Is Jonas Gutierrez finally winning over the doubters?

Jonas showing his worth?
I’ve always been a fan of Jonas Gutierrez, but during the last two Premier League games he has shown just why he is such a vital part of Alan Pardew’s team.

With the departure of Jose Enrique, Ryan Taylor has taken over the role at left-back although it’s only supposed to be a temporary arrangement pending the arrival of a new left-back.

During those two games our very own Argentinian Spiderman has shown why he is a very valuable asset to the team. Jonas has been tracking the runs of the opposition players when they have been attacking so that he has been able to provide a lot of support to Ryan Taylor which has helped out the Scouser in what is an unfamiliar role to him.

This has been vital in the team not conceding so far in the Premier League. The main thing with Jonas helping out the Liverpool born defender is that it relieves some of the pressure that may have been lumbered on him had Jonas not been helping him out at all or had another player with less work ethic been tasked with tracking back and helping out.

Without Spiderman on that left flank, Ryan Taylor would be left very exposed. Jonas has always shown that he is a hard worker for the team and although his crosses can be hit and miss, his work rate has always been phenomenal for the team. He has always put effort in and I always see him giving 100% for the team. These last two games have shown that without Jonas coming back and helping Taylor out in the left-back area then it would have been a position that would have been very vulnerable to attacks.

Although Gutierrez has been helping out our defence it has meant that we have seen less of him attacking in the games. However this was more evident in our recent game against the Mackems as he was able to demonstrate his trickery when he won the freekick that went up over the wall and in the back of the net.

When he does attack he shows us why he is a very good player for us and he uses his skills to get behind the opposition whilst his pace gives the opposition some headaches too. I noticed it a lot when we played Sunderland as when he was on the ball and attacking their defenders didn’t know how to deal with him.

I would like to see him attack a lot more but only if the left-back position is sorted out in the coming days. It seems very clear that Erik Pieters is on his way to the Toon as there has been comments from his representatives and the player himself that he expects to be at the club before the window slams shut on Wednesday.

I feel confident that Pieters will arrive before the window closes and that will allow Jonas to advance further up the field and attack the opposition. Perhaps having a more defensive minded left-back will allow Jonas to flourish?

Jonas is a very key player for the team and he has shown that over the last couple of games, and I’m sure he will continue to demonstrate his value to the team throughout this season.

What do you make of him though?

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114 thoughts on “Is Jonas Gutierrez finally winning over the doubters?

  1. Bowburn – QPR showing more ambition? A bit rich considering that their manager says he has no time for the cups….


  2. Jimmy: I agree with you, as we only had one decent season with him didn’t we? That’s the thing, he’s had games were he has been good but times he has been non-existent in some of those games


  3. JIMMY – difficult to argue any infallibility, but the thing about Barton is that for the most part, when he’s not having a great game, he still gives the oppostiion something to think about it, and he drives others one.

    ICE – almost everything we do in the transfer martket is protracted.. Coincidence?


  4. Ice

    To be fair m8 they are signing players whose clubs arent exactly fighting tooth and nail to keep SWP, Luke Young if we were signing them id be pretty pissed off.

    Happy to bide time if we bring in actual quality like Pieters intead of jumping in for scrap heap jobs, clubs are desperate to get rid of like Wayne Bridge…


  5. T – his first eleven the other night would suggest otherwise. I’m being genuine, everything about this club except for Pardew’s rhetoric implies running as cheaply as possible and hope for a few bargains and surprises along the way, And the contradictory musings of Pardew would hardly reasure you, even if you didn’t have any real issue with him.


  6. Problem with Barton leaving is he is at his peak playing wise and we will miss him, Gosling showed plenty of effort last night and Vukic showed promise but they are not in the same class.


  7. Robert – Neither was Barton until last season, but he got a chance and took it. It’s now time to give that chance to others 😉


  8. ICEDOG-

    I’m well, mate, and you? Looks like Joey is off, and if I’m honest, I can’t say I’m too upset. He really can be a bit of a liability. Dirty player on his day. Besides, with Cabaye in the center, I think we’ll be fine.

    ZOE- crackin’ article 🙂


  9. CC your point is vaid but are you telling me in 7mths we couldnt get what we needed,i wouldnt like us to go back to the days of paying over the odds,but if jabba had just put a bit of cash in at the right time we would be home and hose imo


  10. Exactly Zoe, and a non-existent Barton is just a liability … instead of being a good player AND a liability the times he played well.

    Bowburnmag- Yeah i agree with most of that, but at nearly 29 he’s was never really going to be around for this squad maturing anyway.

    Oh and- everything every club does in the transfer market these days is protracted, unless your throwing silly money at deals … we just read about ours more than other clubs 😉 …. Fabregas- (the current best club in the world taking 2 years or more to make sure they weren’t paying more than they should). If its good enough for them …


  11. I can’t be bothered or remember the players who have left or come in but are we better off or worse off in terms of quantity than we were last year?

    We had a ridiculously small squad last season and I don’t think we’ve improved that much in that department.


  12. Always liked Jonas, definitely an underrated player and he can really cause trouble when he sets his mind to it. He also just seems a funny bloke and the spiderman celebrations were great 😀 I think Jonas has done a lot to make Enrique look good, and now he’s definitely helping Raylor out a lot. I think if we put him on the right then most people would probably stop slagging off simpson as well…

    Anyway therein lies the problem…people have suggested moving raylor to the right flank but then he’ll be skinned time after time. Although with Barton leaving and assuming we play Marveux/Gosling/Obertan as more of a winger then I guess the right back position will get more support….

    Even if we bring in a quality left back I agree with Pards on Raylor…the lad has effectively won us two games from set pieces. Obviously they were good team performances but he was the one to stick it in the net. Haven’t seen enough of Cabaye’s to make a judgement, and I suppose Arfa could take some in future but Raylor certainly seems the best so far…


  13. JB will sooner kiss another badge the fattwats Arse. :mrgreen:
    good luck to him , QPR more ambitious than NUFC 😥 😥


  14. Barton’s play wasn’t pretty; his deadball kicks were awful. However, he always did more than anyone else to change our fortunes in games when no one else appeared to. Looking at Vuckic last night, I thought he looked okay (against lower league opposition, remember) but was anonymous for far too long. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was another Ian Bogie or Jamie McClen; full of promise, but here today, gone tomorrow. Certainly hope not and wish him well.
    Troy – You don’t give your grandmother, Baba Vanga, enough credit for your powers of prediction.


  15. ice

    Aye no doubt the ridiculous lack of planning in case the gervinho/gameiro bids failed and the lack of planning for joses nailed on departure was stupid.

    But like i say i wouldnt be happy if we slapped in bids for shite like santa cruz, bridge and jenas and got them sorted them by sunday, I would rather hang fire and bring in genuine quality…


  16. People need to remember Gosling is coming back from an injury that was very bad and he needs time to adjust to playing again, I’m sure he will come good but it will take time after a long time off the pitch


  17. This is a worry now Barton has gone .. Enrique with no replacement in place and still no damn striker. We have had since January for the striker and we’ve known since then Enrique will go. It smacks of pure incompetence


  18. CC I don’t think it’s lack of planning. It is deliberate low bids. We never had a chance to get either of those two. To get either to come to a team which is not in Europe you would have to offer huge wages and we will never do that again. So the bids were a waste of time. We are after young cheap players who will accept quite low wages. That doesn’t describe either Gervinho or Gameiro. With Llambias in charge of transfers we will be lucky to get anyone of any quality. If Ba doesn’t improve quickly we have a huge problem and we would need 2 strikers in. We have no credible attack whatsoever. Sammy’s goal was great but he is not going to be a first team regular. If he is we are in even deeper trouble. Best at least had some chances but got very few of them on net.Get Jonas back into the team but we need goals from somewhere and not just Raylor free kicks.


  19. However I am confident peiters will eventually come but can anyone really see a striker coming In or a replacement for Barton?


  20. Liam- Cheers up mate, Barton’s over-rated … and one (of many) up sides to him leaving- We might stop being the club everyone loves to hate quite so much … maybe just second now … Who should take our crown though?!


  21. Can’t believe some are judging Gosling on just one game
    Sadly, nothing surprises me on here any more….


  22. I don’t think Barton will be replaced, 3 midfielders have gone and 4 have come in, add Benny and Gosling to the equation and I can’t see fatboy letting anymore MF’s come in.


  23. I was sick of seeing Best grimacing at his own shocking misses last night. He was championship standard at best. You’ve got to take those sort of chances. I recall in the fiorentina game he missed the target badly when one on one. How many chances does he need?


  24. Bowburn – no offence fella but you’ve lost the plot. We are having to work cleverly BECAUSE WE HAVE NO MONEY.

    Seriously fella – get a grip – the stupidity of the past and removal of cash means we have to act accordingly.

    There’s no such thing as a money tree.


  25. @stardust

    Oh. I thought we had made in excess of £40m on sales? 😕

    At least that’s according to grandma Baba Vanga. 😛


  26. Stardust – get a grip mate, we DO have money.

    If, when the accounts for 2010/11 eventually materialise, we’ll be close to break even if not a small profit. Take off the due instalment of Ashley’s loan before the end of July 2011 and add in the Carroll transfer money and we’ll have made an eight figure surplus.

    We’re already nearly £6million in transfer surplus profit for 2011/12, and with savings on wages compared to 2010/11, we’ll be looking at profitability again.

    What makes you think we don’t have any money?


  27. Michael

    The accounts tell anyone, debts are racked up and must be paid off over time. You can not isolate any section of revenue and declare it the business profitable. For example if we made 100k from beer sales, you can’t ignore players wages, heating, lighting, legal fees, ammortisation etc.

    The picture must be taken in its entirety.


  28. Stardust 111

    I’m not sure what you’re talking about, and I’m even more unsure as to whether you know what you’re talking about.

    I’m talking about the accounts in their entirety, not isolated elements of it. There seems to be this misnomer that because we have debts (interest free to Ashley) we somehow have no money until all those debts are paid off in full. That’s not how it works at all.

    If I have £2k on a credit card, but still have £500 a month spare after my outgoings, should I consider myself penniless until that £2k bill is paid off?

    We have already started paying Ashley’s loan debts. Something like £26million by the end of this month. Factor in the massive wage reductions we’ve made and the policy of transfer surplus every year, and we’re more than fine.


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