View from the away end – Stoke City.

MarkToon's favorite Newcastle player.
In this edition of ‘View from the away end’ I speak to Stoke City fan Stuart. I went to school with Stuart and have recently got back in touch with him through Facebook.

He’s another good lad with decent football knowledge and has interesting views on both his club and ours.

Stoke are a club that have seemingly gone from strength to strength. They have established themselves as a force in the top division and are well and truly a difficult side to beat, especially at the Britannia Stadium. Stoke were in fact one of only two teams to do the double over Newcastle last season taking six points off us in the league.

Stoke supporters pride themselves on supporting their club well and no one can deny the impact they have on the team. Stoke are some of the loudest fans you’ll ever come across and like our fans they are top class when it comes to getting behind their team. Say what you will about their brand of football, but it’s certainly effective and Tony Pulis has done a great job there. Here’s what Stuart had to say:

How do you rate our fans?

Newcastle fans are great to be fair. They always give good banter and have amazing passion and loyalty for the club. Always in good voice and applaud good play can’t ask for more.

If you could have any Newcastle player at Stoke who would it be and why?

If I could choose one Newcastle player to have at Stoke it would have to be Jonas Gutierrez as he is fantastic on either wing and would provide great cover for Matt Etherington and Jermaine Pennant. Also he never gives up which is what Stoke are all about.

Who is your favourite Newcastle player of all time and why?

Has to be Alan Shearer. In my eyes the best English striker we have had and he is from our generation growing up. He could change the game in a split second and had tremendous skill and vision. He had heart and passion for Newcastle which made him even more of a great player.

What do you think of St James’ Park?

St James Park is a great stadium. Always has a fantastic atmosphere and is nearly as loud as the Britannia!

What do you make of our business so far in transfer window. What do you make of the sales of Jose Enrique and Nolan?

I think that Alan Pardew has almost been on a panic buy recently. Anyone willing to sign he has rather than biding his time and picking the right players for the squad. Also he is to open about the transfers and other teams know the targets and could snatch a vital player. As for Jose Enrique and Nolan, big mistake on both as they were the back bone of the team and could both turn the tide of a game in a heartbeat, there is obviously something behind the scenes that they didn’t like.

Tony Pulis has done a smashing job with you boys, but what do you think of our manager Alan Pardew?

Alan Pardew is a good manager but I prefer Chris Hughton as he did nothing wrong and got you promoted he kept morale high and got you playing as a team. Pardew seems to be trying to change the whole dynamics of the team, which could work or go horribly wrong lol.

You have been heavily linked with Joey Barton. What do you think? Would you welcome him to your club?

Joey Barton is true to the saying its a game of two halves. You have the fantastic play maker who can put incredible passes to the feet of any player anywhere on the pitch. Then you have the angry confrontational bloke who likes to start a ruck. Overall a good player just needs to be pulled into line by the manager. I would like him at the Britannia but he would have to be told if you cross the line on the pitch or off it then your contract is terminated. No player can jeopardise the integrity of the club. Also the Twitter business should be stopped as it isn’t fair on the club.

What do you think of our owner Mike Ashley?

Mike Ashley is a tough one. He is a very successful businessman but that is his downfall. It’s all about £ signs to him and any player is for sale for the right price. He needs to learn that the club is more than an earner – it is the heart of Newcastle as a city and he needs to respect that. He could do with showing more support to the fans and to the manager to allow him to bring in higher class players as he can afford it owning Sports Direct!

Stoke were one of only two teams to do the double over Newcastle last season (along with Man City), but what will scores be this season between us two?

I think this season it could go either way cheeky 1-0’s (both games) as Stoke’s squad is dangerously fragile at the moment and we need to strengthen within this next week. Especially as we are in Europe. If we strengthen then it will be a closer contest.

Who will finish higher?

I think again the two clubs are in similar positions neither can match high wage demands that the current market brings so it all depends which has the most stamina and heart to battle on. I’m biased as I would love to see Stoke higher but I think it will be another close season.

Which Stoke player should we fear most ahead of our fixtures with you?

I think the player you should fear most is probably Jonathon Walters. He is playing really well and is growing stronger each week. It’s only a matter of time before he starts scoring regularly. I should say Kenwyne Jones because of his Sunderland links lol.

I like to finish these articles by talking about a player who has represented both clubs. Randomly, Jonathan Woodgate is my favourite Newcastle player in recent years. Injury prone but class and has bags of ability. You boys have just signed him on a free, discuss?

I think Woodgate is a great signing for us. Consistent, strong, and always gives 100%. If we can keep him fit our back four will be really strong. Huth at right-back is doing really well and having Shawcross and Woodgate in the middle an Wilson on the left with Danny Higgingbotham getting back to fitness our defence will be solid. Woodgate is a cracking deal we have made on a free and also on a pay as you play deal, so win-win for us.

Many thanks to Stuart for his time. I think his views are sensible and he’s given us another good interview. These interviews are always good because it’s good to know how were seen from a neutral fan’s point of view. Thus far, bar Liverpool, I think we have had some pretty decent and positive feedback.

What do you think, agree with Stu?

About MarkToon

I’m Mark, I live in a little town called Rugby. I go back a long way with Toonsy, we have traveled the country together watching the lads. I eat, breath and sleep Newcastle United! Follow me on [email protected] MRStockers or add me on Facebook- Mark Stockley.

118 thoughts on “View from the away end – Stoke City.

  1. Valencia have finally decided to let go of their much sought after star.

    That’s Juan Mata they don’t have to deal with any more. 🙄


  2. Thanks Army, hoping that Gosling scores for us tomorrow.

    Andrew, I hope so too but to be honest Barton had a contract offer from us and he didn’t sign it so I think he’s kinda brought it on himself. It’s a shame he’s going to leave though


  3. [email protected]

    Sorry you feel that way, mate. I’m not sure why you’re taking all this so personally though – it’s Barton I dislike, not you.

    Take it easy mate, and don’t worry about all the personal stuff, I won’t email Toonsy this time cos I know you must be hurting. 😉

    Toon Toon!!


  4. ACtually Army, apparently negotiations reopened with PSV today for Pieters according to some Dutch media. That’s just what I could figure from looking at a Dutch site, obviously not being able to read any of it and being told that’s what it said.


  5. zoe what you think the team will be?? do u think gosling will be starting like? i think he might be getting a start on sunday with joeys departure


  6. Army sorry mate never seen it 😆
    Sometimes it is easy to see what players arn’t doing, but sometimes what they are doing is more important.
    Big Dave 2011


  7. DAVE fsotc found a picture and new name for ashley,”jabba”hes his twin,ask dede hes sure to have a picture from star-wars 😀 😀


  8. cheers andrew – do u not think its rather quiet tho ?? 7 days to go and still no enrique replacement and no carroll replacement!! worrying


  9. I love the way some people are still in a little bubble with comments along the lines of ‘I’m glad he’s going, hopefully we’ve got Barnetta lined up as a replacement’.

    Honestly, someone please show me some evidence that our very thin squad will be beefed up with players at least as good as the ones we’ve sold? And I don’t think the selling is over yet. There is still 7 days to go, and I’m expecting one more major shock in the ‘didn’t have time to replace him’ mould.

    I seriously despise being a Mag, it’s just one kick in the balls after another.

    I’m totally disgusted that some of the fans are chuffed our wage bill looks better than it did, to the detriment of the quality of the squad as a whole.

    We’ve had a decent start to the season, but once injuries kick in, we are in the brown stuff.

    Thats my opinion, and yes, it’s negative :mrgreen:


  10. i think it will defo be goslings turn now after barton has gone , mind i like the look of him after pre season he seems a real good player


  11. Big Dave,

    Nobody said it was ok for Ashley to do all the crap he’s done, but that doesn’t dilute the argument against Barton, and believe me I have been following his career and his attempt to rid himself of his alcohol and anger problems since the time he was still at Man. City, i have been one of his greatest advocates but enough is enough. He can’t shut up.

    We the fans wanted this summer for Ashely to spend more money but loads of other clubs want that too, and they haven’t got it. We for sure have problems with Ashley but our actual transfer dealings and the players we have brought in for f-ck all have been good in my opinion.

    I truly believe we have a team/ squad that is as good as any outside the top 6, and given a good run we could even give one or two of them a run for their money. Plus we have youth to come through. If we took the profit Ashley has seemingly taken out, out of the equation, and looked at it simply as business done, present squad, room for youth development, and a squad to be built on year on year I would say no other team outside the top 6 or even 4 is in as gooder position. Barton’s bullshit has helped to erode that feeling, so much so that many fans haven’t even quite seen what is going on here.

    I reckon Pardew knows what he is doing, Carver is here, Stone looks like he is going to be good, and have a look at the youth coaching going on at NUFC now, look at the specialist skills expert they have had in working with all levels at the club, plus from the whole Newcastle area.

    It could all go pear shaped but I say all this relatively objectively. We’ve still got Cabaye to really get into the Premiership, Tiote to get match fit, and Ben Arfa to come back who is an amzing player, plus Gosling is starting to look as if he is going to be top draw, I also reckon Abied (spelling) is going to be quality, may be even this season.

    We do though need a striker.


  12. Way off topic, but how have Blackburn scored 3 GOALS against Sheffield Wednesday???! Their defense and keeper must be total crap. It’s all within the first 8 minutes too!


  13. Army: He might get a half I think, but I would go for


    Raylor Williamson Kadar(if he is actually around still) Fergie

    Vuckic Gosling Smith Marveaux
    Best Ba


  14. TC @ 81 I am just fuked off with the shit going on at the club and I do worry that we are changing too much too quick
    FYI the last bit @ 53 was a bit of banter with a jab 😆
    and tbh > ‘Take it easy mate, and don’t worry about all the personal stuff, I won’t email Toonsy this time cos I know you must be hurting’
    did make me laugh 😀 .


  15. joey has gota big gob but he can tweet 24/7 for all i care , all i was interested in was what he done for nufc and he done a damn good job !! i think our team will defo be weaker without joey but weve gota move on bcos hes in a no win situation against fatty and co….


  16. wonder if hoots gets into bother for tapping up ranger via the press
    LOL I thought the same thing. Nolan should too for inviting JB to London 😉


  17. Zoe, I think we need to stick with our 4-2-3-1/4-4-1-1 formation. It plays to the strengths within our squad and allows us to dominate the midfield. Vuckic is much better when working out of the center too, imo.

    ANd i think Kadar is experiencing some sort of stupid injury again, unfortunately. I fear we may lose him to the horror injuries that he experienced the past few years. Shame, cuz he has real talent. I hope he prevails though!


  18. Dave – I just hope we sign some more players soon cos were running out of feckers to argue aboot! 😉 😆


  19. Dave – poor attempt at 53 – no even a nibble from Mr Dust.

    Even you must be relieved Dave (at some level) that the twittering etc will stop. We will be able to concentrate on just footy soon.

    Now if only we’re can get rid of Saylor 😆


  20. I’ll answer that Dave, yes. In all honesty I only think we are going to add a left back, though I would love a good striker.

    I’d take our chances if we had to go with Ferguson at left back, R. Taylor as cover. If Ba comes into it, good, but personally the one striker I would like to see week in week out is Best.

    As I say Ferguson looked good last year, youth is working at Man. Utd and he does look good enough, though I still want a left back.

    Which teams outside the top 6 have squads much better than ours, as ours stands at the minute?


  21. Dave, honestly I think well struggle I we don’t sign anyone else, although I still think we’ve got enough as it is to stay up.

    Couple of signings and well be pushing somewhere in the top 10 tho.


  22. Well everyone, looks like Joey is the last away which I predicted and was told I was wrong by many on here.

    Carroll, Jose, Nolan and Barton.

    Any replies from those who slagged me off? 😆


  23. just read joeys tweet again,”still no word from nufc ect,just wondering if pardew told him he was going the to have another word with jabba,and the answer is no! 🙁


  24. Ice yeah could be something in that 😉
    Stardy 😉
    TC @ 111 I agree we will struggle with out 1st team players, so I just hope we get the 2 we need


  25. @stardust

    Are you worried by the alarming lack of creativity and powder puff strikeforce evident during the first 2 games?

    Having listened to you before the season started, I was expecting the best midfield outside of the Nou Camp. 😆 😆 😆


  26. my concern is where is player that gets stuck in fights for the team and shows real passion who shouts and bawls to pick the team up after going behind? They all seem so quiet! Forgot that’s what Ashley wants players with no opinions. We need someone who gets stuck in when the chips are down. Hopefully a few will come to the fore when needed. We need a gritty little shit which no opposition likes coming up against. Barton anyone


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