Would you be happy with Nicklas Bendtner?

Darling, does this colour suit me?
On Twitter yesterday I read that a Danish tabloid claimed that Nicklas Bendtner had been spotted in Newcastle. That wasn’t enough to base an article on, but I really did make me wonder whether I would want Nicklas Bendtner to sign for us, so it’s kind of like a “would you or would you not” but not in the perverted way.

Is he the type of player that most of us would like? I don’t really think so, I was hoping for a pacey small striker who could get between the lines of the defence and help link up the play, well that was my ideal striker, but I think I would make an exception for Bendtner.

Bendtner is a bit different, he’s a big player but he has a bit of pace about him as well. He’s good in the air and when on form he’s a good finisher. His main problem is he’s in and out of the team at Arsenal. I think if he was to sign for us he would flourish, as he’s the kind of player who needs to be loved, and he would be loved at Newcastle, if he did the business.

I’m not sure how much Arsenal would want for their Danish striker, but I imagine it’d be around to £8-12 million mark. Would I pay that for Bendtner? I probably would. He’s only 23 years old and he’s only going to improve. He’s 6 foot 5 and would prove a danger from set pieces, but would also be quick enough to run the channels, something we lack at the moment.

Bendtner has scored 58 league goals in 204 league appearances, for both Arsenal and Birmingham. He’s got a 1 in 4 ratio, which is not bad at all seen as he’s been in and out the team at Arsenal and never really been able to get a run with a familiar partner. Something which should be noted is that he scored some of them goals in the Championship, but at the age of 23 he’s not had a bad start to his career. Also a lot of his Arsenal appearances will have come as a substitute so the stats don’t paint the whole picture.

At international level Bendtner has scored 12 goals in 38 games for Denmark, which is quite a good record in my opinion bearing in mind Denmark are hardly a great footballing team and I can’t imagine the games he’s played in have been littered with chances.

Something which is bound to be going through everyone’s mind right about now is how I haven’t mentioned his “bad attitude”. He’s quite a big headed player I’m not going to lie, and he thinks the sun shines out of his own arse, but to be honest, a lot of footballers are like that. Confidence is a good thing, he may be a tad over confident, but I’d rather a striker was confident and when he missed a chance forgot about it, because he’s good enough to score another, rather than letting it play on his mind.

The obvious stumbling block for this deal is the fact that a certain Mr Ashley is unlikely to sanction the wages which Bendtner would be asking for, which is annoying because he’s sat on a massive pot of money. But if we did sign Bendtner it’d be a good deal for the club, because he’s young, and fits the mould we’re looking for, and could probably be sold for more if he starts to fire.

I would take Nicklas Bendtner, what about you lot?

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67 thoughts on “Would you be happy with Nicklas Bendtner?

  1. I would be very happy with Bendtner as he would be our best striker.

    Won’t get him as he would be on too big wages so IMO , forget it.


  2. If you got him and play him down the centre he is a class striker. Putting him wide as Wenger have done ha been a complete waste. He is not as good as he thinks but there’s few around with his record. Good luck.


  3. after reading that PSV said yesterday that we have not even put in a single bid for pieters makes me realise that my positive thoughts about getting him are now evaporated. How can AP sit there and say we are pushing hard or its being made difficult, not by us but bt other clubs or we are well aware we need one or any of the other crap he says when we have not even put a single bid in…. bunch of lying prics, every last one…. so… we can forget about bendtner. jokers ffs.


  4. I really believe there is generally a lot of speculation in the press, a lot of talk from all clubs involved that cannot be the truth.
    If we’ve bid for pieters and it hasn’t been accepted, psv could very well say no one has bid, he’s not going anywhere, etc to please the fans or to put pressure on newcastle to pay that little extra. There really is so much going on that we don’t see and the media just makes up little stories to connect 1 and 1 and invariably end up with stories that seem plausible but are 9 out of 10 times absolutely false.

    I don’t think we should give so much importance to the little games these clubs are playing, we should just hope that the player(s) come in before next week. That’s all I’m going to be doing anyway.


  5. As an Arsenal fan, I can honestly say I rate the guy, and the way our strike force is I would keep him.

    the season before last he has a run of 12 games and scored 11. and as a youth he had an outstanding record.

    He would be suited to Newcastle, Bolton, Stoke, etc. and if he does go, he is a definate for the Dream Team.


  6. Bendtner is a good player he’s just probably not good enough for one of the big sides like arsenal. He also plays out wide for arsenal quite a lot which clearly isn’t his position. Reckon he’d score goals with a consistent run up front for us. He hasn’t come across too bad in recent interviews either, maturing?


  7. Yes for me, he would link well with Ben Arfa, can’t see it happening though, Shola, Best, Ba mean we have three players already for that role.


  8. Craig…I still think Pieters will end up here(maybe just wishful thinking), Marseille were still saying there had been no talks over Ben Arfa, while at the same time he was scoring v Everton 😆


  9. 4 weeks ago no…but this close to the end of the window and with no other prospects in sight I’d take him for 8 mill. He’d cost us 10 though so not likely to happen.


  10. Its not his ability I question. Its his attitude. Would he fit in?

    Mind you he is better than what we have so id say yes. Can’t see it happening though.


  11. Top notch article as per 😀

    Would I have him? Yes, but only if we had tried to sign someone short, fast and probably black! I wouldn’t put him as our number one target but work on it behind the scenes. One year loan with the option to buy for £8m sounds reasonible to me!


  12. Agree with you GLM (above) year loan for Bendtner with an option and let’s have Rodallega or Maynard in to run the channels around him and Ba. We can put Strolla in bubble wrap and wheel him out for The Mackems twice a year.

    We can’t start a season with McLovens our only speed merchant up front.


  13. As a gooner, i’d be disappointed to lose him but he’s an excellent striker. He just needs games, the service and to be played in the middle. Which he never really gets at Arsenal. He’s miles better than that lump Carroll and with his goals, he’d get you into Europe.


  14. hahaha i mentioned him time ago and people sed he isnt good enough for us ,time passes end of the window is near now most would jump at the chance 😆 shame on you paddy and murphy for taking the piss ,now come on the pair of you get stuck in to this lot 😆


  15. we need to get a move on now like!! 8 days until the window shuts and we stillllllllll havent got carrolls replacement 😆 😆 complete joke!! get a fecking striker in that can score goals then we are flying!!! dont know if bendtner is the 1 but he is defo talented!! its gna end up us getting sum1 on the last day me thinks!! im quite happy 4 raylor to carry on left back , hes done excellent !! is dave here??


  16. I do personally not like Bendtner that much, but he is better than most (or possibly all) of our present strikers. I do not think he’s worth anyway near the fees (10+ mill) being mentioned. However, for a substantially lower fee, say 5-6ish million, I wouldn’t mind him being signed – but I doubt Arsenal would lower their valuation that much.


  17. Fast runner slow thinking, IMO can’t get on a through ball to save his life – can’t produce one either.
    Its either headers or finishing from coming from a wide position haven’t ever seen him score a strikers goal (and ppl think best better at cf loose please explain that 1)


  18. Without doubt Nicholas Bendtner & Emmanuel Eboue have been the biggest clowns to play at Arsenal for the last 40 years.
    Bendtner is a complete donkey!.. if Newcastle would take him off us for nothing I’ll even drive him up there myself.


  19. Just from the last thread I read this:

    “Just remember Ashley’s ultimate goal to make Newcastle like Arsenal. How much profit has Wenger made in the transfer market for Arsenal buying cheap and selling high”

    A common misconception which the media and Arsenal fans like to potray due to their lack of success compared to the rest of the top 4.

    If you look at the facts….between 2005 and 2010, Arsenal spent 161 million whilst recuperating 140 million. In fact, if you look at the past decade, you’ll find they have spent £266 million in fees whilst receiving £235 million.

    This season, they had spent 30 million although they have just received around the same for Fabregas, who they didn’t want to sell and haven’t yet replaced.

    So coming back to ”Ashley’s ultimate goal is to make Newcastle like Arsenal”

    You do realise they have just spent 18 million on a 17 year old from Southampton don’t you?


  20. Bradguns

    Very accurate summary…However, I would still take him as his potential if massive. If he were to get regular game time he could develop and improve in the areas mentioned. If that were to happen, he would be a coup at 8-10million.

    Always been a fan of the Dane.


  21. From bbc.

    Southampton suggested this was “one of the biggest deals in Championship history” and added that their previous transfer record – Theo Walcott’s £12m move to Arsenal in 2006 – has been “blown out of the water”.


  22. Hmmm,

    Apart from that quote from Southampton Theo Walcott’s £12m move to Arsenal in 2006 – has been “blown out of the water”. …..

    ….. Wouldn’t really make sense….don’t see any quotes from the Guardian….just that the fee is ‘reported’ to be 5 millions plus 5 million add ons


  23. Even if you believe the BBC, they report it to be £15million.

    In truth, I imagine it is somewhere in the middle. Southampton want to seem like they have made a lot, Arsenal want to give the opposite impression.


  24. Comes back to my previous point

    “A common misconception which the media and Arsenal fans like to potray due to their lack of success compared to the rest of the top 4” 😉


  25. I’m not disputing anything other than the Chaimberlain fee. Just seems unrealistic.

    Back to Bendtner, his wages would be a stumbling block so a loan deal would be the only option. Doubt we are even looking at him though. I’m sure the club denied any interest a few weeks back.


  26. Still don’t get what your point is Moreno.

    You said their (Arsenal) profit in transfer dealings is a common misconception.

    You then show the figures which show they are indeed in profit, and by no small amount either. 😕


  27. Get him if available, we know what he’s all about.

    from now on I won’t listen to anymore gossip regarding lies, bid, no bids, speculation etc. There’s always two sides to every coin so until a player is at st James wearing the toon shirt I’m not going to get sucked in… the twitterless auld days were much more exciting.



  28. Also, for what it’s worth, I believe the only thing holding up our striker search is our inability to move on both Lovenkrands and Ranger. Both seem unwilling to move on despite not being part of our plans. Especially Ranger, who knows he holds all of the cards since he recently signed a contract extension.

    He would rather stay and pick up his improved wages it would seem.


  29. Yea I’d av him,not sure we need a small pacey ST if were playing with one up top we need someone good with there feet good in the air n can link up play he would perfect for me! Knowing how pathetic arsenal r tho they prob won’t sell to us cuz they dint beat us! 😉


  30. “I’ll whisper this quietly because I was such a fan of his before he joined, but Nolan was shit. We should have been 3-1 ahead by the time that Ilunga said “It’s open house down our left” for the umpteenth time in the game, but “Our Kev” chose to trap the ball rather than bury it. ”

    West Ham Blog – The Games Gone Crazy

    😆 😆 😆


  31. TC,

    got spent and received mixed up in that post 😳

    Should have been “between 2005 and 2010, Arsenal spent 161 million whilst recuperating 140 million. In fact, if you look at the past decade, you’ll find they have spent £266 million in fees whilst receiving £235 million.”

    That’s 52 million in profit.

    Take this season into account with Chamberlain between 12 – 15 million and Gervinho 10 million, they are only in profit due to selling Fabregas.

    Point is, the post from someone yesterday said we were following the Arsenal model. I disagree.

    Plus I knew a lot of Arsenal fans would read this blog 😉


  32. Actually ignore me @34 – got me numbers the wrong way round innit! 😳 😆

    But they are pretty close to breaking even, which amounts to being self-sufficient.


  33. True TC,

    Bit I wouldn’t say they have a specific ‘model’ when it comes to transfers and finance. The Chamberlain and Walcott signings prove that.

    WENGER spends what he deems necessary and is a stubborn sod. Can’t compare our board with theirs.


  34. Just really trying to put this

    “Ashley is following the Arsenal model” …. I hear time and time again to bed….


  35. I still cant understand why we wasted so much time with erding, There must have been some indication that a deal could be done for the club to keep on trying after getting knocked back in the first place 😕

    I keep reading about short pacey strikers but surely if they are playing up front on their own with ben arfa off, The striker would have to be a bigger lad who can hold up the ball, Bendtner can do this, Is good in the air and deceptively quick, He is much more impressive playing as a lone striker for denmark than when ive seen him shoehorned onto the right wing at arsenal.

    Complete bellend attitude and/or wages will mean it hitting the buffers like… 🙄


  36. Anyway – after all that – I don’t think we’re following the Arsenal model. All Ashley ever did was cite Arsenal of a shining example of how a football club can be run.

    We are (Ashley et al) imo ploughing our own furrow, and having mixed results in the process.


  37. Seriously, everyone needs to bookmark The Game’s Gone Crazy. It’s hilarious reading the comments from Hammers fans as they one by one realise that Nolan is not the player last year’s goals suggested he was.

    “We know Ilunga can be a liability, but I too was wondering where Nolan was. Other than the poor miss and a comedy fall, I did not see him at all – and it was a similar story against Cardiff. Perhaps his legs really have gone as my Newcastle mates were telling me….worrying.”

    😆 😆 😆


  38. “I think we are going to see a lot of performances of this ilk from Nolan. From what I read on Newcastle forums he goes missing throughout many games but can pop up with a goal.”



  39. I always advocate the transfer policy of bringing in better than what we currently have. On that point Bendtner would be a good signing.


  40. Yeah Bendtner would be a great signing and it would show the board mean serious business , but we wont sign him due to wages / transfer fee which is a pity.

    Moreno I got what you were saying about the Arsenal thing 🙂

    Good luck to Nolan this season , hope he plays well n has success with West Ham. Only thing is i want Fat Sam to fail 🙂


  41. Johno,

    Glad someone did 😆 😆 😆

    Cheers for that, 🙂

    To be honest, just fancied having a chat about something other than players we aren’t going to bring in!

    Good article though Jobey, well written as always bud 😉


  42. Nothing to do with Bendtner, but I have been thinking about this for about a week now, so may as well throw it out there to ponder.

    I expect Barton to leave shortly after the window closes.

    I very much doubt that no club has expressed an interest. His form was good last season and he is a leader; there will be takers.

    I think the club are holding off on letting him go until after the window closes, that way his departure on a free won’t be too much of a loss for them as he won’t have to be replaced and his wages will be off the bill. Cue talks of Gosling stepping up to the first team.

    Anyone else see this happening?


  43. Wham supporters and the national press seem to have failed to notice that the top scoring midfielder in the country didnt get one offer from another premier league club despite being available for a modest fee.

    Top managers (and steve keen) could see that Nolan was neither defensively sound enough to play in a flat 4-4-2 or quick enough to play in a 4-2-3-1, He was fantastic for us for his two full seasons and i was sad to see him leave but he had served his purpose…


  44. El T….but to go after the window shuts does he not have to be out of contract? which he won’t be unless NUFC pay off his contract in which case they’ve saved nothing on wages.


  45. ” WENGER spends what he deems necessary and is a stubborn sod. Can’t compare our board with theirs.”

    Well done Moreno. I’ve often thought the ‘following Arsenal’ mantra was nonsense but been too lazy to check it out properly.

    Arsenal spend between 10-15m on a 17 year old for the future.
    We won’t spend that on a main striker.
    Apparently we won’t spend over 5m

    Arsenal only look like they are just about breaking even because they sold Fabregas. They didn’t want to sell him however and wouldn’t have if they could have avoided it. They didn’t do it to ‘balance the books’.

    Bentner is better than our other options in the squad, despite being arrogant.
    It seems to a be a moot point though as he will cost us more than we’ve already refused to pay for several other players.


  46. iv had a feeling for a while we would sign him….. mind u its normally after a few beers and i also think im the king of the dance floor…. im guessing im wrong on both 😕


  47. I’d take him. I thought we would’ve had him in by now to be honest. I thought we’d see him in, with Barton and Enrique going the other way.

    His wages and transfer fee are likely to scupper any deal though, as always.

    (nice avatar Ice Pup, presuming it’s you as dolphin boy) 😮


  48. @rodzilla lol yeah its me and im doing a shark impression!!!!! i guess my impressions are as good as my predictions and dancing !!!


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