Is Ashley scamming the fans, media and players?

Past and current evidence would seem to suggest that the current Newcastle regime is intentionally misleading the fans, media and players with lies to avoid looking blatantly unambitious and unmotivated in taking this club forward.

The latest piece of evidence comes via comments from PSV’s Technical Director.

Despite our alleged interest, Erik Pieters still does not know where his future lies.

Pieters has declared an interest in joining Newcastle but is now waiting on an agreement between the parties. Which if history is anything to go by, may well not be forthcoming.

NUFC manager Alan Pardew let it be known to the media that the club had apparently made an offer in the region of €7 million for the defender and they are waiting on PSV’s response. More recent reports suggest that we won’t go over €5 million for the Dutch international although in fairness these are unconfirmed and may be yet more handy work from the media.

However, according to the technical director of PSV we haven’t actually bid at all. Not yet anyway. In fact he went on record to say that he’d heard nothing from Newcastle for quite some time although the appearance of Alan Pardew at the game last night may have been an indication that something is brewing.

About that bid though. The club have heard nothing and neither has the player, so it seems to me that the board and Pardew (perhaps unknowingly) are purposely misleading the media and supporters by stating that bids have been made for players when, clearly, they haven’t. And if they are lodged, they are pitched so far below an acceptable value knowing full well the bid will be rejected.

Personally I believe this was the case with Kevin Gameiro, Gervinho, Mevlut Erdinc, and now Erik Pieters. But how long has this nonsense of fake or half-arsed efforts to sign players been going on?

Remember the Modric saga during the Keegan era? … Or the late bid for N’Zogbia in January? The late Michael Johnson bid when we sold Milner and Shay Given? None of those bids ever materialized. In my opinion, because they were never intended to.

How many times are “bids” made for world class players during the transfer window, only for the deals to “collapse”. Also, surely if they do collapse the money should still be there, available for another quality player if one comes along. Yet nobody is brought in and the money just disappears.

Coincidence? Its highly unlikely, and I find it incredible that season after season, and window after window, some fans fall for it, with false hopes that perhaps this is the season it will change.

It is clear they just shove lies in our faces (and probably Pardew’s face) about “trying” their best to secure these deals, when absolutely no effort is being made. Funny how these deals are so complicated and take time, until it comes to outgoing deals.

The board basically just spew this rubbish out to get fans to buy season tickets and club merchandise pre-season, while at the same time keeping fans quiet-ish until the transfer window shuts. By which time we have no choice but to support the players we have.

Then in January it starts again. “We will non rush into panic buys”, “the market hasn’t really kicked off yet”, “better players will become available late in the window, so we will not rush into signings now”… “blah blah blah blah blah blah blah bullsh#t”.

You could ask, “Why don’t they just be honest and admit they are not willing to invest?”. At least then we can’t accuse them of lying as its clear the money from player sales and television revenue is being used to pay Ashley back, for now, and then make him a tidy profit in the future.

But remember, these men are salesmen, and they know full well that being honest about their intentions would drastically decrease numbers at the grounds and sale of merchandise. So like any salesman, they lie and twist the truth to trick the customer into thinking he’s getting a great deal.

Its a very sad situation, and the only solution I can think of is that we, as fans, must stop ourselves from believing the rubbish fed to us so that that we don’t build ourselves up for the bitter disappointment of further unfulfilled promises.

We simply cannot believe any statements made by the board, the manager, or the media. Thus I also feel there is no point in our constant struggle for better communication with the board, because even if there was, would you believe a word they said?

I know I wouldn’t.

So… now that I’ve completely deflated myself, and perhaps many of you, lets not forget that the one part of this club we do have control over, the one part we can still be proud about, is getting behind the players! Show the world, that despite all the rest, we are amongst the best fans in the world!

The only way we can punish Ashley is by punishing ourselves, and the players, and the last time we did that, we ended up contributing to our own relegation. We must forget about revenge, and protests because they will not do anything but make Ashley more stubborn and less willing to invest in the club.

We cannot allow ourselves to get down. Soon the transfer window will be done and the players we do have will need to be kept motivated. That is our duty and honour!

The club will outlive the Ashley era – in the meantime, lets just support our boys the best we can.

Many thanks to JJ for sending this in.

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175 thoughts on “Is Ashley scamming the fans, media and players?

  1. ” Some we win – Jonas, Colo, Tiote, Cabaye etc and some we won’t – when on earth did every club get every player they are after – sheesh – some folks need to stop and think before they post. If you only have 10 percent of the info available – you simply can not draw a conclusion arghhhhhhhhhhhh”

    Nobody is assuming we can get everyone. Straw man argument.
    The problem is we appear not to be getting anyone unless they are on a free, have a release clause or are completely surplus to their clubs requirements and request a move.
    The reasons we appear not to be getting people who don’t fall into these categories is because we either fall way short of the sellers evaluation or the players personal terms.
    When we sell a want-away left back with only 1 year left on his contract, and refuse to pay a similar amount for someone generally regarded to be of similar quality, younger who is a full international with strong potential to improve – it is entirely understandable that people will ask serious questions about our ambition.

    People can and will judge and draw conclusions whether or not they have all the facts at their disposal. It’s human nature, and necessary.


  2. Moreno – class!

    Pootle – the wealthy (UHNWI’s) are a breed apart. I imagine you won’t deal much with them – their thought process though aggressive and on the face of it a bit impolite is accepted and the norm at that level.

    In fact if we didn’t approach buying as we do at the mo, clubs, agents and players would bleed us dry as they used to. This new strategy is in our interest as well a MAs. I won’t expand as I am sure you understand. Our and his interests are aligned.


  3. Pootle – that’s the point – compete strongly when its affordable, ie pay higher wages, and bid low when you can’t afford so you can pay higher wages.

    We can’t afford to pay high transfers and high wages (in relation to turnover) Its simple and a perfect strategy to gain a long term competitive advantage. It should not be taken over a limited number.


  4. ” You dance in Blue Velvet?”

    Yes but that’s just a hobby.
    😮 😳

    Was just pointing out that lots of people can use the ‘I understand, these people. I know lots about psychology’ type argument.
    It’s just another ‘appeal to authority’ type of stance. It doesn’t really add any credance to Stardusts argument in this case, just as it doesn’t to yours or mine.

    I was also trying to point out that if lots of people seem to ‘be showing great inexperience’ he should maybe open his mind to the possibility they that he may not actually be correct. In fact neither side might be 100% correct. Consensus of opinion isn’t always right, but that doesn’t mean its always wrong either.

    I also notice he tells us to stop drawing conclusions with 10% information, yet despite having access to the same information as the rest of us, is more than happy to jump to conclusions ranging from the level of experience of other posters he doesn’t know, to whether or not people put any thought into their points of view.

    Not picking on you Stardust, just get a bit sick of some people constantly dismissing those with legitimate concerns as negative whingers, or implying they aren’t intelligent or haven’t thought about what they post etc etc ad infinitum.

    It started as early as the first reply to this thread.


  5. Stardy/Moreno– you know what it`s like, when Pootle is past his bed time he just gets even more irritating.
    If we said black, he would disagree, no it`s just a dirty shade of white!
    Before we get another essay,G`nite


  6. ” In fact if we didn’t approach buying as we do at the mo, clubs, agents and players would bleed us dry as they used to”

    Another straw man argument.
    We are talking about paying the same fee for a full international, younger and widely tipped to be at least as good as the player we sold.
    Explain how you equate that with being ‘bled dry’?


  7. ” Stardy/Moreno– you know what it`s like, when Pootle is past his bed time he just gets even more irritating.”

    Yes. You’re exactly the kind of turd I was talking about. Lol


  8. ” If we said black, he would disagree, no it`s just a dirty shade of white!”

    What do you mean we?
    Do you imagine you are in some little gang?. Lol.


  9. “Just pay the money, we have it”

    We are millions of dollars in debt. We dont have any money despite selling 40mill worth of players we are just slightly less in debt. Each player brought in needs to be carefully considered otherwise we’ll end up with overpaid crap like the last five years.


  10. ” I’d be as disappointed as the next fan if we don’t get a LB as we need a natural experienced one. Not as bothered about a CF as I think when BA is fit we will only play with one anyway. (Would rather have a RB and CB above a CF – if we are not getting our first 2 choices!)”

    I sort of actually agree with this Stardust.
    We need a LB urgently.
    If Ba is banging them in and stays fit all year we are ok up front.
    In that case their is a good argument for needing a RB and cover at CB.
    The problem is I don’t think Ba will stay fit all year. That’s a big risk to take and I don’t mean because he’s ‘injury prone!’
    I just think we will be toothless and fairly inflexible tactically if we only have one quality striker.
    So for me the extra striker edges out the defensive cover.
    It would be nice if we got two fullbacks and a striker but that’s just a pipe dream.


  11. ” Each player brought in needs to be carefully considered otherwise we’ll end up with overpaid crap like the last five years.”

    Do you think Pieters is overpaid crap, then?


  12. BigDave said…Witters what would you prefer then for no one to ever question the board and to just accept everything they do with no opposition to what they do. and just have positive articles ??

    Sorry Dave only just seen this, too busy responding to Moreno. 🙂

    I don’t think the board are beyond criticism & it’s ashame theres no formal mechanism for the fans to communicate that to the board (and vice versa). I do think the criticism goes too far sometimes where everything little thing is twisted into anti-board sentiment.

    This is not necessarily aimed at this article in isolation but my frustration got the better of me last night.


  13. As Toonsy points out, “We’re quibbling over about £1 million. Why? Its 1/40th of what we’ve brought in net since January. Just bloody pay it for a position that needs it.”

    Half that amount was offered to the players and staff if we beat West Brom in the last match of the season, as it would have given us a higher position in the league and corresponding financial bonus. Spending the extra £1 million is likely to guarantee us a better position in the league and thus be re-couped anyway.

    And if that argument is not enough, then did we not read earlier in the year of Mike Ashley blowing £1 million on one night’s gambling session? £1 million on a decent Left Back is a much more rewarding way of parting with it than on a little flutter.


  14. Charlietoon
    August 23, 2011 at 01:45

    “We are millions of dollars in debt. We dont have any money despite selling 40mill worth of players we are just slightly less in debt. Each player brought in needs to be carefully considered otherwise we’ll end up with overpaid crap like the last five years.”

    I agree to a point, but there comes a point when you are in so much debt that you’re pissing against the wind by trying to pay it off ASAP.

    I liken it to a mortgage which is likely to be the biggest debt any one person has. Do you pay it off steadily over a set timeframe allowing you money to actually do stuff from time to time? Or do you throw every spare penny at it in the hope that you shift it quickly even though nothing seems to make a difference whilst having to scrimp and save to buy food?

    Can’t wait for the accounts in truth. If the debt level has remaoned the same there will be some serious questins asked


  15. 9 days to go until the end of the transfer window and hopefully the board will have put some effort in for player purchases as the problem i see is that they still have a lot of players still to ship out, Smith, Ranger, Lovenkrands, Best and Perch, who all represent a canny chunk of the wage bill and who will mostly not be involved in the first team, and this will be their priority.
    Despite our good start to the season, we look lightweight in numbers in defence and in quality up front and injuries can turn the whole thing on its head, will be an interesting week or so.
    Hopefully, Llambias will have learnt from the past windows and not be left with his trollies around his ankles again.


  16. T4M (49)
    Agree totally but as we all know, we are too strong on support and very weak on the moral standpoint arn’t we. ?


  17. Just remember Ashley’s ultimate goal to make Newcastle like Arsenal. How much profit has Wenger made in the transfer market for Arsenal buying cheap and selling high just like an investor in the stock market who wants to buy shares when they are low and sell when they are high or a fat sports shop owner who buys very cheap and sells high, it is in his make up. We can not effect the way he is running the club we can make a small dent in his retail business by boycotting sports direct but he has many shares in JB and other sports outlets we will not touch him that way either. Cancelling your season ticket only hurts you as someone else is waiting to buy it and so the gravy train rolls on. Yes he has turned the club around financially and when we are running at a profit I do not believe he will sell, he will have an exit strategy but he will make as much profit a possible before selling the club. If we stay mid table in the PL that will do him fine he is not really interested in winning trophies possibly would like to get into the Euro competitions for the increased revenue but as long as he is buying cheap and selling on he will be happy, no matter what you shout from the terraces he has put up with worse than us from shareholders and the market he is impervious to the lot and his puppet DL is exactly the same. All we can do is make as much noise on a Saturday in support of the team as possible that is all we can do hurling abuse believing that we are about to sign star players fantasy land. I believe that we will stay in the PL with our squad we will win more than we lose and that is what it is all about. The main thing is we beat the Mackems and will do so again when they come to the Park. Be proud of the team.


  18. It seems that it is very easy to spend money that is not your own… Comments like “come on, it is only a million dollars” or ” why don’t we just pay what they are asking ” make me laugh.
    A player like Pieters, if he is signed for 7m on a 30k a week wage on a 5 year deal will set the club back 14.8m dollars. And I all hear is just give PSV what they are asking for… Deals of this size can and will take time to complete.
    We as fans can stamp our feet and demand that we spend money to get the players we need but in reality it is not our money so we have no say in it. I know that we contribute to the club via merchandise and buying tickets but that entitles us to watch our team week in and out.. Not who we should sign and in what time frame…
    A conversation between Toonsy and Moreno the other night summed up what the reality of life for most of us is… They were talking about a PS3 game and Toonsy said he might buy a copy as it was now around $29.00 (if my memory serves me correctly). That is the way most of us live our lives, we look for the best possible deals in regards to our own finacial circumstances. Why should our club, who are in debt, not do the same…. 😕


  19. Funny is`nt it Ashley wants us to be like Arsenal. Look what`s happening at Arsenal, supporters unhappy, many want rid of the manager, and players want to leave because of lack of ambition. Does it ring a bell could be Newcastle, Arsenal are a mirror image of ourselves. What I`m saying is Arsenal`s strategy may bring profit, but it does`nt satisfy the supporters. Ultimately in business the consumer is right, if you don`t satisfy their needs you fail! Take heed Ashley.


  20. We all know Pardew said the Carroll money would be spent. We all know when Enrique left a cunning plan was sprung into action – Pardew told us. No point criticising journalistic rumours when we hear such things from the Manager. I suspect that as in Black(&white)adder the cunning plans will come to nothing except ridicule. Love to be wrong but expectations are low.


  21. Is this turning into an anti MA site like .org and mad?… We might not have the best owner, but it is as it is, and part of the reason that trouble is always brewing in NUFC is because of all this anger… We just won over our rivals, get a bit positive?


  22. “Funny how these deals are so complicated and take time, until it comes to outgoing deals.”

    Nail on the head mate.


  23. What a long winded boring acticle, firstly, how can pardew unknowingly and purposely deceive? he either knows or he doesn’t! and secondly thanks for telling me something I and EVERY football fan (not just toon fans) have know and suffered for as long as I can remember. Ashley is no worse than any club owner, theyre all shitbags!. But to be fair if they had to come out and dismiss every rumour the media put out there nowt wld ever get done.
    Then there’s the fact that some deals just don’t come off… Take the rich club Man City… All that money and they cldnt get Kaka in and then Tevez wants away.
    Clubs don’t decide who comes and goes, players and agents decide!
    Every club who’s not prepared to spend more than a players worth and pay wages players don’t deserve resulting in huge debt, have difficulty getting player in… Were no different
    But even if we were it still doesn’t guarantee success… Just more money wasted on sacked managers.
    The fact is Newcastle are a premier league team and players should want to play for us but because we want to wage cap some players don’t want to know (I include Nolan in that), is 30 or 40k a week so ridiculous???, the majority or fans are lucky to earn that in a year!!
    That to me says as much about players as it does about owners
    They are all greedy barstewards and the fans are the ones who suffer
    But it’s all worth it when you turn the scum over in their own backyard


  24. Sharpy17
    What a boring and long winded response. Sorry only read the first three lines then switched off…
    At least you got through mine 😐 😀


  25. Touché, still 3 lines is better than none and hopefully those 3 lines will help improve the next bout of bollock you throw together 😉


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