Santon has what it takes to succeed

The signing of Davide Santon has come as a pleasant surprise to most NUFC supporters.

It isn’t often that we sign young starlets from bigger clubs, and our link with Santon was a recent one as opposed to some other names we have been getting rather accustomed to over the last few days and weeks.

It’s yet another good piece of business from the club who have shown recently that they know how to stretch a pound. Santon is younger, cheaper and, most importantly, has the most potential of all the left backs that we’ve been linked with over the summer.

I think Santon will end up being a much better full back than Enrique was during his Newcastle days. But we have to give the lad some time. Italians generally have a tough time adjusting to the Premier League. They are used to a more pragmatic style of play in Italy verses the power and pace of the English game.

Santon has a more aggressive style then your typical Italian full back. He also has youth on his side to help him develop his game in the English style. He also has the luxury of having, in Alan Pardew, a coaching manager who seems to know his stuff on the defensive side of things. Newcastle have only conceded one goal in three league games and that goal could’ve been avoided with some better positioning from Tim Krul.

My only concern with Davide Santon is the current form he’s in. He has struggled since his breakthrough season where Italians all over the world were labelling him the next Paulo Maldini and this summer he was being mostly deployed in midfield in an attempt to help the lad find some form.

That unnecessary pressure is probably what forced young Santon out of Italy with an eye on a fresh start. Like Spaniards, you don’t see too many Italian internationals leave their domestic leagues because it usually means the end of their international careers. There are exceptions, but leaving the country is highly frowned upon in Italy.

With that in mind, the fact that Santon has “defected” tells me that the pressure was just too much for the lad. With that being said, I hope that he will find a little less expectation and a little more patience at Newcastle. The lad is no Maldini right now, but with the full support of the Toon Army, he has the ability to be even better than the Italian great.

Jose Mourinho was a big fan of Davide’s during his time as the Inter Milan manager. He stated most of Santon’s problems were mental, but he was also confident that the lad had the work ethic to fight through it. So long as he puts in the effort, he will have the backing of the Toon Army. And with captain Colo at his side, he’s got a good example to follow.

Let’s hope he settles in quicker than the Argie, and if he doesn’t, let’s hope the supporters stick by him longer than what was afforded Colocinni.

Welcome Santoon!

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72 thoughts on “Santon has what it takes to succeed

  1. just watched santon on nufctv and hes a class lad!! seems really happy to be here and cant wait to learn his english!! hopefully a fantastic signing!!

    any rumours on a striker coming? im lost who we are going to go for now??!!!


  2. Great signing,it will take a little time for this new team to gel but i think we could supprise a few people this season,wow just thinking of our players,colo,taylor,tiote,ben arfa,santon,gutierrez,cabaye,obertan,marvoix,gosling,krul,there all fast and have skill,just need a decent striker now and europe here we come haha(well its ok to dream)COME ON THE TOONNNNNNN


  3. Agreed, Colo is the model pro and captain that this lad needs along side him, plus Jonas infront and he will get good cover. I think he will be a cracking player once Colo and Jonas get a had of him.


  4. DJG,

    Exactly, build a defence around Colo in my opinion. Taylor has earned his spot too.

    Just in from work and read the comments…no cut an thrust banter πŸ˜€

    Everyone just seems unanimously happy which is mint!

    Watching sky sports news now and they seem to have mentioned every tranfser but ours πŸ˜•


  5. Army69 – Modibo Maiga move is off by the looks of it. Macheda on loan is only striker move in the pipeline.. On loan πŸ™


  6. I personally had us down as zero chance of signing him, really pleased it’s worked out.

    Inter obviously don’t mind being taken for mugs unlike everyone else we have dealt with πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†
    They got anyone else?


  7. Moreno – what’s new? Newcastle always get extremely poor coverage on every TV channel bar our own! πŸ™


  8. Over the moon with Davide, this is on par when we signed Benny for me, well worth the wait getting someone like this guy in.

    Now get the striker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Question Time:

    You have the choice of two strikers – who do you pick?

    Carlton Cole or Shefki Kuqi?


  10. Delirious just need another striker, Extra good news with valencia signing ruiz torre to join rami as new centre halves pissing on the colo rumours and now sochaux have signed their replacement hopefully opening the door for us to bring in maiga… πŸ˜€ 😎


  11. I didn’t think we could land him either especially when they were quoting 5 mil.
    If Colo and Jonas can make raylor look good then they’ll make Santoon a legend πŸ˜†


  12. Just been viewing the AC Milan website and theres not even a mention of Santons transfer.
    He can’t have been that important to them.


  13. I do have a worry though that if he is a success then he’ll fck off back to Italy in 3/4 years but I’m just happy we’ve signed a quality LB now and cross that bridge when it comes up.


  14. it’s ridiculous, we sign an international player and all they go on about is the 40 different players spurs might be looking at… πŸ˜•


  15. mental JG,

    they are right up redknapps arse like. Only positive is that the media might actually get behind the England team for once when he is manager πŸ™„


  16. Seriously though. Not a mention on the inter web site about him.

    I’m not rubbishing the deal at all but don’t get carried away just yet.

    I haven’t been excited yet about any of the players we’ve bought yet and if Santon was that good don’t you think some of the big boys would be sniffing.

    Cool your jets. I recall many of you raving about Ba when we signed him.


  17. Morratti was asked about transfers tonight.
    He informed the press there was nothing to report.

    My God he sounds like a huge miss. πŸ™„

    Again I’m not rubbishing the deal but I certainly won’t get carried away like some on here.


  18. Brilliant signing !! He even covers BOTH flanks. This player is a class act and you don’t become an Italy International at only 18 for nothing!

    My hat off to Pardew and all involved I am really happy now all we need is that ST!! Then we could get a few more reinforcements but I am very happy now and would be blown away if we signed a quality ST in the next 24hrs.



  19. Bobby/Troy,

    You aren’t rubbishing the deal for a 20 year old international full back from Inter Milan who has rave reviews from majorly respected figures in the game that only cost us Β£5m….. but you try to put a negative on it all the time.

    I did agree with your points mostly in respect of the club, but you’re coming across a bit of a dunce here.


  20. @funky

    Do some real research and stop going over the top and actually take stock of what you are saying. πŸ™„



    I see where your coming from. And i did wonder how A) We got him for the amount we did and B) how we got him with no competition of note.

    That aside its the Striking Department we needed to be strengthening because a strikeforce of Best, Ba, Ameobi, Loverkrands & Ranger has me worried. Best i would start with but only as a #2 Striker we need to sign a #9 a desperately. Ill happily take Modibo Maiga if we can get him. It’s too much to ask for but a better RB would also be nice.


  22. @Loony

    If people would actually read what I say, (which you have) they would realise I was not rubbishing the deal.

    I qualified my concerns by suggesting that the deal is not mentioned on the inter website.
    Morratti stated tonight no transfers were taking place.
    He has been out on loan since January.
    Some of the quotes complimenting him are old.
    No other big club seems to have been sniffing.

    There is no way I am going to get so excited, and call it a class signing, like many are, before actually seeing him.

    I find some people’s reactions absolutely incredible.

    Again, not negative but realistic and level headed Funky. πŸ˜‰


  23. Troy,

    I have seen Santon play several times, he is the real deal. That is what grown ups call a personal opinion.

    Maybe you can make another account to back up your campaign of negativity, no matter what happens. Maybe Chris Hughton can take time from being Chelsea no 2 to provide a character reference?

    Maybe we should spend Β£15m on crap, just to brag about a transfer fee and AMBITION, as opposed to actual talent on the cheap?

    Maybe we should not sign anyone and make you happy, since the signings aren’t up to snuff? Who would you like then?

    How about Adam Le Fondre?


  24. @funky

    Why was he loaned out if he’s the real deal?

    Why is there no mention on their own website?

    Why were no big guns sniffing if he’s the real deal?

    Why did Morratti not mention the transfer tonight when asked if any transfers were taking place?

    If I check back on your Demba Ba comments, will you be saying the same raving reviews about him?

    As I say, I’m not rubbishing him but I’m also not going along with this euphoria that is worrying at times, about people’s judgements.


  25. Less pressure from the Toon? Hah I doubt it, I’m sure there are many who will write him off after his first performance if its poor, claim its a fluke if its good, and then say how we should have bought an experienced PL left back like Evra or Ashley Cole…


  26. @newkie

    I won’t do any of those but I won’t commit myself now, like some, before they’ve seen him or kicked a ball for us and claim he’s class.


  27. Aye Troy that’s fair enough. He’s a decent player from the very little I’ve actually seen of him, but I do get what people are saying when there’s been no competition for his signature etc. Still, can’t see how he could be worse than Raylor and as long as he gives 100% he’ll get breathing space from me.


  28. Great article jersey! Explains a lot of questions I had. I can see Benitez being an idiot and saying he’s not good enough


  29. JJ, I think it clear that Troy is saying that some people were getting way over excited about Ba the way they are about Santon.
    In fact some people have got that over excited over everyone so far, assuming all the players would hit the ground running at more or less full speed.
    One cheerful chap predicted we would get around 60 goals, or there abouts from the midfield this season.

    Of course Ba shouldn’t be written off but by the same token only a complete idiot would say he hasnt been poor for us so far.
    Ba is a player with experience of this league and even he is taking time to settle, whether its because of Ramadan or whatever.

    In fact it is the fans with the ridiculously high expectations who put the pressure on these players. Me, I tend to say ‘wait and see’.


  30. I think we are trying to find players who have potential but that is overlooked by the big boys. It’s pretty much the “moneyball” approach adopted by the Oakland A’s and that has revolutionized Major League Baseball. Look for players that are undervalued by the market because of a dip in form or potential problems (Ben Arfa being a prime example).

    It won’t always work but wasting huge figures on “established” superstars didn’t work and hasn’t worked at the dark place too well this summer. We can’t compete with the big boys and so we have to find another way.


  31. Is the Daily Mail worth anything? They reported it too and mention another name here

    “Should the deal hit problems, Pardew has lined up a Β£5m move for Marvin Ogunjimi. The Genk forward has also interested Fulham, but they were closing on a loan deal for Marseille’s Andre Pierre Gignac and a Β£10.6m deal for FC Twente’s Bryan Ruiz.”


  32. I see Bob’s slagging off Santon now before he’s ever seen him play. Usually he waits until he reads comments about a player’s performance before he slags them off….


  33. MDS–how’d you make out with the hurricane? Hope all’s well.

    Me & mine are okay so far, but some of the upstate NY relatives are still question marks. Sure they’re okay, but maybe facing a lot of property loss & dislocation.


  34. Daily Mail will have just rehashed it from somewhere. However I have to conceed that they have been largely ban on about our transfers all summer πŸ˜•


  35. Toonsy, you think we might meet that price–13mill?

    Would love to see how that goes–a Bundesliga striker with a good record being transplanted like that. Wonder if it would take him a long while to settle in like Dzeko for Citay.


  36. Yep, from manU’s point of view I defo wouldn’t send him to the toon – there’s a good chance he won’t play much


  37. As there’s next to nowt in the way of detailed Maiga profiles on tinternet, I asked a few of the journos who cover Ligue 1 for their opinions on twitter.

    Here’s their responses –

    Thomas Sessegnon (writer for Ligue1offside, Ligue1talk)

    “He’s good in the air, technically gifted, plays well with a strike partner.”

    Jonathan Johnson (Le Gossip – columnist for Sky Sports)

    “He is creative and an opportunist.Versatile; plays all over the front and consistent, mostly due to his teammates last season
    Downsides: He has a massive ego and I feel he is overvalued. IMO he was great last season because of his teammates. Could gave been anybody scoring those goals with that service…”


  38. this is a great signing , and he IS the same player, the lad just needs to get his confidence back up and we,ll have a star on our hands, i hope he does,nt need too much time to settle as that could cost us , colo and jose were both crap when they came but look how they turned out, its all about confidence coz the ability is certainly there


  39. 20 year old italian kid……..5mill….bloody hope this gamble takes off…. we have lads that age ready on loan and reserves (i feel it looks to keep fans happy where andy c dosh is going)………bloomin hell hope it come off!!!!!!!


  40. the lad santon was out on loan they just wanted rid of the lad and nufc though………….we want that lad….again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! god help us


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