Barton steals the headlines once again – Newcastle 0 – 0 Arsenal

Right before Joey got a slap! The long awaited first game of the season wasn’t much to look at, but it brought a good steady result to start our season with and stands us in good stead to face Sunderland next weekend.

The 0-0 draw with Arsenal was something that I imagine that most fans would have taken at the beginning of the game, I’m sure I would. Arsenal were just typical Arsenal, they were tidy with no end product and rarely threatened our defence which looked resolute.

The first half was a very drab affair which did nothing to excite the fans, but I believe the second half was huge improvement. In the first half we were outnumbered in midfield by Arsenal’s three man midfield and they passed through us, almost as if Cabaye and Tiote were not there.

Gervinho looked dangerous when attacking down the left hand side, the side which was being defended by Ryan Taylor. Gervinho was pacey and Taylor really struggled, which emphasises the point that we really need to bring in a left back in before Sunderland. I’m glad that we didn’t sign Gervinho as he is a diving little cheat, who spent the whole game trying to buy free kicks, he also lacks end product.

Our only attempt of the first half was an ambition Jonas Gutierrez volley on the run which nearly killed the ball boy near the corner flag. There was one chance where the frustrating Shola Ameobi could have played Demba Ba in infront of goal, but as usual he got the ball trapped under his feet. Arsenal had no attempts of note really, with Koscielny’s effort their only attempt on target.

At half time Pardew changed the formation and brought on Obertan for Demba Ba and turned it into more of the 4-5-1 formation with Obertan, Cabaye and Jonas behind Shola Ameobi which really helped us grab the game by the scruff of the neck and get more possession.

Obertan looked one of the stand out players on the pitch for me, I rated him when I’ve previously seen him play, but I was truly shocked by the amount of pace the lad actually has. He seems to already be on a good wavelength with the rest of our team, and he and Cabaye linked up extremely well creating a couple of opportunities.

The second half also provided very little excitement footballing wise, but once Joey Barton was stamped on by Arsenal’s Alex Song you could tell that there was a more heated feel to the affair. Seen as Song wasn’t cautioned it should be booked at by the FA who may punish him. The game calmed down a little until the mass brawl in the 74th minute.

Gervinho blatantly dived in the box which was ignored by the referee and Joey Barton took it into his own hands to grab the Arsenal striker and pick him up by his shirt, and confront him. Steven Taylor and Danny Simpson tried to get in between the players, but Gervinho reached round them and slapped Joey Barton in the side of the face, which resulted in Joey Barton in a heap on the floor.

The referee and his assistants got together and gave a red card to Gervinho and a yellow to Joey Barton for his part in the brawl. I’m not saying Barton should have kicked off and grabbed him, but his cheating antics deserved some comeuppance. That should have come from the referee, but it didn’t, but the aftermath of the brawl turned out better than expected about as I thought Barton would receive a red as well. But as usual the press and other daft do-gooders believe that Joey Barton should be banned from football for life for being such a naughty man.

The game fizzled out after the sending off as Arsenal aimed to sure up their defence by bringing on Frimpong and Djourou, as we brought Leon Best and Peter Lovenkrands for Shola Ameobi and Yohan Cabaye looking for the win. Chances were few and far between after that with the only notable chance a cross by Coloccini which was nearly met by the head of Steven Taylor.

There were plenty of positives which came from that game and also a few negatives. The main positives were obviously the point against a top four team – at the moment anyway – and Coloccini, Obertan, the defence and Krul all played very well.

The negatives were the lack of a left back, hopefully that can be resolved soon. Also the fact we lacked a pacey striker upfront and Tiote’s performance which looked very lacklustre and rusty, almost as if he’d not trained with the team or something like that…

Player Ratings

Krul – 8 – Solid when called upon, his kicking also looked good.
Simpson – 8 – Didn’t back off as much and dealt with his winger on most occasions, decent going forward.
Coloccini – 9 – Real captains performance, read the game well, as usual.
S Taylor – 7 – Coloccini had to cover for him a couple of times, deceived the ref well.
R Taylor – 7 – Poor first half, improved in the second half, set pieces were shocking like normal.
Barton – 7 – Oozed passion and commitment, passed the ball well, got roughed up and lost his temper a bit, but got away with it.
Cabaye – 7 – Looked a lot better when he was moved forward, and adjusted to the pace better second half.
Tiote – 6 – Rusty and wanted a long time on the ball, understandable though. A weeks training and he’ll be fine for the unwashed.
Gutierrez – 7 – Worked hard, but as usual very frustrating to watch. Lacked end product.
Ba – 6 – Didn’t get much chance, would have left him on and took off Ameobi.
Ameobi – 6 – Touch was poor as ever. Put himself about, caused them a few problems with his size.

Obertan – 7 – Looked very quick and skilful, excited to see what he can do. I’d start him v Sunderland.
Best and Lovenkrands – 6 – Neither got much time on the pitch to change the game.

Newcastle United (4-4-2): Tim Krul; Danny Simpson, Steven Taylor, Fabricio Coloccini (c), Ryan Taylor; Joey Barton, Yohan Cabaye (Peter Lovenkrands 80), Cheik Tiote, Jonas Gutierrez; Shola Ameobi (Leon Best 73), Demba Ba (Gabriel Obertan 46)

Subs not used: Fraser Forster, Mike Williamson, Dan Gosling, Sammy Ameobi.

Arsenal (4-2-3-1): Wojciech Szczesny; Bacary Sagna, Laurent Koscielny, Thomas Vermaelen, Kieran Gibbs; Alex Song, Aaron Ramsey (Johan Djourou 90); Gervinho, Tomas Rosicky (Emmanuel Frimpong 85), Andrei Arshavin (Theo Walcott 61); Robin van Persie (c)

Subs not used: Lukasz Fabianski, Carl Jenkinson, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Marouane Chamakh

Referee: Peter Walton (Northamptonshire)

Attendance: 46,894 (3,352 Arsenal)

All in all it was a decent result even though the game was a poor one to watch, but I think with a striker and a left back we will be able to compete well this season, and I also think Obertan will surprise a few who had already written him off

Bring on the Mackems!

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122 thoughts on “Barton steals the headlines once again – Newcastle 0 – 0 Arsenal

  1. ICEDOG pieters did play today he givean iterview with the press saying he wanted to too take his mind off the death of his grandmother he also said he was not thinking of a move to us until after the funeral on monday


  2. who cares what shearer has to say,great footballer,total shite pundit..
    if the bloke had any stones he would go and manage in the lower leagues like lee clark, his opinion means nowt.


  3. Not writing them off witters, but want to see some improvement.
    Were you satisfied with everyone ❓


  4. Chuffed with a point. Like I said before the game a point will do.

    Will watch highlights tomorrow. Will also reveal just who is who as I have a feeling we have a saddo with multiple names in our midst. I feel its always best to oust them so they look like saddo’s

    Night night 🙂


  5. Witters – not writing anybody off, just saying they would have to improve massively on today’s showing and having a go at all those who come on here and other blogs saying what a nailed on signing cabaye is before they have seen him play. he was slower than Nolan by a long way and makes pardew’s comments look ridiculous. what did you make of him?


  6. oh ok well that doesn’t apply to me as I never used the word shite.
    Like I said, hope to see some improvement against the scum.
    I assume you would too


  7. Happy with the point. Unfortunately couldn’t watch the game today, but it sounds like our “exciting” midfield didnt get to show anything until we finally played the 4-5-1 that we’ve been expecting all summer anyway, regardless of HBA.
    We have the midfielders to support it and lack the strikers to play a good 442. Was shocked to see Shola and Ba starting together. Was a bad decision


  8. toonsy,is it stardust,he uses loads of names like,i also think asim is a fake as well,defo another blogger..


  9. Having paid me wedge to watch a poor show, I think I’m entitled to offer a little criticism. Also a little praise where due, ie Colo who was my MOM.


  10. hitman – spot on about shearer. he got it wrong on barton. no more than a yellow. hasn’t got the bottle to get off the sofa and do it for real like clarkie.


  11. By the way, it would be a real treat to see a so called striker actually get a good shot off now and again. Maybe even on target or heaven forbid make the ‘keeper make a save.
    Hitman i can only assume Shola is on a very low salary. defies all logic otherwise.


  12. It’s our first game so we’re improving on what exactly….?

    I don’t think we looked that much different from the team that ended last season nor am I expecting a massive difference next weekend, it’ll take more games than 2 to gel & to get match fit. We looked reasonably solid defensively which is a reasonable platform to build on.

    I’m not 100% Pardew knows his 1st eleven just yet due to injuries & hopefully new signings will be brought in. As I said solid(ish), a good point against Arsenal & hopefully avoid defeat next weekend. I’d take that…


  13. Simpson and Taylor were poor but the whole team looked rusty. I saw enough today think we might have a decent team once they gel and we get another striker and a left back. Ba is a concern for me.


  14. witters – barton looked fit. how can he manage it? why you making excuses for those who didn’t get fit? were they not expecting to be playing football just yet? heard enough. going to bed, goodnight.


  15. We do have some right idiots as fans, don’t we?

    Writing off a striker after just one game, and it was against a Champions League club too!



  16. As for Cabaye; I HAVE seen enough of him to know he is a class act, regardless of his performance today, which wasn’t bad anyway.

    …Saying that, if you can’t outplay Arsenal’s midfield then you must be s**t. It’s not like they are known for their quality midfield play or anything, is it?


  17. El Toro, if you are referring to Shola, well I wrote him off as useless years ago. Beats me how he got a 2yr extension, or how he has been at the club for so long already 😕
    I accept that some peeps love him an all that, but he just drives me nuts.


  18. BB

    Nah, Ba. People are writing him off already, but they need to check his goalscoring record; It speaks for itself.

    I’m also hearing nonsense like, “Ba, Best and Ameobi are all too similar. It will never work.” These people are just highlighting how little they know about the players they are complaining about.

    Ba is nothing like Best or Ameobi. He isn’t a back to goal striker and we should NOT be hoofing balls up to him.


  19. BB

    Not just from this blog. I have read negative comments about every single one of our new players from a range of different blogs since today’s game. Even about those who didn’t even play! It’s pathetic and makes us seem like complete idiots.


  20. Yes I agree we shouldn’t be hoofing the ball up to Ba, but I thought he looked a tad over weight today, but then again he is a big fella. Maybe just a bit rusty after all its not been the best of pre seasons.


  21. Oh righty then. I’ve given up on the other blogs, and besides it takes all my spare time to catch up with the guff on here lol.
    Anyhoo I’m off to me scratcher. tara 4 now 😆


  22. LOL. Ooohhh handbags!!

    Well it certainly wasnt me saying “Ba is crap”.

    But then I’m not going to say he offered anything in this match, either just to stop someone having a hissy fit, because the plain fact is – he didn’t offer anything.

    He doesn’t look sharp at all. I suspect it will be several games before he does.

    Shola, however, is crap. Has been for ages. He should never have got an extension. He would suit a mid Championship team


  23. Also I didn’t criticize Cabaye.

    However, unlike those who were creaming their duds over our ‘top class, goalscoring, super creative midfield’ I thought all along that it would take time for our new players to gel, adapt and show their actual potential.

    Can’t say I’ve seen anything which alters any of the views I had before the match.

    I still think Cabaye will be good for us, but not overnight.

    I still think Obertan is a gamble. He looks quick and good on the ball, but have no idea yet, based on what I’ve seen, if he will have a decent end product or be consistant which is pretty much exactly what I got from reading the opinions of lots of Man U fans.


  24. I agree with whoever said there were some half wits on here. It used to be such a nice place to visit.


  25. I was at the game tonight and i was impressed with the new signings (Cabaye, Ba, Obertan)

    Ameobi (and im a bit of a fan, he can be great on form) was awful today, couldn’t believe he was left on and Ba was taken off! We are in desperate need of pace and movement up front Lovenkrands and Best made all the difference when they came on. Cabaye is a class act but that means nothing with no1 to make runs (or in Shola’s case no movement at all!!)

    Obertan looks like a class act with a point to prove and should take the place of jonas against the makems!. Jonas was another who in my opinion was awful today

    Raylor had a fairly decent game at left back for being out of position. turned once in the first half by Gervinho but other than that looked ok..


  26. I thought Barton is simply awful. Passing of ball to no man land,set pieces were crap,some passing of ball back to arsenal players.

    I will give him just a 5 for performance, 8 for entertainment value. 😎


  27. AOD – It was from the match programme yesterday. I’m writing it up now.

    Just watching MOTD. Can Shearer have any less hair?


  28. Pardew comments on Barton.

    Reporter: So we saw what looked like a stamp on….”

    Pardew: It was

    Quality 😆


  29. Toonsy, 1st match of the season, anything can happen.
    But I’ll bet he never misses another one 😳
    Carroll will be taking them in future. 😆


  30. Reporter: Three players could have seen red, Song, Gervinho and Bar……

    Pardew: Why Barton?

    Gan on Al give em shyte man 😆


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