View from the away end – Manchester United

Andy Cole whilst at Man U.
I have enjoyed doing the view series thus far. It’s a great opportunity to hear what other fans make of us and our club.

We’re quite often ridiculed and mocked by other fans and quite frankly people love to see Newcastle United fail. That is what it feels like anyway.

It has been nice to read some of the good feedback we have received from rival fans in this series. Most fans have been very complimentary about the club and it’s fanbase, albeit most are disgusted with the owner. That’s certainly something most of us can agree with at this present moment in time.

I know football fans from everywhere who support many different clubs. Strangely enough until recently I didn’t really know any Manchester United fans, well none that knew their onions anyway. Today I speak to Jamie, a lad I met on a stag do a couple of weeks back. He’s a top man and being a United fan I told him about this ‘blog and the view series and he kindly agreed to take part in an interview.

I normally start these threads off by speaking a bit about the club in question. What can you really say about Manchester United though? Love them or hate them their success speaks for itself. Managed by probably the finest manager of my generation they have won honour upon honour. We have had our fair share of whippings from United over the years, but who could forget that wonderful 5-0? Here’s what Jamie had to say:

What do you think of the Newcastle fans?

There’s no doubt they are passionate and dedicated. It’s very rare to see St James’ without a near-full crowd and always a good atmosphere.

If you could have any Newcastle player at United who would it be and why?

I would have to say it would probably be Danny Simpson. It was a shame to see him leave Old Trafford.

Who is your favourite Newcastle player of all time and why?

Faustino Asprilla – one of the most exciting attaching players to watch and a player you could always expect goals from.

What do you think of St James’ Park?

St James is one of the best looking stadiums in the country…and will look at its best when it is finally expanded and more symmetrical! You can usually expect a fairly good pitch, despite the amount of wet weather in the North-East!

What do you think of our transfer business this window? Opinion on departures of Kevin Nolan, Jose Enrique and Joey Barton?

Newcastle is a club which needs to spend the money to bring in more high-profile players and also invest in the youth academy. With the likes of Nolan and Enrique you know you can always rely on other good players to come to the team, but selling these two was a mistake for the future of the team – investment is needed! As for Barton, I can never respect him as a player as he is a former Man City player! Despite the size of NUFC, it is disappointing to see the lack of numbers of players coming through the youth team which is the basis of all big clubs.

One of our purchases this summer was Gabriel Obertan. We bought him from you guys, what kind of player have we purchased?

Obertan is a good player and may well be suited better to a club the size of Newcastle where players are given time to establish themselves, rather than one of the big few clubs which expect quick results. He is a young player with great vision and a good passing and shooting capability.

You mentioned one of your other former players earlier – Danny Simpson. How do you think he’s progressed at Newcastle?

Simpson has progressed well at NUFC and I was disappointed to see him leave Old Trafford, but it was the right decision for himself – he needs to work on his temperament and discipline within the game.

You have arguably the greatest manager of our generation. We have Alan Pardew. What do you think of our manager?

Alan Pardew is a good manager who has experience with relegation battles. He will do well to stabilise the team and show a better manager that it is possible to work with Mike Ashley. Pardew, however, I don’t believe is the right man to push Newcastle towards a future in Europe.

What are your opinions on Mike Ashley?

Business man or football fan?! Mike Ashley is torn between the two and the sooner he finds a buyer, the better for NUFC. I cannot see them moving forward while he owns the club.

What are your views on Barton and the whole situation that saw him released by Newcastle? Would you have him at your club?

Never! Barton was always Man City through and through. He will give 110% to which ever club he plays for and should be respected for that. Players, however, should remember who pays their wages and putting their views out on the internet is not the way to express yourself in any business.

Silly silly question, but I ask every fan. Who will finish higher this season?

To be honest, unless Newcastle invest in the squad and youth development I don’t see Newcastle pushing Man Utd for many years to come.

Score predictions?
St James’ – 1-2
Old Trafford – 4-1

How do you think we did last season in our first season back in the Premier League?

I do enjoy NUFC being in the Premier League as you never know what they will throw at you. Newcastle did well to finish 12th and now need to work on establishing a good team to push into the top 6.

Finally I like to discuss a player that represented both clubs in these interviews. There is Nicky Butt and Alan Smith but the obvious one for me is Andy Cole. Please discuss?

Cole was fantastic at both clubs. He had an amazing goals-to games ratio at NUFC and it was a shock to see Newcastle willing to see him. He was obviously singled out for blame in his first season at Old Trafford when his missed chances contributed to United failing to win the title. But he stuck with it and became a United favourite. Despite is great goalscoring record at NUFC I think he will always be remembered for his time at United.

Thanks to Jamie for taking part. I must say that these are quite sensible answers and I don’t much disagree on the whole. Do you agree with his views?

It’s interesting to see that a United fan has been impressed with Simpson and rates Obertan too.

Please look out for the remaining View from the away end articles. We still have Blackburn, Chelsea, Fulham, Man City, Swansea, West Brom and Wigan to go. I’m also going to be doing a special Newcastle United edition at the end.

I did refrain from asking about the infamous Keegan outburst. Of course we didn’t manage ‘beat them’ in the end so I thought it was best not to remind a United fan πŸ™

I did try and get hold of Jamie again to speak a bit about parasite and horse rapist Michael Owen, but couldn’t get hold of him again in time. Ah well, he got quite a bit of abuse in the Liverpool thread.

Thanks again to Jamie!

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I'm Mark, I live in a little town called Rugby. I go back a long way with Toonsy, we have traveled the country together watching the lads. I eat, breath and sleep Newcastle United! Follow me on [email protected] MRStockers or add me on Facebook- Mark Stockley.

28 thoughts on “View from the away end – Manchester United

  1. So Joey Barton (an Everton fan) is “Man City through and through”?

    Aside from that, they’re all views that are somewhat defensible, but have to say I dont agree with very many of them.
    Thanks for doing it, good read.


  2. Tk I think he meant city through and through in terms of how he tepresented the club. He was good for them and had a strong bond with their fans too


  3. i like these threads too, this manu fan is not very up to speed with soem facts though, not as much as some of the other fans we have had on. perhaps not a die-hard. Tino.. a great goal scorer?? What did he score, about 8 in his entire time with three against barca in one game? I did also like him though.


  4. Aye. Like mark alluded to I think its more to do with the rivalry between Man U and City given that its where he has played mist of his career and where he started his career etc etc


  5. I always look forward to these threads! Think they are great! Always good to see other fans point of view of our club. Think Jamie has some fair points


  6. Thousands of posts have been made about the finances at our club, how we are paying Ashley back and the need to be prudent etc, but i saw a letter yesterday and it all made sense.
    Apparently, Ashley bought the club in the same manner as the Glaziers bought ManU, difference being, they obtained the loans at high interest from others, Ashley loaned himself the cash and set up a different company, St James Holdings.
    So, by selling players and making a profit in the transfer market, reducing the wage bill and therefore slowly reducing the amount loaned, the fans are effectively buying the club for him.
    If this is true, then it all makes sense, he is in a win win situation.
    At least the Glaziers have seen the sense to back their manager as, would they tolerate an Ashley type transfer policy? I don’t think so.


  7. Robert @7

    The Glazers had to pay alot more for man united because of their current place as one of the world’s elite clubs and with enormous international fanbase.
    In order to prevent their investment from tanking (and they have far more money in it to lose), they pretty much have to keep spending or they’ll lose the gloryfan-base (the actual fan-base is probably no bigger than ours, I would think) and the huge increase in revenue that it brings.

    Ashley could (well, wouldn’t want to for obvious reasons) theoretically survive us going down a division for a season or two if he gets it wrong, wants to clear all debts (perhaps including the one to himself, perhaps not) and run the club at a profit.
    The difference is just that – Ashley can afford for us to struggle for a while while the Glazers need ManUtd in the champions league or a decent number of glory fans would suddenly switch to city/chelsea… such a scenario would sigificantly devalue the club (and thus their stake) aswell, which they absolutely cannot afford.
    This is the football bubble – the temporally-successful clubs HAVE to spend big money to stay in it, but f-themselves in the ass by doing it. We were doing it at one time, fortunately (despite the downsides) we seem to be playing a more sensible game now.


  8. TK.. ashley and dekka are shit and that is it, end of. yesterdays press release from the tossa should have been clear to all fans that they think zero of us.
    i think you will find that there is very few fans expect or even want the big names etc. that is not what the problem or issue is. we just want an honest board who speak the truth, and dont live in a constant world of spin, lies and deception. The fans have had enough of that, really they have. The falling gates speak volumes. All we want and is a happy balance and a fighting chance to do well. I want ashley to make a profit, i would love it if he sacked dekka and had a real MD and made i modest amount of money avaiable to the manager each window. We needed a striker ffs… LB cover.. he made alot of money out of AC sale.. i would happily have seen him bank 20 million and give Ap 15 for a striker. What is fuking hard about that equation???? nothing is the answer. we are being raped, there is no two ways about it.


  9. I loved the bit about obertan being able to have time and establish himself at NUFC. πŸ˜†

    Obviously not a regular reader of any NUFC fan sites. :mrgreen:


  10. You mean the same day and month, yes, not the year? Please don’t say the year, that makes me feel really old.


  11. another good one Mark and surprising that you manage to find a Manure fan that doesnt come across like an arrogant tosser. I expected the Manure fan to say that they wouldn’t take any of our players.


  12. Have we all submitted question to the chronicle for the board to answer? πŸ™‚

    Anyone ever see Simpson epiisode where Homer n Apu travel to Inida so Apu can get his job back and has only 3 question to ask the head of the quickie-mart? N homer ruins by asking , ‘ r u really the head of the quickie-mart? Really? Really? I get the feeling this chronilce questions will be something like that. πŸ™‚


  13. Id pay for Simpson’s Taxi fare if he wanted him at Man U.

    As for Tino he was exciting but he wasn’t prolific, and a bit of a passenger in League games.

    St James’ Park cant be more symmetrical can it? Due to the surrounding buildings.

    Agree with Pardew & Ashley comments.

    Lack of players coming through the Youth team?. Krul, Ferguson, Ameobi, Vuckic, Ranger all came through.


  14. Could always expect goals from Asprilla? The hell was this guy on? He was, for all intents and purposes a massively bad signing and many argue he, and the way in which we changed our system, are the reasons we failed to win the league.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love him for his fantastic goals and hatrick against Barca, but he’s effectively an over glorified Shola


  15. Lol. I kind of agree with that Newkie.
    But when Asprilla was good he was far better than Shola could ever be.
    That said he was extremely inconsistent at times.
    Shearer and Ferdinand were by far and away the best striker pairing we ever had.


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