Cabaye relishing Barton clash

Cabaye shaping up quite well....

Yohan Cabaye has today commented on Newcastle United’s visit to Loftus Road a week today declaring how he can’t wait to take a bite out of former Magpie Joey Barton.

Cabaye has shown during his four games so far this season that he is a quality player and is even not afraid of putting his foot in during a physical game. This was most notable in the Tyne-Wear derby where he left his foot in on Phil Bardsley.

The QPR fixture is one where potentially it may turn into a battle of the strongest with tough tacklers present in both sides. Cabaye has indicated that he will need these qualities when he comes face to face with Barton.

Cabaye commented ‘It was difficult to adjust to English football at first. I have had to adapt but the only way you can get more experience of it is by playing. That is how I will get better’.

With each game that I have seen Cabaye play in he has become more and more involved in the play and seems to have begun to adjust to the way that the EPL is played.

Reflecting on the difference between Ligue 1 and the Premier League Cabaye added;

‘The Premier League is more physical and faster than French football. In France it’s more tactical- a lot of short passes. Here it’s different. There are no easy games. In France you have a few games where it’s easier- here, never!’

The former Lille midfielder has clearly identified how different these league’s are and I get the impression that he seems to be relishing the chance to be playing for us in the Premier League.

Cabaye has also revealed to the Newcastle faithful that he truly understands the passion behind the club. Dreamboat Cabaye spoke about the Derby game saying;

‘It was the best atmosphere I had ever played in. I really enjoyed it. Now I understand better what it means to be a Newcastle United player. We really wanted to win that game for them and for us’.

It certainly seems that Cabaye was briefed on how important this game was for both the players and the fans.

The Frenchman admitted that it was a wrench to see the Merseyside-born midfielder leave but has warned he will not spare him ahead of his reunion at Loftus Road.

‘I am looking forward to it. I’m sad to see Joey go. I will be happy to see Joey again next week and to win against him!’.

Cabaye further added that the game will be a tough test for the team who is unbeaten in the season so far but added that it has been a very good start for the team.

‘We’ve taken seven points from three games in the Premier League. We’re pleased to have kept the momentum going by beating Fulham. It’s perfect for the team’.

Yohan Cabaye has once again demonstrated wise words about the team and has clearly indicated that he is ready for the upcoming test against QPR. The attitude of the French midfielder is clearly evident and the games that he has played in for us has certainly shown that he has improved in each game he has played in.

With this work ethic Cabaye will certainly become a fan favourite among the Geordie faithful!

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135 thoughts on “Cabaye relishing Barton clash

  1. Ice you stick with me kid i’ll keep ye right, not like that Batty one he is going to be cosying up to the Fatman now to get the contract for the underwear 2nds 🙂


  2. Big Dave

    Had to, mate. It was making me sick seeing Enrique every time I commented. I have had to listen to pundits praise him to high heaven since he joined Liverpool. Funny how I hardly heard anything about him before he left us, eh? Jokers.

    Ah well, it’s the era of Il Bambino now, ain’t it?



  3. DAVE batty already been on to me to shift some stuff 2nds like,but he wants to get rid of the panties or is was that pansys 🙂


  4. I wonder if Pards now uses a butt plug as he must have a wide on after all the arse bashings hes had off fat ash like. Bet he does’nt strain for a shit either lol


  5. Ye, he got a face like a burst arsehole with spectacles on…

    Whoever takes over from him one day cant be more hated.

    These internationals are crap… Cant wait for QPR game. Its the first one I feel confident we wont lose, so we probably get thumped now…


  6. Its gonna be a long weekend tho JJ we dont play til next monday eve.
    On the plus side Pardew will have longer wit his lads after being all over the globe ffs. Jonas is in Bangladesh 😯


  7. Guys this rumour about steed malbranque quitting for his son who has cancer isn’t true. He doesn’t have a son.

    What kind of person makes that up? Sick


  8. @toonsy
    You say;

    I just think some people are giving him an extra downer to keep up internet appearances 😉

    Clearly aimed at me. 😉

    If you notice all my posts about Cabaye are not slagging him off. The opposite actually. I’ve maintained he’s tidy and good on the eye.

    My only point is to tame the absolute class, superb remarks which many make when he’s played 3 games without doing any of those things.

    I just can’t abide fans drooling at the mouth because they know he plays for France, looks tidy so therefore must be superb.

    All I’m saying is, he’s been nothing other than steady so far and that’s the only way SO FAR anyone can describe him.

    So why defend the indefensible? (wink/ roll)


  9. Troy the potential is there though to be great player for us… If he does he will be sold :(((


  10. @liam

    I’m not disputing that.

    But many describe him ALREADY as absolute class and superb.

    That is my gripe. Embarrassing remarks to make IMO about a player who has 3 games under his belt, not scored or done anything other than be steady.


  11. Troy I know what your getting at lad, so yer allright 🙂 just some of the comments are premature, in away I feel the same about Benny I really do believe that he is going to be a star but as of yet we dont know for sure


  12. Exactly Dave.
    Some build him up to be a superstar almost having seen him for just over 2 games.

    I find it embarrassing.

    Who knows what he’s going to be like?

    He certainly impressed me on his debut but I thought he had a quiet second game.


  13. Okay valid point troy.

    Troy who out of the players we have is your fav? Or you think is best performer?


  14. Oh and incase Aussie magpie comes on

    Aussie Magpie Fan September 5, 2011 at 04:13 @223

    The only reason you supported him is because it falls in line with your own hatred and views on Ashley and Lambias… Fuk, when has it ever been acceptable for an ex player to slag off his old team mates.. Most of you on here are an embaressment. Unbelievable stuff… Well done guy’s, way to support the only thing that really matters at the end of the day, the players on the park that try and give their all…. Barton shut your fukin mouth and get over it, every one else has moved on, why don’t you…

    1 some of us supported Joey before he said a word about the Fatman. So your Wrong there
    2 He hasn’t slagged any player of, so again your Wrong
    3 Everyone else has moved on, well doesn’t look like you have moved on, So your Wrong again.
    4 ” Most of you on here are an embaressment.” I would say for you to come on here and have a rant telling us that anyone that still supports Barton is an Embarrassment, and to get every point you made wrong, must be real Embarrassing.


  15. Troy @ 97 I agree and as I said I think he will be a star, but I can remember a lot of fans though Pancrate was going to be a cracker.
    I just think we should wait a bit before we judge them or label them


  16. @big Dave

    Aussie lives on cotton wool clouds and candy floss trees. Don’t upset his dreamy world. 😉


  17. Troy baffles me he isn’t in the argentina squad!

    Well cabaye is a good player and If he can’t be the player we want him to be; it’s a position we have needed filling for so long I cannae remember the last time we had a ‘creative’ type in the middle who could potentially be very good? Emre maybe?


  18. Big dave was it me or was that goal pancrate scored against watford not as great as everyone made out? Bit of a fluke IMO.

    Hows it in NI save?


  19. Not a particularly dedicated fan of Pardew (I am one of the Hughton loyalists, I guess) but the fact is the board screwed Hughton, Pardew didn’t hold a gun to their head or anything.

    The guy has been dropped in a horrid situation, used as a go-between and punching bag for the sins of the board and now has been publicly screwed, ala Hughton, in two successive transfer windows and made to look a liar. I have no doubt Pardew’s “we won’t sell Carroll” and “100% we’ll get a striker and left back” were his honest words as per his advice from the board.

    I wouldn’t blame the guy for walking away like many others have done, he has essentially been Keegan-ed. I hope he doesn’t though, this is his squad now and if we get another manager, chances are even more guys are sold so he can get “his team” in.

    Let’s stick with Pardew and see what he can achieve.


  20. Tell you what, the only positive I have seen from not signing a striker is that it has brought the fans and Pardew closer together.
    The thought of him quitting seems to have finally hit home to everyone how desperately we need him to stay.

    To be honest I think he has bought himself a couple of years of mid table mediocracy for me, so long as we continue building I think this route is worth a punt.

    We’ve done the whole splash the cash on mercenarys, I didnt care for it too much. Could barely associate with any of the players and it wasnt successful.


  21. I don’t think we “need” Pardew, but unless we managed to blag Mourinho to come here, I doubt any other manager would do any better than Pardew is managing to do with this current situation we have.

    No room to upgrading and he has done nothing to merit the thought of going, so no point. I just feel empathy that the guy has had trust in this board when no one else has and he seems to have been porked from behind like everyone else.


  22. Big Dave @99 says…
    1 some of us supported Joey before he said a word about the Fatman. So your Wrong there
    2 He hasn’t slagged any player of, so again your Wrong
    3 Everyone else has moved on, well doesn’t look like you have moved on, So your Wrong again.
    4 ” Most of you on here are an embaressment.” I would say for you to come on here and have a rant telling us that anyone that still supports Barton is an Embarrassment, and to get every point you made wrong, must be real Embarrassing.

    My response…
    1. You supported Barton as a Newcastle player, not as a shit stirring twitter a/ I was not wrong.
    2. He slagged off Davide Santon by inferring he was a nothing player from a poor league. So I was not wrong once again..
    3. I was incorrect with this one, as some on here that hang on his every tweet like eager school girls are still clearly not over him…
    4. No need to answer that as I have not made every point incorrectly,, in fact your lack of a credible responses is more embarrassing than anything I have posted..


  23. Aussie – Not really mate. Mrs is having real bad stomach pains which is obviously worrying given the fact that there is a kid in there.

    Hopefully it’s her and me just being OTT but it’s worrying tbh. I have the car ready 😉


  24. My thoughts are with you mate….. Pregnancy can be a worrying time regardless, without these extra stresses.. I’m sure all will be good..


  25. Toonsy I hope alls well mate, they do go through cramps and pains etc mate, so I wouldn’t worry too much.

    Aussie you said some of us only support him because it falls in line with our own hatred etc of MA DL.
    I have been a staunch Joey fan from he came here
    So you are wrong


  26. Aussie you said he slagged Santon off.
    He just pointed out that he played in a weak league and was not prem quality. So if you class that as slagging the guy of well then 70% on here including myself havd said the same thing.


  27. should say was not proven prem quality.
    Aussie I have no probs with fans not likeing Joey, but I do have a problem when someone says that im an Embarrassment because I still back Joey .


  28. Big Dave,
    So you are saying that an (ex)team mate slagging a new arrival off on twitter, is the same as everyday fans like us doing it on a blog… Come on mate, there is no comparison.
    I know you supported Barton from the get go… but he wasn’t tweeting his arse off last year, he just put his head down and got on with it..I can’t support Barton who has his own personal agenda against the club and to make it worse, he is making out he is doing it for the fans… All he is doing is pouring fuel onto the fire and standing back with a smug look on his face as it burns away…


  29. Big Dave, The embarrassment comment was purely around supporting Barton when he talked down about one of our players… I know we disagree about the severity of the comment but for me it has crossed the line.


  30. ” I can’t support Barton who has his own personal agenda against the club and to make it worse, he is making out he is doing it for the fans”

    Yet you can support Ashley, about whom the same can be said?
    Must be the great distance between Australia and Newcastle is affecting you vision.
    Or cos relatively everything looks upside down when your Down Under.
    Your view of what is good for the club seems topsy turvy either way.


  31. Aussie I feel that if Joey does have a spot in his heart for us which I believe he does, and he has concerns about the way thinks are going , well then I think he has a right to express them concerns.
    I can assure you if I thought he was slagging a player off I would let him know that it was out of order.
    Joey’s comment about Santon was in responce to someone that basically said that we didn’t need him anymore because we replaced him with a far better proven international player. And as I said imo he just stated that Santon wasn’t a proven prem player, and you had to take into account that it was a different country and culture.


  32. Ahh Pootle…… Please tell me where I have stated that I support Ashley??… Once again you try and come across all knowledgeable but end up looking the fool…. My original statement was about supporting the team on the park….
    So please flitter quietly back to the rock you have crawled out from… thats a good boy..


  33. Big Dave, I calling time on this Barton debate mate…. We will end up going hammer and tong at it for hours at this rate (I’m a stubborn bastard) 🙂


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