A letter to our owner, Mr Ashley.

I need a dollar.
It’s September the 1st today, the day after the closure of the summer transfer window.

Now we all know what the latter days of transfer windows entail, last minute purchases and ensuring your happy with the balance of your squad for the first part of the season. With the left back issue being resolved on Tuesday in the shape of Davide Santon the sole target for yesterday for Newcastle was to bring in a striker.

In case you have been on Mars for the last few hours and are unaware, Newcastle United in typical form failed to deliver before the window slammed shut at 11.00 PM last night. It’s become a regular occurrence and a bit of a unwanted habit that Newcastle don’t have the best of luck on transfer deadline days. Like most, I’m rather upset that we failed to secure a decent striker during the summer. Along with other things I’m a bit unhappy with, I decided to voice my concerns in a letter format.

Dear Mr Ashley,

I would like to start by ensuring you that this isn’t a campaign of hate against you. I don’t wish to tell you that I hate you or I wish you harm, nothing extreme like that.

I do however wish to inform you of the damage that you are doing to my beloved football club. I’m positive that your a thick skinned guy and can take criticism with a pinch of salt, but I think it’s about time you listened.

Allow me to begin by telling you that I’m Newcastle United through and through, the club is my life and my mood is often reflected on how events at the club are. Call it a cliche but if you cut me open I bleed black and white. When the team get a win on a Saturday afternoon you can’t get rid of my smile and as silly as it sounds I feel happier beginning my week when the players have made me proud.

I’m a passionate guy and that’s why it pains me to watch you and Derek destroy this club with your persistent lies and incompetence. You have made this wonderful club a laughing stock after promising to deliver so much when you first took over. You used to sit with us at games donning a replica shirt, which at the time seemingly showed you wanted to build a bond with the fans and enjoy yourself a bit. Fine. All good.

I understand that you are a businessman and any successful businessman likes to balance the books and go on to make a nice profit. I also appreciate that the club was in a dire financial state when you took over and that was something that needed rectifying and fair one, you did. I must say I’m surprised though that a man of your wealth and background hasn’t wanted to pump more money in the club and see the potential of a successful team and the glory that could come with it.

We have a wonderful fan base Mike and believe you me when someone can get it right here they will reap the rewards. You however have opted to go beyond balancing the books and instead make big profits at the expense of our playing staff. Since you have been at the club your lack of ambition has seen you cash in on the club’s best assets every time. Shay Given, James Milner, Charles N’Zogbia, Andy Carroll, the list continues. The painful truth is we don’t see this money ever again. Stick the £12 million we got for Milner on red did you?

I’m quite frankly not buying it when you claim the money is being reinvested in the club on facilities. Did the underground heating set you back £35 million? What about players? Replacing the fans favourites with others that the fans will adore? If we look at Andy Carroll, we sold him last January. It was a massive blow for the supporters here, but it was fine because yourself and Derek assured us that every penny would be reinvested into the squad in the summer.

Here we are 8 months down the line and the club has failed to replace him. For over half a year we have known that we had to replace our goalscorer, our local hero. Yet here we are on September 1st, day after the closure of the window without a replacement. How very predictable Mr Ashley, you have failed once again.

I’m waiting for the whole ‘we tried our best’ nonsense, but leaving it till the very last day of window to bring in a striker – are you mad?! Or is your excuse going to be there was no one available? Plenty of striker movement on the day and I think it was all smoke screens and there was a sad lack of effort. If there was it was too little too late.

The scary thing is that a massive majority of Newcastle fans knew this would happen. The running of this club has become that predictable that you and your right hand man have reduced the fans to being untrusting and sceptical. That’s a shame that no matter how loyal or optimistic any fan is they know you cant be trusted.

You seem to be uncaring and ignorant to what the fans want and need from their club. We are your customers and you should be more caring to what we think. At my work if I fobbed off customers and refused to provide a good level of customer service I would be lynched. I may not always agree with what others want, but I’m not so arrogant that I simply ignore them.

Your failings are beyond just the transfer market. Your treatment of people you have employed is revolting. From the way you undermined Kevin Keegan, ditched Alan Shearer without any explanation, sacked a man doing a good job in Chris Hughton all the way up to Alan Pardew now.

Some have described Pardew as a yes man, a puppet. Someone that you hired because he wouldn’t argue back and he would speak of you like your a humble and honest guy. I happen to disagree with those people, I think Alan has done a good job and I think you have continued to put him in awkward positions. Yourself and Derek making claims that you haven’t backed up at later dates. And it’s Mr Pardew that has to clean up with the press and the fans – something you refuse to do. Your lack of communication is a concern. It’s like you have no balls.

In my opinion your lucky that he puts up with it. Of course many will disagree with my view on the manager but with your track record with managers and players, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if that was the real scenario, that your manager is forced to tidy up after you and Derek. It’s not just managers let’s look at the departures in this window.

Kevin Nolan – Club Captain. I am aware that the arrival of Yohan Cabaye compensated for the loss of Kevin. I will give credit where credit is due, Yohan is a great signing (probably down to Mr Carr) but I don’t like the stories that the board went back on a gentlemen’s agreement of a new deal for Nolan. The principle of that stinks. I agree that he shouldn’t of been handed a contract at the length he wanted, but why offer it in the first place? Nolan’s departure had a mixed reaction from fans but I was disgusted to hear that’s how he was treated – on principle if nothing else.

Now I know Joey Barton had his moments and despite being a fan of his I certainly didn’t find some of his Tweets professional or appropriate. But the fact he questioned the ambition of the club showed that he cared for the cause. He shouldn’t have made his feelings quite so public but he wasn’t the only player to bring his concerns to the table was he? Joey just has a no nonsense approach and will say it how he sees it. Thing is half the dressing room probably agree with his views, has that occurred to you?

Joey was voted our Player of the Season last year. He was instrumental on the pitch and had such affection for this football club ans it’s fans. Your ego and arrogance wouldn’t allow you to listen to the likes of Nolan and Barton when maybe you could have sat each of them down and attempted to fill them with confidence. They had given you dedication on the pitch but you didn’t show any back in return.

To give our player of the year a free transfer was a joke. This was yet another blunder which gave others the ammunition to dig at us and have a laugh at the club and fans expense. Despite how we may be perceived by others we are a proud bunch and don’t enjoy the spotlight when it’s for the wrong reasons.

You also seem happy to take away the tradition and history of the club seemingly too. Sports Direct @ St James’ Park? Well I suppose it would be rude to miss out on an advertising opportunity wouldn’t it. But it gets worse, ripping down the Newcastle United lettering from St James’? That makes me sick I must tell you. Replacing the singing section of the ground with more away fans?

Do you enjoy alienating yourself from the Geordie faithful? It’s not even the specific people you tread on, it’s the principle behind your decisions. I’m tired of you humiliating us and sucking the life out of OUR club. You may own NUFCbut believe me it will always be our club, you sadly don’t have the club’s best interests at heart. Your merely a shrewd businessman. Don’t be flattered by me calling you shrewd though, I only use that word because you have made £59 million odd profit from players alone in recent years.

Look at owners at other clubs and take note Mike. You are a lot more wealthy than some of them, yet others will back their managers and want what is best for the fans. These are basic qualities that you lack Sir. If you got these fans on side and tried to build the club you would find yourself in a really good place I feel. It shouldn’t be that every fan wants the window closed before it even opens because we are worried about who’ll we’ll lose rather than who we will gain. You have made us a selling a club. Newcastle is a club of big stature and calibre and should be treated like one.

We have made some solid signings, but how long will you keep them for? I’m not convinced that you have it in you to turn down a good bid for a player, which tells us everything about your blueprint for this club. In January what will happen if someone comes in for Tim Krul or Cheik Tiote or Hatem Ben Arfa? Would you have the balls to say no? I want to build a team around these boys.

I think I know the sad but true answer to that one.

I am an optimistic fan, one that used to be very placid when it came to yourself. I never overly trusted you, but I thought protests and abusive chants towards you were maybe a little too much. But I’m at a point now where I want you to pack up and go. The fact I’m at that stage tells a story.

When a Newcastle fans pulls on a replica shirt that they have to splash £50 (£35 at your own shops???) on at the club shop, there’s a real feeling of pride and honour. The passion and dedication is something that you have failed to embrace and understand since you have been here. Although I won’t campaign or write ‘Ashley out’ on a bed sheet, I agree with the millions up on millions of people who want to see you sell up and go.

You can’t run a club like Newcastle the way you are Mike, the fans are protective and care a lot more than you will ever realize about Newcastle United. Don’t you think you have done enough damage?

So be a sport and kindly fuck off,
A very disgruntled Newcastle fan.

This has been building up a while, not just the transfer window misfortune, I dare say a lot of you will disagree with some points made. What are your views?

About MarkToon

I’m Mark, I live in a little town called Rugby. I go back a long way with Toonsy, we have traveled the country together watching the lads. I eat, breath and sleep Newcastle United! Follow me on [email protected] MRStockers or add me on Facebook- Mark Stockley.

201 thoughts on “A letter to our owner, Mr Ashley.


    Spot on. Sad though it is, we HAVE to hurt the club to get him out. If that means boycotts then it will be better for the club in the long run. Nothing good will happen to this club while he is the owner.

    In fact, we shouldn’t have renewed season tickets until signings were made. Let’s not make that mistake next season. It’s the only way to hurt him.


  2. Asim top four is pushing it… top six I’d agree fully…

    Man United, Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham…

    Thats six clubs we will get nowhere near this season. All of them have far superior squads and a superior manager.

    Man U: Vidic, Rooney, Young, Nani, Ferdinand.etc
    Man City: Tevez, Aguerro, Dzeko, Silva, Toure etc
    Chelsea: Drogba, Lampard, Essien, Mata, Cole etc
    Liverpool: Suarez, Gerrard, Carragher, Reina, Carroll etc
    Arsenal: Persie, Arshavin, Wilshere, Vermaelen, Mertsacker, Ramsey etc
    Tottenham: Modric, Adebeyor, Defoe, Dawson, Bale etc

    All these players are proven top quality, and they have DEPTH…

    We COULD have been attacking a top six position, if we got a decent striker and defensive cover… Ruiz (11mil and say Pieters (7mil) on top of what we have would have been a dream transfer season.
    I’d say we’d be right on Tottenhams shoulders, and behind them only in Premier League experience.

    We HAD the money to get them in but our penny pinching [email protected] of an owner refuses to spend.

    What a shame… With that squad we would consistantly be competing for a Europa place, as it stands we are looking for a top 10 position.

    But we knew it was so predictable its scary. Don’t need Bobby’s ball do we…


  3. The last time the ‘Boycoutters’ got their way – we were relegated. United we stand divided we fall. Its each individuals responsibility to hold the line.


  4. Because we have had a good start to the season we can at least be mid table until January which will then allow us to get a striker in


  5. @ Stardust

    Unfortunately, it may take a relegation I fear to rid the club of the parasites who ‘own’ the club
    I’d hate the club to do a Leeds, but some tough love may be needed. As long as the fans spend there hard-earned in the shops and the merchandising and yes, the season tickets, he has, he believes, the God-given right to do as he see’s fit with his assets

    Banners and chants haven’t worked, if the vast majority of fans really
    love the club and hate its current ownership, they either raise the finance to buy him out or deny the club their money and hope that by some miracle he goes before we hit the conference


  6. “Liam southern toon
    September 1, 2011 at 11:18

    Because we have had a good start to the season we can at least be mid table until January which will then allow us to get a striker in”

    Hahaha… Liam, you don’t learn do you? Hahaha. They only way we will get a striker is if we SELL another big name, or we get some freebie or loan deal on the cheap.


  7. Wow mixed reactions. A few things guys. Firstly as stated at the end this wasdnt about lack of striker- its principle of how things are being done. Second its not a real letter, no intention of sending it- I was merely pin pointing aseys flaws. And to the massive prick who questioned me being a real fan, of course. I still love my club it just pains me that ashley is in charge. Big kiss to those that slate the articles when we take time write them. Hats off to you


  8. i think that this will push our attendances down into the high 30’s now, really i do. 59 net profit on player sales over purchases in four seasons is just crazy. i doubt you will find another club in the whole of europe that has that profiteering record. really, i think we are leading the way. Not that i am in the least bit wanting 59 million spent as such… but you would have thought we could have brought in a forward and another LB and central defender. What we gona do if colo or taylor get injured.
    Its interesting to see joey say that 4 players will be dold within a year. krul, tiote, colo and jonas. i agree that they will be sold. The simple fact is, no matter which way you cut it.. we are rotating body shop for players. thats it in a nutshell. We will sell on always once profit can be made and will replace with a younger cheaper version with the same cycle begining again.
    Not only the 59 net profit on sales but both last prem season and this one now, thats 2 full summer windows plus one winter one when we have not spent a penny of the anually avaiable’war chest money’. all of this money is ontop of 59 million. if we spent a modest 20 million a season thats 100 million skimmed in a couple of years. Profit is good, i want him to have it.. but not at this expense.
    Every single window we are dodgy and vunerable now, and we always will be as every single team in world knows we will sell anyone given the chance.
    Where has the pride gone, the honor? there is nothing united about newcastle anymore. our best bet in my opinion is for us to get relegated again. we need the club to be sold and it aint gonna happen for as long as ashley is using it as a feeder club for other aqusitions such as No Fear brand just last week… there is your striker money there.
    I will get stick for sure for saying i want to be relegated but i stand by it. It will make no difference to the crowds and the passion so who cares? ashley will leave and we can get some heart back into our club again .


  9. Wow, we really are a passionate bunch aren’t we? I wouldn’t want it any other way. Let’s not get too carried away though. Not the best window but not the worst either. Nobody likes or trusts our current owner or board but are things as bad as at everton, for example? I, like everyone else, cannot believe that we haven’t signed a proven striker to replace bigger lad after all this time but I really believe we have the most exciting 1st IX for quite a while. We are shockingly light in certain areas, namely striker, full-backs and centre-back but I’m afraid we are no longer the free-spending club we were. And much as I despise Ashley I’d rather be where we are now than spunking £17m on Owen and a season or two away from financial collapse as we were under Shepherd. Yes Ashley is a liar, couldn’t give a toss about the fans and his renaming of the ground and tearing down the lettering is about as crass as you would expect from the owner of such a cheap n nasty sports chain, but for what it’s worth, here is my assessment of the situation…

    1.Strikers – We have to hope that Ba shows his West Ham form on aconsistent basis and that Sammyobi is as good as we hope he is. Best should be able to provide cover but Shola and McLoven aren’t good enough for the prem. The one area of the team where we are light at 1st team and back-up. I am bitterly disappointed not to have signed someone, but it should have been sorted in the first couple of weeks, never going to be happy signing someone at the last minute just for the sake of it. A real worry though especially as we’ll lose Ba to Africa in Jan..

    2.Defence – Our 1st choice back 5 now look as solid as at any time I can remember. Back-up for centre-back and both full-back positions are a real worry though. Santon will hopefully prove himself as the quality player he’s long been touted as, even if he’s played more at RB than LB. With Willo’s injury we’ve got a real problem at CB.

    3. Midfield – No question in my mind, strongest area of the team and an improvement on last year. Barton was superb last year but was otherwise cack and is a total twunt. Good riddance I say. Nolan was too slow and limited the style we could play. HBA, Cabaye, Marveaux, Abeid, Tiote, vuckic, Gosling… This looks like an exciting bunch to select from.

    6. Keeper – Krul looks amazing so far. And unlike Given seems to command the defence. Top quality.

    5. Manager – a real opinion splitter this one. Personally, I was dismayed when we appointed AP, but we were/remain a club that offers little to proven managers. AP or JFK? Shearer can p155 off until he’s proven himself at alower level. So who else could we get? The main thing for me is that from appearances on the pitch, he seems to have at least maintained the squad spirit. Of course, the real test is when we go through an extended patch of bad form. Conclusion, I’d never have him on my shortlist but what’s the alternative. And for what it’s worth I think he’s naïve rather than a liar. Witness the change in terminology as he began to doubt the assurances he himself had been given by DL and MA.

    To sum up, we look like a mid-table team, and if we somehow avoid injuries all season (virtually impossible I know), one that could/should be capable of a euro place. Barring a total catastrophe (and this the toon, so that’s not entirely out of the question) I can’t see us in any danger of going down.

    As for statements like ‘watch all our players leave in Jan’, well we don’t know what will happen, and why spend the next 4 months moping. We will probably remain a club that sells the best players for a profit, but as long as we bring in the quality of those we have this window I’ll take that. And with a bit of luck, we might actually see some entertaining football this season. We won’t trouble any silverware, but a change from the dull play I’ve witnessed since Bobby left will be enough for me.


  10. I am hearing some nonsense here now. Boycotts – relegation as tough love. Talk about cutting off your nose……..

    We have lots of talented but very young players at the club. Players excited at the opportunities ahead of them and as for the new foreign contingent, a new club they see, rightly or wrongly, as having an ambitious plan. Actions such as described could well destroy their belief and confidence and motivation. And as for relegation. I am old enough to have experienced several sessions in the lower league and believe me there is no guarantee that we could get back again as quickly as we did last time. Then we can say goodbye to the big club ideal for good, the Man Us, the Chelseas, the high profile coverage (and the accompanying cash) on TV etc. The one thing we must continue to do is to maintain support of the players on the pitch because I for one want t o be able to watch top flight football and enjoy the likes of Krul, Tiote, Colo, Cabaye etc.


  11. @Jobey07: Yours is a very level headed approach to reasoning. In the Deadline day transfer blog, I stated the exact same thing concerning the stats. These are the stats of what we would consider to be prolific strikers in any league and club.

    Further, Lovenkrands 29 apps with 7 goals for someone not a regular
    Ameobi: 30 apps 9 goals.

    Ranger won the Wor Jackie Milburn Trophy in 2009 for finishing with 15 goals for the under 18s and 7 for the reserves. He is only 20 Carroll did not look this Good at the time.

    Fans crying for a new striker at any price is simply silly. We have a mix of youth experience and potential.

    The Article also goes on the slam Ashley for not listening. The last time he listened or tried to appease the fans:
    > He sacked big Sam after half a season.
    > He Hired Keegan.
    > He hired Shearer.
    > He sacked wise.

    Give the fans a voice they all talk at once. Listen too much as he did the fans were now running the club which got us relegated lest we forget.

    I have declared myself pleased with our transfer business. I did not expect us to spend all 35 mill from the Carroll sale and I am more glad we did this on budget. Results so far speak for themselves. Level on points with Liverpool in 3rd who spent hundreds of Millions. most fans have not learnt that this appetite for big name signings is not healthy. Owen, Kulivert et al

    Well done Ashley you have my support.


  12. Guys my frustration is the fact we are beinged mugged off. I pointed out we made good signings- but when will they be sold?? 8 months to find a striker and it didn’t happen. All the lies and panic he causes- anyone who thinks I’ve been ott is mad


  13. excellent article MarkToon.

    I feel your frustration. shame lardychins aint gonna read it.

    Ignore the (little) bad feedback, you told it how you see it, we all have different opinions on MA, new signing, sold players etc


  14. tried to appease

    he brought KK and shearer in coz no manager wanted to work for ashley..
    he done that off his own bat,nowt to do with the fans…


  15. @Hitman: No no hitman If you go back and read what I wrote carefully you will note I stated: “The last time he listened or tried to appease the fans”
    He tried to appease the fans by bringing in Keegan.
    He listened to the fans by hiring Shearer that is no lie!


  16. He listened to the fans by hiring Shearer that is no lie!
    carnt remember any fans wanting big al in like,that was done without fans knowing about it,was it not..


  17. Where is the reason for this idea that all our best players will be sold? It’s just a knee jerk reaction to a disappointing last day in the transfer window. We have sold Barton and Nolan, neither of whom cause me too much angst and who’s rants since can be described as sour grapes because they failed to win gambling against Ashley – they weren’t the first and they certainly won’t be the last to do that. We sold Carroll (£35m is good business but timing was wrong) and Enrique, both who I would have preferred to have stayed. So there seems to be the suggestion that on the strength of those sales we are bound to sell the rest. Players will continue to come and go, as they always have, but wholesale departures don’t seem like the obvious tactic except to the terminal negs. Ignore Barton’s tweets, he loves the idea that hordes are prepared to listen to his drivel.


  18. I’m glad we rejected approaches from Valencia for Colo and Chelsea for Tiote, and was that Roma or something for Jonas, and Liverpool as well at one time I hear, and QPR for Simpson, Blackpool for Ranger, oh, and I recall Barcelona coming in for Saylor … (smiley face with a big laugh)


  19. @Troy Stavers

    Ive heard you mention this twice now.

    where do you get your info from that we had no interest in our players?


  20. Both Barton and Nolan went puerly for money, irrespective of who we were going to buy they still would’ve gone. I don’t blame them for that because they were able to go to clubs desperate for their qualities who would give them long contracts at high wages.


  21. qpr signed wright-phillips for 6.5 mil on 80k per week..he’s 29 ffs. I’m quite happy we stayed clear of deals like this. 16k fans surely wont payroll QPR’s signings


  22. i,m glad to see i,m not the only one on here that sees sense .I would put the % of realists and moaning bratts at about 20/80
    please stop moaning and get behind the lads before you, yes YOU send us down the league.we are in a great position only our support of the team will keep us ther wise up!


  23. Wonder how our players would feel, knowing some people have decided not to go to matches anymore and support them ‘for the good of the club’, and would be prepared to see them get relegated ‘for the good of the club’. Best fans in the land, huh?

    Lost the plot, some people…..


  24. I like most other black and whites watched the telly on sky or BBC and hoped we would bring in a top class striker, the fact that we didnt wasn’t a real surprise but I was over the moon that we didn’t bring in another donkey like we have in the past…….at one point I feared we would bring in Beattie who was released from rangers. Fact is that while we have a small team we have a better one that this time last year and that fills me with heart, we have to move on and get on with the fact that Ashley will be here forever and a day and if he moves on before then it’s a bonus but only if we get someone in better!!!!!

    Support the team support the history don’t line the pockets that is going to be my plan for the season ahead until the owner comes out and speaks to me about his plans his vision and opens up I will not be going back but will at all times support my home town team.

    Good luck mr Ashley with making my great football club great again.


  25. Letter is spot on and endorses the way virtually all loyal fans feel.
    The biggest frustration is the feeling that Ashley and co. never get to feel the real strength of disgust and hatred that we feel for his regime.
    I have personally castigated Lee Ryder and the Chronicle in general for not putting severe pressure on the Board. They could and should have been able to force at least the £35 million to be spent this window.
    I would ask that all fans who have commented to bombard the Chronicle with letters and phone calls and try to get a campaign going. I know Ryder and Thomson House were shocked by the amount of texts following the Joey Barton debacle.
    Also print a few hundred copies of the basis of this letter and distribute at St James`s and lets get a proper campaign going. Go through the pain barrier now for a brighter future.


  26. I cannot believe that we didn`t put a decent bid in for Shane Long after tracking him for so much of season, surely he fitted the bill described by Pardew perfectly. Is this pure incompetence or something more sinister.
    Instead Ameobi gets an extended contract after performing like a petulant, lazy donkey for over 10 years at the club. surely the worst striker in the Premier League.

    Also I have heard from a good source that Ashley is dismantling the NEWCASTLE UNITED sign inside the stadium and replacing it with SPORTS DIRECT. Has anybody heard the same.
    Final nail in his coffin if true.


  27. So we buy young players with their best years ahead of them – good yes?
    By default they are going to be cheap and on low wages – good yes?
    Young players with something to prove – good yes?
    AC I think held a gun to our heads – sorry to see him go but not sure he wanted to stay!
    To many top end players came to SJP on big money, underperformed, took the money and ran. Won us nothing and was not a sustainable model.
    We need a balance so pay for a bit of experience but lets not pay over the odds.
    Great that we are investing in the youth and scouting system. 50 years of hurt for me- another couple waiting wont hurt (too much)
    Howay the Toon


  28. “I am hearing some nonsense here now. Boycotts – relegation as tough love. Talk about cutting off your nose……..”

    Say what you want but it took a fans boycott to change the way the club was run in 1990-1991.
    It’s the ONLY way to get rid of fatso.Money motivates him, and he enjoys destabilising the club and upsetting the fans.
    Ashley wont leave because the Tyneside public are lining his pockets.
    You “supafans” who cant and wont stay away are ultimately the root cause of the problem as to why Fatty wont sell, although you cant see and wont accept the fact.

    Basically you need to boycoutt or shut up.


  29. Fantastic and well said!!!! On behalf of Geordies everywhere…message to Mike Cashley…..please please leave our club, you and your puppets are not welcome!!


  30. Hi, I don’t post here much often but I have to say that this letter is exactly how I feel about our owner. I want to know if we can, somehow, get this letter to be read by Mike Ashley? I think he needs to read this, and if not him this should be read atleast by our manager. Regards, a very passionate fan from India.


  31. I really hope fans will organise for the mass boycott idea because it is the most powerful statement but another Idea if people are not going to do that could be to take JJB bags to games especially live televised matches and hold them up. If fatso wants to use St James’ Park as a source for his free advertising he won’t be happy to see 52,000 people advertising his most hated rival, just a thought.


  32. Sad but excellent summary of Mike Ashley mispractice in Newcastle.
    He will ignore anyway anything whatever we said and whatever make sense…


  33. plan ‘a’ was to spend fuck all, job done. pardew should walk and keep some dignity. time to vote with feet is now. all fat boy understands is money


  34. I cannot believe some of the stuff I am reading on this blog.

    How can some of you say we have had a good window?

    We have shipped out GOALS for huge profits and replaced them with known injury prone players.

    Now the, please read my next words carefully…

    We (Newcastle United/The Toon Army) don’t have a number 9…

    I will say it again children because I know some of you may not have payed attention…

    We (Newcastle United/The Toon Army), we have no number 9 at our club.

    Thank you and good bye!


  35. All we want is our club competing at the level it once did!! fighting for a top four finish…if not top 2 finish!!!!



  36. well said Captain Kidd
    comment 188
    let’s get the fat fooker OUT NOW before more damage is done…
    it doesn’t mean we don’t support the team it actually means we CARE FOR OUR CLUB….if we do nowt it means we don’t care…..let’s get rid of CASHLEY AND THAT SIDEKICK OF HIS LlambiARSE!!!!


  37. As a Swede I do not have the local connection to Newcastle, and in a way may be representing one of the International views of the Club. I do believe that Newcastle is trying to shift the club reputation as a big spender, of ridiculous wages and payments for players. Yes I can see the trouble with the fact that the meat (striker) is missing it would have made the window perfect. But we had an good window this summer. We have a more balanced team, more pace on the wings, and tanks of tacking power in the center of the field. So the incoming players will be a joy to watch. Some comment on the exiting playing staff, One cannot hinder Enrique to leave for Liverpool, a player that has his heart set elsewhere is not a good player. The twitters that Barton made infuriated the board so much that a player that we could get 4 million for was given for free, to the delight of QPR. The movement of Andy Carroll was a unfortunate event, and Pardew promises more than he can keep, as he is not the one holding the money. Lambias control the assets and keep the books level, not Pardew. The only thing Pardew may be guilty of is the trap of mouth he got. But as the owner do not speak about the visions or situation in the club maybe he figures he have to. But then Pardew should say it as it is.
    Now for the real discussion, I do not have the closeness to see what Mr Ashley do at St.James at first hand. But the real asset in the club is the Playing Staff, not an owner that treat Newcastle as a business so I do believe that Mr Ashley could do with better advice on running the club and how they should manage the supporters. The supporters are the money in the club, of they stay away, the income will drop and the club will suffer. The club will suffer not mr Ashley. I do not see him caring soo much about the club that he would register the red in the books. But this will manifest in the attendances which as correctly stated before will affect the players negatively. Newcastle is a club with honors.
    I do see much on the problem with Lambias and not Ashley. Ashley give the funds, and Lambias is just a normal working man with no knowledge of the game. The mistakes are on his shoulders. A new director that have the knowledge of how to run a club is whats needed in my view Yes we have to shift the image of the club but we can not send shady bids around to the other clubs. That will bite us in the butt next summer. The relation between clubs are a important part of transfer, as you go back where you had good results, and stay away where the results are bad. I have already thoughts that clubs will not sell us players next summer due to the fact that we have given them ridiculous bid last summer. We have to address the real problem before it is too late.
    We happen to have an Owner that treats the Club as a company. We as supporters do not need to add to the disgrace by not showing up on match days. The club need us more than ever, if I were in the area I would do my best to remain faithful and go to the matches, praying that the light is struck on the ownership and that he get a better director than we have now..


  38. There’s lots of sense here as well as just plain’ ain’t gonna happen’.
    As I see it, the optimal way forward is this:-
    Mr Cashley want’s to cash in.
    With what we have, ( I rate Leon Best as good up and coming) we need to get into a good top 10 end position. That may prove attractive with a low maintennance club ( i.e. sensible wage bill) to a prospective purchaser.
    No one ( except the odd multi billionaire) wants to buy something that carries too much excess baggage.
    Asking Mr. Cashley to kindly leave the building just isn’t going to happen. For a start , he won’t fit through the doors…..:)


  39. Sorry guys your all just not getting it.
    This lack of a striker being bought,is nothing more than punishment for all the justified abuse he has taken over the last few years.
    Maybe im losing my mind but thats the way i see it,lol,this guys ventures never hardly fail,if ever.So why would he run a football club the way he is runnning ours.


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