What extent is Pardew to blame?

Pardew's not smiling at this moment in time.
With another day seemingly going to pass without bringing in the left back which was promised that we’d have before the derby has started to make me think after Pardew’s recent comments how much can he be blamed for goings on at the club – I’m on about on the pitch, but mainly off the pitch.

Right, that first paragraph may have been a little bit vague but hopefully everyone will start to understand what I’m getting at. How much do you blame Pardew for us not signing players? Or how much do you blame Pardew for the players that are leaving? Are the two main points I’m getting at.

Firstly, when he’s being blamed for not signings players, I actually don’t think it’s his fault at all. He’ll identify the players quickly, and want them done as soon as possible, like us to be honest. But when he finds out that once again the people above him have messed up one way or another it starts to look bad on him, when really he can’t help what’s going on.

I’ll admit one thing that does seem always to fall back on Pardew is the empty promises he sometimes gives to the fans, like promising a full back for Saturday. Yes, he’s probably going to be made a liar again, but is it his fault? I’m sure he’ll have expected them- or he’s probably been told that they’re going to sort out a deal for Pieters this week, and when Llambias or Ashley try and shave money off the bid, or don’t even bid at all he’s made to look bad, when really once again he has little influence.

Some would say it’s pointless him saying anything, but the thing is if a journalist asked him a question saying “When do you expect to have a left back signed by? Will you have one in before Sunderland?” and he replied saying that he didn’t know, fans would start to get annoyed at that too.

Also, on the players leaving issue, Would Pardew really want the likes of Nolan, Carroll and Enrique and potentially to leave? I don’t think so, but then again no manager wants to lose his players. Joey Barton has said many times that he has no problems with the manager and he gets along with Pardew, also I haven’t seen many comments from either Carroll or Enrique lambasting Pardew, as for Nolan he felt “betrayed” but that’s cause he didn’t get his money, most likely that was Ashley again.

Also do you really think that Pardew had much choice in the Carroll deal? I’m sure he’ll have spoken to Ashley expecting bids of around 20-25 million at the most, and they’ll have decided that he wasn’t for sale. This meant that Pardew went to the press and when questioned about Carroll said he will not be sold in attempt to quash some of the rumours.

Only when Carroll handed in a transfer request after a rejected 35 million bid we decided that we were going to sell. It’s like if you had a car that you really liked, but you knew it was only worth 10 grand, and you wanted to keep it. A man wants to buy it off you and starts bidding, 10 grand? 15 grand? 20 grand? 25 grand? 30 grand? Then the car starts to roll off the drive to the guy bidding, you might then decide that even though you thought you’d never sell the car, 35 grand was too much for it, and you can get better elsewhere. And by the way, for the purpose of that little story, the car is Herbie.

Also, another thing which I’m sure will be brought up. “Mike has said he will put all the money back into the club”. That’s what Pardew said, but I don’t think he’s stupid. He’s not going to make all these comments without being told from above that a certain thing is going to happen, and when they don’t happen what can he do? Come out and tell the truth? That once again he relayed information from Ashley and Llambias which were lies? No he can’t, because they’re his boss.

I know this may seem a bit random, but I’m sick of the comments from some – not all on this blog – That Pardew should be sacked if we lose to Sunderland at the weekend. Pardew has had some steady results while being manager of our club, and we’ve started the season with a good draw. He’s being hung drawn and quartered because of transfers which are something that he doesn’t have the final say on, do you think he’d be squabbling over a couple of million to sign Pieters? No, he’d just pay it, if he had the chance.

Yes, granted that Pardew should probably say less in the press, but he’s under so much pressure to try and win over the fans that he’s trying to keep us happy, it’s a shame the people above him don’t try and do things to keep the fans happy, a real shame.

Now I imagine some people will being saying “if Pardew had any bollocks he’d leave” etc, why though? If Pardew does have the best interests of the club at heart why would he leave? He’s trying to do his job with the best he’s got, and really we’ve got a decent team and with a few acquisitions we could have a good year. I really hope Pardew doesn’t leave if I’m honest, because we’d then be left with a pitiful manager who’s had ages out of football, and has not heard news of what Ashley is like has escaped him. Someone along the lines of David O’Leary or Joe Kinnear, brilliant aren’t they?

What hope does Pardew have really? Can he really be blamed for off field antics to do with money?

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217 thoughts on “What extent is Pardew to blame?

  1. MM @ 144 that was me being easy mate 😉 but when I drank I wasn’t as easy going and I used to get mesel in a lot of trouble 😯 hence why Batts and I have a Tea drinking club now 😆


  2. david,i have walked off a few jobs because it wasnt being done right..and no doubt other bloggers have..

    i know this isnt pardews fault hes being shafted,but he must grow a pair..any decent manager would of run a mile by now..


  3. KK79 @150 I dont think its the crime of the century if its good enough for the England and Chelsea captain 😆 and I didn’t see much fallout from that except for a collapsed Bridge 😀


  4. Great article Jobey, v well thought out and written. Zoe you write excellent articles as well, people who gave you a C for english should hop on here and see the good writing you’re doing.

    Gloom and doom, reality, dreamers, at the end of the day we all support the club. HWTL!


  5. Hitman I have walked out of jobs before and did only recently but I hope Pards doesn’t because as I said earlier it would really break me to see JFK back 🙁
    Batty 😆 your cruel


  6. @David Dutch

    If someone lied to me once, I still trust him; second or third time, can still trust him, but if someone is a compulsive liar, then NO….
    If Ashley and DL are the only ones to blame, then they lie at least 10 times a week to Pardew, but still Pardew believes them :|:|


  7. Not ideal that no LB before Sunderland game, but I kind of expected Pieters deal to delay once PSV signed a replacement defender. That was always going to move the goal posts and see NUFC management play hardball over the transfer fee. He will definitely arrive though. PSV won’t want both wages on their books.

    As for Maiga, well I am disappointed with how we are handling this. Clearly tapped him up and told him to go on strike. Our management lack class and the sooner we are rid of them the better.


  8. [email protected]….no big deal these days mate…happens all the time, got to do with too much money, Ferrari’s and stuff.. 😆

    I’m sure it has absolutely no effect on the dressing room, in fact it may have a positive effect cos the Frenchies like the old gigalo style. 😆


  9. I have nothing against Pards.

    He is only relaying info told to him by those above. People need to remember that these transfers are NEGOTIATIONS. Something that seems a dead cert can fall by the wayside in the blink of an eye. It’s business.


  10. i feel sorry for pardew he is being taken for a mug,this is the biggest job he will get,so i doubt he will walk away from it..

    id love the pro ashley lot to give us 3 reasons why he is good for our club


  11. Hitman…Pardew was shooting his coco when he got the toon job, there is no way he could walk away from this. Things could turn really ugly though if things go a bit awry, starting with tomorrow.


  12. tell you something ive said before,ashley has twigged,he will never sell,do just enough (he hopes) to keep us in pl,then he he will pocket 30/40 mil a yr for doing nowt,would you sell, dont think so 🙁


  13. They signed Derijck and have Abel Tamata coming through. I believe one of their CB’s will be pushed out to replace Pieters on the left. Wouldn’t be that different, as Pieters is a full-back more in the Corluka mould, rather than the Enrqiue mould.

    We are clearly compensating for our more attacking midfield by making the defence more, well…defensive. 😆


  14. El Toro…whoever comes on…if at all…. will be compared to Enrique, so he needs to hit the ground running. I’m sure the lad Pieters can do the job. The cloggy defenders tend to be that, defenders first, not prone to hauling ass up and down the wing at all…

    You seem to be tuned in on all things PSV. Do you reckon the Pieters move will come off in light of our seemingly ham and tight fisted owners ?


  15. MM

    Trust me, mate. I am far from tuned in on Dutch footy. I have just been following a few PSV blogs etc since Pieters interest first surfaced.

    I think the Pieters move is very likely. If you look at what’s happened it seems pretty clear what’s going on. PSV officials claimed they hadn’t heard from us since the weekend + it was clear Derijck would sign for PSV on Saturday night/Sunday (didn’t go through until Monday). Get it yet?

    NUFC have seen PSV’s transfer activity and are now trying to use it to knock a bit of coin off of the fee. Hence leaving it until late in the window when PSV will basically have to accept the fee we offer.


  16. People may argue it’s a risk because we are playing games without a recognised LB…but those people need to ask themselves, would the new LB have been thrown in a game against the scum as a debut?

    I personally doubt it, so there is no real risk.


  17. I dont think much of pardew as a manager His tactics are to say the least naive some really stupid comments about player coming and going dont endear him to the fans hed be better saying nowt till pen was on paper
    but for whatever reason you choose to believe we are stuck with him and i cant imagine any manager worth his salt having working under the constraints of Lambsarse and Cashley So until they sell up we are knackered. I think even having said this that if we could get a fifteen to twenty goal stiker and a decent solid versitile defender and not lose any more players we could have the basis of a top half team but while these lot are in charge I think thats thefurtherst we can go .tomorrow mackems 1
    Toon 3


  18. El Toro….if PSV have already signed Pieters replacement, then the toon waiting until the end of the transfer window to coin could be a good bet….if it comes off of course….we all know how a deal can be scuppered… 🙄


  19. MM

    Suppose it all depends on how stubborn PSV are. They might stick to their guns and keep/sell to another team to spite us.

    We only got 6million for Enrique…Imagine what we would have got it we signed replacement before hand. 😯


  20. Evening Hitman .. cant be arsed with all that .. match tomor much more interestin .. and i f ucking hope we sign pieters sooooooon …. hwtl


  21. I can understand the doom and gloom to be honest although I don’t continuously beat the about and will wait until the end of the window before making full judgement


  22. Thanks for that little bit of insight el toro.

    I’m gonna miss the game tomorrow completely for stupid meetings. I missed the 5-1 last year too. So hopefully the lads can lift my spirits by getting a win tomorrow.

    Howay the lads!
    Howay Pardew


  23. El Toro, maybe that is what Ashley is now trying to do?
    But we’ve known we needed a left back for quite some time before PSV started their transfer business. If Ashley was waiting hoping this would transpire it seems like quite a large risk for something that may just totally piss PSV off.
    Also surely PSV can look and see that we are desperate for a left back and they can just say, “Pay what we want or go without”
    All the other decent leftbacks I’ve heard mentioned are all at least £6m anyway.
    It just seems like a needlessly risky way to persue business, to risk losing our best target completely just to try and screw PSV for maybe £1-2m.


  24. I’ll be watching the match in the town tomorrow.
    I think I’m expecting 1-1.
    Or if there’s a winner I have a horrible feeling it will be Sunderland 2-1.
    Here’s hoping I’m wrong.

    Of course this is assuming we can manage more than one shot on target this time.


  25. The Telegraph reported today that “Chelsea would consider loaning Sturridge out again. There has been more than one inquiry this summer but the sizeable fee demanded has deterred some clubs. It is said that Chelsea might want as much as £3 million for Sturridge to be “borrowed” and that they would sell if they receive a huge offer, similar to what Lukaku cost them” – which was about £17m.

    If we won’t pay that for a young proven PL CF & future England star to fill a position where we are desperatey weak the all the bullsh!t of a policy of young talent will be exposed for what it is – a cynical cover for asset stripping


  26. Hitman, I’ll have a pop at answering your question:

    Three reasons why Ashley is good for the club-
    1) He is planning on reducing our debt (now that he’s finished increasing it, that is)

    2) No more money wasted on trophy signings (because there’s no money being spent on any signings)

    3) The facilities should always be fabulous (as the training pitch has £35m of undersoil heating and there is enough bullshit coming out of St James’ to fertilize the pitch well into the next century).


  27. “tell you something ive said before,ashley has twigged,he will never sell,do just enough (he hopes) to keep us in pl,then he he will pocket 30/40 mil a yr for doing nowt,would you sell, dont think so ”

    This is one of my concerns Icedog.
    It’s all very well saying he’ll sell up if he gets his money back, but really how can we be confident of that at all?
    If, as you say, he finds he can keep us floating around 12th – 17th and still make £30+m a year why would he sell unless someone makes him an offer greatly in excess of what he paid?

    Ashley appears to be the sort who knows the cost of everything, but the value of nothing.


  28. Thinking, If we hadn`t beat Villa 6-0, and Scum 5-1, would it be different? or did Ash/Dell think we had enuf?
    Don`t Know on that basis what I want as a result, Beat Scum, no investmant, get stuffed, embarrassed but maybe money spent?Wot a fkn place 2 be!


  29. Actually all three points are genuine.
    And that is the genuine sadness of the situation Ashley and his cohorts have created.


  30. I live and also work within sight of St James’.
    Everyday I am reminded of the albatross that has become entwined around the clubs neck.

    Most days when I find myself in conversation with someone from here about the club I hear almost the same pattern from the person I am talking to.
    A mixture of disappointed resignation and frustration tinged with sadness.

    I’ve yet to find anyone who thinks Ashley is a boon to the club.
    Except on the internet, strangely.


  31. 🙂
    an excellent read.

    pardew cannot be blamed at all.

    No manager would set their watch by giving false hopes to fans and then dance in secret , when they are dashed.

    NUFC has suffered a lot of setbacks, broken promises and lies. But just because we have had enough, do we make Pardew suffer?

    I have faith in this club and the Geordie faithful. We will rise to glory days again. Its only a matter of backing the manager and the team on the pitch.


  32. Some of you must be waking up around now. Welcome to derby day. Tried to do some work this morning but my mind kept wandering to the game. Wore my Newcastle top and went shopping. A guy in a Sunderland top was shopping at the same place.

    I invited him round to watch the game.

    One good thing about the early kick off for me is that the game is on at 9pm. Perfect time for drinking. Even got a six pack of Broon in for the occasion.

    Howay the lads !


  33. I would be gutted if Pardew walks cos he is the perfect Patsy for the job. 😆

    The regimes policy requires a Patsy or we would have a conveyor belt of sacked managers.


  34. @brisvegas

    You met a Mackem out shopping on Derby day and you invited him round to watch the game???!!!

    Why didn’t you just punch his lights out and carrying on shopping ???!!! 😕


  35. There was a time … but I’ve mellowed with age. I’m just a jolly old codger these days.

    I doubt whether he’ll turn up anyway. But just in case, I’ll hide the family heirlooms and the best silverware. If he takes the telly I’ll punch his lights out. Actually, if the telly goes missing I’ll suspect the daft cockney guy a couple of doors down. What a dickhead he is.


  36. Don’t worry about DJG I know he’s just trying to get me wound up… not happening mate 😉

    Can’t wait for the match! It will be a better reflection of where we are as a team compared to last weekend IMO.


  37. Last season we with 2 games,we got 3points.

    so i hope this season we get 4points from 2 games. 😆


  38. Nerves kicking in big time. Don’t have a good feeling about today. Need Strolla to pull some of his mackem magic out the bag. HWTL


  39. “Only when Carroll handed in a transfer request after a rejected 35 million bid we decided that we were going to sell. It’s like if you had a car that you really liked, but you knew it was only worth 10 grand, and you wanted to keep it. A man wants to buy it off you and starts bidding, 10 grand? 15 grand? 20 grand? 25 grand? 30 grand? Then the car starts to roll off the drive to the guy bidding, you might then decide that even though you thought you’d never sell the car, 35 grand was too much for it, and you can get better elsewhere.”

    To develop this flawed analogy, you don’t buy a new car, you pocket the 35 grand and take the bus everywhere. If Newcastle can get better elsewhere why have they not signed a striker? Carroll NEVER put in a transfer request, the FCB was always going to sell him in the January window and Pardew took the Newcastle job knowing that.

    “I really hope Pardew doesn’t leave if I’m honest, because we’d then be left with a pitiful manager who’s had ages out of football”

    Pardew IS a pitiful manager who’s had ages out of football and he’s got a track record even worse than both David O’Leary or Joe Kinnear.


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