Feast or Famine. Who will be next in at NUFC?

Erik Pieters - Fact or fiction?
Newcastle appear to be adopting the arrivals policy of the bus service these days. You`re growing old waiting for something to come along, next thing you know there a rake of them and you don’t know which to jump on and give out about first.

The summer started with the prompt arrival of Yohan Cabaye, Sylvain Marveaux, Demba Ba and Mehdi Abeid. Since then I am convinced I have seen tumbleweed roll by the gates of St James` Park. But all of a sudden, with opening weekend on the horizon, the club seems to have been injected with performance enhancing drugs. Granted the only signing confirmed and in the door is Gabriel Obertan, but a number of names have been linked this week and there seems to be a real push to get signings over the line. My God I`m quoting Pardew! The lad better repay my faith!

First up would be the enigmatic ego that is Nicklas Bendtner. Some claim he couldn’t hit a cows arse with a banjo, and at times last season I could see why they would think that. Others claim the opposite and think he may be just the type of striker we need and is well capable of 15-20 goals a season. I personally would fall into the latter bandwagon. I think with a run of games in his proper position Bendnter has every chance of being a real hit on Tyneside.

Next up is Eric Pieters, a 22-year-old PSV left back and possible replacement for Enrique who seems all but gone to Merseyside. Admittedly I don`t know too much about Pieters. I know he is a big strong lad who is said to be better defensively than going forward. He has already notched up 10 caps with the Dutch international side and is said to have a release clause in his contract which could see him arrive for approximately the same money as Enrique will go for.

Another PSV player said to be on the radar is the Swedish lurch Ola Toivonen. Personally think this is no more than a rumour which sprung from our interest in Pieters but nonetheless I said I would give him a mention. He is said to have a really impressive work rate and goal record which is not far off one in every two games. Rumblings he has a bit of an attitude problem though which would turn me off the idea but strikers come with challenging personalities and egos at times. Confidence in ones ability is paramount for a front man.

Kerrison of Barca would be the next one of note. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have put much faith in the rumour considering it came from Caught Offside initially, but after a bit of digging I found that there has been more than a few reports in the Spanish media over the past month that Newcastle are interested. I havn’t been overly impressed with what I have seen of him to be honest but he`s a young lad and given a chance could prove to be a real coup either on loan with option to buy or take the risk for the £4m valuation which has been banded about.

Another name which has hit the headlines in the past 24 hours is 23 year old Bayer Levurkusen striker Eren Derdiyok. Carr was rumoured to be at the Switzerland friendly last night to specifically watch him, not Barnetta, who didn’t even play. He scored after 15 minutes and was said to be impressive.

Again I don`t know enough about this lad to give a detailed and accurate assessment of his potential but we have been linked in the past. It was in fact pointed out to me last night, was asked on twitter “Is this the same guy that Dennis Wise watched when Keegan was in charge?” To which I could only reply with, yes but difference being Carr is actually watching him in person whereas Wise probably watched him on youtube.

A couple of other names have been thrown in the mix which I would personally be surprised there`s any truth to whatsoever. Yossi Benayoun, Davide Santon and Rob Green among others not even worth mentioning. One from this morning that may be worth taking note of is one for the future in 16-year-old right winger Patrick Zlatanovski, and of course French trialist Mamadou Doucourè who scored in the 8 – 2 reserves trashing of Boro.

So conclusions? With the targets being mentioned and a clear indication that the club are looking, and more importantly, actually trying to bring in players by next week if not prior to Arsenal on Saturday, I would be quietly confident we will be in good shape by the close of the transfer window.

Exciting times for toon fans. If not because of potential signings then for one reason alone, football is back on Tyneside and with Arsenal looking like they may have to name the tea lady in the team with all their injury worries we have a great opportunity to cause a major upset and have the Mackems seriously worried about the Toon Army stuffing them.


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68 thoughts on “Feast or Famine. Who will be next in at NUFC?

  1. Good article!

    If we can get Pieters and Bendtner in and shut the window I will be pleased with how it’s gone!


  2. Nothing more predictable than Jose going to Liverpool.

    Nothing more predictable than the Toon not having a replacement despite having had several months notice. 😯


  3. I believe Bendtner would be our best striker.

    I don’t believe for one second we could afford his wages.

    If he’s available he will have far more attractive propositions than our token offer. 🙄


  4. Enrique is quoted on sky sports ;

    This is the first time a big club has come in for me and I had to take it.


  5. No one has mention Bassong, he can play LB and CB and is availble at 4/5million bracket, Strong good in air and can read and play a bit, with hes best years in front of him a no brainer 4me.


  6. Great to end the week on a bit of positivity!

    We could yet end up with a really good window. It started well, faultered and farted about, and all we need to know now is whether Obertan was a full return to form or just an anomaly before a painful death of our recruitment drive on the 31st.

    Personally, I’m confident we’ll be sorted for a LB (Pieters) but less so about a striker. Well – a decent one, anyway.

    But in Carr we trust. Should be looking sweet by 01/09.


  7. @MDS

    Bobby sadly passed away last night and asked if I would carry on his reality crusade.

    RIP Bobby Shinton


  8. I do think there is something in the Pieters rumour. As for the striker. Pass. Agree with bobby about bendtner


  9. Im sure that i saw that Bentner was offered to us rather than us aproaching them for him ❓

    Pieters seems like it may happen, The local journos seem to think it will…


  10. Troy….nick a wreath from West Road crem for me to put on bobby’s coffin 😥 ……..the end where his head is will be wider than the coffin is long 😆


  11. Toonsy – please ban Troy – he is even worse than Booby – he is lulling everyone into a false sense of security – ban him before he starts – pretty please?


  12. All we can do is wait now. If they don’t sign a left back at this point they never will. We may be the first team in history to try to play an entire season without a bona fide left back. Is Derek left footed? He may be our next trialist.


  13. Dimpleboy

    Bobby has more alter egos than brain cells on this blog… Tricky to ban all of them. But in his defense, he’s less of a wanka as Troy.


  14. Lads my mate reckons he just saw loic remy in Newcastle airport… Mmmm been on the bevies I think


  15. So apart from bobby and troy, which other accounts are his? 😆

    Although he doesn’t put his points across in a civilised manner, he does have some excellent points.


  16. Someone tweeted to Mark Douglas that they’d just seen Karim Benzema there too.

    I’m guessing somebody’s playing the “start a rumor there’s another French player going to Newcastle” game.


  17. RIP Bobby Shinton Number 9.

    You were a pain in everyone’s arse, but all things considered, provided a reasonable antithesis. Now feck off to the great beyond, ya tosspot. 😉

    We need to hurry up and get our new LB signed. Gutted that Jose went to the bindippers, but I expected it. I wonder why he turned against us so much. Meh, I just hope that the bloody reds finish 17. Never happen like, but it would be hilarious to watch Jose and Judas go down on a sinkin’ ship.


  18. Right – cards on table. What do people think we’ll have by 1st Sept?

    I’d put money on:

    1. Pieters in
    2. A striker… but not necessarily one people approve of.
    3. Joey gone.

    That’d be seven in and three out. I’d be happy with that, if sad to see a couple of ’em go.

    Now – bring on the Gooners; show ’em our version of gallic flair, lads!


  19. I’ve just spoke to bobby beyond the grave and he’s watching over you in spirit. 😛

    He died of beri beri fever and gangrene of his texting finger. Poor soul. 🙁

    The match is on in Cannes tomorrow but it’s an hour ahead over here. So I will give you the score before you even reach SJP. 😛
    Technology is class these days. 😛

    Just totting up, we must have made about £47m from player sales.
    I’m honestly lost, considering the TV and other revenue lines, why Ashleys loan is not almost paid off? 😕


  20. Whumpie-

    I’d agree with that statement. Let’s just hope these lads gel and start kickin’ some Arse.


  21. John, I’ve been thinking about bassong for weeks now! I honestly think Ashley felt somehow betrayed by him after relegation and won’t go for him, even at the cut price he’s being offered for. Would be a welcome addition to CB and good defensive LB cover


  22. Agree about Bassong. I think he and Colo could prove to be a better pairing than Colo with either Taylor or Williamson.


  23. Whumpie – Think we’ll have Pieters in and a striker but I think Ranger, Barton, Perch will have gone.

    That will be out:



    A Striker


  24. @whumpie

    I’m not convinced we will get Pieters now. Surely if we were going to prize him away then that would have been complete in sync with Jose’s departure.

    I don’t think for a second we will get a striker in unless we offload Best.
    Bobby always maintained that the club would run with Ba, HBA, Shola and Best.

    My real concern is that they might offload Best on the final day and use the excuse it’s too late to purchase a replacement.
    He will then utilise Obertan as a makeshift striker or retain Loverman.

    I find it strange that Loverman is still here and hasn’t found a club. He is on less than £12k per week and many clubs could afford him.

    Beware of the late kick in the stots that Mr Ashley is more than capable of doing.

    Best out, obertan or Loverman to step in. 😕


  25. Haha, I wonder if we could start enough buzz about bringing back bassong that the club would start to consider it?

    Let’s get an article and a poll up! 😀


  26. Troy Stavers
    August 12, 2011 at 16:03

    “I’m not convinced we will get Pieters now. Surely if we were going to prize him away then that would have been complete in sync with Jose’s departure.”

    To be fair the lad has just gone througha bereavement by the sounds of it. Some things are just more important.


  27. Troy-

    I could see Ash unloading Best on the last day, but I’d be pissed off. Me, I think he’ll stay, but I could be wrong. We’ll see.


  28. RICHIE- thanks for settin’ me straight on that.

    TOONSY- didn’t know Pieters just lost someone. That sucks, man. Hard shit, that.


  29. Have we signed another midfielder yet? We certainly don’t need a left back, centre back or striker. Everybody knows Pardew’s formation will be a goalkeeper and 10 midfielders, standard operating procedure. Overwhelm the opponent with stupidity but score quickly before he realizes you don’t have a balanced team. I guess things could be worse. We don’t have Joe F’ing Kinnear. I like our midfield but come on Pardew let’s focus on another area of the squad now son.


  30. So we’ll hopefully bring Pieters in next week. Then a striker of some sort? I would actually be fine with getting a second new defender in before a striker, if I’m honest


  31. Latest Pardew pledge to supporters: ” I realize I have had a huge amount of time to sign a left back, months and months in fact. But we tried to sign NTaylor on the cheap and didn’t get away with it. Anyway in my own deluded mind I though I could talk Jose into staying because I am such a fantastic man manager. Surely wages shouldn’t matter if Jose can be blessed by my presence. Then I tried to lowball several teams for a striker and that didn’t work either. How can I be blamed for other teams unwillingness to support our beloved tightwad owner? Now we’re in a jam because we play Arsenal tomorrow without any left back at all. How can I be blamed for that? Of course a few misguided fans will say I should have either grown a set and gone to the owner and complained or resigned but I prefer to make some more statements filled with half-truths and carry on collecting a paycheque I don’t deserve. I’ll get back to you with more important contradictory statements soon.”


  32. Evening all, my prediction Pieters and a striker in a weeks time. Ranger out and Joey refusing to budge


  33. Sure Richietoon that link is: Managers who bull**** to their supporters.com. There many other comments from Pardew on there oddly enough.


  34. BBM i had a panic on all wk,wor lass fund me credit card,wont guess me pin no like no 9 no3 no2 no5 just the shirt nos the toon need imo 😀


  35. the other fat man has been stirring poo again..

    Shepherd “Newcastle were a big club we spent 300m on players. You have to invest If you see it as a mundane business it’s not for you”

    Shepherd “I’d buy Newcastle back but Mike Ashley would rather cut his ATM off and eat it than sell it back to me”

    Freddie Shepherd says you can’t run Newcastle the way Mike Ashley does. “they,re taking millions out and not reinvesting”


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