View from the away end – The Mackems.

Last time out at St James'
With the much anticipated derby fast approaching I thought now would be a good time to get the views of a Sunderland fan in the latest edition of view from the away end.

Some of you may be aware that I come from a family with Sunderland fans present. My beloved father was a passionate Sunderland fan and he followed his team through thick and thin throughout the years. It’s always been either Newcastle or Sunderland in my family and if my Great Grandfather was still here he would have said something like, ‘Mark, at least you turned out alright’.

I grew up loving football and I made it clear from an early age that Newcastle United were my club of choice, a decision that went down just fine with my Dad. He was happy for me to make my choice and witnessed me being as dedicated and loyal to my club as he was to his. In fact if it wasn’t for my Dad, I wouldn’t have met Toonsy. It was my Dad who was a friend of Toonsy that asked if I could tag along to games with him.

From there on it was myself that introduced Toonsy to the Newcastle blogs, he then became a bit of an addict and eventually he set up this blog that your sat here reading right now. It’s crazy to think that a Sunderland fan is ultimately responsible for this blog existing. I’ll just finish on that note by saying Dad was a top man and by far the most knowledgeable football man I’ve ever met, incredible guy who is missed every day.

Derby days were and still are days in my family were there is a lot of banter and sometimes a bit of sulking from the losing side. Following the 5-1 I didn’t think I’d be allowed home ever again. Make no mistake about it, I’m a Newcastle supporter and there is nothing sweeter than getting one over the local rivals.

Today I speak to Kevin. I used to work with Kev and we always had decent footy banter and would supply each other with opinions and sometimes ridicule. When I asked Kevin to do this interview he said he would answer each question honestly. It would have been too easy to speak to a Sunderland fan with biased and stupid answers to spark reaction, but he has refrained from all that.

After all we all remember the Liverpool edition of view when Phil wound up a lot of our readers. I thought Phil raised fair points in places but also hypocritical and unfair opinion in other parts of the interview. Here’s what I asked Kevin:

What do you think of our fans?

Newcastle fans have their ups and downs. At the stadium they can create an incredible atmosphere and can be some of the most intimidating fans in the league. On web forums however the vast majority can sometimes come across as delusional and blind. But then again so can any fans of any team.

If you could have any Newcastle player at your club who would it be and why?

Has to be Cheik Tiote. The guy bosses the midfield and is far less of a loose cannon than Cattermole or former SAFC captain Cana.

Hmm, Cheick was the most booked player last season. Next question, who is your favourite Newcastle player of all time and why?

Has to be Alan Shearer. One of the greatest centre forwards of all time and it’s sad that we’ll never see his like in the game again. Top, top professional.

What do you think of St James’ Park?

It’s a fantastic ground steeped in history. The only thing letting it down is where it is in the city. The lack of space sort of hampers any plans for expansion if it’s ever needed.

What are your opinions of Mike Ashley?

Haha, it would be easy from our side to say we love him but he’s turning your club in to a joke. The man has no idea about football and his decision to sack Chris Hughton was one which verified everything that has ever been said about him.

What do you make of the Joey Barton situation?

Joey Barton is a funny one. Off the pitch and many moments on it, he’s a scum bag and it’s a wonder he is still a professional footballer. Saying that, the way the club has treated him for simply voicing a valid opinion is sickening and I hope I’d never see anything like that happen at our club.

How do you rate our business in the window so far? We have sold the man who scored 4 goals against you boys last season – Kevin Nolan. Mistake?

We’ll have to see on the signings you have brought in to see whether it’s shrewd from Pardew and Ashley. Selling Nolan was a huge mistake. The man took you up from the Championship with his passion and drive for the game, and the club kept you in the Premier League last season as well as almost taking you in to the top 10.

Steve Bruce grew up supporting NUFC. He has some what of less than a decent relationship with with NUFC fans these days… But what do you think of Alan Pardew?

Alan Pardew is a mercanary. He will go anywhere he is offered money to manage without much regard for the club or the fans. He also isn’t up to Premier League standards if you ask me, although he is better than Steve Kean hahaha.

Steve Kean is one of a kind eh?! 5-1 at St James’ last season. Can you reflect on that game and the result?

It was possibly the most embarrassing result I have suffered in my 15 years of supporting my club. We deserved it though. We went in to the game expecting to roll you lot over and we didn’t take it as seriously as we should have.

It’s often debated, but which of us are the bigger club in your honest opinion?

I think for a long time NUFC were the biggest club in the North East, without a doubt. However right now, with the investment made in SAFC by Ellis Short and Niall Quinn I think it’s fair to say the clubs are on an equal level.

Who will finish higher next season?

It’s hard to say, you can never count NUFC out in a season but from a completely biased point of view (and taking new players in to account) I think we’ll end up higher this season.

OK, final league positions?


Score predictions?
Our place – 2-1. Could go either way. Depending on how new signings are fitting in for both clubs.
On Saturday? – 2-1 probably to Sunderland.

With Nolan gone, Shola will have to continue as our ‘mackem slayer’ next season. which of your boys should we look out for?

If the transfer goes through it has to be Niko Krancjar, but providing it doesn’t I’m gunna have to say Stephane Sessegnon. He really came in to his own playing off of Gyan at the end of the season and has found his goal scoring feet. Plus he is a rapid little bastard.

Lee Clark infamously wore a ‘SMB’ t-shirt whilst playing for Sunderland. What are your opinions on Clarky?

Ah he can piss off.

Finally lets discuss a couple of lads that represented both clubs….what are your thoughts… Bracewell.., Perez…, Waddle.., Bridges?

All great servants for both clubs. I mean Lionel Perez was one of SAFC’s hero’s for years and even though Mickey Bridges’ return to the club back in 2005 wasn’t to be, they all had their advantages.

Lionel Perez wasn’t one to remember for Newcastle. He blamed turning ‘bad’ on joining Newcastle. Lee Clark will always be loved on Tyneside, although I can understand why Sunderland fans may not be so keen haha.

So there you have it, the views of a Mackem. I was surprised that a Sunderland fan had something nice to say about Alan Shearer and to Kev’s credit he didn’t tip us for relegation like many would have. Decent interview, I’m even more fired up for Saturday. Toon Toon!! What do you guys think?

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I'm Mark, I live in a little town called Rugby. I go back a long way with Toonsy, we have traveled the country together watching the lads. I eat, breath and sleep Newcastle United! Follow me on [email protected] MRStockers or add me on Facebook- Mark Stockley.

109 thoughts on “View from the away end – The Mackems.

  1. Ahmed, JJ…. it’s us readers that’s gonna suffer such wit….. we’ll be boered to death……. 🙁

    boom boom!



  2. Mark – are you SURE this guy’s a mackem? Did you correct his grammar?

    Nice article; well done finding the only coherent mackem currently at large without a tracking collar. 😆


  3. Well Jonas isn’t a LB and niether is Fergie so big part of the team or not the board need to pull their fingers out and land a LB pronto on a hook with a big juicy worm attached. Plus when Marvuex and Benny are up to speed I don’t see Fergie getting a look in unfortunately because he is a very talented player in the making.


  4. I’d laugh like a drain if Barton went to QPR. He’d have no shortage of fast food joints to beat people senseless outside of.. 😈


  5. marktoon
    August 18, 2011 at 11:30

    Supermac- why the foul mate? Were a friendly bunch on here.

    August 18, 2011 at 13:33

    Mark your a prick. End of

    😆 😆 😆


  6. People have some interesting formations, personally I would go with this based on current form and Sholas record against Sunderland.

    With Ba to come on when Ameobi tires and Marveux, Best, Cabaye, Ferguson ect in reserve.


  7. Tattyheed – I thought about Gosling at RB and Simo at LB. Would be good, but again not Goslings position, so we may aswell just have a makeshift LB rather than both full backs.


  8. For those of you that watch the games on pub telly, the game is being listed on ljsports as being shown live on Tring Sports 2.


  9. @DJG that team would do for me 😆 I dont want to see Ba and Shola standing holding hands again, 1 up will do.


  10. Barton to QPR is an old one. He was going there last month, just after he read a book on famous quotes and reposted them on his twitter.


  11. Mark- its the fact you had to have a pop after I explained something. If you had just said ok no worries, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Tc- ok lol, fair one I’ve never lost it on this blog but that hit a nerve- needless arrogance


  12. Mark

    Shola and Ba just looked like they didn’t have a clue how to play together. Ba said their games were diferent and they could play together but I dissagree.

    For all Shola has apologists that say he is a ‘team player’ and he holds the ball up ect, he is actually a very selfish player IMO who can never stay onside and rairly manages to create oportunities by playing in people. There was one point where Ba would have been clean through had Ameobi played him in and he fannied about almost as if he didn’t want Ba to score!


  13. @markToon

    I was explaining that I was joking. I couldnt give a shit where the site originated from I was merely keeping up the Toon v Mackem patter.

    was it the ‘big blouse’ that upset you? come on m8, its not exactly the insult of the century, if it was i’m sorry, but you did miss I said it was a good article which it is. I just think you got the wrong end of the stick m8, I’d never disrespect any1’s dad.

    apologies if you think I did, but I wouldn’t.


  14. @DJG

    Agree m8, who knows in time they might gel but there wasnt much evidence on Sat. more than anything tho I have high hopes for Vuckic, I think this is the season he shines, given he gets a game.


  15. Mark- nice one. Sorry to pop back. Its very out of chracter. Just read it wrong. Let’s stick sorrys in the sack and discuss footy


  16. Given both Newcastle and Sland have signed players this window, which set of fans would be the happiest with their incomings..

    Would you swap our signings for theirs? they’ve bought for now where we seem to be following a business plan of buying for the future..


  17. @lee_ryder via Twit
    Lee Ryder #nufc AP “There’s a good chance Ryan Taylor plays, clubs know we need LB and makes it hard, we have to be diligent”


  18. From ESPN/soccernet’s transfer blog:

    13.17: Newcastle are yet to agree a fee with PSV Eindhoven to sign Netherlands left-back Erik Pieters, as they seek a replacement for Luis Enrique. A spokesman told De Telegraaf: “It is not clear whether the two clubs have agreed a fee yet. We are still waiting to hear from both sides.”


  19. Fingers crossed that this game can truly spark our season… I’d be mortified to lose to the scum (as cool a bloke as this lad Kevin was lol).


  20. Mark @ 102. Personally I reckon Sunderland have spent a lot on pretty average players. It will keep them steady in the Prem though and if they tail off on their spending over the next 4 or 5 years and just suppliment what they havem then they will maintain their status as a decent mid table side, which is not a bad thing. They may even pop into Europe occasionally.

    Our signings seem ok on face value, however if we are all honest then we had not ever heard of Marveaux or Cabeye before they arrived. Lets see who if anyone we get in before the window closes and then lets see just how good they actually are before we judge how successful our summer has been and also how far the new signings can take us.


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