Twitter – Help or hindrance?

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Looking over the saga of Joey Barton and Jose Enrique’s tweets about the club it raises the question whether the micro-blogging site is actually doing more harm than it intends too.

There are cases for both sides of the title. Let’s start with hindrance.

Joey Barton promised when he came on to the site to reveal the truth that goes on at the club. Both him and Jose Enrique were punished by the club for speaking out against the way that transfers are conducted.

This creates unwelcome traffic for the club as because twitter is available to the general public even if you don’t have an account. The press then pick up on the issues and reports on them thus producing negative PR about the club which is surely unwelcome. Along with this, if you have someone speaking out against the club then that could severely dent the confidence within the team.

That leaves the club in a very unwelcome position; they have to decide how to manage these types of issues. Do they ban their players altogether? Or place strict rules on the way that the players actually use the site itself?

I would go for the latter as many fans like the way that they can gain some knowledge into what their favourite footballer is like, albeit in short, 140 character bursts. Twitter is a new dimension of social media that allows these footballers to communicate with fans when ordinarily it probably wouldn’t have happened.

One thing that I did notice when tweetgate erupted with Joey Barton, I noticed how Danny Simpson operated his twitter. He regularly tweets, giving photos of players, talking about matches, his app that he is designing and interacting with fans. Of all the time that I have been following his account I have never come across a tweet that criticises the club. I think that hits the nail on the head for me – he clearly knows that he should not speak out against the club

Whereas I feel Barton has his own vendetta against the club ever since Chris Hughton was sacked from the club. Every Newcastle fan would love to hear the truth about Mike Ashley and Barton has always been keen to do it. We all know how his comments ended up with him being allowed to leave for free if he found a new club. Barton perhaps felt he had the liberty to air what is said in private by the club, but did we ever hear that from him? Yes he may be unhappy with the sale of Nolan etc etc etc but did he really tell us anything that the vast majority of us don’t already know?

There is a distinct distance between these two tweeters. Simpson knows not to tweet anything about the club and I’m sure it has been drummed into Barton what he can and can’t do. Simpson knew straight from the start that he could tweet but only if he didn’t abuse the position that he is in.

I think that twitter should still be used by the players as a outlet to keep in contact with the legions of supporters although they have to have strict rules so they know how not to abuse the position they are in.

Twitter has enabled fans access that was not available a few years ago and I’m sure many would like for the players to continue using this site to interact with the fans. I would too, it is a great way for fans to talk to players and keep up to date with how they are doing during the season.

Should clubs keep using twitter or does it create more hassle than it’s worth?

About Zoë Vicarage

A lifelong Newcastle fan. Currently exiled in Sunderland studying Sports Journalism at the University of Sunderland Follow me on Twitter: @ZoeVicarage

61 thoughts on “Twitter – Help or hindrance?

  1. It’s not the site causing harm though is it? It’s the user.

    It’s like blaming Jack Daniels for being an alcoholic…it is just sooooo tasty though


  2. @moreno


    give a staff-bull to a chav its deadly, any other person has one, one of the loyalist dogs in the world


  3. I just wrote an angry post and then realised it was on an old thread 🙁

    This was directed at the “Nearly There” thread.

    Lads if we get pieters who can say that out of ba, marveux, cabaye, obertan, abeid; these are not all good improvements to the squad regardless of who has left?!”

    Hate to be the one to spoil the party but…

    Ba: We know for a fact that he will at some point this season be in the treatment room and if by some miracle he avoids injuries then there is still the African Nations Cup.

    Marveux: He hasn’t played since November due to a groin injury and he didn’t sign for the Scousers because they offered him a pay per play contract.

    Cabaye: He has really impressed me in pre-season and hopefully he can continue to do so in the PL.

    Obertan: There’s a reason Man U let him go, he can beat the entire team but when he reaches the by line he doesn’t know what to do. I have my doubts about him but hopefully he can be a good addition.

    Abeid: No one has a clue how good or bad this Abeid is, I hope he is a decent player but he is unproven.

    So basically we still need a centre half, left back and striker.

    Pardew has promised us a left back and a striker in his press conference…BY THE END of the transfer window.

    So he’s basically writing off our games against the Mackems and Arsenal.

    Maybe I should go and calm down now…


  4. never bother the site and dont intend too,have enough to put up with batty and richietoon 😀 😀
    MORENO aye j/d good friend of mine,just from time to time like 😉


  5. My point was we have lost those players but on paper we have improved technically and they are more skilful players … Obv the jury is out on whether that is proven


  6. Dimple…how can you say he’s writing off the first two games? Correct me if I’m wrong but we’ve got other players right?


  7. twitter is just shit, signed up last week and still dont understand it. I did get told to piss off by image off a girl from ‘only way is essex’ for asking if I could try her outfit on, with her still in it, which amused me…yes, easily pleased.

    apart from that its pointless. Ive had a few conversations with Barton and stephen Folan which was a bit surreal.


  8. twitter is for idiots that just wna make up shite and talk about themselves , the name cwarr comes to mind!!!


  9. Because the players that Pardew wants aren’t gonna be signed in time for the Arsenal game, and probably not in time for the mackems either. And the article was great Liam, it’s just that all those great new signings when you think about it, aren’t that great.


  10. @12

    We havent even seen them play together yet, Give them at least 10-12 games before we start saying they are up to it or not…


  11. @dimpleboy

    The whole Toon transfer policy is a gamble. It’s about scouring all over the knot end for good players who have some underlying, long term question mark over them.

    For that reason they have personality issues like Ben Arfa or injury issues like Ba, Marveaux, Gosling and confidence issues like Obertan.

    It’s an absolute travesty that we can’t retain the likes of Barton, Jose, Carroll and Nolan to take us onto the next level.

    The real problem is overlooked continuously. Ashley 5 year plan should be a 5 year plan and not trying to reduce it to a 3 year plan by banking money.

    Its no different to a mortgage. I could pay my mortgage off quicker but it would cost me the quality of life. Forget about socialising, throw out all the decent food and live on bread and butter and get up 2 hrs earlier to walk to work.

    In my ooinion, We started this window in serious need of 2 quality strikers, 2 quality defenders and 2 quality wingers.

    We have one dubious striker, an unknown winger in Marveaux and a dubious one on obertan and no additional quality defenders.

    I honestly hope that come Saturday that the players prove me wrong like they did last year as I really thought we would struggle back in the premier.

    I will be there, in the sports bar in Cannes with my 9 year old son, wearing the colours and cheering the lads on!

    Can’t wait! Toon Toon!


  12. In the absence of a LB against Arse and assuming Barton is available,
    Obv, Jonas( or Obertan) n Marv got to be prepared to help out in defence when required and with Cabaye supporting Ba when attacking.
    Likely up against Gervinho and Arshavin on their flanks.


  13. BSN9

    very tru m8, but I think it will take a little bit longer than ‘come Saturday’.. but yeah I agree what youre saying.


  14. When is HBA due back?

    Looking forward to seeing what he can do and replicate his debut performance.


  15. 😯 ” I honestly hope that come Saturday that the players prove me wrong like they did last year” 😯 I thought you were never wrong Bobby? 😉 😆


  16. Noticed Pardew has said we need to re-evaluate our status as a club. If thats the case then the club doesnt deserve 50,000 people watching them every other week.

    Greatlyfear for our future under the regime that just wants us to survive in the PL.


  17. Zoe, re Twitter, i would say its a bit of both, most find it refreshing to hear what the likes of Barton have to say whether its good or bad and having read most of his tweets i dont see what all the fuss is about, his honest no holds barred opinion is the same for every subject.
    Fair enough he shouldnt criticize his employers, he has been fined for it but at least we got what Journalists are not giving us, a rare inside view of our Stalanistic regime.
    The owners of Twitter will be delighted he has an account as the bland ramblings of Simpson would never have given them the traffic they now have, like all elements of free speech there are dangers but i would rather hear what someone has to say, no matter how much i disagree, as opposed to them being silenced.


  18. Not in the slightest my deluded friend. Just think you need to bale out of your fantasy train as it looks like it is headed for a wreck.
    Like you said the players we had last season proved you wrong 😯
    I hope the new ones we have this season do too. :mrgreen:

    Anyhoo, just enjoy the match eh.
    We’ll enjoy your positive analysis afterwards 😆


  19. Bobby Shinton number 9
    August 11, 2011 at 18:55

    “Its no different to a mortgage. I could pay my mortgage off quicker but it would cost me the quality of life. Forget about socialising, throw out all the decent food and live on bread and butter and get up 2 hrs earlier to walk to work.”

    True, but then by skinting yourself in the short term and paying everything off it makes you better off in the long term does it not?


  20. Looking forward to Sat`s game, my company is one of the sponsors and as a result my grandaughter is one of the ballgirls. Before you slate me for putting more cash in Ashley`s pocket, I can assure you this is purely mercenary on my part as it is good PR to invite major clients.
    For the record my first game was in 1964 against Norwich, in old 2nd div. Poxy 0-0 so I`m no prawn brigade johny come lately before you all start. 😆


  21. Has there ever been a player as revered as HBA having spent so little time on the pitch?

    Is Walcott playing? Shitting myself thinking about him and Gervinho down the wings against Simpson and…..erm…..Jonas?


  22. Dimpleboy
    agree with your analysis at 3 in that we are gambling on potential. I particularly have my doubts about obertan. I live in Cheshire with many MUFC contacts who are glad to see him go.
    What does impress me is that as people leave they are being replaced with people who could, not are, be a step up. Still waiting for an improvement to Carroll however.
    With Xisco going, any confirmation?? we have another slot available.
    What worries me is that I want 8 defenders in the squad, not the 5 we have now without Enrique, and with I’m not convinced that those 5 are good enough.


  23. CT, hope you and your granddaughter have a great day, my first game was Arsenal at home in 1968, Wyn Davies scored in the winner in the last minute from a disputed corner.


  24. Completely agree with the article, it’s really great having an insight into what footballers are like, but if you start criticising the club you should be banned, it’s just not acceptable.

    To dimpleboys point at the start, if we do get that dutch left back in, there is no disputing our squad has got stronger, that is just crystal clear no matter how much people deny it.


  25. Cheers Robert, I was in the leazes at your first, wouldn`t mind a Wyn the Leap on SAT tbh, but agree with most on here, jury`s out on new signings but if they gell and we get LB/Striker and CB would be nice this could be one hell of a season, top 8 and a cup–sorted 😆


  26. my first game ever at st james park was that cold cold night when newcastle were playing bournemouth and we got beat on pens!! think it was 1992 or summit!!! 😆


  27. Spot on PREMANDUP @40. Agree on all your points. The team is weak across the back especially now with Jose gone. Am concerned about the overly optimistic view of Obertan as well. Let’s give him some time though. I think we are all relying on Cabaye to be excellent with Tiote beside him. Question marks about Marveaux as well but he does have skill. Why did we go for so many midfielders and leave ourselves so short at the back and at striker? Just smacks of incompetence (can anyone say Derek Llambias)?


  28. Also people keep claiming that Ba will spend much of his time in the treatment room. The guy played 29 league games last year! That’s more than Andy Carroll and only 1 less than Nolan!

    I am willing to have a bet with anyone that Ba or one of our strikers will top magnificent, ‘injury-free’ Andy’s whopping 13 goals from last season.


  29. It’s obvious to me at there’s a few people out there, a minority, like on .org, united for Newcastle, here & definitely the chronicle that clearly do not get any enjoyment out of supporting Newcastle…my question is ‘why the fcuk do you bother?’ 🙄


  30. plz someone answer this?? why does it take so long to put a bid in for a striker and left back?? ive been waiting all week and still nothing??!!! i really think we should be speeding things up a bit – the prem kicks off in 2 days and we STILLLLLLLLL havent got a striker in !! ridiculous!!!!


  31. witters -he isnt a replacement for carroll!! weve had 6 months to look 4 a sriker and weve brung demba ba in on a free!!! it just isnt good enough mate!


  32. I hate slagging off anybody who wears the shirt, However.
    5 defenders 4 of whom do not fill me with total competence. We need to let one go and buy a whole new back line. Pieters, Tomkins, Dann & Clyne would be the sort of players to look at. We won’t do that until we free up the spaces in the squad, and doubt very much if we will do it this or next window.
    Midfield looks good on paper but until we see it in action who knows. If Joey goes & say Barnetta comes in ?? Up front again who knows Eren Derdiyok who plays with Barnetta and Kerrison It could be all change for the better, it could all go very pear shaped. We wait and see.


  33. We’ve made bids for Gameiro, Erding, Gervhino all have turned us down mostly due to being able to get better wages elsewhere, even Defoe said he wasn’t interested at the mere hint of us putting a bid in
    We can’t force players to come, and given the upheavel at the club we aren’t exactly an attractive proposition for a top striker


  34. Zoe another good read, I dont think its right or even if it’s possible to ban players from twitter, but I do think they will have to bring rules in regarding what can be said etc. I do think that Joey getting it was a kind of safety net for him in that if the club tried to fuk him about he was prepared to let it be known, I still am sure that he has a few points to air but as he said ‘ when the time is right’.
    I think twitter is a good way for player to talk to fans but that very seldom happens because they will very rarely talk to normal fans, so they tend to use it for inter acting with other player and stars.
    The only players or explayers that I have seen that want to talk to normal folk are the fake accounts


  35. “True, but then by skinting yourself in the short term and paying everything off it makes you better off in the long term does it not?”

    But that assumes that in the long term Ashley cares enough about the quality of the football to reinvest.

    What reason do we have to be confident that once Ashley has paid his loan back in a few years he won’t just keep running the club the same way and take the money that had been paying off the loan as straight profit?


  36. “He’s a striker tho…& we’ve got one more striker than we finished the season with”

    Which is still one less than we actually need.


  37. Quote from BS9: I honestly hope that come Saturday that the players prove me wrong like they did last year as I really thought we would struggle back in the premier.

    The crystal ball is not always right after all.


  38. Poodle…we’ve got Ba, Best, Ranger, Loverman & Shola so I’m not convinced we’re short on numbers…quality maybe


  39. No maybe about it.
    Ba is our only PL quality striker and thats not good enough.
    The fact that we’ve extended the contract of a lazy striker who is Championship quality at best is really not good enough either.
    We could have had Long for a few million and just let Ameobi and/or Lovenkrands go.
    Long may not have made the PL grade but he would have been far better than any of our strikers except Ba.


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