Forget strikers! We have one of the best midfields in the Premier League

This man is one of many good midfielders we have
Once this striker issue dies down we can start to think about the players we do have once again. And it might make us realise that we are not as hard done by as some are making out.

Yes we needed a striker but thank goodness we didn’t go for rubbish like Peter Crouch or Caneron Jerome for over inflated prices! I wonder what strategy they will play with those two big lumps in the team? Long ball? I think we can be grateful we are not a Stoke fan and have to watch that every week.

No the type of football Alan Pardew and Co are trying to excite us with is fast, flowing football that is on the ground and easy on the eye. To make this happen you need a midfield that can play. And for the first time in a long time we have a midfield that is fast, technical and full of ability. They are not proven just yet but after a season why cant they be?

To list the midfielders we have in the first team squad currently;

Yohan Cabaye
Danny Guthrie
Hatem Ben Arfa
Mehdi Abeid
Dan Gosling
Alan Smith
Jonas Gutierrez
Sylvain Marveaux
Cheik Tiote
Gabriel Obertan
Haris Vuckic
Shane Ferguson

That in my book is one of the best midfields in the league. Depth positions covered everywhere and real technical ability. We have potentially three midfields – one for Premier League, FA cup and the Carling Cup!

Jonas – Cabaye – Tiote – Ben Arfa – Premier League

Obertan – Gosling – Vuckic – Marveaux – FA Cup

Abeid – Guthrie – Smith – Ferguson – Carling Cup

I don’t know of any other team that has this wealth of depth in their midfield. They may have better overall quality than our midfield, like Chelsea for example, but what we do have on our side is game changers.

Looking at that full strength midfield of course some will be used to play off a lone striker (Ben Arfa, Obertan) but if that Premier League team above has Obertan, Vuckic and Marveaux on the bench, then we have three players who can all change the game.

Of the new signings Yohan Cabaye is playing with so much ease and is getting envious looks from other clubs while Obertan has shown plenty of promise and could be a great bargain. With Marveaux his quality is undoubtedly there but it will take him longer to get back to full fitness. Abeid is a skilful player who I don’t think is too far away from the first team proper whole Dan Gosling and Hatem Ben Arfa are almost new signings and we all know what they are about. I’m just hoping that Ben Arfa isn’t the new Kieron Dyer!

Add to the mix the heavyweights we already have in Cheik Tiote, Jonas Gutierrez and potentially Danny Guthrie on his day we have a blend of foreign, British, and continental talent.

The emphasis on pass and move will take time but with Yohan Cabaye and Cheik Tiote starting to understand each others game its a relishing thought. With Ben Arfa, Jonas, Marveaux and Obertan sprinting down the wings Best and Ba will always score surely?? Even Ameobi will get a punt!

Now the reason I left Sammy Ameobi out of the winger equation is that I think he could be the man to temporarily fill that pacey striker void up front. We already know that he has potential, he is unproven and young but he already looks better than his brother and with Cabaye in the middle he has the pace to get in behind the defence.

So all in all there is a lot to happy about. Especially with our midfield. No one can argue we have so much going forward now with decent wingers, clever midfielders and even defensive minded ones; even though Smith is shocking. When we are away we have the chance to play three in the middle to dictate games with two wingers or at home conventional 4-4-2.

There is no doubting the quality, but the key is the team gelling and adjusting to life in the Premier League. Once they do we can surely look forward to eye catching fast flowing football we strive for.

Thanks to Liam Southern Toon for submitting this article.

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107 thoughts on “Forget strikers! We have one of the best midfields in the Premier League

  1. Sly @ 73 do any of them other Strikers you named failed more than 1 medical because they have a degenerative Knee problem which puts a massive question mark over them ??


  2. yeah lets heap all the pressure on young Sameobi’s skinny shoulders.
    sounds about right for this club.
    And yes I know you were only joking.


  3. Liam you think we have one of the best midfields in the country.
    Based on what?

    Tiote was good last season.

    Cabaye looks to be good and has played well considering he’s just came here, but he hasn’t been amazing by any stretch of the imagination.

    Obertan can run a bit but has lacked delivery and hadn’t looked that incisive. Has potential but there have been question marks over his ability to handle pressure etc at his previous clubs. It’s early days and he has potential but that is a guarentee of nothing.

    Marveaux has been out for ages with injury problems. Has looked ok in the little we’ve seen him. Again, a bit early to be proclaiming how wonderful he is.

    Keiron Ben Arfa. Looked really good against Everton.
    Apparently this means he is going to be the lynch pin to the attack. If he’s ever not injured again. Lol. Seriously, how can we be so sure he’ll be so good without actually seeing him play?

    Gosling, out injured for a season. Quite mixed on his return.

    Gutierrez. Our most threatening midfielder so far this term. Mainly because his running has been more incisive than anyone else’s. Not because his shooting or crossing is good (it isn’t). That he has been our most threatening midfielder but isn’t great at shooting and doesn’t have good delivery should be warning enough.


  4. ” it’s better than Long, Whickham, Hooper or any of the £10m + player we were linked with”

    Long has looked good. Didn’t he only cost around £5m anyway?


  5. come on LIAMSOUTHERNTOON where is that wrriten? I’m not seeing it?!

    stop acting like we’re asking for a 40 million pound striker

    Odemwingie scored 15 goals last season, DJ campbell got 13 are you saying that we couldn’t have got someone of the same calibre as those? both were 2 million signings or there abouts I think.


  6. Leon not today but has consistently been mentioned. Im not trying to imply they are the best but simply lots of depth and on the surface quality.

    What strikes me is the constant need for people to moan.

    BB I hate the management as much as anyone but I refuse to be negative about the team we do have which was the idea


  7. But… Lads this is provoking a meaniful debate on our midfield which is the aim of the blog 😉


  8. Big Dave – you have no idea mate. lol
    I’ve had a monster fight with me son over all this.
    Totally gone ape shit round the house smashing things out of frustration, the wife thinks I need psych help. Threw me season tkt swipe card out the window then chased it down the street. Ripped my new shirt to shreds yesterday after that statement.
    Its serious mate. The fat kunt and his cronies dont understand the way it is.
    Raped probably doesn’t even come close to how I feel.
    😈 👿


  9. thought not, you’re full of sh1t mate “oh someone said it the other day” well the board said this that and the other but you arent having a go at them you’re like oblong, buzzing because danny guthrie is 4th choice midfielder


  10. @Pootle

    ” it’s better than Long, Whickham, Hooper OR any of the £10m + player we were linked with”

    Please see the phrasing of my comment which is stating that Ba has proven quality in Premiership vs Whicham and Long or any of the 10m people we were linked with.

    Long has started well but let’s see over time but he was a risk and one I was saying we should have taken.

    This is a good opportunity for Best to give it a real go and prove his worth.

    The midfield looks strong and the defence is good enough. Let’s keep the faith we have started well.


  11. Liam – there’s a big difference between being negative and being realistic ffs.
    You cant keep your head in the clouds over this.
    Hopefully you’re right and we have a great midfield this season, but you have got to admit there’s a lot of ???????? there.


  12. Oblong, I don’t need to add weight to my argument.
    Everyone with eyes in their head can see that those of us who said this would happen were right all along.

    I take issue with people suggesting, as you did, that people who are fed up with Ashley’s mob wouldn’t be happy if they bought Rooney.
    Which, to me at least, sounds like a clear attempt to say the unhappy fans are unreasonable.

    Ashley has no intention of spending that sort of money making your point completely inane.
    Also I imagine the vast majority of fans would be ecstatic to have a player of Rooney’s calibre in the team, and you know it.


  13. I’ve never said otherwise BB everything in football is an if. But getting hung up on not striker isn’t going to change a thing.
    Leon what striker do you want? You shoot things down yet don’t offer any alternative?


  14. @88

    OK the Rooney comment was stupid I hold my hands up.

    Still don’t think signing Rooney could fix what this regime has already done to us… The only way this club can really move forward is for Ashley to sell up, regardless of what he does next…..


  15. The board is a joke but what the hell can we do? He knows that we will always support the team no matter what.

    But we all knew what that statement was going to be about – nothing.

    So we have to support what we have now as they isn’t going to change anytime soon. We aren’t top four we never will be. We should lower our expectations when we have an owner like we do


  16. Sly – do you not think Leon Best has already been giving it a real go. Do you think he has been holding back a bit just incase? Has he only been playing at 90% or something?
    Or perhaps this is as good as he gets. Maybe he has been busting his nuts just to get to where he is now, and has no more to give.
    He clearly doesn’t understand the principles of offside, which is a tad frustrating dont you think. Maybe a smidge lazy when he is off the ball too.
    Maybe, just maybe we could have gotten someone slightly better? lol.


  17. ” What strikes me is the constant need for people to moan.”

    Er, that is provided by the constant mismanagement of the club under Jabba the [email protected]

    If he showed some ambition and stopped lying and treating the fans like crap there would be no bad feeling.
    Stop blaming the fans for getting sick of being treated like shit.

    And no one, but no one is asking for £35m to get spunked on one striker. They never have. Not once.
    It’s a stupid straw man argument attributed to people who dislike Ashley’s running of the club by those who either love Ashley or those who are too afraid to rock the boat.
    The fact is there is precious little to be said in Ashley’s defence so people resort to attributing completely fatuous arguments to those who criticise him.


  18. No we’re not top 4. But there’s nothing wrong with showing some ambition to be as good as we can be.
    Its better to aim for the top of the league and fail than accept mediocrity and flirt with relegation again and again.


  19. ” The board is a joke but what the hell can we do? He knows that we will always support the team no matter what.”

    No bonny lad. Everyone has a choice.
    I’ve decided to not let him treat me like a door mat anymore.
    I’ve decided to not pay him to take the piss out of me or the club anymore.

    I understand BB’s pain. He tried so hard to look on the bright side and what’s it gotten him?.. more pain and bitter disappointment

    You can look forward to years of hearing ‘The agent was greedy. The player was greedy. We really tried. We didn’t have time.’ More bullshit. More lies. It won’t change until he knows he can’t get away with it.


  20. Pootle nothing will change unless we are sold… And if they really are in for the long haul ie giving out 5 year contracts we are royally stuffed.

    But I go to most of the London away games being a southern toon and not once hear as much negativity as on here. To be fair we are clobbered!


  21. @89 southern liam….shoot things down? who have you suggested who we could have got that I ‘shot down’? I haven’t seen you list people we could have got?
    I shot down your silly view that forget strikers because we’ve got huge potential in midfield. Only Barcelona can do that with Villa who plays mostly on the wing and drifts where he wants and we defintely aren’t Barcelona so we need a striker who we can rely on to score at least 10-15 goals.

    We lost Carroll and Nolan who scored most of our goals last season, both between 10-15, take those away and we would have went down. Would you agree that none of our ‘strong midfield’ have the goal scoring prowess in the premier league of Nolan? As you can see by me name I’m hoping Best finally steps up now he has a chance (but i doubt it) and I hope Ba can continue his form for West Ham or he was/is a waste. But if we had the money available like Pardew said then I would have tried to go for Demba Cisse for 13 million and if they didn’t want to spend that much (Which they didn’t and only offered 10) I would have went for Long or DJ Campbell or Odemwingie because they’re better than nothing, I mean what we’ve got….well, same thing


  22. Eh are we watching the same team so far the vast majority of the football has been long balls to strikers that can’t win the ball in the air and are too slow to run onto balls over the top. Hopefully the team will gel and play this wonderful technical flowing football but at the moment you can’t say we have one of the best midfields in the premier league because it hasn’t been proven.


  23. The team looks as good if not potentally slightly better than last season in terms of players but I agree goals look lacking…

    Sly do you not find that frustrating though that if we added one quick striker that could get goals then this team would look a hell of alot better and could easily push top 10. We are not asking Ashley to spend all of the £35 million but do you really think there was nobody available that matched the criteria of quick and can score goals? There were plenty of goals in this team last season but at the moment I am struggling to see where they are going to come from and that is a bit worrying especially if we get a couple of injuries in defence because we have very little cover their either. I personally don’t think we ever really tried for a Striker and it is something I and many others on here predicted. We knew that we would launch a bid in at the end of the transfer window that would get knocked back and that the statements “at least we tried” etc… would come out. That is one of the worst parts of the Ashley regime it is the bulls**t and it has become so predictable now. A bit of ambition and we could be in top 10 this season without breaking the bank, but lack of ambition could see us struggle this year, that is my opinion anyway but I fully respect where your coming from even if I don’t agree mate.


  24. Leon long would have been good but I would have had A certain chap marvin Martin a winger come striker he has slipped under the radar but is a hell of a player would have cost a bit but sochaux need the money and he’s French!


  25. @LuaLua

    Absolutely, do not get me wrong I agree with most posts it’s just some of them are to negative for my taste and the truth is somewhere in the middle.

    A fast striker is needed especially a finisher but all the players we have linked with carry a risk and we have been stung a lot recently, was Martins or Owen a success despite the wages and fees? I wanted us to go for Whickham but not at the price they paid, Ling looked interesting as does maybe Hooper.

    But 10m is a big risk for obviously our limited funds. Lower risk gambles should gave been made such as Long or Hooper.

    In terms of Best he gas not had a long run in the team 15-20 games so its hard to judge but he does look better after his goals and looks to be at least having a go not like Ameobi.


  26. @Dimple

    It’s obvious that we only have somewhere around €10m to £10m as the rest of Carrols money has been allocated elsewhere.

    You can argue that more should be allocated to transfers but it’s not been and we have a limit. Not saying it’s right just saying it’s the situation we seem to be in.


  27. To say our midfield is one of the best depthwise in the Prem is a joke. Cabaye has played 4 games and I’m not jumping the gun and saying he’s class until May comes round. Tiote has to learn to not get booked every game, as he’s turning into Alan Smith v2. Jonas needs to be more consistent, and don’t even get me started on Danny Guthrie. His name is a curse word in my house.

    I wouldn’t be as bothered about not signing a striker if:

    A) we’d have kept Nolan & Barton, because at least Joey could knock a decent ball in the box & Nolan scored goals.

    B) Pardew/Cashley hadn’t made such a point about promising another striker coming in.

    We do need another striker. Best can’t stay onside to save his life, and people say Ba has a decent record in the Prem. No, he was at West Ham and they got relegated so he can’t be that great. “I’m hoping Sammy Ameobi comes good”. I can only assume you were joking. Yes, he already looks better than his brother but in case you weren’t joking, he’s scored 1 goal against SCUNTHORPE, a team we should have been 3-0 up against before half time.

    Life as a Newcastle fan is hard at the moment. I personally think our team looks worse now than what it did last year. But that’s the team we’ve got, until January at least & they’ve had a decent start so we as fans have to get behind them regardless, and if you really are a fan, you’ll do just that. We also have to remind that fat toss pot that this is OUR club and sticking his Sports Direct logo all over the stadium isn’t going to change that.


  28. Our midfielder has depth…but not proven strength!!… But let’s be right… It’s goals that win games and we are too light in both defence and attack, we get injuries in those positions and our midfield isn’t gonna matter my friend coz well have to play them out of position (and not all will adapt as well as r.Taylor)… Finally to those banging on about sammy, one good goal against Scunthorpe does not mean he’s ready to lead the line for Newcastle… he’s not ready and we missed out not getting a quality no. 9 in this summer and some shld get the sack for that like


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