Are we starting to see signs of this team coming together?

Cabaye settling in nicely at Newcastle.
Following on from article focussing on Cabaye’s wise words in the press, I was very impressed with the display that he put in the side in today’s game.

In fact I was very impressed with a number of players in the team that secured the win against the Cottagers. For me though Yohan Cabaye was my man of the match.

Our French magician played a pivotal role in helping our side gain this victory. His first time shot from a throw in forced Mark Schwarzer into a save that pushed his effort onto the bar before landing in the path of Leon Best to give us the lead. It was a notable contribution from the Frenchman but it wasn’t limited to just that one shot.

During our cup tie earlier in the week at Glanford Park I’d been overawed by the way that Cabaye played. His touch was brilliant, he hardly lost the ball, he had a high passing range and had vision that enabled him to see where his team-mates where. This was again the case in today’s game as he passed the ball accurately and everything he seemed to do looked easy for him.

It appears that Cabaye is getting to grips with the English game now that he has played four games for the Toon. His body language depicted that of a man who looks very comfortable on the ball and comfortable in his new surroundings. The former Lille man broke up attacks and his work rate was one of a very a high standard which shows that he is prepared to put the effort in. He is not your typical hissy-fitting Frenchman.

Tim Krul is another who had an outstanding game. Today really showed why he has been given the number one spot by Alan Pardew. The Dutch international produced reaction saves that kept us in the game and show that he is a top quality keeper. His performances in the four games so far this season clearly show me that he is the number one goalie at the club. He was unfortunate with the goal, but it’s an error that I’m sure he will learn from and other than that he put in a brilliant display yet again for the Magpies.

Our defence looked very solid too. Fabricio Coloccini and Steven Taylor were on top form today. They prevented Fulham from gaining the upper hand in the first half. Their headers out were very strong and one tackle from Steven Taylor was right in the box and he produced a sliding tackle that was top notch to prevent a shot on goal.

Coloccini was decisive at particular times in the first half and this was shown when he came thundering out of his defensive third with the ball to try and put the home side on the front foot. That highlighted to me that he made a decision as captain to get the team moving a bit more by actions rather than words.

Ryan Taylor again looked solid at left-back and even ventured further up field. He seemed to link very well with Jonas when we were on the attack and perhaps that partnership may flourish a bit more now that Jonas and Ryan work together. They seemed to understand how each other plays and to me it didn’t feel like Jonas had to come back and defend all the time. He was able to venture into the final third much more than he has in our previous matches and enabled the side to use another option when on the attack.

Jonas Gutierrez again put in another performance that confirms that he always gives a hundred percent for the Black and White Army. He was attacking the Cottagers fullbacks and even had a rare headed shot on goal during the first half. The Argentine international showed that he is a grafter and that his performances so far show that he wants to give his all for the team. Gutierrez is a key member of our team.

Gabriel Obertan produced a tidy shift for the side today. He was virtually unknown in the first twenty minutes of the game but once he drifted in he found himself on the ball a lot more he became more effective. He was further involved towards the end of the first half when Newcastle had their best spell as he cut in and fired a low cross into the Fulham box. As the game wore on the French U21 international grew into the game and when Haris Vuckic found himself thrust into the fold they produced some lovely play that showed that they were on the same wavelength. It was unfortunate that Haris had to leave the pitch due to injury but that partnership may blossom if they find they play together as it looked like they were beginning to link very well. Gabriel also tracked back in order to help the defence out which was helpful for a below=par Danny Simpson.

There were many positives to take out of today’s match and now going into the international break we find ourselves in a very good position.

Of course there are areas where we do need to strengthen our squad. But with three games gone and a total of seven points I am delighted with our start to the season.

About Zoë Vicarage

A lifelong Newcastle fan. Currently exiled in Sunderland studying Sports Journalism at the University of Sunderland Follow me on Twitter: @ZoeVicarage

205 thoughts on “Are we starting to see signs of this team coming together?

  1. Ice Pup – He was the heartbeat in midfield, no doubt. But Taylor made some crucial tackles early on and won every header.


  2. Toonsy I knew you would agree about Cabaye 😀 i’m gona tell your lass to watch out for you 😉
    I do like the look of Cabaye and can only see him getting better very good passing and he’s a tough wee fuker 😀


  3. the thing i liked as a whole not about taylor is we look canny as a unit from game one stu

    im happy with taylor and he has suprised me with how well hes done… the lads 100 percent a i will give u that


  4. Rodz @ 141 hahaha …. moving on didnt mean to start a techno-war – aye, Cabaye is the bizzo .. once Mr T remembers what he is supposed to do we will be POWA in midfield ..


  5. Zoe, the Mac/PC debate could well translate into a current NUFC article.

    Here’s the analogy,

    PCs – do the job, but make it difficult for the consumer
    Macs – With a focused direction, produce goals

    Macs – expensive but easy and reliable
    PCs – cheap, liable to pick up viruses easily

    ……need a new jacket?

    Do you:

    A) nip down to the Quayside and buy a smart-looking harrington from a shifty geeza for a 5er. It’ll serve you well for 6 months, then fall apart at the seams.
    B) Get on the internet and spend 100quid on a quality marmoset skin tunic, with hippo wellies and mosquito glasses.


  6. hard as a teenager in his first strip bar

    and can thread a pass in the tightest hole like………………well i best leave that euphemism :O

    talking about cabaye here lol nowt personal


  7. I was dissapointed with the ampount of crosses Fulham got in today. I suppose that’s an indictment on our full backs. The left back cannot help it as it’s not his real position but Simpson does let crosses get in a fair bit. He is a little more alert in the box but he needs to improve.


  8. Rod: Totally agree with you, Mac’s are worth it if your fork out the money for them as they will last a lot longer than some microsoft operating platforms.

    I would go for B


  9. El T he has been a different player from Pards came in and bigged him up, I think his confidence neede a boost. and tbh Saylor for most of the time before was the senior player, I think Colo has helped him alot.

    Icepup im glad you clarified that 😆


  10. zoe dont let my hair cut or boy band jeans fool u i dont swing in those circles i couldnt say if he looks better for it 🙄


  11. Wonder where the arsenal fans who were quick to deride Joey Barton have gone? I wonder if they are a little embarrased now they’ve had three players in three games sent off, one on a suspension and a manager who has had his tiuchline ban extended fir what is essentially cheating. Hypocrites


  12. Toonsy I think lots of their players are dirty bastads, but Wenger doesn’t see that just others.
    I can see Wenger walking soon if they dont turn it round soon


  13. ICE PUP: haha 😆

    ICE: Maybe, our team has no fittys that’s why I’d be pleased if Erik Pieters signed 😉 😆


  14. Zoe, i think Pardew talked about that last season after he came in. Taylor had been out injured for so long and Pards thought he’d put on too much muscle and had lost his pace because of it. I think the biggest difference though is the mentality and concentration levels


  15. Dave, they thrashed it out in some formal meeting, made a statement last week that everything was sorted between them


  16. Simpson below par? Did we watch the same game. Apart from a short spell he was faltless both in defence and going forward. When are people going to realise simmo is a very good rb who is still learning and will only get better


  17. Yeah that would be good if we got both but I imagine we aren’t offering the right money to psv for him


  18. Under definition 1, Cascarino is completely correct. Doubt he meant it in the technical, dictionary sense, but, just saying.

    hol·o·caust   [hol-uh-kawst, hoh-luh-] Show IPA
    a great or complete devastation or destruction, especially by fire.
    a sacrifice completely consumed by fire; burnt offering.
    ( usually initial capital letter ) the systematic mass slaughter of European Jews in Nazi concentration camps during World War II (usually preceded by the ).
    any mass slaughter or reckless destruction of life.


  19. From Daily Mail:
    “Newcastle United have agreed a £5million deal for Inter Milan full-back Davide Santon.
    Manager Alan Pardew has turned to the 20-year-old Italy international after hitting a snag in negotiations over PSV Eindhoven defender Erik Pieters”

    Lol – Quelle surprise!
    The snag being Ashley’s too cheap and nasty.
    Wait until Santon asks for wages!!


  20. Good result. Not the prettiest football to watch, though. I wish we could pass the ball around like Fulham did in the first 20 mins or so.

    I think the second goal showed us exactly what the overall game plan is: defend, tackle, harrass, and break quickly. We’ve seen signs of it in the other games but it never came off – a couple of times it almost happened against Arsenal but it was all too disjointed to make a lasting impression.

    I see us lying deep for long periods in games this season. It’s going to be a nervy ride. Attack-wise, though, we can only get better as the players become more used to each other. I can see HBA doing most of the breaking away, if he’s ever fit enough to play of course.

    And we need Pieters and Cissoko and probably somebody else as well, because the defence is going to have to soak up a lot of pressure this season.


  21. I don’t know. I thought I saw signs of, as you say, our attack getting used to each other and beginning to cohere.

    I also feel like Best is getting seriously short shrift. Not that he’s a superhero or anything like it, but considering he had perfectly good goal disallowed against Scunthorpe and his two against Fulham, I think (if Lee Ryder’s correct) that’s seven goals in 14 starts for us.

    If nothing else, I feel like that’s earned him removal from the transfer list, if not a starting position. And yet, I don’t see many defenders or people reconsidering their position on him.

    Is he Leo Messi? No. But has he earned something like a real, regular chance? I think so.


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