really know why but I always liked Roeder and respected him I thought him and Al would have made a good team, but as usual we had to have a manager shake up


  9. Zoe we made it over 500 a few months back Toonsy even tried sabotageing it by putting another thread up but I kept a few of the lads on the old one, I think it ended up at 516 or round that


  10. Zoe , in which capacity is he at villa ? i always liked the bloke , you are to young to have seen him as a player but i will never forget the Roeder shuffle . He did a good job with our academy as well .


  11. Zoe hate to say it but my second thread got over the 600 toonsy should be able to dig it out


  12. Big Dave that would of been a very good management duo Shearer could have learned alot coaching wise and we would have had 2 ex captains at the helm .


  13. Dave haha that’s pretty good 😀 Axel, I think he’s a scout for them, the racing post big preview had an article from him. I think he was brought in by houiller so the team could avoid the drop


  14. Agree with Big Dave at 16

    Too many holes in that article, and troublemaker initimates that he is making trouble, like a Bellamy would.

    What he (and the others) have in fact done is to tell the truth, and it seems very few want to know about that.


  15. It’s not wrong to get rid of the old guard, Carroll, Nolan, Barton, Enrique… if it’s over the course of time. To do it within a short space of time and to expect the team to function is foolish as any replacements could really need time.

    Twitter/social networking should be banned, completely and in any form, and stated in any any future contracts as a violation of contract. Professional, high profile footballers wanting to be Joe Public, it’s not good for anything apart from the journalists.


  16. What he (and the others) have in fact done is to tell the truth, and it seems very few want to know about that.
    What truth? That our owner isn’t ambitious enough and doesn’t spend enough money? Don’t tell me, the world is round as well? Seriously man, I don’t think we’ve had any revelations from this twitter nonsense


  17. Liam southern toon
    August 9, 2011 at 00:15

    Zoe hate to say it but my second thread got over the 600 toonsy should be able to dig it out
    All you have to do (apparently) is put “ashley” “fat” “cheap” and “shearer” in the title and you are golden


  18. @lee_ryder Lee Ryder
    Hearing that Shola Ameobi could be signing a new deal #nufc
    5 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

    😯 😯 😯


  19. Surely Shola was only retained because he has the best terrace chant and now that young Sammi is breaking into the team the chant will continue and Shola is no longer required? 😉 😆


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