Davide Santon ready for action

Santoon has the potential to be a star
So we’ve signed an Italian from an Italian club to replace a Spaniard, but who is this lad?

It’s Davide Santon of course!

But surely, as he is now a Newcastle United player, you’ll want to know a bit more about him? Especially considering the jibes he has had to put up with from Joey Barton recently. Ironic really considering Santon has played more International and European football than Barton has served porridge.

The 6’2″ Italian has been speaking to the local press today after he returned from captaining the Italy U-21s to a 3-0 win over their Hungarian counterparts. The 20-year-old is in line to make his debut at QPR on Monday evening and he insists that he is ready for the occasion.

“I feel that I am ready. I am naturally both-footed,” Santon told the Evening Chronicle. “It is no problem to play on either side as a full-back or on the right wing or left. I am defender but if the manager asks me to attack as well, it’s not a problem.”

“I have watched so many Premier League games on TV at home in Italy, now I just want to be part of one of those games. Already I feel by watching these games that I will be comfortable with the pace in the Premier League.”

Davide continued: “I just want to be part of this team. I am overjoyed still to be a Newcastle United player. I want to win and the sooner I pull on the famous black-and-white striped shirt the better. I can’t wait for this experience now.”

Santon was born on the 2nd January 1991, in Portomaggiore, Ferrara. He has a similar playing style to Jose Enrique in fairness and he runs down both flanks energetically and is willing to support the attack.

He was scouted by Inter Milan at the age of 14 and joined the club from Ravenna. He won many trophies with Inter during his youth and that contributed towards him being given his senior debut under Jose Mourinho. It was in the Coppa Italia quarter final against Roma and he played the entire match.

Four days later he made his Seria A debut against Sampdoria – a game which Inter 1-0. He’s also played against the best winger in the world, in his European debut against Manchester United. He kept Cristiano Ronaldo relatively quiet and gained praise from the Portuguese international.

Inter won the league in the 2008-2009 season and Santon contributed with 15 appearances. From then on in Davide was used as a utility man to fill the roles of Maicon and Chivu when injuries got the better of them.

On the day we lost Andy Carroll to Liverpool, he was sent out on loan to Cesena until the end of the season, Inter got Yugo Nagatomo in return for the deal. After his loan spell had finished, he spent pre-season with Inter only to be signed by Newcastle United just before the transfer window closed. It’s a move that the young Italian seems happy with in fairness. He said:

“Alan Pardew told me that the club have a plan to grow together. I feel this is the right place for me now and wouldn’t have left a club like Inter if it wasn’t.”

“I came here because it is a big club and I felt it could benefit my career. I’m happy that I have been given this chance.”

“I just want to show the Newcastle fans that I am a great player and help them continue what has been a great start to the season.”

He’s a huge prospect and it’s a real coup to have him at Newcastle. He probably has the ability to progress and become a real star player and has the potential to live up to the early hype give to him by famous names such as Mourinho, Lippi and Ronaldo.

Hopefully he live up to the hype!

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130 thoughts on “Davide Santon ready for action

  1. So Santon is two footed then?

    Well Id hope for 5.4mil we bought a player with two feet… be a bit embarressing watching him do a step over otherwise wouldnt it!

    Dave I cant believe you turned to then Darkside?


  2. later lads,got units to fit in back end,still havent finished the bloody painting yit,nee peace for honest men 🙁


  3. Dave, dont worry I know…

    And Ye, Batty is a %un*… He dont even have any stalkers left, thats how his popularity is dropping.


  4. Ice take it easy mate, and be careful working round the back end or if your stuck you could ask Batty he does a lot of Back end work for the Fatman 🙂


  5. Come on lads . This is like the nighty night club again. 

     Stop the kissy kissy banter and talk Footy .

    I divvent want proper blokes tuning in and seeing I’m associated with a Footy blog under the guise of a social website. 

    It’s now Wednesday and still nothing from Pards.
    Very very strange. And they are saying he’s gone abroad scouting? 

    The bloody window has just closed after being open for 3 months .

    Rabbit off me thinks. 


  6. Troy I think the scouting trip might have been a cover up, I am convinced after that that Pards through the head up and fuked off for a few days to get his head sorted, he has maybe been seen so the club have put this out to cover it ????


  7. @big Dave

    It sounds ludicrous to me. The window is open for 3 months and we don’t get the striker we want.

    Immediately Pards disappears and they say he’s abroad scouting.

    Hmm. What for? To be made a fool of again in January ? 

    Something not right. 


  8. News just in Lads apparently tight arse put abeid in a stretcher in the mackem reserve game … Twat 


  9. Troy you are loving the emotcions mate!

    Dave I agree can’t believe he hasn’t said anything I think he is royally peeved


  10. Troy I agree why go a week after the latest window has closed ? im convinced that something happened , things just dont make sense and normally if they dont it means there is something not right.
    Why did the club go to the bother of issuing a statment then agree to answer question from the fans etc.


  11. @Dave

    Ye, started on Ed’s… moved to Worky’s and then moved here when they couldnt stop making Hughton a saint and Parede a sinner in every article.


  12. JJ can you remember some of the abuse and stalkers Batts used to get on there mate, aswell as some of the abuse that we use to hand out 🙂 it was funny as fuk at times


  13. I actually think that pardew has given the board a beating and they know they are up the creak if they lose him so would suggest that he is holding the cards?


  14. Dave they are emotcions mate they obviously just read odd on your pc! Troy is using them too 


  15. @JJ

    Howay fella. Pre contracts? Immediately after the window closes?
    I thought Pards left that down to the DoF Graham Carr? Is that not his job?
    That’s what Pards said a week before the window closed.

    It just doesn’t add up IMO 


  16. Ye Dave,
    I remember the Batty Ed Judas comments. He’s been banned everywhere but he found a home here.

    Main reason I left We’s is because I got sick of hearing “we think” this and “we think” that…

    Who the feck was “we”! Haha. Anyway. This is by far the most professional blog site. In appearance and functionality now.


  17. Agree Liam

    Pards looked desperate towards the end of the transfer window. And they made him look a right Charlie again.

    He must be highly pissed off. I reckon he’s taking some time to cool off and give em a scare. But cant see him retiring. He still wont get a better team anywhere else.


  18. JJ IMO I think all blogs etc need characters and he is one, I also think Troy and Rod are characters too.
    The only trouble is that not everyone GETS it.


  19. Agree Dave,

    Blog would be boring without them. They stimulate debate and give the blog personality.

    Ed is a character but we just got too irritating.

    Worky and his mate Chuck would just make non football accusations like me being racist because Im a white South African that suppressed black people. Even though I was 8 years old when Apartheid ended. So got sick of that…

    Just hope Toonsy keeps this one going the same direction. Like I say, by far the best.


  20. Troy

    Maybe Pards has been given a list by Carr that he’s checking out because Ashley promised him the cash for the next window after messing him around this time…

    Poor bastard fell for it again.


  21. Regarding Santon:

    I personally think he is superb. I would even go as far as to say that he’s absolute class and could easily walk into a top 4 side.


  22. JJ: I think this blog will keep going for a while 🙂

    Gather people were asking about me the other day? I had a very very busy weekend


  23. JJ Ed wasn’t bad but it ended up with so many wums and tosser on it, but as for worky he is just a Lying, arrogant fuking knob.
    Right Lads that me im knackered tonight, catch you’s tomorrow


  24. Heard a rumour that Ashley fell over laughing at us and rocked himself to sleep, apparently Pardew is still trying to wake him up.


  25. Well looks like I’m a bit late, but I’m kind of worried if Santon can get stuck in to the premier league. We’ll see on Monday I guess


  26. Just in response to the kind words about me in the previous posts, I dint want to take all the credit. Some must go to Toonsy as he pays me .25pence (point 25pence) for each post and he has exclusive rights.
    I’m contracted to stay on this blog.   

    Thankyou Toonsy 


  27. Just in response to the kind words about me in the previous posts, I dint want to take all the credit. Some must go to Toonsy as he pays me .25pence (point 25pence) for each post and he has exclusive rights.
    I’m contracted to stay on this blog.   

    Thankyou Toonsy 


  28. Had a trawl for Newcastle news this morning and there is one story about Guthrie scoring for the reserves and thats it, and i was thinking, have the press given up on the club or is it the other the way around?
    What is clear though is that the club are not using the media to their advantage to keep the borderline fans interested, i hate to say this but sunderland deal with the media perfectly and consequently a major set back, such as our win at their place, doesnt last for long and the positives stream out.
    Not sure that ive got my point across but i feel that every time we get mentioned its a shake of the head while under performing neighbours get a smile and a nod from the press and it needs sorting as a priority, its no good the board adopting a ” fuck them ” attitude, because that is exactly what they will do.


  29. @Robert

    It’s strange how a club of similar size to ours and only 12 miles down the road are never in the national press for scandals, upset players or fan revolt. 


  30. Troy, Im sure there is plenty of off field stuff at sunderland which is un reported and i was amazed how the Bramble rape incident only got one day before it disappeared.
    But what do we expect, the media are courted by them whilst we treat them the same as the fans, like shite!


  31. The thing is though, they are so boring. Their stadium is so bland. There’s no big bright adverts plastered all over it. 
    Their owners don’t enjoy themselves by stripping off in nightclubs and streaking over the pitch. 
    Their player with the biggest personality is Wes “two cups of tea” Brown. 
    When was the last time their supporters staged demonstatrations? 

    No personality, those Mackem [email protected]


  32. They try their best to be exciting by Bramble being arrested for rape!
    It turns out it wasn’t even him but his brother!

    Barton is a jailbird! He’s a pwoper nawty geezer! Dawble fackin nawty!

    We are defo the best in all areas of being the loveable rogues of football. 


  33. I think ir’s mainly because there is zero interest in Sunderland outisde of the regio. They don;t have a huge reactionary fanbase like ours


  34. @toonsy

    I hope you noticed the compliments that big Dave was dishing out last night;

    JJ IMO I think all blogs etc need characters and he is one, I also think Troy and Rod are characters too.
    The only trouble is that not everyone GETS it.
    I meet a quite a few bloggers socially, won’t name names, but they all think Bobby/Troy is fantastic for Toonsys blog.
    I bet he’s a right character in real life.

    I’ve been meaning to contact you about increasing my post rate from .25p to .35p.

    I heard Rodz has just had an increase to .15p

    You say what you? 


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