Deadline Day transfer blog – LIVE!

Today is like the Christmas Day of the football season, it could be great, and you could get everything you wanted but it could all end is disaster, which is possible today. With 12 hours to go in the transfer deadline day now is when it all kicks off. Will Newcastle get their striker? Will Newcastle get anyone else? We will know by 11 o clock tonight, when either it will be King Pardew or kill Pardew.

This will be updated throughout the day and will be the first stop for all Premier league and NUFC fans with all the big deals being shown here. NUFC will obviously get more coverage with every scrap of transfer rumour I can find will be brought here to excite you or upset you.

Lets have a couple of lads in NUFC

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881 thoughts on “Deadline Day transfer blog – LIVE!

  1. @rodz

    My blog account is at £252.45 now for the year.

    I must be get an extra percentage more for reality posts.

    Easy money this posting game.


  2. I know they have to learn and this might help them learn, But I really do feel for the younger ones that do believe so much of the shit that goes about.


  3. Tweet from Jose to Ranger, ‘Thats why I leave.fake promise all time!’

    Says it all really when itcomes from within are almost within


  4. I bet all the autist armchair accountants were crapping themselves and slapping their forehead like Rain Man in case the fat parasite and his slimy pal accidentally offered a competitive deal to Ruiz, in case he accepted it. They would have been terrified it would upset the finely balanced books they have so many wet dreams about.


  5. ……LATE NEWS!

    Freak scene just can’t believe us
    Why can’t it just be cool and free us?

    …in the NAME OF halibut, strike ME DOWN! arf, arf.

    (the poodle bites)


  6. Jobey07, Pootle, Dave, Army blah blah fkn blah, I can’t remember asking any of yee fkers into mi special room this time of neet, one of yiz bera heva decent excuse, or FEKK OFF!







  7. And if anyone thinks this somehow means the giant weeble-wobble is closer to selling up, I think you’re kidding yourself.
    Atherosclerosis is the only thing likely to rid us of the massive fat twat n the next decade.


  8. I love hearing about “realists” who are actually conspiracy theorists. Ashley pocketing money! He is inept but there is no way in hell that he is making ANY money out of running us. Especially when he does it so badly.

    When I look at the transfers done by other teams I am not envious. Yes we needed a striker and didn’t get one but I really can’t say I wanted Bendtner and Maiga ended up being overvalued.


  9. Still awake, still pissed off, Mike Ashley and his crones are the worst thing thats happened to NUFC, he has literally turned a football mad city into the accountants capital of England. I never expected in my lifetime to hear fans more concerned with the accounts rather than the team on the pitch. Night


  10. [email protected]

    I don’t know how to break this to you, but I’ll try.

    When a business brings in MORE money than goes out, it MAKES money.

    And when it cuts it’s main cost (wages) by millions every six months, it makes EVEN MORE money.

    Hope this helps.



    …good show, by my expectations.

    No No:9, but hey. Let’s not rush it.






    ………aaaaaahhhhhhhnd relax.


  12. That`s it, completely pissed off, Pootle n Troy etc, you were right n I was wrong, bastards fuked us bigstyle! There comes a point which I now understand with Ash, Biz and Emotion can mix, like heart and head, but sometimes emotion and heart has to win!!


  13. One has to say we got a defender in today. I can declare myself pleased with our dealings this transfer window save for selling Kevin Nolan.

    I am not sure why people are shouting for a signing just because you hear other clubs are making signings on transfer deadline. We must understand that under such desperate circumstances clubs elevate the price of the players and the players likewise use this late timing as a means to negotiate higher wages. I think we did not get anyone because the demands we too much.

    Strikers we have:


    How many strikers do we need for crying out loud. Get a grip guys this is not fantasy football where money is fictional. We have started well this season so we are in joint 3rd on points.


  14. Come on Rodzilla that is a bit Harsh.
    Best has scored two goals so far. His appearance to goal ratio is that of a top drawer striker.

    Best – 13 app with 8 goals that is not bad at all.
    Demba Ba – 12 app with 7 Goals in a team relegated
    Lovenkrands 29 apps with 7 goals good for someone not a regular
    Ameobi: 30 apps 9 goals.

    Ranger won the Wor Jackie Milburn Trophy” in 2009 for finishing with 15 goals for the under 18s and 7 for the reserves. He is only 20 Carroll did not look this Good at the time.

    It is a team effort and in combination if we are to extrapolate particularly Ba and best we have two prolific strikers on our books here.

    Stats are better judges than prejudice



  15. Thank Christ the transfer window nonsense is over.

    If you ever complain about crap in the media again remember that you’ve just spent about 2 months in their cheerleading squad. (where’s that face with rolling eyes)


  16. fair play, but I ‘m just a greedy cnt I guess.

    Still flashing back to the Shearer/Solano/Ferdinad etc days.

    Fact that remains mate, is the No9 is special, we’ve not had one since Andy Carroll, and we all know what happened there.

    Personally, I feel we’re a 3-legged lion, well maybe a fully automative lion, with a few less teeth..



  17. @CT
    It pains me that they did it again. You often react like I enjoy it or something CT. But it pains me, it really does.
    I wish they confounded everything I think about them.
    I wish that being really optimistic about things makes a difference, but it just doesn’t – if anything I think if I had of kept telling myself they would actually make a genuine effort then I would just feel even angrier. Lol.

    In my head I knew they would pull their usual crap, but we keep telling ourselves ‘give them a bit more time. Give them till the end of the window’
    But for what? So they can pull the same shit they always do.
    I’ve had enough. I’ll watch the games in the pub or on the internet. I wont pay them to take the piss out of me anymore.


  18. I think I spent the dog food money, but he’ll love me just the same, and if you really love me, baybeyy, help me scrape the mucus off my brain.


  19. No 9 since Andy Carroll, you talk as though that was a decade ago. The problem with many Newcastle fans angry with no new striker is that they are fantasists. They do not want to move on.

    You talk so much about the future yet you cannot get out of the past!


  20. …come on y’all, turn it up…..

    (flip the po-lees)

    (flip the po-lees)

    (flip the po-lees)

    …..(if they don’t mind).


  21. Ok lads the window is closed n we didn’t get a striker in. I’m trying to look on the bright side here so bear with me.

    Even with a new striker we would have been looking for 7th place max this season. Without one we can still do that with our current team. Looking at the bigger picture at least we didn’t get in some expensive panic buy on huge wages and a 5 year contract who would play like crap.

    Maybe just maybe fat Ashley has some kind of principles and is sticking to it. By now every other club and player will know they can’t fleece us. I say screw the Jan transfer window n just concentrate on what we have for this season n improve our standings. Get in the Europa league if possible. Build slowly next season. They did say 5 year plan remember.

    I hope there are no banners n negative chants this time. We got a really good left back (he IS a left back not a right back just because he’s right footed) and a good solid team. Let’s put our disappointment behind and support the team and manager now.

    Howay the lads


  22. jesus man i knew we wouldnt sign no one before i signed off but reading it just annoyed me all over again wtf man no striker u have to be kidding me ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


  23. I still belive in the squad capability of the striker department to contribute goals till JAN again.LOL.

    last season,we don’t have decent assisting for the strikers,but they still score goals. we now have slightly improve it,so should be fine.


  24. I still think we’ll finish top ten, it would have been so much easier though if we’d bought a striker which we could easily have done had the intent been there 👿


  25. Disappointed we didn’t secure the services of a top forward, though I wonder how much quality we could actually buy for out ‘budget’.

    In essence, had we signed a striker, it would have been the best transfer window in a very long time.

    So we were one player away from the best transfer window in recent memory,

    We didn’t get that player.

    So where does that leave this window? Bullsh*t and lip service aside (which we all know this board has a reputation for), we secured the services of some very promising players on our own terms. In that respect I think we need to concede the window has been fairly successful.

    Hinging our view of the window on what happened in the last 5 or 6 hours is a little short sighted. We also need to acknowledge where our pulling power is when it comes to transfers. We’re not in London, we don’t offer Euro football, we’re in our second season of the top flight.

    Compare our activity with West Brom, we’re poles apart. Think about which teams we can compete with in the league, put it in to a table of pulling power and as subjective as it is, we’ll be mid table.

    I wouldn’t have been happy if we’d wasted £10m on Crouch, so I’m glad we don’t have an 11th hour token signing either.

    Good strikers are few and far between. The rich clubs seem to monopolise them and other good players too. Almost like Tesco buying up land so Asda cannot have it.

    Perhaps Ba and Best are about our level at the moment. While neither are an Alan Shearer, both have a good albeit brief scoring record in the Prem. With a solid defense and a host of creative options in midfield, I’m sure Best will net upwards of 15 goals, if he gets the starts.

    The only thing I’d like now from this transfer window is a bit of honesty, though we’re more likely to get a striker……

    So now that drama is over, it’s time to get back to football and support the lads who pull on the shirt!


  26. Shearers receding hairline

    To lose Carroll, Nolan, Barton and Enrique is not a good year for transfers.

    Despite what you say about the players coming in, well, they’ve done zilch yet and I certainly haven’t seen any startling performances from any in pre season or the first 4 games.

    No sign of the attacking entertaining football that’s been promised by Patsy.

    But the biggest kick in the slats, which hasn’t surprised me but I know it has others, is the lies and false promises that come from the regime and supported by Patsy.

    If I was Patsy today I wouldn’t dare show my face but no doubt he will be there with his tales of unfortunate circumstances and how close we came to pulling off getting a top striker.

    I know many will again fall for the rhetoric but I saw through them ages ago and it won’t be me waiting for January when they will promise to strengthen if they need to.

    The regime will be devastated no bids came in for their players. :-/


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