Joey given permission to talk to QPR

Will Joey be kissing QPR's badge this season?

Sky Sports News broke a story earlier regarding the future of our midfield dynamo – Joey Barton.

It’s been a stormy summer for Joey Barton and the saga looks to be drawing to a close as we approach the final few days of the transfer window.

If reports are to be believed, our no. 7 is on his way to the capital to discuss personal terms with the newly promoted QPR who have recently been taken over and look to flex their financial muscle with the goal of Premier League survival.

Not that the outlay to bring Joey in will be hefty as he’s leaving us on a free transfer and all QPR have to do is stump up the wages.

Already there has been a mixed reaction from fans.

Some are angry at Joey as he has professed his love for the club almost daily and has sent out a clear message that he doesn’t want to go anywhere and no one can force him to do so.

Other fans have already wished Joey well and will understand him going for the lucrative 4/5 years contract he will no doubt be offered.

How do you feel about it?

More to follow….

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98 thoughts on “Joey given permission to talk to QPR

  1. When Vuckic, Kadar & Ferguson can hardly get on the bench and you’ve got Gosling, Ba, Marveaux & Williamson there, some promising pups like Tavernier out on loan, Ben Arfa still to come back, I personally don’t see the “strength in depth” issue, especially compared to last year. Main issue is no LB (Dummet seems well thought of as back up) and the quality of the strikeforce. We’ll need Ba to come good, ben Arfa to be fit for at least 20 games or a miracle signing. I do accept that one or two injuries to key players we can be substantially weakened but that’s the case with most clubs (look at Chelsea last year with Essien & Lumphead ).


  2. I cant wait for the next installment of The Life and Times of a Newcastle Fan,
    or as its better known as, Don’t get your hopes up Geordie.
    Players going out faster than Shite off a Dyke. 😳


  3. Whumpie says:
    August 24, 2011 at 16:17

    You hit the nail on the head there, Whumpie. It’s the managers requirements against the owners desire. We don’t financially need to do it so why are we doing it if the manager wants him to stay?

    It makes no sense when it comes to helping the club achieve success.

    I just think that if we’re not 100% sure we can replace him we should keep him until we can.


  4. I still can’t quite see him going, to be honest. I’ve been to Loftus road. It’s a shithole, and a small one at that. Actually a good atmosphere in there, but only because if you’re in the front 3 rows you’re pretty much sitting on the grass.

    But Joey strikes me as the sort who just wants to be the centre of attention, the biggest fish – and if that means shrinking the pond a bit, so be it. As long as he’s getting Β£3m a year for 4 years of course. πŸ˜‰

    But to be fair, in his position I’d take whatever was offered. He knows he’s never really going to be back in favour with the bosses here, and must know that’s for good reason. I’d hope he’s kicking himself for bringing that about not through bad play but through a failure to keep his fingers off a computer keyboard.

    Totally daft really. If he’s just taken the deal offered to him way back and got on with his job none of this would be happening. A total waste.


  5. Sad to see him go.

    As Dan said #29 He does talk to much (Twitter) and Gosling is probably going to get more chances, and he does look like a really good player. International quality.


  6. The club put him on a free. What did everyone expect was going to happen? A skilled player but also a time bomb waiting to go off. We are taking a huge chance with so many changes in one off-season. He will go where the money is best so QPR is likely to give him a good contract. If they get a couple of good years out of him they will be happy. The core of our team from last season is now almost gone. Only Jonas, and Colo left. I don’t count Shola as he doesn’t consistently contribute. Very difficult to predict what will happen now. If Colo goes however we will not recover this season and will fight to stay out of the relegation zone.


  7. Just heard an awful suggestion for Barton’s replacement……..Darren Gibson 😯

    He looks like Guthrie and he’s nearly as bad! Nearly gave my mate a slap for making such a stupid suggestion. 😐


  8. Now all the complainers will be cleared out. Jose, Joey, and to some extent Nolan. But unfortunately along with Carroll they were also the core of the team. This is a huge risk if some of the incoming and some of the young players don’t work out. A lot of pressure now on Ben Arfa, Gosling, Cabaye and Marveaux in particular. Obertan also needs to show more and Ba really hasn’t had enough of a chance yet. But that is 6 players about whom we really know very little in terms of their ability to play for us and Pardew. Pardew must be praying it all comes together fast. If we don’t take a lot of points in August, September we could be in a lot of trouble if you take a look at the schedule. Will Ashley really leave us without a proper left back and a striker at the end of the window? He truly is insane if he does.


  9. Guthrie had one good season and that was in the Championship, in the Premiership he seems to do nowt and to be honest is constantly injured. I have a load of mates who are Bolton fans and not one of them thought him good enough.


  10. This would hurt us a lot as far as focused bite within the midfield is concerned. Yes, Tiote can be a monster, and Cabaye isn’t shirking from being physical either. But Joey offers vocal support and an attitude focused on winning. That stat of never winning a single game last season unless Joey was in the team is pretty big! I think he’ll be able to show off his skill a little more at NUFC too, rather than at QPR where he’ll probably end up punching out Adel Taraabt.


  11. Guthrie was also about 20 years old when he was at Bolton. I would think he’s improved a bit since then. I do rate Guthrie a bit, although I just don’t see him being anywhere near the first team with our current midfield. Maybe with Barton gone, he can get on the bench.

    If I were Guthrie, I would be the one pushing for a move to QPR.


  12. We are taking a huge chance with so many changes in one off-season.
    Well I will agree with you there. I think the number of changes is the most surprising thing about this window, and it is risky. But there is some real talent here and I have some confidence in our vets (Jonas, Collo, Harps, STaylor) to keep focus and push on.


  13. I have confidence in the new guys settling in well too. I can see the quality in all the new signings this summer, it’s just a matter of how long will it take for them to really settle with the pace of the league. Cabaye has done well so far. Marveaux hasn’t really had a chance yet. I don’t know what Demba Ba’s problem is, honestly. From watching him last season with West Ham, he should be terrorizing defenders and finishing anything coming his way.

    I think Mehdi Abeid will be a good squad player for the midfield in the next few seasons too. The kid has undoubted talent.

    I could go on about our other options that we didn’t see last season, but that’s already been done enough.

    In essence. I agree with MDS at 87 πŸ˜†


  14. You would think to hear some on here that they were the Fatmans financial advisor that were more worried about his finances than our team.
    Some of the bile that is spoke comes from the same people that go on about the negativity on here πŸ˜• I just hope that Joey or any other player comes on here as they really would think what is the point trying to fight for this ungrateful bunch.
    I just wonder will most be as easy going when it comes to Colo, Tiote etc being sold as im sure it will happen, just a matter of time, but then it will keep the wage bill down πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  15. Spot Big Dave @89. I think some of the people on here have become accountants. They should apply to Ashley for a job! He has taken in 47.5 M pounds this year and spent 7.5 or 8M pounds. That is accounting for you! A great short term profit but at what long term cost to the club? Now Barton leaves on a free. Why not sell him if all you care about is money? Strange way to run a club. Then penny pinch on a left back and a striker and wonder why the supporters despair.


  16. I have been a supporter of Barton over the last few years as he started to see the light, I could see some method in his madness.

    But, although he has played well the last 2 years, he has still continued to bring bad press to our club. Constantly. This summer we may not have spent much money but we’ve bought quite well, on top of Tiote and Ben Arfa, but because of Barton’s constant Tweets the club has been shrouded in negativity, when actually we could start playing some good stuff.

    Nolan was never worth a long-term contract, Barton the player was and was offered one, but as there is more to Barton than just the player the contract should have been on the clubs terms, he didn’t sign it, he then went public and made matters worse. Time to go.

    And to QPR, do me a favour. There is only one loser here and that is Barton. Can you imagine how he is going to take to being on the losing side more often than not, and playing for Warnock’s hit and hope teams.

    Nolan to West Ham in Championship, Barton to QPR, don’t make me laugh!!


  17. Goodbye Barton. You are not as good as you think you are and are more trouble than you are worth. You will be back in the Championship next season with QPR and will have a terrible year this season playing next to inferior players in a rubbish stadium. Lol and your agent said many clubs were lining up for you? Haha good luck.


  18. whats all the titletattle about simpson not happy and wants another club?anyone heard anything?…is he on the i want more dosh waggon?….cos big ash will tell him to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine with bells on i recon.


  19. life goes on I suppose πŸ™

    Lets see more of Vuckic and Abeid.

    Good luck Joey hope you enjoy the tight tin stadium and 16k fans cheering you on..


  20. Not surprised by this, it was brewing. My concern is Joey takes to the pitch to win and play hard for it. Lots of other players we have (hope I’m proven wrong) take to the field conscious of not wanting to make mistakes and play safe. We’ll miss his drive for sure. We didn’t win a game without him last season! It’s our owner up to his antics again, with no replacement for Joey’s leadership qualities. What a twat we have upstairs!


  21. So did we play Joey against Arse and the unwashed because he was the best player to play or were others injured?

    Who would fit in now, with experience.?


  22. hopefully we’ll tie up the Pieters and Carlton Cole 😯 πŸ˜₯ deals in the next couple of day since Joey’s wage is off the books..


  23. ” Spot Big Dave @89. I think some of the people on here have become accountants”

    Lol. I’m beginning to think that for a large proportion of them its because they don’t live within 200 miles of the city and have no concept as to the extent of feeling this shambolic procession of lunatic decision making is having on those in the area and those who do feel it.
    Maybe they weren’t here when Keegan brought us back up. Maybe they didn’t see the effects that had on the confidence of the area as a whole.
    Maybe that’s why they welcome barrel-scraping mediocrity wholeheartedly and seem to care so pationately about the numbers but cant see the significance beyond them.


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