What is your favourite Newcastle shirt?

A modern classic?
I’ve always wondered what is considered to be the best Newcastle shirt of all time, so I thought I’d wrote a bit about it to see if we can come up with an answer between us.

What I’m going to do is shortlist five shirts which I believe to be, well, the best five Newcastle shirts of all time.

I would love it if everyone could vote for their favourite and we’ll total up the votes when the next article is posted. If your favourite is not featured then just tell us what it is. Just because these are my choices it doesn’t mean that they have to be your choices!

Of course most of this is going to be down to personal taste, but there are certain exceptions to this rule. The one shirt that everyone knows about, regardless of age, is the Grandad collar one from 1995 for example. That kind of thing. Certain shirts are popular for longer and manage to last the test of time whilst others are sharp forgotten. Here is my five choices anyway.

1. 1907-1913 – The sixth black and white shirt in Newcastle’s history, this is still worn by some fans today. Long sleeved shirt, consists of three black stripes on the torso and one on each sleeve. There is no collar however, and the neck is laced up by white laces.

Apologies for the rather crude image. I’m sure you can imagine that photos of Newcastle shirts from 100 years ago are pretty hard to find hence why we’ve had to go with this mock up of it from a website that is linked later on in the article.

2. 1975-1976 – A long sleeved shirt, with a black collar. It also consists of three black stripes on the torso, and one black stripe on each sleeve. It has the Newcastle coat of arms on it – one of the first seasonal kits to feature it.

Previously the crest had been reserved for Cup final appearances. Thankfully it’s a permanent fixture these days although imagine if it was left purely for Cup finals. We’d never see it!

You can vote for this one below.

3. 1991-1993 – The sleeve length is optional, and there is a black collar with a white border. It has a white stripe on each black sleeve, three slim stripes on the right half of the torso, and two large stripes on the left half of the torso.

The Umbro logo is on the right side of the chest and is in blue. The Newcastle badge is the current one and is on the left side of the chest. The famous blue star logo made an appearance and was placed bang in the middle of the shirt.

4. 1995-1997 – Famously know as the shirt donned by the runners up of the Premier League, this one has Newcastle Brown Ale as the sponsor.

The optional length sleeves have three slim white stripes on a black background. There are three stripes on a black background, and Adidas have their logo on the right side of the chest. It has a buttoned up neck which is in the colour of white. The current badge is on the left side of the chest.

Toonsy seems to think that this shirt will prove to be the most popular.

5.2001-2003 – This shirt was worn during the Sir Bobby Robson era. It has the ntl: sponsor on the middle of the shirt. The sleeve length is once again optional and is black with three slim white stripes. It also has white cuffs on the long sleeved shirt. It has three black stripes on a white background, and the adidas logo is on the first white stripe to the right. The current badge is on the first white stripe to the left. It is a black V neck with a white border. The days when everyone seen a Geordie in Milan!

You might wonder, why there is no away shirts, well the reason is I believe you can’t beat the good old black and white stripes. They are one of the reasons why we are famous after all.

If you have a personal favourite which isn’t on the shortlist, feel free to share it. As I said earlier it’s all going to be about taste which is very personal to each and every one of us.

Incidentally it’s perhaps worth having a look at this website which details all of our home kits over the years. You can even purchase some of them from there although Toonsy has said that it’s best to buy any old replica kits from one of the links on the side of the ‘blog.

Anyway, it’s time to vote.

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73 thoughts on “What is your favourite Newcastle shirt?

  1. Runners up grandad shirt by far the best.

    I still wear it to go out on a weekend over the toon with a tie.


  2. Don’t know how accurate this is but I received this from a source this morning;


    Some info Β re the striker debacle on transfer deadline day – comical!!

    Apparently at 8pm a deal was agreed for Maiga. However, at 9pm they called it off! Club left looking around but laughed at 10m for crouch etc and dont rate Bendtner for 60k a week. We then put a bid in for Ruiz and he was mad keen to come, however, at 10pm Sochaux agreed to sell Maiga again as he was desperate to sign. As a result, we pulled out of the Ruiz deal as club didnt want to spend 11-12m on a player they dont rate as highly as Maiga and pay an extra 4m, only for Sochaux to pull the plug on the deal at 1055pm leaving us up the creek without a paddle! Quite simply, they could have signed someone but refused to spend silly money on players who are not better than current crop.

    This Maiga lad by all accounts is top drawer and club think he will be immense. Id have thought he will sign in Jan.

    Re Santon, Club absolutely buzzing and think he is a snip for 5m. He was looked at immediately after Jose wanted out but Inter wouldnt sell him. When he became available we moved in. Better than Pieters and Cissokho by all accounts. Pardew wants another full back though.

    Ranger was in Birmingham ready to sign for them, however, that deal got pulled when we couldnt sign a striker.

    Simpson was never that close to leaving but I get the impression he will leave if we sign another left back as Santon will just move to right back (he is rubbish anyway)

    Thought you would appreciate the info, the world of NUFC eh?

    No idea how accurate this is but thought I would share it with you.

    It contradicts what Supermac has said on the Legends last week as he claims Ruiz’s agent denied having any contact with Newcastle United.


  3. No 4 for me aswell. Partly because it’s class and partly because it reminds me of good times. I actually liked the away shirt more the. The Blue and maroon one.


  4. The above was a direct lift from an email I received supposedly from a local journalist.

    Who knows how accurate it is? I don’t.


  5. My favourite has to be the first one I ever got, it has quite a story to how I got it and has been my favourite black and white one. Used to wear it all the time but now it’s too small


  6. Whoops made a mess of my vote, put ‘other’ when it should have been No.4, as you can see by my comments above. I

    s it too late for you to change this??????

    I know I’m a fool and I’ll get my coat.


  7. 2003-2005 kit for me followed by the last addidas kit

    first northern rock, but by far the comfiest kit to wear and actually has a proper collar

    still wear it now, unlike the puma kits i won’t even buy


  8. I went for other because my favorite is the one we have now πŸ™‚

    Troy, if that was true then you would think we will sign him in January, things aren’t that simple when it comes to NUFC though…


  9. Went for 4 but to be honest all three kits this year are quality! PLaying footy tonight in the new home kit supporting the lads!


  10. toonsy says:
    September 5, 2011 at 14:51
    No 4 for me aswell. Partly because it’s class and partly because it reminds me of good times. I actually liked the away shirt more the. The Blue and maroon one.

    I remember that one as well! I really wanted that but Santa delivered the goalkepper top instead!


  11. Troy – sounds exactly like the kind of farce that the idiots working in football generate. As I’ve said, our failure, to quote Llamearse, was “not for want of trying”, it was for want of a fekking clue. And not just on their part.

    Voted for 4, because it’s from a golden era, but also because it’s the coolest sponsor we’ve had. Beats a shite telecoms company or a failed bank any day!


  12. to be fair my two favourite shirts are this seasons and our championship season – the final adidas shirt. Guess I’m not much of a traditionalist! Apart from that I’d say 05/06, the last strip Shearer wore – though that has nothing to do with the decision.

    Troy, I’d like to think your info is correct – I certainly like the sound of Maiga being highly rated as I was unsure of him and if Carr prefers him to Ruiz then I certainly hope we go in for him in January! Maiga and Pieters in January and we’ll be sorted. Can’t wait to see Santon next Monday either, and hope Joey doesn’t injure anyone trying to prove his loyalty to his new club…


  13. of those listed, i prefer the ntl one. but gotta say i’m partial to kits from around 84-87. some classic designs there.


  14. I went with number 4, my first shirt, my favourite strike duo of shearer and ferdinand, the entertainers era.
    I did like the goalkeeper jersey too, the one with the tyne bridge sillouette, donned by srnick!


  15. Ok, out of left field, but my favourite kit for sports is the last of the Adidas training kit. All really well made and looks the biz. Got one of those t-shirts with the wonky stripes that CH used to wear too. Twas da mutsicles.

    All good stuff; haven’t been near the Puma stuff yet due to the bad comments on here!


  16. No 4 for me like, but me fav to wear oot here for me is the silver 80’s away kit and me blue 1978 away top πŸ™‚ …to be honest I’d rather buy them than the current ones and line the shopkeepers oversize fat arsed pockets


  17. No 4 for me like, but me fav to wear oot here for me is the silver 80’s away kit and me blue 1978 away top πŸ™‚ …to be honest I’d rather buy them than the current ones and line the shopkeepers oversize fat arsed pockets!! :[email protected]


  18. Im the same as a lot of people when it comes to buying shirts. If fatty reduced them to 35 quid like they are in his shops then maybe, but at tge moment its a blatant pisstake given that I refuse to buy anything from sports direct even though there is one now open just down the road. I’ve also told the mrs that I’m checking tge Bank and will punch her should I see a sports direct trasaction crop up 😈


  19. If I may be so indulgent as to do a bit of a self-plug, this is nowt to do with football, a wee bit to do with sports kit, but generally just a bit of a laugh. My mate’s sprog about a minute in cracks me up. Oh, and apologies for the mankini thing. Really. Be thankful I don’t look like Ashley with my kit off…



  20. I have a 50s shirt from Toffs, which I love. I like the new shirt when it comes to modern kits!

    At least here’s an article that doesn’t go on in twisted angst about our not signing a striker!!! On that, i’d say we’re not half as bad as many fans think. Of the 5 strikers we currently have, I think any one of them could score reasonably frequently with a good enough service and we have the mf now to do that. Only Lovenkrands is unlikely to get many. And I think we should reconsider Ranger, at least for now.

    And a different topic still: Gateshead wanting to extend Tavernier’s deal. Ordinarily a good idea, but if I were Pardew I would say definitely not. We need Tavernier back as soon as possible, I’d say, and should involve him in the first team now (sub appearances and so on). We need back up lest we get any defensive injuries.


  21. Toonsy i feel like i sin when i even go near sports direct; i purposely brought my shirt from JJB as a personal jab to ashley πŸ™‚


  22. My favourite is the 1986 away one. Like the old NUFC logo and the single stripe going across, half black and half white.

    Also like the 1984 away one too, looks mint.

    Always been a fan of the away ones, haven’t worn a barcode since I was in single figures although got the kids the home kit.

    Got the 2007/2008 home shirt fully signed and framed in the living room, pride of place. Missus has tried to convince me it would look better in other areas of the ken, telt her she had feckin nee chance of moving it.


  23. Just thought: have this thread again in about a month and see if everyone’s favourite strip is from the new lingerie section in the club shop? πŸ™‚


  24. Ha! Those useless bastids have managed to get all the PR work out there with loads of press coverage… but haven’t got the online shop set up yet!

    Bloody amateurs!!


  25. Louis ignore them mate thought it made a nice change from moaning about our twonk of an owner!

    Troy – if he is away he wont be talking to anyone.
    Do i sense worry in troy? πŸ™‚


  26. Home Shirt
    Either something similar to the 1960s V-neck or a variation of the Asics shirt, perhaps with a striped collar, along with plain black shorts and black socks with plain white top. Stripes on shorts and hoops on socks used to be the preserve of Notts County and Grimsby – we used to be above all that tarty stuff! Oh, and plain = more aggressive/assertive (Liverpool/The All Blacks).


  27. Does anyone know how long our strip for this year is? Is it 2 or 1? IF it is 2 i may consider getting it next year when it is half price. Football tops are overpriced because silly people buy them! lol


  28. No Contest… Its no 4 for me.. Just love the Dog logo on the front Iconic Newcastle brand. Over here in China when I say I’m from Newcastle the immediate comment is either.. Ah the football team, or Ah, the famous beer!!! This shirt has both! LOL


  29. Still got my ’96 stevie watson shirt… ah memories, nufc was magical then.

    am I allowed to say I like the latest homie? just not as in awe of who’s wearing it as much.


  30. Got to to be no. 4 – the grandad collar effort. Happy memories of Ginola and Ferdinand strutting around terrorising the Prem in it….

    Also honorable mention for our 1985 kits, both home and away. Umbro-made, simple and stylish and with that cracking ‘NUF with a C under it’ badge we used to have


  31. Number 4. Still got mine with Shearer 9 on the back.
    I think the old silver away strip was me first one though, the 85-86 one.
    I was also quite fond of the 93-95 blue Asics away shirt.


  32. defo 95 awey grandad shirt realy wont one but cant finde a med n e were wud giv my first born 4 1 hope i finde one love that top.


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