Some fans are never happy!

An example of how NOT to got about registering anger.
It never fails to surprise me exactly how much a victory over Sunderland in their own back yard can lift the mood.

Being a Newcastle fan is rarely sweeter than the week following on from a Mackem slaying. In saying that, even with the euphoria of the weekend I have encountered negative comments on my travels through cyberspace.

I would have expected it from the odd gobby Mackem tailoring their interpretation of the facts to suit their argument, but no. Credit to the vast majority they knew better and have all disappeared into a black hole since, only forced to resurface yesterday morning for work with what I would guess are the worst Monday Morning Blues imaginable.

Instead I encountered negative comments from a Toon fan giving it the same old anti-Ashley rhetoric due a simple comment I made on transfer activity. I was asked by another user of the site for an update on the search for a left-back and striker. I told him what I knew and that was that. The user thanked me and went on his merry way.

The next response I got was: “Sounds as if we should be happy to get one player in now, this is just so pathetic.”

I didn’t have a clue how this person had come to that conclusion from what I had said.

Let me clarify for those that don`t know. I edit a Newcastle rumours site. I do not work for the club and my name is not Derek, Lee, Mike, John or Alan.

Anyway, unwilling to let it affect a mood so good it had prompted my missus to say “If only they could play Sunderland every week” I replied basically telling him to cheer up, enjoy the fact we beat the Mackems and see what the next nine days bring as regards transfers.

The next reply, from a different user, brought with it some positivity. We spoke briefly about the game, the new players and the great result and ended with them stating they think Big Mike has the right idea and they hope we can get the players in by the time the window closes and asked what I thought.

My reply was this: “Personally very happy with new signings and think they`ll improve more and more as the games come. Think after Arsenal and today Pardew deserves a bit of credit, backing and patience from fans. Don’t think anyone knocks MA on the business side of things but as far as the transfers go I’m just giving benefit of the doubt to him until the window shuts and do think we will get the signings in by the 31st. A lot would disagree or be more sceptical, understandable I guess but I’m happy enough once we get the right players in come September.”

Now if the next reply was simply a more sceptical fan than myself I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid. But what came next was the original doom and gloom monger back again with his always well constructed and thought out arguments.

His reply: “You are so far up Mike Ashley’s arse you`re coming out of his nose.”

Again, how you draw that from what I said is beyond me but unlike the first time round this one got to me a bit.

Rather than paraphrase I`ll copy what I replied. “This hate MA plight is getting a bit old mate, cheer up, we beat the Mackems at the weekend. Look I couldn’t care less about the bloke, don`t think even his nan loves him, but if I`m going to jump on the hate Mike Ashley bandwagon I want proper justification for it and I’m willing to wait until the window shuts before I make that call. I would rather do it my way, be proven wrong and have a real reason to hate him rather than just hate him, be in bad form, give out sh*t every day and be made to look a fool if I`m wrong. Its funny how patience with a situation is seen as being an Ashley lover, and before you come back with the usual “but we`ve been patient for long enough” line, what’s another nine days mate.”

This was followed up by numerous comments from fans, both one liners and opinions at length agreeing with what I had said and giving their own take on the situation. Positivity reigned once more and with the level of responses mirroring my own thoughts I had come to the conclusion that this would be the end of it. Silly me. Stubborn hatred knows no bounds.

Along came the cheery old soul himself once again to completely ignore the fact his opinion was clearly one of the minority and spew yet more bitterness at me. This one wound me up no end. His post was as follows.

“But if I’m going to jump on the hate Mike Ashley bandwagon I want proper justification for it. How about the constant lying to fans (which was proved in court) relegation to the Championship, the treatment of Newcastle legends Keegan and Shearer, need I go on?”

Let me state before my reasoning for this article, I am not this blokes psychologist. I don`t earn money from editing the site, I merely do it out of love for and interest in the club and also the banter with most fans that comes with it. To come back with this argument to a current situation with that, and maybe I`m wrong here, is like me saying “yeah but remember when you said you would give me half your ice pop back in 2008 and you didn’t. I hate you.”

That may be disrespectful or condescending, judge for yourself, but to me this is no more than the words of a hateful bitter person through and through that won’t let go of the past. Its not that I completely disagree with his points. Its just that I spent too long concerned with and arguing these issues at the time to carry them with me three years later.

If I lived my life like that honestly I would crack up. Yes there has been mistakes made. Yes nobody was happy about the situation back then. Yes I will buy you an ice pop next time we`re at the shops. Sorry I had to throw it in.

Look as far as I`m concerned since relegation it gave the opportunity and breathing space for the club to clear out, change things and start again as much as you ever can as a club. Hindight is a wonderful luxury of course but I genuinely think that relegation was one of the best things to happen to the club. We are finally looking like doing things the right way. It is becoming ever clearer that we are not the circus show that the media still portrays us to be and although some would disagree I think the team is stronger, and more so we have some squad depth and options beyond the first eleven, which I cannot remember in my lifetime us ever having.

This whole business falls into my last article about Newcastle Fans United and mainly some of the groups attached. As proud as I was of that piece admittedly it was an outsiders perspective and didn’t mention some of the positive intentions of leading members of the organisation itself. But that was the point – Groups and people like the one in question are what drags organisations like Newcastle Fans United, and furthermore clubs and fans like us, down.

Listening to Steve Wraith on Toon Talk the other night, a caller asked about this said one of the most subtle yet clever things I have heard as regards the anti-Ashley demographic. He didn’t agree nor disagree with them and simply said that in order to make progress, fans need to let go of the anger and become more of a critical friend to the board. I thought it was a really great point and summed up my feelings on it to a tee.

Constant unrelenting expression of anger is poisonous for everyone attached to this club. Board, Team, Fans, Newcastle Fans United and anyone else involved or attached to Newcastle. I think these people need to take a hard look at both themselves and their methods. Love for the club is not in question but when blinded by hate objective reasoning goes out the window. A step back is needed and maybe its time to let go of the past and judge the club on the present. I mean if you cant even let it go for 48 hours and enjoy putting the Mackems in there place it has obviously become an unhealthy obsession.

That said, as things stand I think even Buddhist monks in the isolated mountain regions of Japan know we need a left-back and a striker. I think after the Arsenal match, and definitely the weekends result, the club deserves nine days grace to deliver these two players.

If this does not happen then of course current justification is there to kick off. Until then patience and benefit of the doubt is the order of the day in my humble opinion.

What do other fans think? Get behind the club and board if the two players are delivered? If not what is the smartest means of displaying frustration?

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100 thoughts on “Some fans are never happy!

  1. Until then, when I see a throw back regime to the days of McKeag as I see in Ashley then I will continue to fight against them
    LOL. A bit overly dramatic there Bob. I wouldn’t call constant ranting on a blog to be fighting against anything. 😉


  2. bobby/troy
    Good for you mate.
    I see you didn’t disagree with my last point tho, maybe a grain of truth there perhaps. ❓

    Just to remind you of what I said:
    “I mean I bet you predicted that we would struggle to get out of the championship having sold off all our BEST (ha ha) players.
    You must have been soooo dissappointed that we got back at the first opportunity.”

    Just out of interest how did you feel about our £16M striker leaving the club on a free? Even before the £16M had been paid plus £20M+ in wages? When you look at this in the cold light of day, its kind of understandable that Ashley doesnt want to get his fingers burned in this way again. Then when you factor in Smith and Xisco 😕
    Its no wonder the club was in such a financial mess.

    I personally dont think we will go back to the dark days of McKeag. To start with we will do everything possible to stay in the prem, as a minimum. Thats where the money is after all. But I’m sure it suits your arguement to bring it up.
    Time will tell bonny lad. Time will tell.

    Incidentally the first match I went to see was in 1984, so I bow to your superior knowledge. Craic on.


  3. “But if I’m going to jump on the hate Mike Ashley bandwagon I want proper justification for it. How about the constant lying to fans (which was proved in court) relegation to the Championship, the treatment of Newcastle legends Keegan and Shearer, need I go on?”

    How is this bitterness may I ask?


  4. Ive had a good weekend we beat the mackems, but still no further forward agree totally with Troy and Craig my patience is exhausted i dont believe weve seriously tried to buy any of the players mentioned Frustration at total lack of ambition frustration at how clever a financial wizard Ashley is supposed to be if hes so clever why cant he find a few million quid for a couple of players surely theres a tax fiddle there somewhere Are Liverpool Villa Tottenham and even Bolton now so far ahead of us financially that they can pay 9 and 10 million for players whilst we can’t even pay the money we got for Enrique to repace him ! Any explanation from owner or Lambiaasas to why its so difficult to buy players No! any explanation from the top how two or three relatively small transfers cost upwards of £20million quid No! Patience for me went out the window the day this lot did the dirty onK.K even though i thought hiring KK was a mistake. total frustration at havingBlack and White blood and being burdened with an owner whose only ambition for Newcastle United is to make them a Laughing stocksomething he is acheiving remakably well


  5. I love reading the blog and differing opinions are what makes it interesting. However, I find it difficult to understand how fans can have any faith in MA. Without going over old ground, I’m with [email protected] and [email protected] I did not see much analysis in the post, just a one-sided article informing everyone to smile. I did not like the tone.
    “I think the team is stronger, and more so we have some squad depth and options beyond the first eleven, which I cannot remember in my lifetime us ever having”.
    Wonder how old you are? Actions speak louder than words. Even if a striker and LB are recruited, the squad is not strong enough in attack or defence. Over seven months to replace Carroll and we are being asked to get onside?


  6. @BB

    If there is one thing I definitely got wrong and no doubt 95% of the bloggers did, including you, was how well we performed last season. 

    And let’s be honest, if we didn’t expect it, then sure as hell Ashley didnt as well. 

    I fail to see the relevance of your Owen example. 
    No one is wanting that type of player and it’s not necessary to buy those players to progress. 

    You say you personally don’t see us going back to the Mckeag days. 
    It was only 3 seasons ago that Ashley took us down to the second tier.
     There was no plan when dropping down despite them claiming in hindsight that they retained a number of top players.  That was only because they couldn’t offload them. 
    It was by the grace of god that the division was a lot weaker than we all believed and the bookies and everyone called it wrong. 

    I maintain, we are now starting to be considered in football terms in comparison with the Seymour and Mckeag era’s. 
    Supermac  being sold to Arsenal for a record transfer fee like Carroll to Liverpool. 
    Fans in rebellion and drifting off due to apathy. 
    Mckeag having no ambition to speculate and using the one great asset the club possesses to generate revenue. The fanbase. 
    Both regimes are the same in terms of neglecting the supporters. 

    Many don’t see it coming, but I predict that fan apathy will set in without any improvement on the pitch this season and the crowds will regularly dip below 40k. 

    This season is absolutely huge for that reason and the board need to ensure they get it right. 

    So far, they are falling woefully short yet they have 8 or so days to pull it round. 

    I won’t hold my breath. 


  7. I agree that the tramps have been let off lightly. It just gets better and better for them. Currently one down to Brighton.


  8. Just To clarify, football in general is much more wealthier through TV and advertising than the 70’s and 80’s but in terms of our standing in football terms, we are on par with the Seymour, Gordon Lee era.
    We were averaging around 40k a week attendances. Within 3 years we had dropped to 16k average .

    Don’t be complacent. We are right on the edge and it can go either way.


  9. @ #80 All due respect mate its not meant to be an in depth analysis, and unlike all of my other articles isnt evenly balanced and does express personal standpoint. It was done purposely to hear the conflicting side of the fences opinion and create debate among readers.

    Look you make some valid points and I understand the skepticism in relation to MA, you or some of the more wary or negative fans is not who or what I am making reference to in the article. What I dont agree with is the ultra-negative angry fan viewpoint and approach. I dont think they would be happy no matter what the situation.

    (which addresses Dimpleboys point #78. In the context of the debate at the time, they were no more than words of an angry and bitter person mate and a go-to I have seen on numerous occasions instead of reasonable objections and reference to points made. Sad to see used in that manner because they are good points in the right argument. Anyway sorry mate got caught up with the other site havnt had a chance to reply properly}

    But SoulJacker, going off what you said there, if actions speak louder than words whats the obsession with getting MA and DL to speak to fans? What actions would you say were not for the good of the club since we have been relegated? Do you honestly think we dont have a good team and squad if we get a LB and striker? Putting aside the Carroll money not all being spent on a huge signing or two for minute, do you think we should have turned down a £35m offer for him? Not having a go, just interested in contrasting opinion to my own.

    I`m 28 by the way mate.


  10. Bobby/Troy – the whole Owen debacle was a sign of sheer desperation by FFS as the club had gone off the rails since the sacking of sir Bobby – an all time low by the club – and we have struggled ever since.
    Yes MA & co took us down, thru a series of major cockups etc, but the writing was on the wall well before he took over imo.
    Relegation was a turning point for the club, a new start, and for me there is no point keep beating the club with what went on before.
    Using relegation as a starting point, I think we are doing ok, showing an improvement year on year. That’ll do for me, so long as we keep it going.
    I am not nor have I ever been an ashley apologist, and I certainly dont have a clue what goes on in that fat head of his. Beggars belief most of the time. But I live in hope that he gets lucky with his current plan and we can have a good season. But who knows? we just have to wait and see how it pans out I guess. Maybe you’ll be right after all. I doubt it tho.


  11. Great article – sums up how fed up I am of the (fortunately ever-decreasing) band of people who take any gossip or news and twist it to another reason to get the bed sheets out.

    In case they’d forgotten…

    Two years ago, we’d been relegated, and people were saying how we’d “do a Leeds” because we’d lost so many key players and how we needed to recruit and, and…

    …and after aiming for promotion, we broke every record and were promoted as champions, 23 POINTS over that target.

    The club were spot on.

    Then one year ago, we’d been promoted and people (including most of the press) were saying how we’d not recruited enough and would bounce back down. Yo-yo club in the making. We aimed to stay up; we stayed up very comfortably without spending more than we had to.

    The club got it spot on.

    Basically, I think we have the right to trust the club’s judgement in what recruitment is needed above the judgement of the miserable, armchair experts who will never be happy unless we’re buying cups thanks to some murderous arab or oligarch who wants us for his play-bitch.

    This year, the target is top half. I’m looking forward to us beating that yet again. And I wonder how small the doom-monger club will be then?


    I also agree that the ultra negative fan is unhelpful. I nearly lost my rag with some fans at the Arsenal game who blamed Shola for everything (Even Krul’s kicking) He appears to have to play twice as well as others just to get a fair hearing. The word scapegoat comes to mind. I know he is not that good but he is the best we currently have. We must support the team.
    By Actions I mean the strengthening of the team. We have a good team but a weak squad. We will struggle. The midfield looks good but who sits on the bench as centre back cover when Taylor or Colo is injured /suspended and Willo is playing? Ryan Taylor is a hero but a poor player. Perch isn’t worth writing about. The strikers are poor. £35 million for Carroll is a great deal if the money is reinvested in the team, not the training ground.


  13. @BB

    We’ll have to agree to disagree because it is as clear as it can be, using past experiences, Ashleys business plan and previous actions that you will be flaying in the wind like Lambias’s private parts were when running naked over SJP. 😆

    Im sure you told me I was wrong about the sale of Carroll, Nolan, Jose and the non signings of Gameiro, Gervinho and many other predictions which filled up the reality bus. 😆


  14. if pointing out we dont have a left back at the club or pointing out we sold a centre forward for 35million and not replacing him 7months later is being a doom and gloom merchant well im guilty as charged all the posts on here that dont see the urgent need for at least 2 players in the next 8 days are either blinkered or have no idea of football


  15. [email protected] 83…..the 3 years prior to the average crowd being 16k we never even reached an average of 25k and we’d never had 40k averages since the 50’s until the ground was extended in the 2000/01 season 😉


  16. Well I think I have always said selling carroll was a good bit of business, tho it should have been an undisclosed fee, which would have prevented all the wailing and gnashing of teeth. Remind me how good he has been since we sold him ❓ ❓
    Half a good season in the prem and then crocked for 6 months in no way makes him our BEST player. When he was Rangers age everyone said he was shit. couldn’t hit a cows arse etc.
    I’m waiting to see how it pans out for him, but I dont think he will be at cesspool very long.


  17. BB….I was thinking that today when I was out walking, don’t think he’ll see out his contract and will hopefully end up replacing Jones at Stoke or similar 😆


  18. If we buy well before the window then I’m onside with Ashley the board and his master plan. If we are left with no specialist full back and Shola our #1 front man on 1st September then I admit we should be rightly piss*d off.

    Come on Fat Lad don’t let me down. 😕


  19. @SoulJacker40

    Shola was never a world beater, but hes an honest lad and works his socks off for the team. That alone deserves enough respect to not get on his back at matches, it will hardly help his performance to do so!

    I would have to disagree on the squad strength though mate. I think we have a decent squad. Granted if we lost both Taylor and Colo for whatever reason we`re down to Willo, and until a few weeks ago I was surprised nobody had highlighted that position as one we were weak in back up wise, but think bringing in Remy and more so Situ for the immediate future will solve that problem, he is a very good prospect, and that seems to be the plan beyond the obvious need for first team LB and striker.

    With a good left back in I think Ferguson is a great back up, and on the right I think Raylor should really push Simpson to improve or be dropped.

    Midfield is where we have plenty of cover and some really good young talent in back up, namely Gosling, Abeid, Vuckic, Marveaux, Obertan and then with a bit more development Sammy and definitely Moyo.. also Guthrie if he is ever fit, still young enough.

    Up front true we`re looking light without a signing, but this is where I think we took a gamble and it may or may not work out for us.

    I think the plan has always been to play one up top with Ben Arfa in behind, and I think the team was nearly being built around him being back and being the playmaker, launch counter attacks, etc, hence the planned 4231 formation and acquisition of pacey wingers such as Marveaux and Obertan

    If he comes back and can stay fit we will do very well I think with a decent striker signing to fight it out with Ba and the others for the main spot. If HBA continues to have problems then we will have a more difficult season, but think we have more than enough to steer well clear of any relegation battle regardless.

    Think we all know the Carroll money was never going to be all spent on transfers. Even the most optimistic would have said £20m max. And if we do secure two players before the window closes it wont be far off that.

    As much as some want to hear them say it, it doesnt need to be said by the men above listen Mike wants some of that loan paid off so you can jog on if you think we`re spending £35m on new players.

    Was always going to be the case that some if not most of that money went to pay off some of the loan. The investment in training ground and academy although I dont know how much it cost, not £35m anyway ha is a definite good thing though, will help us in the long term with a good crop of young talent there.

    The last words the man spoke many a month ago were along the lines of not pumping any more of his own money in, wanting the loan figure reduced and attempting to make Newcastle a self-sufficient club. Agree with that being the right thing to do or not thats what he wants.

    One of few words said by Llambias over the last while has also been, we will be keeping a certain amount back for January in case we have a lot of injuries or it is needed so we dont find ourselves as we were last January, only getting money with about 3 hours left to spend it.

    Obviously fans with a negative view will say oh just another excuse, not saying there wrong, just saying that I am willing to give benefit of the doubt until we see what happens by the 31st.

    I think whats different this time around is instead of saying nothing Derek has come out as recently as the Arsenal game and stated the need for players and that they would by looking to get them in by the close of the window. He has put himself in a position where if he doesnt follow through, even the most forgiving of fans will turn on both him and Mike for good I think.

    Anyway until the 31st i`m with Harrogategeordie.. Come on Fat Lad dont let us down 😆


  20. Of course we have to wait until the window closes to see if Ashley brings in the two players we so clearly need.

    If we do get them we should be patient and give the team a chance to gel and Ashley a chance to continue to prove he has learned from past mistakes.

    If we don’t get them it would be an absolute travesty and he’ll deserve all the condemnation he receives.
    His lack of ambition would be writ large and undeniable.
    There are no reasonable excuses for this to happen.

    Of course the problem with biding our time before making our displeasure known is that once the window closes no amount of protesting or boycotting can actually get players in until January.
    So even if a mass boycott made Ashley realise how important a LB and Striker are to the fans, we would still have to play the first half of the season light.

    We can’t really protest now as he still has time to act and if he gives us reason to protest when the window closes it will be to late to make a difference for five months.
    Catch 22!

    By the way I’ve noticed that a large section of the wee group that like to describe themselves as being ‘positive’, actually believe Ashley can’t be trusted, is only doing what he can do get his money back, is damaging the club.
    However, they say “We might as well just go to the games and try to forget about it, as we can’t do anything”

    Sorry, but this attitude isn’t being, or trying to be, ‘positive’.
    It’s just being defeatist.


  21. Good article and generally agree, but it’s the lack of ambition comment that puzzles me. Looking at the squad we have and the team spirit, we are not going to be one of the 3 relegated teams nor one of the 3 teams avoiding relegation. Neither are we chasing a top 6 spot. Buying a LB & Striker will not change that. It would consolidate that. Where we finish from 7th to 14th depends upon many factors and obviously I think we will be nearer the top than the bottom of that group.

    To me ambition would imply chasing a top 6 spot. Looking at the Spurs, Arsenal & Liverpool the likely occupants, we would need to invest a lot more than 2 players. Their salaries are well in exces of £100m per annum, as much or more than our total income, and Billionaire or not I would not expect MA to invest the £100m+ in players it would take. We would need at least 3 £25m+ players probably a lot more. That’s not going to happen this year. The players we already have, young proved internations demonstrates the ambition we have, looking to be near the top of our league, 7-14th. Lets worry about getting stronger before thinking about fantasy.


  22. By the way I’ve noticed that a large section of the wee group that like to describe themselves as being ‘positive’, actually believe Ashley can’t be trusted, is only doing what he can do get his money back, is damaging the club.
    However, they say “We might as well just go to the games and try to forget about it, as we can’t do anything”

    Sorry, but this attitude isn’t being, or trying to be, ‘positive’.
    It’s just being defeatist.

    Hi Pootle,
    I’m not being defeatist I just can’t believe that the board after a bit of brinkmanship won’t have a top class left back and very decent striker in place by 31st. If this is not the case then he Ashley desrerves all the ire thrown at him.

    When we get the transfers sorted we will be in the best position we have been in for 15 years since the float when we were awash with cash. Strong squad, team spirit, great stadium, wage bill 50% of turnover, brilliant support and a club that would be attractive to any potential suitor in the future.

    I can honestly see us and Villa hunting 7th place this season.

    Come on Fat Lad prove me right.


  23. Premandup….to me ambition is doing the best you can possibly do, I don’t think Ashley(so far) is allowing Pardew the chance to do that.


  24. Sorry Ritchie, we are miles away from the best NUFC could POSSIBLY do, even Sir Bobby only got close to that. Surely this seasons ambitions are about consolidation and competing well within our league. In that I think we have bought in players who are are capable of more than that. To me that is being realistic, as opposed to those doommongers who are slagging off because their unrealistic ambitions are not being met.


  25. Premandup…..sorry, don’t mean as in winning everything possible(yet) but as in doing the best with current squad and finances available and we havn’t in my opinion…..still time yet though 😉


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