Newcastle interested in Benayoun?

Alan Pardew has recently stated his interest in bringing in a new striker to the club. It’s clear that we need someone up top with a little bit of quality that will stay fit and bang in 15-20 goals.

With this in mind I was surprised to read in The Mirror that Newcastle are interested in bringing in Chelsea’s Yossi Benayoun. Yossi is a good player, but a striker he is not. The club have worked hard on improving the midfield this window and surely were all sorted in that area?

The Mirror claims that Chelsea are keen to offload the Israeli to Spurs as a part of a deal that would see long term target Luka Modric arrive at Stamford Bridge. However Newcastle are understood to be interested in the player should Chelsea be willing to sell for the right price and the player has reasonable wage demands.

According to the paper the player has told friends that he must chose between Spurs and Newcastle. Benayoun appears to be surplus to requirements at Chelsea and would be available for transfer. Although Chelsea would probably hope to persuade Spurs to take the player as a sweetener in their pursuit to land Modric. If the rumors are true you would think Spurs would have first dibs on the player.

Of course Yossi played for Alan Pardew at West Ham and Pards remains a fan of the attack minded midfielder. Personally I would welcome a player of his quality as I do actually rate the lad, but surely another midfielder isn’t the priority right now?

Yossi has suffered with an Achilles injury that has hindered his involvement since his Β£5.5 million move from Liverpool last season. Good player, but is he what we need? What do you reckon?

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65 thoughts on “Newcastle interested in Benayoun?

  1. He has quality and is a very intelligent little player. He is maybe not a priority in terms of what we need but if the opportunity to get him came up and we got him i would not complain for one moment. Can’t really turn down a guy of that quality i don’t think. Not sure whether i believe the story though


  2. Nufcfans on Twitter says they’re hearing some positive noise on Bendtner to Nufc apparently. They’re not known for making outlandish transfer predictions so there may be something in this


  3. 31 years old on the slide with injury problems and presumably on big wages. Does this sound like an Ashley signing? MARKTOON I should think it’s mischief making by Chelsea wanting to trick Spurs into snapping the offer out of their hands before it ‘too late’….Surely a total non starter for us.


  4. MT – Nah not ol’ Colin πŸ˜† But perhaps he’s managed to hack onto another Twitter account since everyone knows he’s a prime bullsh*tt*r 😯


  5. Jose has picked a good time to go to liverpool.. if he’s lucky he may be set on fire whilst having a medical at the hospital.
    Im so so proud of the North East for avoiding trouble. Newcastle is the place to be


  6. Marktoon. Answer your texts!

    On Benayoun. Great player but not what we need. Didn’t Pardew uncover him at West Ham?


  7. Would not be a good signing when we clearly need a striker and defender in.

    Also 31. Not happening under ashley


  8. It would be recklessly stupid to get another midfielder before we get a striker unless we sell some of the deadwood first, or unless or Ashley IS prepared to just drop someone out the squad in the hope we offload them before the window shuts.


  9. “Im so so proud of the North East for avoiding trouble. Newcastle is the place to be”

    Yes, I wonder where all our vile charvas have been? – God knows there are enough of them.

    Probably relaxing, watching it all on their stolen TVs, drinking a 2 litre bottle of Spectra and feeding their babies a Greggs sausage roll.


  10. Spectra πŸ˜†

    I disagree with the bit about the 15-20 goal striker. Its a bit of a myth fir teams outside the top four in truth.


  11. FSOTC – Google it. A yob basically. Not a gangster, just an arsehole.

    Speaking of arseholes. Not allowed into Birmingham again thanks to mire rioting πŸ™„

    Giro day today though so it will be quiet Thursday evening as this “impoverished” youth wank their hard earned benefit cash on drink and drugs all in one night πŸ™„


  12. Toonsy these brainless little fcukers haven’t thought this rioting lark through at all.

    How are they going to hang around outside the “Offy” and ask the “Mister” if he will go in to buy “Bensons and Hardups” and bottlles of “White Lightning” for them, once they’ve burnt all the “Offies” to the ground?


  13. “I disagree with the bit about the 15-20 goal striker. Its a bit of a myth fir teams outside the top four in truth.”

    Thats kind of true, although I suppose it depends on whether you just mean league goals or not.

    The ‘minimum’ goal tally we should be wanting from a good striker would be 12 league goals, I would suggest.
    Teams outside the top four do fairly frequently have strikers getting 12-15 league goals.


  14. So what s the story on no rioting in Toon?
    Is it just that nobody can tell the difference or are they just too lazy.

    I lived in Bahrain for 5 years where it was not uncommon to drive around a corner and be confronted by a pile of burning tyres and a dozen youths in balaclavas. Some of them even had the holes at the front.

    But to see it in the UK just turns my stomach.

    Sorry – must stay on topic – Ra Ra Toon!


  15. I’m starting to agree with those who suggest we’re neglecting the defence. We have numbers & youth but maybe not the quality if injuries go against us.

    To that end, a striker & a defender not Yossi


  16. Toonsy…if they spunk their giro in one day (today) then it’s bound to kick off tonight!

    I’m staying in Nottingham & haven’t worked in brum for 2 days…it’s kicked off in Nottingham as well but it’s the lesser of two evils


  17. We dont need a player like this rather see Vuckic/ Arfa play , we have the players in that role, we seem to just be looking to buy anyone who is cheap and available….


  18. Don’t believe for a second we are after Benayoun… So don’t see the point discussing it.

    Anyone know what the “agreed” fee is for Enrique. I’ll be shocked if we get more than 6mil considering he could go for free in six months…


  19. Cracking player but not a cat in hells chance, he’s not a striker, he’s too old and he’ll have been on more money at Liverool than Ashley would pay now and he’ll be on even more at Chelsea. Also if the choice is between us and Spurs it certainly wouldn’t be us, ffs if it was between us and Fulham he still wouldn’t come. πŸ™„


  20. Oi oi radgies!!! πŸ˜›

    Pure class these riots like!

    Just got back from London man in a chored Golf GTI ! Pure sweet doon there this weekend like. πŸ˜†

    A must have chinned 10 thoosand bizzies by
    mesel ! Ha ha! Pure doylems the lot of them!

    Anyways, yi daft dafties, Troy is loaded wi knocked off gear noo like!!

    Big Mick has already been roond and nabbed the 60 inch Plassy tele! Cush bloke like Big Mick
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    Cannit wait to see him on the Photos wi the players and his new shades like! 😯 😎

    Pardew is waiting til Big Mick and Dekka get first choice before he’s allowed round to choose, oh aye, that Graham Carr gets to choose before Pards as weel. 😯
    Proper cracking bloke Pards like. Pure gentleman. He just accepts getting pushed aroond but never complains! That’s why a always give him first dabs on me monster munch and space invader crisps!

    Anyways lads, good catchin up wi ye’s and aal that y’kna but an gannin back doon to London this weekend to chore somemore gear.

    If you want just leave is your orders on here and I’ll sort for yi like! πŸ˜†


    Toon Toon! πŸ˜†


  21. I don’t know who talks more shite – Troy or his alter ego Bobby bullshit? Answers on a postcard please (preferably from France). Although knowing Bobby, that’s probably bullshit too.


  22. @JJ

    I’ve heard Troy is calling into the personality shop. Do you want to place your order fella? πŸ˜†


  23. @TC

    I don’t believe for a second you haven’t been trying to organise riots in the Toon via Facebook.

    Pity your friends list consists only of the fantasy crew and they’re too busy floating on the cotton wool clouds to bother with that.

    This thread has to be the most pointless of any for a while.
    @AndrewT – the wage factor is a total non starter and no more factors need be mentioned.


  24. No chance with Benayoun but we’ll get the Dutch the lad.

    Also wouldn’t mind Bendtner – I know he has a bad press but he’s the right age and given a decent run in the team he’d get goals I reckon.


  25. The dutch lad Pieters looks like being a great bit of business.

    Gotta admit I was worried at the the prospect of replacing Enrique with that Swansea player – Naylor, and now all of a sudden we’re looking at getting the current Dutch international left-back! πŸ˜€


  26. I would expect this to be on Eds but not here, 2+2=5 pardew signed him for wham it must be happening, Like Green, Reo Coker and Shorey.

    Looks like this pieters deal might happen and were hopefully not caught with our kecks down without him or the current one joining liverpool for champions league football despite them not even being in the uefa cup… πŸ™„


  27. ———————–krul——————————————————


    ……………………………………… in attack………………………………………

    pardews new formation of a keeper and 10 midfielders !!!!!!!!!


  28. Ice Pup, this IMO is our strongest XI…

    Jonas……….Ben Arfa………..Obertan

    That may only be 1 traditional striker up front, but it is an attacking front four, which is arguably far more potent than a traditional 4-4-2.

    Plus you can replace Jonas with Marveaux, Ben Arfa with Vukic and Cabaye with Gosling. Oh and Ba with…er…Ameobi. Ok, maybe not the last one. πŸ˜†

    Don’t get me wrong, I still think we need another striker and I’d love us to sign one, but I don’t think we’ll be too shy of goals as things stand.


  29. On the riots… I hear there have been none Newcastle because all the chavs are shit scared of getting a Byker tea cake off hufty from geordie finishing school fir girls πŸ˜†


  30. The fact the pieters maybe signed without Enrique moving to Liverpool first, suggests the Liverpool deal is done and dusted and NUFC are assured of the cash. They won’t want to be held to ransom by other clubs and therefore are retaining Enrique until the Toon sign someone.


  31. Richie – I’m pretty sure that that isn’t Erik Pieters in the Journal’s article. Another great piece of journalism if so. πŸ˜†


  32. @TC

    Supposing Ba gets injured, which history tells you he will, where will the goals come from as none of the team are known for their goals?


  33. TC……thats what I thought, doesn’t look like him but it’s the same pic on skysports for the psv squad πŸ˜•


  34. MsiDouglasMark Douglas
    NUFC hope to have Pieters on board by Sat – but no striker til next week. And no huge interest in Bendtner


  35. @toon chicken

    any chance u can post that formation to Mr Pardew please? lol

    aye its not bad and getting spiderpants replaced with marv certainly makes me happier……

    ok off to grab some sun later lads


  36. Richie πŸ˜†

    Bobby – this is a quote from Mark Douglas re: Cabaye, “From a pre-season shrouded in uncertainty and doubt, the France midfielder has emerged as a genuine bright spot – his vision and touch consistently excellent in all of his pre-season run outs.”


  37. thank fog we are not interested in bendtnar. Worst player on the planet. Bring on Erik.!


  38. “Newcastle’s home game with Fulham has been moved to Sunday, August 28 (1pm) due to the Cottagers Europa League commitments.”

    Cottagers πŸ˜†


  39. Regarding pieters , i have read this morning in the dutch media that PSV have logged a bid for a defender from AZ Alkmaar , so it looks like they are looking for pieters replacement . Definatly think its gonna happen πŸ™‚


  40. Axel – Is he any good though? I mean he is a Dutch international so he won’t be shabby, but what is he like? Is he a better defender than Enrique?


  41. Toonsy
    Lets put it this way he is as quick and strong as Enrique and has good technical ability and plays himself out of tight spots , good tackler as well . At only 22 he will become stronger and better , thats about the same age Enrique was when he came to us and i think it will take pieters less time to settle than jose took . The lad not only has 10 caps for holland but has played in european games for PSV , so has more expirence you could argue than Enrique has , although the spanish league is a stronger one than the eredivisie here . Take a look on you tube at pieters tricks figo


  42. Benayoun – great player, nice lad – no need for him. False rumour based on a tenuous link from years back, basically to sell papers. Forgeddabawdit.

    Interesting article here, by the way. I don’t agree with all of it (it conveniently ignores the new financial rules coming in) but it’s a good bit of writing and puts some context on things:


  43. By the way, Troy – I don’t care where you find the time; your stuff usually cracks me up. Praps it only really works for non-Geordies? You should do a cartoon strip.


  44. Big club 5under1and like, selected for only 1 tv game same as Wigan, nobody else has less than 3 πŸ˜†


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