Ben Arfa’s back in training… again!

Hopefully we won't see him like this again.
Finally after a week of nothing but bad news, there is some good news for the fans.

Hatem Ben Arfa has returned to training following his injury in pre-season! Although it’ll be a few weeks before he’s back to competitive action it’s good to see he’s on the mend and not finished like some suspected.

Hatem Ben Arfa was back at Darsley Park yesterday and although he didn’t train with the first team he did some mobility work with our physio Derek Wright to assess his progress and has already started running, so it won’t be long until he’s kicking a ball around with the Frenchies.

I’m sure this will have been a boost to everyone surrounding Newcastle. The fans have pinned high hopes on Ben Arfa and he’s seen as talisman as such, so it’s great to see him back. Also Alan Pardew will be looking forward to having the dangerous French attacking midfielder back at his disposal and that should boost his spirits after a disappointing week.

But most importantly I’m sure the players are really glad he’s back. He’s spoken to a few of the French players and persuaded them to come to the club and I’m sure they’ll be looking forward to linking up with a player who was regarded as such a talent in France. It will also hopefully help them bed into the squad, which should create a better team spirit.

Personally I cannot wait to see Ben Arfa back in action. I know some will say that we haven’t seen enough of him to really think he’s a class player thus far, but does what he’s done at previous clubs not matter? When he first played for us he showed that little spark of brilliance, something we don’t have at the moment. He hardly had chance to impact properly which was no fault of his own, but hopefully we’ll see him regain form this season.

I’m not pinning all of my hopes of Ben Arfa, but we’re certainly going to be a better team with him fit and firing. His pace and trickery, playing off a striker is something we really need.

Some people say we needed a striker with pace. I know Ben Arfa isn’t that, and he’s not a reason not to buy a new striker, but he is worth trying in that role. Who knows? He might find his shooting boots.

When Ben Arfa returns it will give Alan Pardew a selection dilemma, but a good one for a change. In midfield we’re likely to either play 4 or 5, and with Cheik Tiote and Yohan Cabaye certainties to start it leaves the two wing spaces open, and possibly someone behind the forward. We have Gabriel Obertan, Sylvain Marveaux, Jonas Gutierrez, Dan Gosling and Hatem Ben Arfa all capable of playing those positions, which makes it a real dilemma.

With two strikers I’d play with Ben Arfa, Cabaye, Tiote and Obertan, with Ba and Best up front. If we were playing five in midfield I’d have to play Cabaye, Tiote, Obertan, Ben Arfa and Jonas, that’s not because I don’t rate Marveaux, it’s because to me he’s an unknown quantity. Hopefully he can show me that he deserves a place in the team in the upcoming weeks.

Even I struggled with that and it’s just my little dream team. Pardew has to pick the best side possible and disappoint a couple of players. I wonder how Jonas would feel if he was left out after playing a part in every game last season?

Newcastle have refused to set a return date for Ben Arfa as they’re not totally sure and would like to avoid what happened last year when he missed his return date.

All hail King Arfa!

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30 thoughts on “Ben Arfa’s back in training… again!

  1. for me benny must feel better in a way that was a bad injury,but looking on the bright side that double leg break stood up to this that must be a good sign for him
    JOEBY good read m8 gave me a break from this bloody painting 🙂


  2. I am not expecting Benny to be Amazing when he comes back, but I am hoping that he will find his feet again and start to show us what he is really capable of before the season ends


  3. I can’t believe he’s been so unlucky here. I hope he doesn’t have another major injury here or he’s going to think newcastle is not for him. Bad mojo and all that.

    I end up watching his highlights vs everton about once a week. It’s just so amazing to watch how easily he gets past players. If he can get through the rest of the season injury free, I am very sure we’re going to see something special this season. Not just from him, but from the whole team.


  4. Doctors can do amazing things now so i am confident he can get back to where he was,when he does return how much will everyone be sh!tt!ng themselves when he’s running with the ball and an opposing player goes near him,think i’ll have to watch his return match with some spare underwear close by,can’t wait to see him back though,un-playable on his day.


  5. I think he’ll be firing properly for us well before Christmas. It was obvious from his short time playing in pre-season that he’s not lost his will to run and compete, and I doubt if this injury will scar him more than the last and change that.

    Good point about our best midfield. It only takes a couple of injuries, though – and yellow cards (Cheik) and they’ll all be seeing games.

    Anyone else think it’s worth keeping on at Vukic about turning him into a Number 9? He has all the right qualities and isn’t as thick as mince, unlike Judas.


  6. My god – anyone read the Chronicles magical questions – Investigative Journalism at its lowest ebb!

    Every single on will be played with a straight bat! Useless!


  7. I think all those questions are fair enough. ANY question asked in advance can have the answer very carefully scripted to say loads whilst meaning very little.

    Questions in advance to be honest is a cop out, better than nothing but no where near as good as live ‘Prime Ministers question time’ style grilling.

    They wouldn’t have agreed to it if there was any way they could get caught out.



  8. Bloody can’t wait till Bennys back to full fitness though…much more use than pre prepped answers to questions!


  9. Intellect does not really have any bearing on people’s passion or appreciation of the team. We all love it and articulate our feelings differently. I find myself defending Ashley when talking to people but so far have failed to convince a solitary soul. The problem is that Ashley and Llambias are not likeable people. They are also smug as phuk for two fellas with nee charisma. I also think that people hate Llambias because his name is awkward to write.


  10. “He has all the right qualities and isn’t as thick as mince, unlike Judas.”
    Whumpie …quality ….thick as mince ….love it 🙂 (Laughin me baaals off smilie) 🙂


  11. Lee Ryder isn’t half making it look like he is walking into the lions den isn’t he?

    This is what I’m going to do. If i never see my wife again tell her i love her 😆

    The problem now is that the club know in advance what is going to be thrown at them and can plan accordingly. The tactics are all wrong.

    Also for those asking about my mrs, she is fine. I reckon she just needs a crap.

    Enjoy your tea folks 😀


  12. Im guessing the club wouldnt agree to this Toonsy , unless they knew what was going to be asked. Gives them a chance to prepare their answers and for them to say they are engaging the fans


  13. Here’s a question, what would you class the pecking order of the strikers as? IMO Sammy has overtaken Ranger and Peter now.

    1) Best
    2) Ba
    3) Shola
    4) Sammy
    5) Lovenkrands
    6) Ranger


  14. Ryder is useless, he knows he will get banned like Oliver if he asks any serious questions so he is basically like a two-faced get, out to please everyone.


  15. I actually think the questions are good ones. Unfortunately, by giving the club time to draft responses we will get obvious/evasive/non-telling answers. I mean anyone that follows the club closely would be able to draft/predict the responses we will recieve for them club. Would have been best to do an interview with Ashley/Llambiase where follow up questions could be asked, but the club would never agreed to that. This is going to be a big letdown


  16. @toonsy

    Why does it matter if the questions are given to Lambias with plenty of time to formulate an answer.
    For me, it matters not.
    It’s the answers he supplies that matter and not how much time he’s had to prepare for them.

    At least they can’t say they didn’t have time to give a comprehensive answer.


  17. @ameobi no 9

    A man with a level head. I totally agree with you.
    We should expect nothing too much from HBA for at least 6 months of injury free football.

    The same goes for Marveaux and Gosling. They have suffered long lay off due to injury.

    A question Stardust would ask would be;
    Mr Ashley will you fart and push hard at the same time so I can get my head out your arse for ten minutes breathing space?”


  18. What image does it give of NUFC when you and the owner get your kit off in public whenever you feel like it?


  19. Icedog – that’s a huge question that would take too long to answer – and thereon count for diddly squat – but Bobbys suggestion about how to get my arse out of Ashleys arse is a good starter 😆


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