Is Pardew the man to move us forward?

Can this man take us forward as a club?
Brought in to replace the sacked Chris Hughton, Alan Pardew had doubters from the start. Before his first match there were protests demanding answers from Mike Ashley’s sudden change of plans. However, the songs were cut short after a 3-1 victory over Liverpool, and there has been no trouble regarding his appointment from then on in.

When Alan took over, his job was basically to steady the ship, and credit where it’s due, he did. I am a fan of Pardew, but I just don’t think he has the ability to push Newcastle into the famous top six of the Premier League.

Unfortunately, he will never have the chance to prove his full ability, and that’s down to the fact that the running of the club is in the hands of two numpties. He has found himself stuck between the fans and the owner, and he will not be able to juggle them both. If Pardew sticks up for the fans and shows his strong desire to sign players, and most importantly, questions Mike Ashley, he’s out the door. If he backs Mike Ashley, and continues to do what he is told, the fans will lose faith in him, and the players will too.

He will never have the chance to sign players with that extra bit of class, to push us further up the league, and challenge teams from around the continent.

It is obvious that he relishes his job, and that he is trying his hardest to keep it, all the while being loved by fans. I don’t think we love him, and we probably never will, but you can never say never and you don’t know what the future holds.

One day, the Ashley regime will be over, if we still have Pardew by then is beyond me, it all depends on how well he uses his resources and whether he keeps on the good side of Ashley.

Our resources are currently more suited to clubs like Portsmouth and Everton. There is a difference between them and our club though – they don’t have the financial stability that we do. We might be in debt, but we’re not heading down that road anytime soon.

Maybe the reason Ashley isn’t putting his hands in his pocket is due to the fact that if the player is a flop, he will lose money, and lose the last bit of respect shown towards him. In fact the only respect Mike Ashley has is due to his businesses now. I can’t remember a time when we as fans were happy with the actions of our owner.

Sorry, I got a bit distracted there, back to Pardew. It’s a no win for him unless Ashley sells up if I’m honest. Either he is sacked because of backing the fans, he walks because he backs the owner and the fans and players lose faith and the team under-achieves. Then there is probably what will happen, everything stays the way it is now, and we find ourselves hitting a brick wall like Everton did.

One thing I do know, David Moyes would not put up with this. He has squeezed every last penny out of the bare bank accounts of the Everton owners. Obviously, they have more faith towards their manager and club.

It’s an unfortunate situation Alan Pardew is in, if only things were easier for him, then maybe we could see our manager at his best.

What’s your view on the situation?

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155 thoughts on “Is Pardew the man to move us forward?

  1. We’ve brought in some good players this summer, and I think the main gamble Ashley had was believing that our current strikers could push us up into the top 10 this season. If we can achieve that then, assuming our current crop of players all stay, a main striker will be next year’s top priority. Not that I’m saying I’m happy with this,but if we manage to get ninth or so we should be able to attract a higher calibre of striker, like Gamiero for example and then bring them in next summer. Its not ideal, but its not surprising, and I wouldn’t want us to spend 8 or 9 mil on a striker that’s no better than our current lot. 10 mil for Crouch, really?


  2. @mark

    I wonder why some people have pseudonyms?

    My god. How many Marks do you think we would have? It’s as common as shite. 


  3. lol a nice little nibble off Troy, cheers m8, made my day that πŸ™‚

    My god. How many Marks do you think we would have? It’s as common as shite.


  4. Is pardew the man to take us forward ?
    we could start by asking west ham fans what they think ,and then asking why he was out of work for so long after that .we could argue that hes in a win win or a lose lose situation till were blue in the face .What there is absolutly no argument over is the many statements he has made that have turned out to be untrue so either he is very very very gullable or in on the whole shady grotty set up , either way his credability is none existent and the only reason the fans havent turned on him is because they know theres not another manager on the planet who would work for the two baffoons , we have some quality players no argument there but no real experience a thread bare squad and very little goal threat and when the inevatable injurys come along and the goals dont we could be in big trouble . pardew is not the manager at nufc he is a coach with the 100 best football cliches handbook .While he continues to make excuses and his definatly wont leave means hes on his way and his 100% means zero % he is as much to blame as the rest of them ,nah i dont think hes the man to take us forward.


  5. I’m sure ” fucking Pardew????” was my response to him being announced as our new manager.
    But I have to be honest, the bloke deserves far more respect than what he gets now.. from the fans, from the board and from the media.
    I think it’s fair to say that Alan Pardew is the first manager that Mike Ashley and his board selected themselves, and i think everyone thought it was coz he’d be a low paid puppet who the fans were not likely to get behind and wld grateful for the coppers the board tossed him for transfers, and that has been the case so far… with one unexpected addition….
    Pardew has got the players on side and as a result has been getting results. His record in the derbys are brilliant and if you listen to the likes of Santon, it’s because of him we are signing quality players.
    The simple fact is that if Moyes won’t put up with this he’d be unemployed because I dont believe even Sir Alex could get these stubborn, clueless shitheads to send the money required to push for European football.
    I actually agreed with their policy to an extent, I don’t think we need to go and spent 40m on a player & pay him 150k a wk for him to hand in a transfer request as soon as another club wants to pay him more.
    To do well in this league you need your quality players to work hard and your grafters to work harder and we have that, but we are light in defence and up front, a LB & CB and 2 CFs is probably all we need to really push for 6th… which, if Ashley kept his promise and reinvest the 35m from the Carroll sale, Pardew cld have probably got!!
    Our problem is not Pardew, its the board… no revelation I know but i think we are at a position
    where the board need to make a decision… Do they back THEIR man and hand over the 35m or do they get yet another manager in who will have yet more ideas, but will also want cash for transfers
    Managers should be judged on results and Pardew is doing fine on that front at the moment, the players back him so I think it’s time the fans and board did too, So come on Ashley, stump up the cash and let this bloke do the best he can for all of us (who knows, it might just atract another billionaire then you can sell up and fuck off)


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